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  1. While it says 4'48'' on "The First Album" CD, it does include the 3'45''. This was my second Madonna CD ever.
  2. So did all CDs have the 3'45'' Jellybean Video Mix? The 4'48'' Jellybean Album Version is vinyl and tape only. isn't it?
  3. Pardon me. We are very friendly, aren't we?
  4. In my (chronological) playlist, I use "Burning Up" (3'45'') as track two after "Everybody" and before "Physical Attraction". I know it should be the original edit, but I prefer the Video/2nd LP Version. I wish there was an extended version of that as well.
  5. I know "Burning Up" was Madonna's second single. But the video and the album version by Jellybean (3'45'') were released at a later point. What was the first release that included the 3'45'' version? And when was the video done? Thank you.
  6. Into The Groove Burning Up or Dress You Up
  7. Shoo-Bee-Doo Like A Virgin or Like A Prayer
  8. What I found strange was that the song was attached to the "Barcelona Gold" album (with an shorter edit than the single version) instead to the "A League Of Their Own" soundtrack album. Only learnt about the problems with record companies much later.
  9. But on the "You Can Dance" album on Spotify, it's not the version that seques from "Everybody". It's the Madonna album version instead of the You Can Dance version.
  10. Yes, on Spotify "You Can Dance" has always been the CD version (e.g. with the dub versions of "Holiday", "Into The Groove" and "Where's The Party").
  11. When Madonna got asked on MTV why she didn't make a video for "Bye Bye Baby", she said that the last one ("Rain") was the only one they really played. - I remember that at least on MTV Europe they only showed a shortned version of the "Deeper And Deeper" video. Re: Express Yourself. The Immaculate Collection was released not long after too, featuring an edit of the Shep Pettibone remix.
  12. Here are some of mine: Burning Up [Extended Version of the Jellybean Album/Video Mix] Borderline [7" Master Remix, 7" remix with all missing lyrics from the Album Mix] Crazy For You [Extended Version] True Blue [Extended Version of Album Version] Where's The Party [Shep Pettibone 7" Mix, a proper 7" mix] White Heat [Album Version w/o movie samples] Erotica [Shep Pettibone Remix] Deeper And Deeper [Full length 7" Mix] Deeper And Deeper [LP Version without the 'Vogue' references, instead using the unused vocals] Fever [Extended Album Mix, with an intro similar to the SNL performance] Fever [Extended Edit One/Two] Rain [Daniel Abrahams Extended Remix]
  13. I thought the same until today, but yes, it's actually a 7" mix instead of just an edited version of the album version. I have two instrumentals in my collection, the one which has the vocal intro ("Deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. Sweater and sweater and sweater and sweater.") uses the production of the 7" Mix (formerly knows as Album Edit), while the other is a full instrumental without the vocal intro, and uses the production of the Album Version.
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