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  1. Why don't you report him yourself? The more the merrier.
  2. "24 Hours" (produced by Stephen Bray) and "Turn It Up" (produced by Stock/Aitken/Waterman) are the hightlights beside the Madonna tracks.
  3. But not the Remix/Edit, I want the "original" version, similar to the leaked TV Track. And the Shep Pettibone 7" Remix of "Where's The Party" could be on that release as well.
  4. Or maybe this one with ALL european 7" single versions. 01. Everybody [Edit] 02. Burning Up [7" Version] 03. Holiday [Edit] 04. Lucky Star [Edit] 05. Borderline [Edit] 06. Like A Virgin 07. Material Girl 08. Crazy For You [7" Version] 09. Angel [Fade] 10. Into The Groove [Video Edit] 11. Dress You Up [Remix/Edit] 12. Gambler 13. Live To Tell [Edit] 14. Papa Don't Preach [Fade] 15. True Blue [Remix/Edit] 16. Open Your Heart [Remix/Edit] 17. La Isla Bonita [Remix/Edit] 18. Who's That Girl 19. Causing A Commotion [Silver Screen Single Mix] 20. The Look Of Love 21. Like A Prayer [7" Version with Fade] 22. Express Yourself [7" Remix] 23. Cherish [7" Version] 24. Oh Father [Edit] 25. Dear Jessie [Fade] 26. Keep It Together [Single Remix] 27. Vogue [Single Version] 28. Hanky Panky [Bare Bones Single Mix] 29. Justify My Love [Q-Sound Edit] 30. Rescue Me [Single Mix]
  5. A hybrid of the two with all european 7" versions was what I was thinking of.
  6. No, they were different again... An "Ultimate Collection" is needed.
  7. Maybe "It's That Girl" and/or "She's Breahless" could be release - digitally - as a completion.
  8. This Used To Be My Playground Erotica or Justify My Love?
  9. That's hard... Causing A Commotion. Holiday or Everybody?
  10. Maybe this will help to understand what I mean: https://mega.nz/file/al9mlRZa#_fImq7eMy98BPQsS7DJ1DbAW6xrgq0DrW_yYAn7d1Yk I just wish all of this would sound less keyboard-ish and instead would use real piano, etc. Or even a better keyboard sound that's closer to real piano.
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