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  1. One of my favorites! I call her my "lucky song", because the single was released on the same day of my birthday! "Dance and sing, get up and do your thing"
  2. Bootlegs are always interesting to me. Thanks for this!
  3. Anyone else noticed that in Spotify, Dress You Up and Papa Don't Preach are in The 12" Formal Mix and Extended Version? Also, the deluxe version of MDNA has an remix of Girl Gone Wild (Davé Aude Dub)...

    1. Headless.Headphones


      Is that Dress You Up 6:19 it's on Tidal and noticed on a shuffle last week and was like "this is new"


    2. leo


      and Borderline (US Remix)... Dress you Up sound like a vinyl rip D:


  4. These new themes are so cute! I'm loving it!
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