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  1. I think this Patrick Leonard interview from 2015 is what you're looking for -
  2. You Thrill Me

    I'm in. This is so exciting! @Spanky1995Can you please send me the snippets too?
  3. Bedtime Stories - Shep Pettibone sessions
  4. You Thrill Me

    Love them both so much, but I would go with Material Girl.
  5. You Thrill Me

  6. You Thrill Me

    I have that CD. Unfortunately, it's the regular 3:45 version.
  7. You Thrill Me

    Candy Shop vs Girl Gone Wild 4 Minutes vs Gang Bang Give It 2 Me vs I'm Addicted Heartbeat vs Turn Up the Radio Miles Away vs Give Me All Your Luvin' She's Not Me vs Some Girls Incredible vs Superstar Beat Goes On vs I Don't Give A Dance 2night vs I'm a Sinner Spanish Lesson vs Love Spent Devil Wouldn't Recognize You vs Masterpiece Voices vs Falling Free
  8. You Thrill Me

    75/75 with 10:25 left.
  9. You Thrill Me

    01. Like A Prayer 02. Erotica 03. Music 04. Ray Of Light 05. Rebel Heart 06. True Blue 07. American Life 08. Confessions On A Dance Floor 09. Bedtime Stories 10. Madonna 11. Hard Candy 11. Like A Virgin 13. MDNA
  10. Isn't there supposedly a dance version of X-static Process called The Process? I'd love to hear it someday!
  11. You Thrill Me

    Madonna - Lucky Star / Burning Up / Borderline Like A Virgin - Dress You Up / Stay / Like A Virgin True Blue - Live To Tell / Open Your Heart / La Isla Bonita Like A Prayer - Like A Prayer / Oh Father / Express Yourself I'm Breathless - Vogue / Hanky Panky / Sooner Or Later Erotica - Erotica / Deeper And Deeper / Bad Girl Bedtime Stories - Bedtime Story / Secret / Take A Bow Ray Of LIght - Frozen / Drowned World / Ray Of Light Music - Impressive Instant / Music / Don't Tell Me American Life - Intervention / Nobody Knows Me / Nothing Fails Confessions - Hung Up / Get Together / Let It Will Be Hard Candy - Give It 2 Me / She's Not Me / Beat Goes On MDNA - I'm Addicted / Love Spent / Beautiful Killer Rebel Heart - Devil Pray / Ghosttown / Joan Of Arc
  12. You Thrill Me

    Yeah, I wish it was in better quality. I found it on Soundcloud a year or two ago.
  13. You Thrill Me

    I have one called "Final Master Mix" that is 3:45. Does anyone know if it's real?