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  1. Not WHEN but which of the HC demos leaked, what was the first version to leak guys.
  2. I don't remember the first demo that leaked, can you help me? HeartBreakCity (Demo 2014.03) HeartBreakCity (Demo 2014.05) HeartBreakCity (Demo 2014.08)
  3. I thought the same thing, I thought the videos would show a complete story, it would be an awesome concept
  4. Inco

    The Power Of Goodbye Swim or Skin?
  5. Inco

    I heard about a new album called Bad Time, obviously it was Bedtime Stories, in this meanwhile I heard about Take A Bow (The Last Concert), this would be a farewell show. In 2010 Madonna and David Guetta would release a song called Boom, rumors said that the song would be the soundtrack to MDG commercial. Sia would had written some songs to MDNA but they were rejected (if it was real, what a pity)
  6. Inco

    Love Profusion video reminds me Stronger video
  7. Inco

    What about to share all of them?
  8. Inco

    WOW, never heard about it but oh man, it would be so awesome
  9. Inco

    Why Material Girl in Girl Gone Wild in MDNA Tour? lol
  10. Inco

    Madonna, simple
  11. Hoo, I thought it would be another footage, thanks anyway
  12. WOW, I´m safe here because there are another fans that don´t like Erotica. Well, here we go Erotica (few songs like Rain, Fever ...) MDNA (after this album, Hard Candy became so good) I'm Breathless (love her vocals, love the songs but I don´t listen very often)