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  1. Humm interesting I have written a text explaining things like that in my facebook. I love lists
  2. I love all American Life demos, what an era:)
  3. Does anybody here have a list of all "request songs" and cities names? Thanks in advance
  4. Oh please share what you have about Secret (1st version) b-roll. There´s few clips and pictures around internet these days.

  5. I do love I'm Breathless, it´s such an excellent album, her voice is outstanding and the concept is something completely unexpected to early 90s. Sooner Or Later should've been released as single, I can´t realize it wasn´t a single, such classy song. Hanky Panky is such a good track, funny, soft. I love the remixes. He´s A Man and Back In Business should, at least, have a live performance, The Girlie Show, Re-Invention Tour and Madame X could be good shows to have them. They are amazing. What Can You Lose, It would be lovely to have just a Madonna version and YES, I´d love to listen to this song live. Her voice is perfect in this track. IMO I'm Breathless is an album studio, I always consider it as an studio album. Few tracks are inspired in Dick Tracy only. I hope Madonna remembers more this album. I can´t understand why fans don´t appreciate this album so much. And yes, if you like IB you probably like MX (you not Faz Gostoso).
  6. 1 Holy Water 2 Auto-Tune Baby 3 Faz Gostoso Incredible Sex Dark Ballet Freedom (Carnival) Material Gworrlllll Spanish Lesson Hung Up On Tokischa Bonus Champagne Rose Holy Water and Sex are songs that don´t fit Rebel Heart and mayve it wouldn´t even fit in Erotica, week songs specially HW. And what about quoting Vogue in it? I like to listen to Madonna's Portuguese in this song but sorry, I don't like Anitta Where was Madonna's mind when she thought about Auto-Tune Baby? It´s like a knife in our ears. I miss the time when I used to dislike I Know it or Jimmy Jimmy but the list changed in the last few years listening to these new Madonna songs.
  7. Not in particular order: Madonna I'm Breathless Bedtime Stories Ray Of Light Mdna (deluxe)
  8. I'm a die hard fan of Who's That Girl and Dress You Up songs so I think they should've been included in The Immaculate Collection, maybe replacing Cherish. Anyway this collection is perfect the way it is but I'll always miss these 2 songs.
  9. Bad Girl (Extended) Little Boy Lost or Shine A Light?
  10. Good one but not good enough to the first single, all her career would have been different if they'd have released.
  11. Any new from Guy?

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      she was...
      ignoring advice
      working too hard
      or just rundown
      ...take your pick

    2. Jackie


      Nothing yet :/

    3. Magick


      Yes, he's having her promote AR headsets as soon as she's up and running.

  12. It would be a dream, perfect "wasted" single
  13. Well I do love Susan and Whos That Girl. Dick Tracy is good. Evita had the best of Madonna's acting even it's being like a mega vídeo clip lol.
  14. Fortunately this song is short ...Popular is better. Just my opinion.
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