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  1. It was released, 975 remixes
  2. Nobody Knows Me Spotlight or It's So Cool?
  3. Madonna, please, get out of media social and REST, 81 shows aren't easy and you are a human. Come back when YOU are ready. Listen to your body and heart.
  4. I got home now and I'm still shocked. This 65-year old woman is impressive and the show was epic and huge. Sorry the other audiences but brazilians are the best lol. Watching it with my whole family even in different places in Copacabana was special too. Listening to their opinions too. Please let the links to download work, I wanna download everything. Great memories from Rio are burning my heart right now.
  5. Well here in Brazil we see Madonna here, there, everywhere. It's beautiful. I hope we have another Luciano Huck's interview with her.
  6. Faz Gostoso will happen after Vogue;)
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