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  1. SuperBicycle

    Yes, I am doing just this. The other ones I like are the Tracey Young mixes of Crave, not a fan of the album or single version, but love the dance beats on this one, and iirc it was the version Madonna performed on MXT
  2. SuperBicycle

    The 2 that I love are Justify my Love, Beast Within Mix, though it is so different it could almost be a different song, the whole the maxi single is great. I also love some of the LAP remixes on Remixed Prayers. I am so annoyed with most of Madonna's early remixes not being on Spotify that I have started collecting them on CD off eBay. I am discovering new ones each week. I only discovered the PSB Sorry Remix quite recently and absolutely agree, it is fantastic. I know it has often been rumoured but I would love to see them collaborate further.
  3. SuperBicycle

    Hi everyone, I am a fairly new collector to Madonna, after being a fan for so many years and developing a little collection without even really thinking about it. As I have spent a lot of time in Asia, many of my Madonna CD's are Japanese or HK versions. Looking through discogs and eBay it seems that after Sorry during the Confessions era, no more specific Japanese maxi-single releases were made, but they were still made for other countries e.g. Australia, USA etc. I know the Japanese love CD's so I cannot imagine it had anything to do with demand, and Madonna did take the Confessions tour to Tokyo. Does anyone know the reason why they stopped issuing Japanese versions of maxi singles halfway through the Confessions era?
  4. LAP, and luckily I have seen in the past few concerts, it is my #1 Rescue Me, because we were so teased during Madame X Crazy For You, my favourite ballad. But at this stage I would be happy for another tour period.
  5. SuperBicycle

    Ok, its available on Spotify in Asia now, yeah!
  6. SuperBicycle

    I loved the jazzy version which she performed during Madame X, is there a remix like this on the maxi single?
  7. SuperBicycle

    Mmmm I can see it appearing, but all the songs except GHV2 are faded out, so they cannot be played. Shame :(
  8. SuperBicycle

    Hi Everyone, i have lurked on this forum for a while, so thought it was time to introduce myself and become more involved. Have been a Madonna fan almost since Day 1 after seeing the Burning Up video and being mesmerised, it probably was half way through LAV before I understood all these songs were from the same woman we would see on all the Saturday morning music video show, and a lifetime fan was born! Saw the Girlie Show when she came to Australia for the first time, and have had the chance to see Madonna in Tokyo (Confessions), London (S&S), San Jose (RH), Las Vegas and Paris (MX). Have all the releases either on CD or vinyl and am looking to complete my collection over the coming year. Glad to meet everyone!
  9. SuperBicycle

    Burning Up for me, I loved that song and the video of this pretty woman gyrating around in the middle of the road. Was only a child at the time, so didn't really connect all those first album and LAV songs to the same person, but it really kicked in with Gambler, ITG and CFY. Back then it just seemed to be hit after hit, played on the radio and on TV. True Blue cemented it for me and Like A Prayer made me a lifer. What a great time to be a fan, with all that controversy, the Pepsi advertisement etc.
  10. SuperBicycle

    True Blue on blue vinyl for me and Erotica on CD, both not just the first of Madonna I purchased in that format, but the first for any artist.
  11. Don't post here often but do consult this forum as I build out my collection. Sentimental for me is Australian True Blue LP on blue vinyl with the poster, first record i ever bought with my own money on release day, probably not worth much as I played it to death, but special none the less. Per Discogs my most valuable are the Justify My Love CD Maxi Single from Australia, still one of my favourite Madonna songs, Hong Kong original pressing of Like a Virgin is also up there.
  12. SuperBicycle

    Hi All, I don't post here that often, but am active on a few other forums under the same and similar usernames. I have 2 tickets for Paris, Sunday 23rd Category 1 tickets. I will be attending that evening so can give tickets at the door, you enter with me so no hassle with IDs duplicates etc or I can email, do over Ticketswap etc. Please DM me if interested. Face value price €225.50 each, and want to sell both together.
  13. SuperBicycle

    22nd and 23rd for me!