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  1. Ok, just finished listening to the vinyl with a glass on wine and have streamed Ain't No Big Deal. Have my notes written so I can comment once results are release. @Curtains sorry if I missed it, but is #1 my most or least rated? Or should I give my top rated 10 or 11? Sorry cant seem to find where it says!
  2. Her advocacy for 'unpopular' causes such as HIV awareness in the 80s, sexual expression in the 90s, ageism now. I think it is many of these actions that resonate with her long term fan base. Madonna is an inspiration to me for many reasons but these are a few of them. Getting song writing credits on many of her songs and (as far as I understand) having the publishing rights to most of her music.
  3. Better get out the Madonna vinyl and start listening!
  4. Just logging on now! Thank you @Curtains for doing this, and I am really looking forward to more of them. One recommendation is to have longer between releasing the results as the timezone is tough for me then I had to work, so am only seeing now and missing the fun and commenting as you go xoxo Comments are WTF LAV is 3rd last?? How can it be? This was the album that put her on the global map, so many styles shown with her voice such as LDLHA, through to Pretender. Oh how can it be. I do love this album, though admit for those who didn’t grow up with it, it may not have aged well…. Rebel Heart will get its redemption, one day! Madonna at 9???? American Life at #5, yes I can deal with this Overall a tough job, how can you rate so much greatness against each other. I think LAV and RH deserved better, and while I love ROL it is not my favourite, but overall, I think this ranking is not too bad. Can't wait for the next poll!
  5. A bit late/early for me over here but will log in as soon as I wake up to start commenting. Cant wait to hear the results!
  6. LOL, someone chasing with a LAV album for signing.....
  7. Its over. Not sure how to do it post live. They were standing in front of a church singing LAP....
  8. Christopher Cooley (@ChrisKnowsStuff) Tweeted: Holy shit #madonna is moving the show outside & is leading everyone thru the NYC streets singing Like A Prayer!!! #MadameX https://t.co/QTbeS0oIno https://twitter.com/ChrisKnowsStuff/status/1446721923749142528?s=20
  9. Wow, just wow, I am speechless (in a good way). Have just finished watching and haven't read any reviews in the last few pages of this thread as I wanted to view the show with fresh eyes and an open mind. My comments in no order are... How can we be so blessed to be a fan of an artist that has given us decades of joy, inspiration and continues to produce work at such a high level? Showing her Rome BAT speech sandwiched with LAP video just shows how Madonna has been an inspiration and genuine arts for years. when I read about this, I thought it sounded a bit strange, but it kinda works…. Like the shortened intro. Nothing compares to seeing it live, but cutting it down for this was the right thing to do. I am so glad we have this version of Human Nature on streaming, so jazzy, I love it. Not sure about the upside down shots..... but whatever... Her voice! in the Fado song and all the ad-libbing, I am sorry, but anyone who says Madonna cannot sing, needs to hear this! Batuka, love it. One of the highlights, of the show and doesnt disappoint either. Not sure how the Mozart in the pussy jokes work, I thought they were stupid during the show and still do. Really love the way they did the polaroid part, would like to have done something similar with the beer bitch section. I was lucky enough to be very close when she had the ‘champagne bitch’ moment in Paris with John Paul Gautier, I think given the slight retrospective angle in this film, that would have worked very nicely. My main criticism, is in Frozen. We all know it is a reshot, and I think not having the perspective of seeing it from the audience removes some of the emotion and ‘wow’ factor from the performance. I was in tears the first time I saw this. One day I hope we see the footage that drive the decision to do the reshoot. Did they photoshop out Lola’s hairy armpits? Come Alive, Like A Prayer, what more can I say, amazing. Honestly I think I am enjoying LAP more on the video, as I am actually watching it, not just jumping around singing! Same comments on Future as for Frozen, though I do like the closeups. Do we know which shots are from Lisbon and which from Paris? The switching eyepatch and leg bandages are noticeable because I am looking for it, but I doubt a casual observer would notice, and imo doesn’t impact my enjoyment of the show. All in all, yes it was absolutely worth the wait, I am watching it again as I write this, reading the VIP book, wearing my tour t-shirt, I reminded on how much of a remarkable era this was. I have been (and still am) very critical of the logistics of the tour which affected so many of us, but if you take that away, imo, this is one her best era’s and I am really glad to have experienced it. To be producing such art, so many years into your career, is exceptional. Really curious to read the review from casual fans and critics. To me this is Madonna (almost) perfection!
  10. Ah great, they are such fans, really deserve it. Cant wait to hear the recap.
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