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  1. Just go, it is worth it, the energy from the crowd and Madonna in her hometown has to be seen to be believed. Just wear a jacket and take it off when yo get in side, put in on your seat and sit on it, that is what me and everyone else did, apart from before the show you wont sit down anyway. In the arena it was t-shirt weather, but on the concourse it was still quite cool inside.
  2. It was my 7th show and I don’t remember him singing before. I thought it was fantastic. What a night!
  3. The crowd in the S&S Argentina video was awesome, I hope we get a crowd like that for the filming. My fingers are crossed for MSG, partly because I will be there and partly because the concert is based around NYC.
  4. Exactly this. A lot of people opted for refunds as a weekday concert in the middle of winter is not as good as a weekend in July. Plus I think a few people are wait and see. Her lateness and cancellations on Madame X also soured a lot of people seeing her. I know a lot of casual fans who will not be seeing her again after the Madame X debacle. I personally lost a lot of money with the cancellations, not on tickets, but on visas, airfares (though refundable, do have a fee) so when the concerts were rescheduled I have ended up going to less. Still an absolutely amazing show, which deserves to be sold out every night and see by everyone.
  5. I have this from the concert, it is beautiful. Excellent choice.
  6. Wow, I was there, just got home today (13 hour flight) what a show. Thank you for sharing this xoxo
  7. My verdict on the merch: very average. As mentioned no tour book, and I don't believe it is delayed as it should have been ready for the original opening dates. T-shirts are really average quality, such a shame for the retro tour t-shirts. I got the WTG tour T-shirt, the back t-shirt with her True Blue Face and the Rhinestone Confessions Style Hoodie. My favourite rip off item was a collection of 10 or so Maripol LAV wrist bands for GBP50.... not sure how many of those will be sold. All in all, I was a bit disappointed in the march, but the show more than made up for it.
  8. Im going opening night and want to remain spoiler free, but having a peek at this thread, the merch thread and a few others. Was ok with the Stuart Price article, it gave just enough context for me. Completely avoiding the spoiler thread until Saturday night/Sunday morning. Have muted all the fans and groups on insta. Amazing how much extra time I have now my socials are not wall to wall Madonna! I fly out tonight. How exciting!
  9. Im flying in from Asia as well. I am used to travelling to see Madonna as she will not visit where I live, plus I am meeting up with fiends are we are seeing her together. Am keeping track of the expenditure, this is my holiday for the year. A combination of airmiles, and seeing her in conjunction with visiting friends. Plus when I see her in NY (it is now rescheduled) I was already planning to be in the US for another reason, so that has helped as well. With the reschedule I had to refund my VIP MSG NYC ticket, so that has helped offset the travel. As a lifetime fan, this is a tour I will not miss. So glad I bought fully refundable airfares and hotels! I have travelled to see Madonna since the S&S tour, some of these trips with friends are lifetime memories. I would not miss this tour for anything,
  10. Keep looking on AXS I just purchased a resale floor ticket for opening night
  11. Im seeing this on FB as well. Didn't she roller-skate with him in Central Park last year? Would love this to be true!
  12. Shanghai Suprise, only because I lived right up the street from where the opening scenes (and many others around the dock area) in Hong Kong were filmed - thought long before I lived there, and the area has been redeveloped to be unrecognisable.
  13. London 14th October London 18th October Paris 13th November Amsterdam 1st December Amsterdam 2nd December New York 22nd Jan New York 23rd Jan
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