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  1. Over 200 pages does seem a bit excessive, but I am fascinated by the album and the influences, the Madame X VIP book touches on it a bit. I might but this and use it as a guidebook whenever I am fortunate enough to visit Lisbon!
  2. Sigh, per the original email I was sent, my package was on the way, even got a shipping number and the shipment has been sitting in Jamaica NYC for well over a week. Then today got this from the US Madonna store.... "Due to the current and global raw materials shortage, we have encountered a slight production delay of the MDNA Holographic Album Sleeve. We are happy to confirm that this item started to ship earlier this week. Please keep an eye on your mailbox for your related notification and tracking info. We sincerely apologize for the delay and would like to thank you for your patience and continued support by giving you a 10% discount on your next shopping experience with us! "
  3. Yeah, mine is coming as well! Good to actually be getting something after this past week's buying frenzy. Finally enough love!
  4. Actually I just bought the CD today and am listening to it now! Was at the record store asking about pre-ordering Finally Enough Love and always check out the Madonna vinyl and CD section and there it was! Quality is decent, glad I got it and would buy it on vinyl if I saw it and the price was reasonable.
  5. Wow had only seen snippets of that one. LOVE dark ballet. Reminds me of the 2nd Madame X concert in Paris. Huge technical difficulty stopped the show just before Batik, so Madonna came back on stage and sang 'I cant help falling in love' fully acapela, she sounded amazing. Clearly we all have our on and off days, and Red Rooster was an ON day for sure! thanks for posting.
  6. Yikes, the charged from the MadonnaShop have just come through on my credit card.....
  7. Public Service Announcement to all who are waiting (emailed the Madonna store asking about status yesterday) "I sincerely apologize for the delay. Due to high volume and safety procedures, processing times are taking a little longer than usual. The good news is that your order is currently reflecting an "allocated" status, meaning that it has been received by the warehouse, and is swiftly moving through the process- departure is just around the corner. We will, of course, send a confirmation email as soon as your order has shipped. " Saying that it is still showing Unfulfilled status online. Lets hope we get it soon.
  8. Agree 100%, this release has something for everyone, mega fans, general public, collectors, everyone. Also to kick off the Warner partnership i agree it has a much bigger bang with the casual fan base and general public that a reissue with unreleased on one of her albums. I guarantee people will listen to this and be reminded of how influential and prolific Madonna was. Also a good spring board to whip up excitement and refamiliarise people with her body or work before the biopic. You cant please everyone, but I think this is about as good as it is going to get for the greatest number of people.
  9. Voted! I missed the last few, so good to be back in the game.
  10. Same in Asia, was doing my final scroll of FB before I went to bed, then could hardly sleep from all the excitement!
  11. The Sorry PSB Maxi-Mix is probably my favourite Madonna mix of all time, along with the LAP featuring Prince's guitar. Glad to see that on it, even if it is the edit. I already have it on vinyl, CD and can stream is anyway.
  12. Oh yes! This reminds me, i need to go back to my order history and confirm I ordered it. Has anyone received theirs yet?? Plus Madame X Theatre on streaming!
  13. What a fantastic time to be a Madonna fan, 40 years into her career. Just this week and in recent months/past few years we got a surprise live performance with one of greatest admirers singing about his home town in his home town (I know opinions differ how good this was, but she got up and did it) last month the RSD WTG Superclub mix, previously practically unavailable on any official format endless digital releases of her past hits with lots of remixes for streaming over the past few years remix of one of her best songs (personally don't like the remix, but that's just me) Upscale videos LOTS of new lewks (I really wish the pink hair photos were the cover for this) VMA tribute We all have our opinions about the quality and artistic merit of most of these above, but you cannot deny that for someone this deep into their career, this is amazing output. And now we get this, 6LP of all her number 1s, in new mixes many that practically a lot of us have never heard. I said it earlier and will say it again, WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!!! Plus credit card is dying! All hail the Queen!
  14. Just ordered the double vinyl and 6 vinyl from Madonna.com. Wonder what the quality of the artwork will be and if there are any additions such as photos, writings by Madonna and her collaborators etc. Really hope the quality is high for this one. This what I have been waiting for and is an excellent way to kick off her new Warner deal, get everyone, both mega and casual fans excited and reintroduced to her massive body of work, then over the coming years, we get all the deluxe editions of the albums. Did anyone notice they are selling lithographs $1,000 reduced to $50? Any idea what this is? Hoodie looks nice as well!
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