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  1. The negativity around here is depressing, I gotta agree.
  2. Yeah. She even said it exactly the same. She was referencing her own bit. Which was great!
  3. This is simply a ghastly number. Madonna should sue. This is as fucking bad as Moulin Rouge was brilliant. This is perhaps the worst use of a Madonna track I have ever seen. The arrangement? Awful. The oversinging? Even worse. And the staging and lighting and everything else? Just embarrassing. Again — Madonna should sue. ;)
  4. Again, the negativity around here is as constant as it is exhausting.
  5. Drowned wasn’t so much her distancing herself from her past in that she simply had an insane amount of NEW material to cover. Bedtime Stories, Evita, Ray of Light, Music. Oh, and Beautiful Stranger… there were so many NEW songs to play. And that’s not even including some things that got skipped over entirely… I’ll Remember. This Used to Be My Playground. The new songs of Something To Remember. And I suspect I am forgetting a few things…
  6. It’s interestingly rather Madame X sounding. Like a precursor to Extreme Occident.
  7. I always liked it, but the LIVE version really sold me. Incredible performance. Just epic.
  8. Many here seem to forget that in 1990 Madonna was THE BIGGEST star in music around. She simply had more pull back then. Way more pull. She could — and did —get any deal she wanted. End of story. Many of you are laughably naive about how the music industry today actually works…
  9. Words would have REALLY fit. Especially with all the typing...
  10. Eh, she did do it first. Like wayyyyyyy first. Like a million years ago. This is much ado about nothing.
  11. One that got popular: Like A Prayer Fan favorite: Confessions On A Dance Floor Experimental: Music / American Life / Madame X Cult classic: Erotica Best album of all time: Ray Of Light Meh: Who’s That Girl This was hard. There are many great records that I had to leave off. (I’m Breathless. True Blue. Like A Prayer. Madonna.) There really isn’t an era I would truly call Meh. WTG wins as the tracks other than M’s are all pretty weak. And while the song WTG is a ton of fun — it remains M’s only truly bad music video. Just fucking awful.
  12. The chairs look nothing alike. 💁
  13. Dude. Uh... It WASN’T ironic. Talk about retconning.
  14. Yes. I have. Even the costume screamed Vegas Or Cruise Ship Madonna Impersonator. As did the OVERsinging... They’re NEVER very accurate.
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