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  1. Markdonna

    Waiting again! Eh, I guess... Forbidden Love? Isaac or Devil Pray?
  2. Markdonna

    SKIN Gambler or Over and Over
  3. I have trouble believing that this hasn’t already leaked if it exists.
  4. Markdonna

    Hey You... I guess. How am I not familiar with Score? Edit: Oh, right. I just forgot that one. Impressive Instant or I Don’t Search I Find.
  5. Markdonna

    There is a very solid chance. Drowned World. Confessions. Sticky N Sweet MDNA Rebel Heart They all saw such releases. (The latter for even came with LIVE albums). So yes... I very much suspect Madame X will be offered up that way as well. Sadly, people today have little or no patience. Oh, and they ALL love to bitch.
  6. Markdonna

    Yep. I agree. The Confessions Tour — hands down! 1). I attended that concert. 2). It was SO surprising. I thought we’d never get Erotica era M again. She was so English Lady of the Manor at the time. 3). The arrangement was killer — loved the inclusion of the demo lyrics. This was a fantastic RE-INVENTION a show later. 4). The staging was epic. As was the choreography. And the outfits. The breakaway White Suit revealing that crazy retro white and purple whatever that was. Just ICONIC! 5.) Also, the LIVE vocals were pretty fucking fantastic. Honestly, this remains one of my very favorite performances of hers. Often it IS my very favorite performance. Confessions remains my favorite tour. And I’ve seen and loved them all starting with DROWNED WORLD.
  7. Markdonna

    Seriously. This website is filled with the constant carping from witness cunts that seem to be forever on the rag — which, I admit , is quite remarkably considering how dried up they all truly appear to be.
  8. Tired of 2020... 


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    2. chaseturtle
    3. louis.exe


      This year is the worst

    4. emanon


      Me too...but I'm afraid it wont end that soon. Been following the rules since the begining, but now, every morning i put the mask on before going to work its emotionaly painfull...really tired.

  9. And how! I really, really dig it.
  10. What? Don’t all pop song lyrics repeat? I mean... seriously? Somebody earlier said a few posts up — and I agree — that this record in similar to both Erotica and American Life. It’s a dark record, for a dark time. Oh, and Future which I found —- *shrug* fine — on initial listenings now seems eerily psychic almost. “not everybody is coming the future...” Definitely not. And if there has ever been “a lonnnnnnnnng day.” Where I feel the need to sing “‘lord, have mercy...” 2020 was it. 🤷 Talk about “a storm is coming” indeed.
  11. Markdonna

    I played this a lot when it was on Prime. Thought it was as introspective as it was gorgeously shot. Just a great doc on every level.
  12. Markdonna

    Does anybody here even actually like Madonna? Or is this site a high school slambook.
  13. Markdonna

    I made the mistake of watching OZARK season 3 right before starting QUEEN’S GAMBIT which seemed dull and slow in comparison. ;)
  14. Markdonna

    IDSIF was pretty epic. And I must say the staging and the singing (she sounded great!) of HUMAN NATURE simply slayed the nights I saw her in LA. That’s a song — I love. But wasn’t exactly all that excited about as she has sang it on tour A LOT. I’ve seen every tour from DROWNED on... and I think she’s done it like — four times now? But in this show it was a pretty damn amazing. FROZEN was ICONIC and probably the big stand out to me.. The way it was presented was so unusual and it was true to the original album version, too. Just a beautiful moment. But — Honestly, the whole show blew me away. But then I genuinely enjoy Madame X the album and the persona. EXTREME OCCIDENT, the Fado section, it all just worked for me.
  15. Markdonna

    Her love of Candy Shop is — interesting to me. I don’t get it, personally. That said — the Rebel Heart Tour version was surprisingly fun. And I was pretty OVER the song by that point. But it kinda won me over that show a bit. That said. I say it needs a good, longgggggggggggg break.