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  1. Pity God Control was never released with remixes officially. It’s a crazy song and easily my fav on the album. And I actually REALLY liked Madame X.
  2. A Ballad Collection at some point does seem a no brainer. It will be interesting to see what eventually comes down the pipe.
  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this link. I went there yesterday and was able to snap one up. The shipping wasn’t exactly cheap — But I am so happy to have gotten ahold of one of these. I had NO idea of even looking for this up in Canada. So Thanks again!! PS — And yeah. As of now, it’s all sold out. It seems I may have gotten one of the last ones! So —- whew. Again, I thank you.
  4. It’s long gone on Rhino. Is there another Warner Music store site?
  5. Just ordered the Walmart Release. It’ll be cool to have one album sealed. Or make a great gift at some point down the road. I think I’ll open the Amazon Silver version. (My initial purchase.) Still kicking myself for missing the six record set. I didn’t realize that that was going to be so dang limited. Hopefully, there is another release or something. Pretty bummed I already missed out. PS — I think in general, this is a pretty amazing release. I was Mr Cd Maxi-Single for decades and am thus VERY familiar with some of these mixes. Her choice of remixes often matches my own. Many of the choices on here are ones I would have picked. So Bravo — Madonna. And the rarer tracks like SKIN are really pretty dang awesome. My only quibble — I wish SPOTLIGHT had been on this record rather than PHYSICAL ATTRACTION. It’s simply a MUCH better song and Oh-so-Madonna! Another remix that is NOT here that is amazing (sadly, it’s understandable that it was left off as it was NOT a #1) is William Orbit’s Guerrilla Beach Mix of I’LL REMEMBER that massively foreshadowed Ray of Light… many years and several albums earlier….
  6. I don’t get how saying comedians shouldn’t be assaulted LIVE on stage is exactly controversial. Seriously. Some need to get a fucking grip.
  7. Will there be another vinyl release of all 50 songs. Or am I totally screwed as I missed out on the pre-order? I did the get amazon version 2 LP release as Silver just seems cool.
  8. No, we can instead just listen to twits like you incessantly criticize everything fucking thing she does in incredible picky detail. God. Damn. So many of you are so fucking vapid and reductive. Yes — Reductive. In that you just parrot one another banal talking points. Christ — doesn’t it ever get boring being constantly cunty? Apparently not. But my — it’s certainly tedious to read for page after page. Give it a rest already.
  9. Candy Shop Vogue or I Don’t Search I Find
  10. Jealous! But… as consolation I just received an email saying I had two tickets to the Sunday LA screening!!
  11. Yeah. She even said it exactly the same. She was referencing her own bit. Which was great!
  12. This is simply a ghastly number. Madonna should sue. This is as fucking bad as Moulin Rouge was brilliant. This is perhaps the worst use of a Madonna track I have ever seen. The arrangement? Awful. The oversinging? Even worse. And the staging and lighting and everything else? Just embarrassing. Again — Madonna should sue. ;)
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