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  1. the fact that she's coming with this tour and the show will be broadcasted is just i love her so much
  2. according to some fansites at twitter, she's rehearsing take a bow
  3. oh i wish they could pose for a picture together but people change and thats okay at least they have beautiful memories together
  4. everything about the erotica album screams nyc to me, hopefully she will film some of them and we'll get rain in a future concert film girlies!
  5. these 'fans' should be glad they got a chance to attend the show at the first place. after everything we've been through and after everything she's been through, the fact that this tour is happening is a true definition of a miracle... but yeah
  6. yeah im thinking the same thing, lets just see how it unfolds. the tour and setlist and everything grew a lot in me
  7. looking at the bright side of things, who knows, maybe she'll perform sorry and oh father too LMAO
  8. welp.... i never thought i would say this cuz frozen is my favorite song of hers, but i absolutely HATE this remix
  9. say it louder for the people in the back huntyyy
  10. rain or frozen is the next song, we're gonna know in a few minutes
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