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  1. star guardian

    words cannot describe how im feeling right now. this is literally my favorite rendition of frozen and this backdrop is the cherry on top. im over the moon! thank you madonna! such a queen... omg i stan the right person i knew it i just knew it
  2. star guardian

    im still in shock with this teaser. like... omg, its sooooooooooo much better from what i was expecting! cant wait. particularly for frozen, i'm sure its gonna be incredible!
  3. star guardian

    dang i want this dvd so baddddddd i really hope this soon is not the kinda type of three years from now soon
  4. star guardian

    me after spraying madame x eau de perfum on my neck
  5. star guardian

    yeah, guys... don't be so negative. things change, i know what happened to RIT but that doesnt necessarily mean that the same will happen with madame x. and like nobody knows me stated, she didnt finished the tour and went all the way to lisbon, london and paris just to storage the footage in some warehouse. she said at the instagram live that the show was being edited, so lets just wait. being negative wont do anything but leave us more and more frustrated and anxious - and we're facing a worldwide pandemic! we don't have time for that right now!
  6. star guardian

    i would love to!! btw she looks SO pretty i cant
  7. star guardian

    idk really... at first i though the theatre thing was waaaay too weird for me but after seeing what she was able to pull it off (and i say this based of the videos that ive seen + the footage of her instagram and the preview of the madame x tour film) i think i'm down with whatever she decides to do!
  8. its better than i expected lmao
  9. and i know madame x was last year but i was missing her voice in something brand new so im living for it missys rap is also fire
  10. oh my God im in love with it what a blessing to hear m voice in something new
  11. star guardian

    1. I wish Madonna would release the Madame X Tour Film already! I NEED that frozen live performance in UHD4K! 2. What kind of look would you like to see Madonna do in the next era? Man, i really don't know. Maybe something really burlesque-ish? Or maybe something sci-fi, cyberpunk, sorta of. 3. If Madonna were to perform one of her videos for an upcoming tour in the closest way she could, which video would you want it to be? Nothing Really Matters. Yes, hunty. 4. My three favorite record producers for Madonna has been Patrick Leonard, Shep Pettibone and William Orbit. 5. True or False: Madonna will release a new album in the next two years. I think she will!
  12. star guardian

    YES YES YES!!! i really hope they actually will do as you say
  13. star guardian

    Yall... the footage looks breathtaking! it made me wayyyyyyyyy much more anxious to see this dvd! i NEED frozen right now, those closeups on her during the performance made me emotional
  14. star guardian

    she's watching the paris footage that we might never get lol