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  1. im sorry if it sounds messy but i tried my best to explain lmao
  2. i dont know if in other countries are like this, but in prime video in brazil you can link other streaming services to your prime account by paying the price of the subscription of that specific streaming service. its like, if you're subscribed to paramount plus, u can watch some paramount things through prime video. and no, i checked paramount plus and the concert isn't available there - only at prime video for now.
  3. the audio really is WAY BETTER than mdna and rebel heart, it just sounds so good! it really is an improvement compared to the other releases. i just watched frozen (yes, im anxious as hell lmao) and its by far the most beautiful and touching performance i've ever seen. its just pure magic! and the live instruments in frozen are also so clear, its an amazing experience
  4. chile lemme tell you, i didnt thought frozen had any autotune at all lmao
  5. the only subbed moments are like when she's talking or when some lyrics/texts appear, songs dont have any sub
  6. theres something that i love about WTGWT - i think its how the show translates itself to me as an autenthic end of the 80s party, you know? i didnt got to live during the 80s cuz i was born in the 90s, but every now and then when i think about that time i imagine something kinda like this show - madonna looks so free, so careless while she goes up and down in those ladders singing every note, rocking that blonde hair... its just dope asf! its not my favorite tour of hers tho, but im gonna give it more tries - specially with bootlegs. i love watching bootlegs smh
  7. lmao im screaming that crave got cut out why just whyyyy you didnt performed it in a acoustic way my queen
  8. when the disco ball came down to the stage she would get into it by the elevator at the b stage, which was placed right under the disco ball. i think thats it! i was also shocked when i found out lmao
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