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  1. being a fan i absolutely hate the idea of doing a movie instead of a miniseries cuz we know way too much and i just know we will not gonna be happy with some things from her life not being there LMAO but im here for it, anything she wants to do im in
  2. i love her so so so so so so so much
  3. the fact that we got a exclusive corset with the colors of our flag i love her sm she's the only one who can make me feel proud to be brazillian lol jk
  4. she looks so much better with her natural hair at the vogue and hung up section take that wig off mommy
  5. the fact that she's coming with this tour and the show will be broadcasted is just i love her so much
  6. oh chileeeeeeeeeeeeeee this is going to be ICONIC
  7. according to some fansites at twitter, she's rehearsing take a bow
  8. oh i wish they could pose for a picture together but people change and thats okay at least they have beautiful memories together
  9. everything about the erotica album screams nyc to me, hopefully she will film some of them and we'll get rain in a future concert film girlies!
  10. these 'fans' should be glad they got a chance to attend the show at the first place. after everything we've been through and after everything she's been through, the fact that this tour is happening is a true definition of a miracle... but yeah
  11. yeah im thinking the same thing, lets just see how it unfolds. the tour and setlist and everything grew a lot in me
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