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  1. at her baby one more time tour back in 99! you can check it out around 30:29
  2. omfg it starts with the vogue beat and then it goes up and up and up im losing my mind
  3. probably around midnight i think? if someboody doesnt buy and leak it first i need it nowwwwwwwww
  4. i need to listen to this like NOW omfg i was listening to break my soul the entire day today lord
  5. https://shop.beyonce.com/products/break-my-soul-the-queens-remix welp, i'm shocked yall.
  6. does anyone has confessions tour in hannover that was previously shared here to upload for this girl?TT

  7. like, she can do whatever she wants with herself - its her body, her life, her face. i love her from who she is and what she gives us, not her looks or whatsoever
  8. i wonder how ppl find time to complain about someone elses face... like... why? dont you have better stuff to do? lol
  9. lmao im screaming that crave got cut out why just whyyyy you didnt performed it in a acoustic way my queen
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