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  1. Timeless.





  2. Madame X is a Model. Madame X is a Reshooter.
  3. today is my birthday so come on madonna announce something
  4. yo i was listening to this song and i totally imagined M in a remix with her grillz and pink hair giving us EVERYTHING
  5. YES LMAO we need something to distract us with im soooooo tired of teasing!!!!!!! foreplay is good but it gets hella tiring
  6. watching frozen's backdrop of madame x tour just makes me very emotional and excited for the dvd... ugh i just KNOW ill cry when the dvd comes out

  7. * candy shop prayer circle for an exclusive performance of this ANTHEM at the madame x tour dvd *
  8. as long as frozen is still in it im here lol
  9. ugh i cant waittttt to see this show lol
  10. i know right? she's my biggest icon forever... all jokes of cancellations, scrapped projects and everything aside, she really cares about us ughhh i love her smh
  11. ...ok i have no idea what she's up to but im excited, the frozen costume looks way prettier than i thought
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