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  1. Thank you so much for the incredible Erotica and Like A Prayer demos, legend!

  2. so..... do we have an idea of what's next? I would love to get more vinyl/cassette only mixes on digital platforms!
  3. hey.. you never know! They tacked Fever (Edit Two) onto Rain and that was only available on the German 12"...
  4. I was pretty happy with I'll Remember and looking forward to more releases!
  5. I lost track here with all the back and forth. What's next on the release schedule? if we even know...
  6. if you plan on recording the entire show, some of us would LOVE IT!
  7. I am very happy with this release. Keep them coming...
  8. I am hoping we get the two vinyl/cassette only remixes of I'll Remember. Next Friday right?
  9. yes, in her first Australian interview with Molly Meldrum on April 16, 1984 she mentioned that the Lucky Star video was only meant to be aired in Europe and was surprised Australia and the US were airing it.
  10. I don't have YT Premium. I would appreciate if someone could upload 1 file with everything in it And thank you @Anapausis, you are very sweet!
  11. is there a link to download all the footage?
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