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  1. club78boy

    Good evening to YOU! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. club78boy

    Lol Reactions like this make people NOT want to share. Just saying... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. club78boy

    It was on "The Box"
  4. club78boy

    Behold, she is coming soon... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. club78boy

    Yes, it’s real Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. club78boy

    I don't have it anymore :( I trashed it once the demos leaked
  7. yes, these are identical. There is one remix edit that's found on It's That Girl, the European 7" releases and the US 7" promo.
  8. I own an actual "It's That Girl" cassette and can confirm that it fades out before the "keyyyyyyy" It is identical to what was released on the Euro 7" and US promo 7" releases.
  9. I just compared the 7" rip to the It's That Girl rip and they are identical.
  10. club78boy

    there's a terrible audio bootleg of the entire show - I mean the quality is AWFUL - but you can make out that what she says is completely different to the promo video.
  11. club78boy

    the parts where M actually speaks is totally different. In the promo video she says "Come On People!" during the middle break and "Are You Ready?" right before starts singing. This is NOT from either night in Detroit. Check it out!
  12. club78boy

    It's legit and available for pre-order:
  13. actions speak louder than words

    1. Frank


      Does that mean u got the demo? ;-)

    2. Inco
    3. madgefan


      Will it ever leak?

  14. club78boy

    actually, the audio isn't from the 25th. I can't figure out which date it's from as I have compared it to the bootlegs and it seems to be unique!
  15. club78boy

    Orbit appeared on a radio program back in 1998 for the album's release. I think it was KCRW (I'm sure I'm wrong) where they played the album version of Ray Of Light, followed by the rest of the song that they cut out - it faded back in after the LP version ended. It was complete with the "opera" vocals and all. I need to check to see if I still have the file. This was 1998 so it was a super LQ .RM file...