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  1. Can we petition for Open Your Heart (Remix Edit) on Finally Enough Love instead of the Video Version???? It'd be nice to finally complete the True Blue era with the last mix we need digitally!!

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Tbh the whole list of remixes needs a complete do-over

  2. Does anyone have an idea of when the MDNA hologram sleeves are going to ship??

    1. madgefan


      I got a shipping notification last Tuesday. Yesterday the first pictures and videos leaked on social media.

  3. watch her earrings during Over and Over also - some points she has a big cross and then it's gone in others!
  4. Check out this new YouTube page for some incredible footage from M's most iconic tours:


    1. MattyMads


      Thank you, just subscribed as well 

  5. where can I purchase this in lossless q?
  6. I think it's CRAZY that she hasn't digitized these old tapes!!
  7. Much Music re-broadcast an edited version back in 1998.
  8. actions speak louder than words

  9. Thank you! I'm mostly looking to fill in a few gaps for my UK collection: La Isla 12", Borderline reissue 12", etc.
  10. Hi all, Does anyone have any good recommendations for London record shops? thanks in advance!
  11. Interesting. He also told me that he did an unreleased remix for Bye Bye Baby - which I assume is the version she performed at the '93 VMA/Girlie Show.
  12. you waste your time with hate and regret

    1. null


      You're broken when your heart's not open.

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