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  1. full Drowned World Tour projections are now live at MadonnaTourArchives:


  2. Drowned World Projections going up at MadonnaTourArchives :)



    1. Dazedmadonna


      Any chance you can provide a DL for the Beautiful Stranger multi screen clip? I completely missed that one ! :)

    2. club78boy


      I'd have to grab the file again as I already deleted it off my drive :)

    3. Dazedmadonna


      Please! 🙏 Thank you!

  3. Our journey through the Drowned World Tour has kicked off! please subscribe to MadonnaTourArchives on YouTube!


  4. um, did anyone else catch the new, unreleased vocals at the end of Papa Don't Preach???
  5. Wrapping up the Bedtime Stories Promo Tour with MTV's Pajama Party. It's been fun looking back!


  6. San Remo Festival reports live now at Madonna Tour Archives :)


  7. Loads of reports and Bedtime Story live from The Brits now live at Madonna Tour Archives


  8. 1995 American Music Awards footage is going up today:


    1. wtg1987


      She looked so cute at this awards :) x

  9. please subscribe to Madonna Tour Archives for more rare footage including outtakes from MTV's "No Bull: The Making of Take A Bow" special: 


  10. German interviews posted at Madonna Tour Archives!


    1. Steffmad


      WOW missed this Interview..Thanks David :cute:

    2. MadonnaLove
  11. Please subscribe to our channel as we continue the journey through the Bedtime Stories promo tour:


  12. Welcome to the Bedtime Stories Promo Tour 1994/1995... Please subscribe to our channel!


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