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  1. Yass, biches! The backlash is so deserved!!! Thank you! I was going to say what a waste of time and precious space on the front page this post is, that it's already been discussed .IN THE THREAD THAT IS DEDICATED TO THE MADAME X TOUR FILM.! And that it's weird AF to even take the time to start a new thread to only share two screenshots This could have been an interesting topic if it weren't meant to drag M through the dirt.
  2. on shuffle, obviously. And yes, AHS season 5 makes me feel really good about myself!
  3. Good thing we didn't need that comment to keep this thread relevant…
  4. My little review of the Madame X Live album I love the mixing of the songs. It's not the greatest Live album she has ever done but I like it way better than the last 3 tours. I'd say if I had to rate them, it'd be (from worst to best) RHT-SS-MDNA-MMEX. That is, of course, considering that the sound mixing Stuart did for Confessions and IGTTYAS is immaculate and makes every other release after those pale in comparison - just to be real! I like the Intro. Like, not love! I am absolutely in love with God Control. The break after 'a new democracy' was as unnecessary as the one before the second verse in 'Iconic'. I always loved the sung part of Dark Ballet - I always skipped the weird nutcracker suite but somehow managed to sit through it to hear her screaming. And I know that everyone and their grandmother has to be 'woke' and sh*t like that but I could've done without her screaming 'Death to the patriarchy'. What's with the spliced audio during the speeches, though? Did they use the iPhone audio? I thought every soundboard since the 1987 WTGT has been recorded?!? Killers finally sounds like a finished song. Don't get me wrong, I always liked the album version but it always felt a little unfinished - almost like a demo and I was never able to pinpoint what it was. The Live track feels like the finished product. I love the deep bass in it! I don't think they recycled vocals from past tours but I am not 100% sure about Vogue… I am by far not an expert, that's just an opinion. By the time I got to fado, I had to grab myself a beer. I was really enjoying what I heard so far! Please don't kill me for this…. I skipped 'Breathwork' 4 seconds in. To me this is one of the songs they should have cut! And then the endless intro for Medellin…? Hmm… What's up with the crowd noise in this? Did they just use a stock track with audience noise and faded it in and out at the end/start of songs?! Why does the guitar in Frozen sound like an afterthough when it kicks in and catches you by surprise? It doesn't sound like Monte actually played it AT THE CONCERT. I love the song and the arrangement, though. The voilin, on the other hand, sound amazing and like it's actually from the concert and the transition to 'Come Alive' is great I love Come Alive but now you can actually understand what she's singing. That's the case with many - I would even go as far and say all - of the songs from this Live album. The sung parts are mixed and levelled nicely but here's another spliced speech… Future was all we hoped for, I'd say, after @Shofulgot us hyped throughout the past year or so. 😘 The transistion to LAP with the sirens is nice. Not too intrusive, not too long. Nicely done. The opening vocals to LAP feel a little MDNA-ish, don't they? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Like a Prayer. It's one of my go-to-songs when I feel down and need a little support by Madonna. So by now I am drunk enough to really enjoy the delivery of her lines and the song overall. I even tear up a little… Thanks, M, for not butchering this edit!!! 🥺🥺🥺❤️ The speech before 'I Rise' is a re-hash, okay. I like it. It's exactly what I imagined it to be for the concert film. It's tastefully done. It's not too long, it conveys exactly what she wanted the message of the song to be while not going too much into detail à la secretprojectrevolution. Now I almost feel a little dizzy because somewhere between dancing to Medellin and then reversing back to Fado because my boyfriend felt like it, he started pouring tequila. (He's not a die-hard fan but even he knows that she did Tequila during the Matador/Gypsy section during the RHT, so he just went with the theme. Lol) I would give the whole Album a solid 4/5.
  5. Can I just say how grateful I am to be part of this community!? I haven't been a member when the RHT was released, so I haven't had the oppourtunity to live through the hype with so many wonderful individuals. I feel deeply honoured and eternally grateful to be part of a fanbase that - when it comes down to it - sticks together, contributes and celebrates. I have been through such an amazing time with all you people along the journey. I made some new friends, I may have offended some of you, I may have been naive with some requests or expectations. But at the end of the day, you are just incredible!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  🥲❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😘😘😘🤣😝🥰

  6. It's a weird kind of energy
    A bizarre thing that happens to be
    An abnormal fraternity
    And I feel more than sympathy

    OH. MY. GOD.


    Madame   has finally arrived

  7. Apparently, Austria doesn't even exist…
  8. Of course, we don't wanna offend little monsters but it's the same choreo all the mthrfckng time…. I used to be a fan but it got a little bit tired after the third or fourth tour…
  9. OMG. This is incredible, I am so excited! Whoever made this, it's really great!



  10. What's going on with all the hate? Seriously, guys, let the queen reign. We only get a vague announcement and you jump on everything she does like it's a threat or an opponent. I know, we've grown accustom to #soon and sh*t like that and I hate it. But some of you don't seem like fans to me at all. Reading some posting make me feel like many of you are so biased and opposed to anything she does that it may be the greatest thing ever and you will hate her for it, no matter what. Also, let's be real for a moment: many of us stopped religiously loving everything that she does because when we were too hyped, we were set up for major disaoppointment, I know. But let's just go with the flow. Our greatest Madame X fan @Shoful has confirmed that the movie is amazing and thanks to @PanditaRulez we get to see amazing upscales of her touring catalogue.
  11. Did you cheat MissingNo into this? 🤣🤣
  12. Still searching for those nice little screen recordings of the RHT. $150 reward for the person who is kind enough to share them. ALL OF THEM. Pls msg me. Thank you! 

  13. We're a little off topic here with the IEM audio. I'm willing to pay $150 for the videos. I want them in the highest quality possible. I know that the list might not be full, soif you happen to have some screen recording(s) that we might have forgotten about or yet not discovered, please let me know! Cheers! Thank you!
  14. Is it confirmed that some lines are edited out, though?
  15. I can also see him topping list of the best-looking celebrity kids. I hope that's not inappropriate. Lol
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