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  1. OMG! Don't tell me she wasn't!?! I always thought her live shows were something I had near-encycolpedic knowledge about. I didn't know that she wasn't inside the disco ball. I would love to know more, would you please elaborate?
  2. Oh my god!!! Peeps, it's just A. TEASER! Don't lose your mind over it. Some people want stuff cut from the film, some complain that she cut stuff from the film. Why do you try to come up with a scenario you won't like so desperately? Have you ever imagined Emely, the intern reading this forum and wondering why you queens all fanatasize about the worst possible outcome?! (I'm a queen too, so I'm allowed to say that!) Can't this just be a good tour film at last? Try imagine that instead of nagging about 50 seconds of random footage!
  3. You Motherfvckers should stop being so negative. I don't stan everything that she does but I'm so happy that she performed. We all would have loved a full set but I'm happy with what we got and y'all should be too!
  4. So all we got as of yet are some weird polaroids animated?! That's why I set an alarm in the middle of the night? The last time I did that was back in 2012 when she performed at the Superbowl… Still waiting for the pay-off this time… 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Do we know what time she will be performing/streaming??
  6. Do we know what time she'll be streaming this yet?
  7. I loved Beautiful Game when she did it the first time at the MET but when it became Dark Ballet, I was shocked and disappointed. I feel like it had more potential but the released version feels like it was just a concept demo of what had already been written and then had that nutcracker thrown in at random. Like WTF? Almost as bad as the incohesiveness caused by Diplo not properly organizing stems to a point at which this makes Rebel Heart the second album with wasted oppourtunites. The leaked demos are proof of that! And the fact that THAT version of Hold Tight made the cut and the one with the better lyrics and more exciting melody didn't almost made me a little emotional… not necessarily in a good way. I think MDNA has the highest number of hated songs on one album: I mean Some Girls??? Was she already doing weed in 2012? 'I fucked up' really? A ballad which had FUCK in its title? Omg! And B-Day-Song. I can't even. If I ever go to a club to celebrate my birthday and the DJ knows that I'm a huge M fan and decides to play that, Imma head straight outta there! Gimmie all your Luvin' The predecessor to BIM. I play a lot of M while I'm in the shower. Whenever one of thoses two comes on, I'm screaming at Siri to skip ASAP. I don't ever play Falling Free but don't mind it when Spotify decides to play it. It's not underwhelmingly bad but pales in comparison to Masterpiece. Superstar is also one of my most hated. I feel like MDNA is such a bumpy ride. Some of the songs are really good but I hate almost half of them with a burning passion.
  8. I had this idea about ranking her concert set lists by only allowing us to show if we love love or a hate each song. Considering the mixes she used live being (often times very) different from the album versions, this might be a fun thread… if we distribute our critisim evenly with the praising, of course… lol. What do you guys think? Like so: Concert setlist 50:50 rating Future Lovers (hate) I feel Love (hate) Get together (love) Lav (love) Jump (love) Confessions (hate) Etc. What do you think? Might this be worth creating a new thread or do we need to be conscious about not spreading too much negativity?
  9. Just a friendly reminder to everybody who keeps complaining about how nobody outside this forum will ever care about the tour film: she fucking cemented herself as the highest grossing solo artist back in 2009 and holds the record up to this day. I don't think that an artist that has grossed over 1.5 billions just by selling concert seats will be forgotten about by the world!
  10. So only the US, Portugal, France and the UK will get to see this. Wow 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Just as disappointing as her touring schedule!
  11. I need help contacting the person who has the Madonna R&D site on vk. com. Can someone please help me connect to them? Do they have a profile on infinity? Thank you!!

    1. scallywally


      Cant you message them on VK?

    2. MCL_1993


      I only messaged a contributor, Daniel Ramirez who also has a profile on infinity but he ghosted me after the second message. I haven't found out how to message the person who created the site...

    3. scallywally


      How rude?! 

      What do you need? I can try for you... x


  12. I'm not saying that anything should be sugarcoated but your words were more hostile than nice! And if someone put a lot of effort, someone like you telling them how shitty their result is doesn't really help!
  13. Yeah... what is with the attitude? I mean, @InterlacedGeek always puts a disclaimer in his videos' descriptions and never claimed that his AI interpretations are perfect... 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. the RIT upscale made it somewhat watchable. But the camera work is mediocre at best. I wish we had a full pro shot with the purple costume…!
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