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  1. Yo. I thought you were gonna nuke my comment but this seems more tame. Sometimes having a bad day just gets to us, I guess… Anyway, let's not clog this thread about some weirdo who's been advocating for people who uploaded Remaster No. 127 or about someone who couldn't help but point out the sheer flood of versions to waste space on our hard drives. lol
  2. Waste of space or interesting topic? I would say the former, especially with no explanation or content, whatsoever.
  3. Countless, tbh: I haven't listened to the first album in its entirety, neither LAV nor Erotica… which is weird, especially because I consider myself a die-hard fan (specifically Austria's No1 Madonna-Fan) but I prefer her live performances over her studio work. Hence I don't mind her songs that weren't tourable and deem them not as significant.
  4. As much as I despise the closing medley, this pic is just wonderful!
  5. With our dedication about a perfect product, taking matters in our own hands is the best bet! The new remaster we got is amazing, I was fooling around with Holiday and with ZERO effort, I just replaced the weird lines and *viola! Don't worry, with everyone wanting it so badly, we will have it blazing fast. If someone could just make a topic similar to the 'Discoveries regarding the RHT DVD' so we have a collective thread where we can point out what they nailed and what needs some work.
  6. May I remind you that - as with many decisions we are not satisfied with - M always has the last say!
  7. I hope we get stems one day so I can edit out Tokisha and Bob. Bob 'singing' Entry of the Gladiators (yes, that's the name of that one circus song) during Vogue like he's done a line of coke under the stage before the song just annoys the shit out of me. And Tokisha talking about M getting laid are the most annoying parts of the show!!! In fact, I enjoy the parts when Bob is off stage disproportionately more than when he is even present ( even without a mic)
  8. @Aiwa08 facts! But we really don't need an over-produced instagram vs reality piece of trash! She sounded decent - with or without the dubbed vocals. As @Honey Little praised the sound editors in another post, it's the best since Confessions!
  9. I, for one, know I am a greedy wh0re but we should be grateful and happy about what we got. A live broadcast of this magnitude is unprecedented. We literally have a soundboard from the day of! I could see a potential threat to continuity with the official release but I am certain they are not going the same route as the RHT 'featuring a shot from a concert you went to'. The editing of the Madame X Tour was an improvement in every aspect, considering the abomination that is the Rebel Heart film.
  10. IKR!!!! Some direction choices were questionable to say the least. No wide shot when the bass kicks in for NRM when the whole lighting rig with the moving heads pan down to set set the mood, no mid shot when she swings the cape over her arm for the first chorus, the gay couple who were wearing gear and making out after In this Life was weird AS SHIT. No audinece close-ups during/after the break in LTT (we need more gays tearing up!!!) Bedtime Story in and of itself. The fact that her dancers and her were swinging their heads around for I want your love wasn't filmed using the remote controlled camera that they used IN EVERY OTHER SHOW before…
  11. Honey, we're very passionate about this. Let's kiss and make up and not waste our time about it
  12. This has to be the pinnacle of 'the recipient determines the contents of a message' I never said that it was bad quality or that I didn't like it… I… know….!!!!!!! I have been participating for hours if I may remind you. I didn't trash any of the fancam uploads, didn't spread one word of negativity about them. On the contrary, I remarked how much I loved all the fans' dedication to sing every word loud and clear.
  13. You mean with fan live vocals 😂😂😂 I love how everybody just sings their heart out and you can not hear her at all because 1.6 million people are just louder than the strongest PA system on the southern hemisphere.
  14. Hey, thank you very much for this!!! I have to ask yet another time, pushing my luck here but do intend to give us (me) a version that has less live feel to it and that boosts the vocals? Maybe… please!!! If it's not too much of a hassle and you have the project file at hand
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