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  1. What is it with some people just not answering PMs?

    1. Andymad


      I’ll reply to youuuuuuuu

  2. It was better than MDNA, with that you are correct. MDNA is her worst to date but I personally didn't love RHT either.
  3. RHT wasn't bad? What? I know that you wrote a comment but I don't understand the meaning of it. To me, the Rebel Heart Tour is one of my faves. I adore it. I love this show so much and I would sell a kidney for a pro-shot of decent quality. Just as raw as it was shown on the venue screens with no artificial audio whatsoever. Unfortunately everything from started to go downhill with the audio of SST... Although, the audio in the CT release was tweaked a lot, everything seemed to make sense. Of course we all know, she wouldn't have nailed Hung Up after such a rigorous show bu
  4. So, because this is a safespace, maybe we should imagine how much fan-service she COULD do to statisfy our outrageous needs. Maybe her reshoots are flawless because she hired a script supervisor that points out even if a lock of her hair is styled differently. Maybe she releases a LIVE album that sounded as if she performed it at a LIVE show in a theater. Maybe she even releaes a studio version of Future just because we want @Shofulto live happily ever after! Maybe her dance routines are stunning in the reshoots because her choreographers have done nothing but rundowns from top
  5. Omg, I had to re-watch. I never realized that the audio mixing in Human Nature was so bad. Maybe it's because I skip the b/w part because I hate it even more than GGW. I don't think that the transition in the opening monologue of OYH is that apparent but I can't unhear it now that you made us aware. (So, thanks for pointing it out, I guess...lol) Madame X has been caught re-recording some bits of her speech on her phone. I hope I'm wrong but I think that's our dream of pristine audio down the drain.
  6. I know that this may sound very unpopular but... Doesn't anybody think that Lady Gaga has evolved a lot throughout only 13 years in the business. I don't wanna justify controversy ( We all know who inspired a lot of custumes, we've all heard Born This Way) but I have to give credit where credit is due. She is a very versatile artist and has a lot of talent up her sleeve. And personally, I think she's more accessable to her fans than a lot of other artists that are as successful as her.
  7. It's funny because hadn't @DanKpointed that out in his Youtube comments and without his wonderfully upscaled video, I wouldn't have known. To me, the cuts to the Olympia are not the worst thing. Idk, maybe the should've promoted MDNA and RHT with 'deffinately featuring at least one shot from a show you went to'
  8. With this cursed release all she is gonna win is a price for the most refunded physical release. I know that she wasn't able to dance for the past year but reshoots? 10 months later? Really? Who is she trying to kid?
  9. Seriously, I think it's time to make peace with it. Make your peace with it like she did before the BAT ended. I loved the Madame X era, I think it's a brilliant album and I was devastated when my show got cancelled. But I think we gotta prepare for another atrocious, seizure-inducing f*ckfest of instagram effects and 4 different angles per beat.
  10. It is, actually. Certain traders have it in their collection.
  11. Thanks a lot to all people involved!!! 😍😍😍😍
  12. Yes, actually the band played in the backstage area. Madonna posted a lot of content showing the musicians.
  13. I agree with a lot of your opinions but I also think that because the choreography on her last two tours wasn't as rigorous, she improved a lot vocally. The 'singing' in Sticky & Sweet was not so subtley covered up with studio vocals and pre-recorded ones in many parts of the show. In MDNA she sounded somewhat believable but lip synced most of the opening section or sang over backing tracks. (We have all heard the mic feed) But that's getting me way off topic. Do you believe that she is happy with her voclas on this tour. I've read a few comments on here in which she got praised
  14. Oh wow. Confessions was a masterpiece for sure. I don't care if some songs got tweaked with studio vocals because eveything seemed realistic. The crowd noise was convincing enough and the overall production value was great. I read some time ago that she did the complete show from top to bottom with no audience just to get better closeups. Now that is what I call dedication to an art form. And I don't (only) mean to praise M but also Jonas for that! I can try to outdo you by challenging you to imagine a perfect world where Jonas released the full RIT concert from Paris.
  15. Although W.E. was shot beautifully and I do give her credit for her directing ability. Editing-wise, you're correct. I have seen some screen-feed snippets from RHT Sydney and they were perfectly fine. The could have released it March 31 after the tour ended. The visuals are amazing, her engery was on point. Maybe a little editing with little mishaps and she'd have been good to go. The result that was officially released is devastating and underwhelming in so many ways. The only song that I am not as uncomfortable justifying the cuts and outfit changes might be Rebel Heart because it
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