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  1. That new video of hers. OMG 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Another ruined classic. Them f*ckrs doing drugs in the first 30 seconds and that weird woke s#it with the trans people. WTF! At least M didn't look as s#itty as she did in the leaked pix of the video shoot. Just totally forgettable but weird enough to give me second hand embarrasment. Sorry Madonna but own your f*cking age and don't cling to young artists and controversy like that!

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    2. xrayeyes


      I don't like moderators going around abusing their power, insulting members who don't agree with their rabid ideology. Members don't need to agree with those with power...

    3. RUADJAI


      @xrayeyes Very poor attempt to change the narrative. I disagree with MANY people here on many different subjects. I ignore the majority of it.  The line I draw is derogatory language toward any group of people. Whether it's in fashion for "political" debate or not. It doesn't belong here. I didn't state my ideology and I didn't insult anyone. If you think my implication of his political beliefs being "spoon fed" is an insult, oh well. Anyone with such strong negative views about trans people has been misled. Wars are not being started by trans people. They are not trying to indoctrinate children. They aren't trying to spy on people in the bathroom. You know who is... straight men. Would you be ok with someone commenting on the Like a prayer music video, the "weird woke shit with the black Jesus"?  "the weird woke shit with he gay bondage" in the erotica video? Where's the difference? There is none. It's ignorance. 


    4. Scor-pi-o


      "weird enough to give me second hand embarrasment. Sorry Madonna but own your f*cking age and don't cling to young artists and controversy like that!"

      How does a person/a woman - from your point of view - has to act at a certain age? Are there special rules and norms!?

      "weird woke s#it with the trans people. WTF!“

      Your whole post gives me way more than second hand embarrassment, to express it with your words.

  2. So, apparently M is doing a Hung Up remix video but she looks like she got run over by a truck. IDK if it's the make-up or the lighting but she looks all bruised up and the ginger wig doesn't help

  3. Please don't be such a moron. It's the editing 🙄🙄🙄🙄
  4. RHT pro shot of every show after the first american leg
  5. Can someone leak the RHT screen recordings/pro shots already? Or offer them to me for sale? We're past the next era now and I'm dying!!!!

  6. Instead of talking about Frozen Remix N° 127832, has anyone ever made a thread to discuss who stole 'Faz Gostoso' from whom?

    1. MartineX


      Faz Gostoso is from a portuguese (born in Brazil) singer. Madonna bought the rights. About Frozen remix number 11111923929299292, second best is never enough...Frozen original song does it better on its own.

  7. I just realized that one of the Kalakan guys shuffled around a sack of walnuts during Masterpiece. Like, WTF?

  8. A fan tried to recreate a soundboard of the BAT with all kinds of sources (mostly JPN). I can't find it anymore. In the description it says something like 'M being lifted by the dancer was recreated using such and such'. Maybe one of you knows what I'm talking about? Thank you!!

  9. Did you come up with that because she had mother nature crawling out of her pussy or what?
  10. Yesterday I watched MDNA paris. How did she get from dancing like a 30-year-old to moving worse than Cher in those past 10 years? And don't blame it on the hip injury because when walking around like a stray dog on stage like that, you're vocal chords aren't nearly strained enough to sound THAT SHITTY!!

  11. I mean isn't there supposed to be a concert? All I saw was politicians talking for days on end… ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️
  12. Did I miss something? Did she even perform? When? I got so bored by all the talking…
  13. PLEEEASE! ??????
    Express Yourself stems re-upload or DM the link to me. Thank you, my dears!

    1. CHOKKO


      I have this only




  14. Being gay, this hits closer to home these days.

    Not because it's so important for the LGBTQIA+ community but because everything is falling to shit and we need to remain faithful in human dignity. AND DANCE HARDER IN HEELS THAN EVER BEFORE!!!!


    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      what community
      that's just a word on TV reports

  15. I want pro shots en masse for every tour. I want one of the opening show of every tour, as well as some from halfway through the tour and the three last nights or something along those lines. Similar to what was released from the BAT in the 90s. And tons of soundboards!! I am happy/dissapointed at the same time becuase broadcasting some of her recent tours live the night she performed them would have been such a great opportunity - especially the final dates of the RHT in Down Under. It would have challenged her production team to come up with something that fans and casual people tuning in would have loved, even if it were only the screen feed. We still don't have virtually anything from SS09 an tbh, London opening night (according to some collectors, there is a soundboard) would be a nice treat but she was out of breath halfway through BGO. Also, many users in the forum critizised that she did not have one good day vocally on that tour (neither the first nor the 2nd leg). As for other soundboards, RIT Lisbon and MDNA Paris are underwhelming at best. We need somehing as well-produced as CT London (though not a real soundboard) or something as dynamic as BAT Nice or GST Down Under. And something very special I actually dreamt of a few years ago… Full dress rehearsal of the MDNA mini show at the Olympia. In my dream she performed the whole set at the smaller scale stage. I was a spectator while she performed it for her crew to review. There is a full pro-shot of that FULL rehearsal along with a soundboard whose quality is consistant… that would be my 'asexual wet dream' ???
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