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  1. Patrick Leonard, Shep Pettibone, Mirwais (but only for American Life, I am not very fond of the Music album) and Pharrell Williams
  2. I love Heartbeat, it´s her Lucky Star/Into The Groove of the 2000s
  3. 1. American Life (dark masterpiece) 2. Erotica (her most bold and courageous work) 3. Hard Candy (finally back to her roots) These are my all time favorites, the others change constantly depending on my mood
  4. Madonna: Lucky Star Like A Virgin: Angel True Blue: Live To Tell Like A Prayer: Keep It Together I´m Breathless: Vogue Erotica: Erotica Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Story Ray Of Light: Skin Music: Impressive Instant American Life: Easy Ride Confessions On A Dancefloor: Get Together Hard Candy: Give It 2 Me MDNA: I´m Addicted Rebel Heart: Bitch I´m Madonna
  5. As I said the general public and critics did but some of the (mostly older) fans not. Plus these fans are for some mysterious reason very loud and cruel when it comes to that topic. The album and all three singles were very well received in public. Just look at the charts and what most critics said back then.
  6. It was Warners decision. After that Black Madonna title, which they discarded quickly the album originally should be named "Give It To Me", it is even written on her belt if you look closely (not like "Give It 2 Me" - the song). But then Timbaland had his single "Give It To Me" from his soloalbum "Shock Value" which became a worldwide smash hit. Warner feared that people could get confused and they changed the name to "Hard Candy". The photoshoot was already done and to get a link between the album title and the photoshoot they copied the candy background into all those pictures. I can´t confirm if that is the truth but that´s what I heard back in late 2007.
  7. When you look at the comments on Madonnas own post about the Hard Candy Anniversary you can read that many younger people became fans of her because of this album. It´s so amazing to see
  8. After all those years it is still my third favorite Madonna album After the more serious "American Life" and the mostly melancholic and gloomy "Confessions On A Dancefloor" it was a nice change. Also it was the first time she truly went back to her roots. Songs like "Heartbeat", "Candy Shop" or "Beat Goes On" could be directly from 1983 just with a modern production. "Give It 2 Me" is my favorite Madonna dance song. Killer beat and the lyrics are the credo of her life. "Miles Away" is my favorite love song in general, I can relate to those lyrics so much and "Voices" is one of her most haunting songs. Absolutly beautiful. It was her last studio album that was nominated for grammy awards (4 Minutes - Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals and Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical, Give It 2 Me - Best Dance Recording). Critics and general public like the record while some Madonna fans unfairly give it a hard time. The album aged very well and after 10 years it still sounds as fresh and vibrant as in the springtime of 2008.
  9. RAY OF LIGHT = William Orbit feat. Madonna AMERICAN LIFE = Mirwais feat. Madonna
  10. I really hope you are right. I don´t like that idea of hers. Ticket prices would be very very expensive plus you would have to travel far to see her. Depends on where you live of course.
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