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  1. I still wonder what the transition between Hung Up and Bad Girl truly means, I feel like it might have something to do with her relationships with women being more in the shadows (????) Also, this is kinda unrelated and I'm aware it's just my delusion, but I always felt like the transition between Bedtime Story and Ray of Light kinda sounds like a Nobody Knows Me sample
  2. She was so fucking incredible, just when I thought I couldn't be prouder of her with this tour, and I'm so glad we now have this amazing professional recording to watch. Also, the tour versions in HQ are INCREDIBLE. While it's true that for some numbers (specially ROL) the prerecorded track was too prominent, I kind of expected her to do this for such a huge event, and in some way I kind of like to have these "studio versions" now, so no big deal, still more live than what we always get for her professional recordings since Confessions.
  3. Thank you all SO much, I really missed the download frenzy after a big event
  4. I think that's what I'm seeing, the show is called Caldeirão com Mion, at least that's what I see. In case anyone confirms we're in the right place, I'm using a free VPN extension for Chrome, Urban VPN
  5. Just voted, it was so much fun! It's kinda sad we're doing these things because the tour is coming to an end, but everything is going on so perfectly, already an iconic tour, can't wait to have the professional recording from Rio to watch it everyday
  6. Thank you so much for these, they are incredible, really making up for the lack of professional photos on current tours. I was ready to make a selection of the ones I liked the most but had to save ALL of them
  7. Also, what do we think will happen to her vocals? I truly hope they keep the current balance between live and backing track, it's perfect and her voice really shines through. If they don't make the preprecorded track more prominent, it will be the first time we get unaltered live vocals in AGES!
  8. Also, if the broadcast will be the same as what's showing on the screens during the tour I'm ALL for it, it's perfect and I'll take that over an overedited film anyday! I just hope we can get a 4K rip of the show, that's all.
  9. I think, since this will be a broadcast, it is more likely for her to release a tour documentary instead of a full tour film (in case she releases anything). Of course the Rio broadcast + a professional film recorded in an arena would be the dream, but I wouldn't expect it at this point. At least we will be safe in the sense that, whatever happens, we will have the Rio recording, which is A LOT!
  10. While I do not see Madonna ever forecasting a retirement, this tour and this potential concert truly feel like a "just in case" situation.
  11. As long as the show is professionally filmed and released I'm more than happy but I do prefer it in an arena, the whole production and all the details are going to look much better. But as I said, as along as we get it, I'm not going to complain! Talking about the show production, just the other day I remembered seeing the small mirrors above the center stage and not knowing what they were for, until we realised they refletected the lasers during the Die Another Day performance, it was soooo cool. It's been more than 4 months since I saw the shows and I keep thinking about them at least a couple times a week, I love this show SO much and I'm so fucking proud of her, what a masterpiece
  12. When people tell me about Madonna being late, I always reply the same thing: tickets for Madonna are EXPENSIVE. If you are willing to make that effort you either are a die-hard fand (in which case you already know for sure she'll be late and you plan in advance or just assume the consequences) or you are fucking rich and don't care, in wich case you can screw yourself, you're rich, deal with it. That doesn't mean I think it's OK for her to be consistently late, I just think there should be a reasonable thinking behind these cases, and this lawsuit is just Karen behavior. The stories I have heard bout Madame X tour are something else tho... I go to see her, I know since the moment the tour is announced she'll be AT LEAST an hour late, I plan in advance, I get the next day free, I have the biggest experience of my life because she's everything to me and I don't fucking care about being sleepy.
  13. What a song!! The way she pays homage to Vogue is really tasteful, these whistle notes on the intro to imitate the original are just genius! The kind of music we are missing these days
  14. I'm sure this has been discussed before but I don't think I'll be able to find the answers: do we know if the videos they show during Open Your Heart, Burning Up and Bedtime Story are live from the show or are they pre-taped (kind of like the camera moment at the WTG tour)?
  15. So I went to both Barcelona shows, first one with early entry and this is officially the best experience of my life. Everything was surreal, what a show, what a legend. She vibed with us since the moment she entered the stage, she looked so happy to finally have a hyped, alive audience. We were all jumping, clapping and waving our arms the entire time and at one point during Bad Girl she looked at me in the eyes, then down to my t-shirt with her face and smiled to herself tenderly. I am forever blessed. So after 3 shows this is it for me with this tour, I hope I can see her again in a few years. Btw, I queued for a day and a half (no camping at night tho, thankfully) and I must say what a wondeful community of stans Madonna has here in Spain. All lovely, nice, welcoming people. Here are a couple pics I took on Wednesday
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