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  1. Yes, I suppose these are honest mistakes too and it's normal, we have to adapt to new realities and it's not instant. However, I don't think you get to dissent on someone's gender identity, we should draw the line there
  2. After commenting I decided to check out some of the replies and I didn't expect to see so many comments misgendering Sam... truly hoping these are all honest mistakes.
  3. I'm SO excited!! I went to their show a couple weeks ago and their rendition of Human Nature was spectacular, performance art at its finest for me!
  4. This elevates Live to Tell to another level, I'm in love with this!! Regarding the Atmos system thing, I got Samsung headphones compatible with Dolby Atmos and I can really appreciate the sound, I spent a couple months lookin and headphones and looking up information and apparently with the right phone and headphones you can listen to it! At least, I notice a BIG difference from the previous headphones I had.
  5. I need this now! And if she releases a blu-ray with a nice packaging it will be totally profitable, we buy everything she releases physically.
  6. So happy my two faves ended up on top! I think the Madame X Tour is really underrated, it really shows M's versatility and capability of making art and an interesting show without being a classic popstar or an athlete, I find this show really captivating. Also, the MDNA tour absolutely gets an unfair treatment because the DVD sucks. If we had a decent edit people would have a much better opinion of the tour itself, because it has everything: it's iconic, physically demanding, visually stunning, a breathtaking intro, great setlist and it encapsulates Madonna's legacy pretty well, all with a storyline/concept.
  7. As long as it doesn't replace the full show I'm absolutely excited for this
  8. It's my fave album from her, if they had done something better with the cover I would definitely get a copy
  9. The way the video is better than the photoshoot...
  10. I saw her on the MDNA and Rebel Heart tours and I don't recall her being specially late, maybe 30-45 minutes, I'm not sure because that wasn't too relevant. I'm worried this time tho, because we have floor tickets for one show and I'm scared she's super late and we start feeling sick or something.
  11. I'm trying not to spend an extra dime while I wait for the announcement, this better come ASAP as I'm dying in anticipation
  12. I LOVE how with her new deal they're uploading to streaming platforms everything that was missing from her catalog, even an unreleased demo, I hope they keep doing that!
  13. Whole point tragicallly missed. What I mean is that people who don't care about the artist and know like Material Girl and Hung Up end up taking all good tickets these days (and bots, lots of bots) and actual fans miss the opportunity of seeing the legend they adore. I has been happening with different artists this past year and I'm terrified I might end up not seeing Madonna. Nothing to do with being a groupie trying to take everyone's spots.
  14. These days it's virtually impossible to get tickets to anything as locals want to go to every concert even if they know like two songs, so I'm totally terrified about missing this tour...
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