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  1. I think a big part of this is the way she uses her eyes. Madonna bats her eyelashes more than anyone else and she still does it in roles. She can't fully let go of herself. But yeah, she was good in Evita aside from that scene where she's dying
  2. omg when did we get the demo version of Sorry :Madonna017:

  3. Where's the 3GB one? I'm uploading the 5.5GB one to YouTube privately and downloading it again from there so the file size goes down. Can't play files over 5GB from a USB on a TV
  4. Why? Is Madonna actually bothered about this? Seems silly
  5. Do I really have to use a VPN to watch? Can't really be bothered doing all that, I'll wait for a download link or youtube upload
  6. It's true that artists repeatedly "sell out" through their careers where they endorse products they don't care for but I think we're in an era where its transparent enough that most of us ignore all of that stuff. I had to unfollow Lady Gaga on social media because she was annoying me with her make up brand and a lot of fans feel the same way. The struggle between the artists and the labels of art vs. marketing and promotion is getting to a point the music industry is something to just ignore unless you wanna be irritated by stupid lyrics and false images of people
  7. I just listened to a bit of the remix of Levitating and is it just me or are the verses really reminiscent of The Ketchup Song :Madonna034:

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      after enough ouzo 
      with a dance
      that repeats
      is enough for some

      your Spanish lullaby

  8. It just doesn't work for me at this age for another album cycle. I really do think she should have stopped with all of that retreading similar vague concepts. "Give Me All Your Luvin'", "Girl Gone Wild", "Turn Up the Radio". I just can't with that stuff. She did enough of that and she did it very well but we didn't need more of that. It really is jarring to reach that part of her videography. It's been 15 years and I still think Celebration wouldn't need anything more added to it past the title track, nothing that came after could be added and increase the quality of it whatsoever imo. It was extremely smart timing to release that honestly. I think it was her last release under Warner and that's probably why it exists but still it really did work out extremely well as a product.
  9. @McDonnaFor example I like 4 Minutes sonically but it's about nothing, it's kinda silly haha
  10. Maybe if BAT had been remastered and released later on I'd feel more about it but that's probably never gonna happen Although TGS didn't need any of that digital wizardry for me to love it all the way through I guess. I'm having fun revisiting tons of eras today and learning about things I probably knew years ago but forgot like cancelled singles and original album tracklists and things. Always been obsessed with M but I took a few years away mainly because I didn't like Madame X at all. I still enjoyed that concert film though! She does create enjoyable shows and imagery regardless of the music but I do think lyrically and sometimes musically she took a nosedive. And now I'm older I can't really care for the bulk of Hard Candy or MDNA because I just think they exist for the sake of it for the most part. They feel redundant. I feel progression watching Celebration: The Video Collection but I feel if it continued from there I don't need the rest of it. She became more about the shows I think.
  11. I wonder how many fans this artwork is a traumatic memory for I remember thinking this was official when it showed up on Amazon. It was a bootleg with terrible quality It was in 2005 according to discogs
  12. Yeah, I love her vocals on Rain / Just My Imagination from the DVD especially. BAT has never quite hit the mark for me completely. Parts of it I love, parts I don't really care for. I know it's "iconic" but I care more about quality and realistically it wasn't a masterpiece of a show to me although she did progress from WTG to BAT. TGS is where it all came together for me. I can't rank her shows now though because I'm too aware that the editing process will elevate some shows and the reality can't have been the same experience. So in terms of the actual releases Confessions has to be my fav, irl who knows
  13. I thought the plan was for a boxset for the 20th anniversary of her first album and it got axed and they gave us Remixed & Revisited which was released in November 2003 so I imagine it wasn't happening anyway
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