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  1. Madonna hasn't done anything I've enjoyed in years tbh. If I hadn't been a fan when I was younger I wouldn't care on any level now. She just reminds me of Baby Jane now.
  2. I'm glad the album wasn't called Lucky Star, that's corny tbh
  3. I really wouldn't be surprised if this was just more remixes and single edits like the digital re-releases (which were all arguably pointless)
  4. I know this is the unpopular opinions thread but this is insane, Madame X is unlistenable
  5. There hasn't really been any singles worthy of appearing on a greatest hits collection since Celebration was released
  6. Can anyone who thinks M would use black people being shot in America for publicity just put me on their ignore list and tell me to put them on mine? Sociopathic fans are the fucking worst.

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      Check the Madonna on Instagram thread :hearno:

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      I'm sorry, WHAT

    4. James19709


      I just said in the comment above yours lol

  7. You mean be falsely polite to someone saying things like that then sticking around regardless because they're not even bothered? If you think that was unreasonable you're ridiculous, but sure, anything to keep the peace, the original thread topic is so much more important than real issues and how people view things. & of course people who don't give a shit about anything going on in the world are fine to freely speak their minds, even when its bullshit like that.
  8. That was just her being stupid and self-centered. This isn't the same thing.
  9. Definitely a false equivalence. You really think she would use black people being murdered in america as a promotional opportunity? If that was the case she'd be disgusting to the point most people would never want to see her face again, but you're a fan to the extent you're on here. It says nothing about Madonna and a lot about you.
  10. Your honesty is refreshing... although I can't help but wonder how much of an asshole somebody has to be to really think that about an artist yet be obsessed with them simultaneously.
  11. Was this the difference between the two on the double-sided Girlie Show DVD? I always wondered what the point of that was and never really looked it up. So on one version the footage is slightly sped up?
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