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  1. Hi guys, news came in yesterday as phase two of the DJ line up for Docklands Festival was announced. I was surprised to see that Honey Dijon will be coming to my hometown. Honey Dijon played the warm up at Madonna´s show in Chicago in early February this year and joined M on stage in the ballroom section. They were also hanging out backstage at the Grammys last year. The Docklands Festival is a huge electronic music festival (15.000 people attending each year) with 100 DJs from all over the world. It takes place on June 8 in Münster Germany (Northrhine Westphalia), featuring four open air floors and many clubs. Big names such as Sven Väth, Charlotte De Witte or Kölsch already played there. This year the festival takes place for the 13th time and I will be reporting for our city magazine (backtage and stage access included!). I will try to meet Honey Dijon for sure, which won´t be a problem I think. All the DJs are hanging out backstage before and after their sets. To get an impression what the area and the main stage looks like, this is Kölsch and a "best of" his set from last year.
  2. Question: The guy portrayed in the photo right behind M, is this american actor Brad Davis who starred in the amazing Alan Parker movie Mindnight Express (1978)? I might be mistaken, but it really looks like him.
  3. This curfew thing in the UK is really weird. Nonetheless she could be in time! When I think of the MDNA Tour in Berlin, where M was not beginning before even 22:45pm and people were really pissed off already inside of the venue. Not only for her being late, but also because you couldn´t take the heat in the hall. The whole day was super hot in Berlin and ended in a huge thunderstorm one hour after the concert. Live To Tell from the opening night.
  4. And where are the HQ pictures from the opening night? Mike Roda (Lighthouse Mike) used to always share amazing press pictures.
  5. @maxijazz Thanks for sharing your HQ videos! Did you happen to film Live To Tell? I reall need to see Live To Tell in HQ. Awesome performance what you can tell from the snippets on Twitter!
  6. Is there a link here where I can download that CD? Didn´t know about the crowdfunding, otherwise I would have participated!
  7. Don´t know if this was posted before, but that Funny Game song was new to me. Have a listen:
  8. @InterlacedGeekI have a question concerning a private video of mine if you could remaster this. I don´t know how much time it takes you to remaster a video . It´s about 30 minutes long from my a levels back in the days . Thanx!
  9. Patrick Leonard posted this on his instagram and answered one question by a fan so far. Check it out!
  10. In this video from minute 01:07 the second verse of "Like a prayer" is shown. It is from hairweavekiller on instagram aka 2Chainz, but now gone! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5701855/Madonna-Gothic-queen-covered-crosses-net-veil-Catholic-themed-Met-Gala.html
  11. Good morning to you guys. Have a good start today. Tuesday can´t even become any better.
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