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  1. lol if you seriously believe madonna is running things by a slightly deluded australian stan you'll believe anything here you go, 2023 is gonna be a huge year for fans, you're gonna love it, we've got some surprises lined up, yadda yadda yadda
  2. We can instantly triple our Madonna collections by having a sped up and slowed down version. What's not too love? If sped up tracks are so big maybe the Tour will feature her entire catalogue in about an hour.
  3. If it sounds like crap that's exactly how she wants it to sound. If the date on the sticker is incorrect it's supposed to be wrong. M has the last say on everything. Period.
  4. It's interesting that he'd even have a response to a question about the situation if (as a few members on here seem convinced) it was never even a thing. My take for what it's worth is that back then several established artists felt threatened by the sudden explosion in popularity for an artist who dared to do things differently and a woman who wasn't apologetic about using sex to sell her music. She was provocative in a way they couldn't compete. I mean how difficult would it be to add another singer into the lineup? lol
  5. I've been watching you lately, I want to make it with you

  6. It's lovely but I think she'd moved on from the ABBA thing
  7. Hell let's get her re-record Bidet Song whilst she's at it
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