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  1. So I figure we'll get some kind of 40th anniversary release to celebrate her first single. What will it be though? 12" Picture Disc (I hope)? Digital EP (I guess)? A Tweet (More than likely)? No shoehorned "featuring" performance though, this should be M all by herself
  2. Why wasn't this on brown vinyl! I knew I'd heard Material Gworlllllll somewhere before
  3. She sounds like Shelly from South Park, she should definitely record another duet with Bwitney Shpearsh
  4. Didn't really need a Newsflash but thanks for informing us of what she thinks
  5. I've not even watched the last Frozen remix video, it's not for me. Like the Saucy Santana track, I'm not interested in the lyric video since I don't like the song. I don't feel compelled to automatically like everything M is attached to. There are plenty of other artists releasing new music that I listen to, and just because I don't enjoy this recent stuff doesn't mean I stop enjoying the older stuff.
  6. The Beyonce collab is just easier on the ear than the Frozen remixes or the Pride tracks, I don't mind Beyonce and I love Vogue it's not rocket science.
  7. Impressive Instant would be fun but I feel that moment has passed. Probably Vogue would be my guess
  8. I love LAP but give it a rest, the GP must think she only has a back catalogue of about 3 songs lol
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