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  1. It appeared to me as if the problem during the performance on Eurovision had more to do with the sound engineering than vocal skills. The amateur videos from the venue itself sound much better.
  2. In a surprising turn of events, Madonna has now cast herself as a young Lady Gaga actually. Madonna hopes that her portrayal will do justice to the heart-ship, pain and emotional struggles that Gaga has suffered through the many, many, many years of constantly being compared to a much more experienced and better-looking competitor. Lady Gaga will however still provide the vocals for the theme song:
  3. I hate those expectations by some audiences that artists always have to play their most known hits. I have seen countless reviews, even by professional music journalists that complain that Madonna did not sing every classic. If you really want to hear hits, you should probably just listen to a greatest hits album, or better, buy a jukebox. I can imagine that artists that do stick to this principle must really be tired of playing the same song over and over again.
  4. There will never be a Farewell Tour. P.S. Don't you mean "no songs younger than the Music album" ?
  5. My take? Who would risk their entire reputation and twist Madonna's arm (to get her to do something that she does not agree without). If you would be proven wrong after all that effort, you would never hear the end of it!
  6. What about Hung Up? Lately it seems that younger crowds in Belgum has gone crazy for remixes of Gimme Gimme (with a quite distinct Hung Up beat). I get it, because this music just simply provides an epic sound, it's very upbeat and unapologetically nostalgic.
  7. I believe a part of that disillusion has to do with the fact that Confessions was such an incredible concept album. Even if you only consider the music, .... that record tried exploring a lot of interesting topics lyrically and really found a great balance in making older, disco-esque musical elements sound more fresh. Ideas such as the non-stop-mix were really thought-through. She spent a lot of time on these conceptual ideas for the musicals, but she think that she left a lot of the production in the hands of Stuart Price. He also has a great story-telling quality but he also seemed to challenge her. Hard Candy was on the other hand hardly a challenge. It could have a much better record, but, although most people will argue that there is always a simplicity to her lyrics is always rather low, but Hard Candy did not explore the same depth. Dance 2Night always felt like she came up with a cool title first and tried to make a song afterwards. I similarly imagine that songs like Heartbeat, Candy Shop (althought it could be cool) and Give It To Me had more a sort of tour performance in mind. She's Not Me is a real clever song , but I guess she also just thought about the opportunity of an ironic interpretation for a self-referential tour performance. 4 Minutes could have been a cool concept for a 'peace song' but it was just too abstract and "meta" to translate it to a song or a workable concept. I'll wont refrain form killing some of my darlings: Miles Away is a great song, I love it to death, but it seems as if she is not as present in that song as she was in "Sorry" and even later would be in "I Don't Give A". Just before the divorce, she did really gaven us the impression that "she just woke up from a fuzzy dream". It feels half-baked I do also found some "Devil Wouldn't Even Recognize You". While it still has the essential Timbaland sounds, I actually don't think that it really not overpowers the song.
  8. Yes, there is really nothing that could really begin to describe how pop culture has been shaped around her. I can understand that she feels a bit tired now, because she has lived in a way that would require two lives for most people
  9. Generally, I don't really comment a lot on this forum, but I wanted to discuss an idea with you all! I really have been I have been pondering on this and really believe that I might have found a big clue with regards to this film. I suspect that the colour of the post-it's represent the main life-changing moments in her life and the story switches from one time period to the next, linking all these scènes together thematically
  10. A honorary doctorate is something completely different. It's not uncommon to offer one to someone who has exceptionally made a mark in and had an strong influence on the cultural and social landscape. You could consider them as academic awards given by universities to individuals to recognize their exceptional contributions to society
  11. I am wondering whether Madonna has ever been offered an honorary doctorate. I am also wondering whether she would consider accepting that invitation. I might have a plan. But I don't really know what steps I should take to get into contact with her team.
  12. Lately I have been imagining how iconoclastic and rebellious casting a male actor would be. It would solve the problem of representation without simply imitating and create an interesting tension for the audience.
  14. I am really having major doubts whether I understand her and know her personality at all.
  15. I must confess that I have been feeling fairly distant lately from M. For the first time in my life. I don't seem to get the message behind some of the social media posts. I really wonder what she is trying to do, because so much of it seems completely pointless.
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