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  1. OK update 6lp boxset, sliver amazon and indie Red vinyl lps ordered like I said before will pick up the clear on on release day
  2. I won some stuff once Rebel Heart release party it was just saying 😉 hahaha
  3. Not at all there is a wide range of ages that go
  4. They are amazing and we could all meet up before and go together
  5. It's a shame cos they are amazing to be honest and they give amazing prizes away too
  6. So the news is out any of you going be there?
  7. More issues of the black vinyl with different extra items coming soon.....she's coming for your bank accounts.......
  8. Good luck lucky I had enough in my bank to do PayPal pay in 3 for it
  9. I was lucky got the 6 lp boxset but I just can't get the red vinyl one out of my head
  10. It's the red one I'm really wanting but can't justify getting it....this month
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