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  1. Closer look at the Rio rosary 📿 as caught by the fan in the crowd at the show
  2. There are screens and sound systems all along the beach
  3. Please please download this one too and please share with us all
  4. Well payday has arrived so I have finally ordered the rosary 📿 for Rio will be nice to have them with my two other sets
  5. I'm screen recording it all in 1080 but not sure if I will be allowed to post it here
  6. Oh a fellow you UK fan love it ...and I know what you mean wish I had gone to at least one more show but hey I loved the ones I did go to
  7. You my friend are a star 🌟 I just want to watch it live and has it happens
  8. Yes was going to do it through my tv but through a smart box which as let me download globoplay and nord vpn I just now need to set it all up and just hope it works....anyway thank you for replying 😊
  9. Thank you the stress is real right now...I'm not in work for 4 nights and I'm planning on watching live (if it works) it will be 02.30am but I'm so looking forward to this
  10. Do I need to have the vpn installed on router or just my device?
  11. Well let me be honest it's the only reason I would married again haha
  12. Can't you download the globoplay app and watch it that way?
  13. Yeah you get the discount but the code is in your icon account profile
  14. Thank you what a lovely offer. I think I will wait until payday but thank you 😊
  15. For London and the European dates they were £120
  16. I want the rosary but pay day is a week away and I can't justify spending that amount until then
  17. Ask the seller if they can show you the back
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