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  1. I'm so happy to hear that, thank you @Fighter and @Jackie for making this happen! And @Fighter I hope you plan to stay as a member and update us on your health and I apologize for accidentally putting @Future in my message to you. I was typing fast, from quick glance I didn't notice, (MY BAD!).
  2. This would've been my pick too! Love everything about Justify.
  3. Maybe one day we'll know.... I hope they truly remaster Human Nature. That music video just looks plain awful, even with a supposed master. So blurry.
  4. Not necessarily, they did Material Girl and it looked minimally better. If anything the contrast was a little better. I was ASTONISHED by how great Frozen looked. Like night and day compared to the original so it's not just AI Upscaling.
  5. It breaks my heart we never got a remastered Justify My Love and Erotica we got the censored release in HD. Why re-release the maxi singles and just randomly throw in a video here and there? ?
  6. Anybody else waiting for the token comparison video? :-D
  7. Well regardless of how thin she may appear, If a male artist was in the exact same position they wouldn't be asking about his weight.
  8. So she's doing interviews, going to the club to play her new record, her usual diva things and the best question they can come up with is, do you eat? (eyeroll x 1000)
  9. I mean, it's common knowledge Madonna wasn't on board with Celebration. It was the final release for her contract. If this is indeed what I think it is, I think more love will go into it since she'd be involved with it.
  10. I'm starting to suspect that this History 1983-2020 is going to be a "Madonna-approved" greatest hits album with remastered music videos and they're releasing these videos to stream on youtube one by one to start the hype. I hope it's the case because her Videography deserves this kind of love.
  11. I would kill for Kylie to collaborate with Madonna and Britney. Not necessarily together but the girls would kill in collabs :-)
  12. Does anyone else think Madonna shouldn't do a biopic film? I think she'd be better suited for a mini series. That way we get so much more than a couple hours :-)

    1. emanon


      Mini séries would bem better

    2. hzmajesty


      I just don't know how we're going to cover 4 decades of material in a couple hours.


  13. If you could have the stems to any Madonna song/remix, what would you pick? For me, I'd want the MDNA remix of Justify My Love from the tour.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jack5225


      Heartbeat. Theres a part where shes singing cool shit but its underneath other singing...

    3. Aiwa08


      Every Express Yourself remix made by Shep Pettibone.

    4. Roland Barthes
  14. Am I the only person who actually enjoyed MDNA? I feel like that album is the red-headed step child that everyone picks on. When I'm bumping music in my car, I love to jam out to GGW, Gang Bang and I'm Addicted.

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    2. BringUrLUV


      It's not a bad album & has its gems. Beautiful Killer, Love Spent, I Don't Give A especially. 

    3. hzmajesty


      I really find myself repeating Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang & I'm Addicted all the time. It was a perfect intro to the album :-D

  15. Where was this released? I’m only finding it on eBay.
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