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  1. Just cried a little at the end of Come Alive. I blame the beer.
  2. Yes, they posted in January ...
  3. From the production company’s IG ...
  4. I’m intrigued by the level of input, influence and guidance Sara Zambreno has, I know Guy was present during the Madame X Tour but Sara seems to be the day to day manager(?) and she’s been around in some capacity for years. I sometimes think Madonna’s trying to recoup some of what she lost to Guy, the gyms, perfumes, clothes, skin care line, Vega slot machines ... it’s like she’s never realised her biggest goldmine is her back catalogue but her whole psyche is to look forward which is why she never got caught in a moment like MJ did his whole career. There’s something punk about Madonna’s blatant not giving a fuck in the same way there’s something cheap about continual re-releases and greatest hits packages but there’s a balance and the Beatles consistently demonstrate how to reissue and promote past work, sell millions worldwide and build a whole new audience as evidenced by their placing in the decade end billboard Top 10. With the right promo and build up M could release Blond Ambition at the cinema and it would make a fucking killing. I hope she embraces her legacy this next decade and sacks every motherfucker associated with her website and YouTube.
  5. “Burned into the very fabric of my being” I love that. Mdma helped forge the deepest most profound connection to the bass on Causing a Commotion ? Hearing it play in a club for the first time when I was 17 was religious.
  6. White Heat is awesome. It has one of the best intros to any Madonna song. And the bridge ... “Drop your weapons / You'd better come clean / I've got you covered I'll catch you when you fall to me / I'm not going to hurt you, 'cause I'm not that kind / We're not going nowhere 'til you have a change of mind” *? Perfection.
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