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  1. BITCH?!?!?!? It took 14 fucking years to release this footage and what we got is an amateur 1-angle-shot? I WANT MY STREAMING BACK!
  2. feehgarcia

    With this video quality we could say that's a lost rare performance of that song on TV hahaha
  3. feehgarcia

    then leave my thread bitch LOL just kidding lol
  4. feehgarcia

    I woke up today in a mood that could be described as Britney waking up scene on Crossroads. Which means I got up my bed in a very good mood (that doesn't happen a lot), opened my iTunes and played Open Your Heart on the maximum my computer could handle! I brushed my teeth and made up my bed performing it LOL Then White Heat came on next... WH is one of my favorite Madonna songs EVER! It's always been. I could be banned for this, but I enjoy White Heat 100% more than Papa Don't Preach! And listening to it on the mood I was this morning made me kinda angry... Damn, that's probably the biggest waste of Madonna's 80s discography! The track is perfect! That should've been a single and should've been remembered and performed even after the True Blue Era/Who's That Girl Tour. It would've fit perfectly on MDNA TOUR opening act, for example! Thank God we at got a performance on the WTGT! Physical Attraction and Gambler are other huge wastes from Madonna's early years to me... Anyway... I just needed to put it out of my chest. #JusticeForWhiteHeat
  5. The Black Eyed Peas are still a thing?
  6. feehgarcia

    I designed a Rebel Heart DVD cover back in 2015/16 before the official one was revealed. Also designed a Secret Project DVD cover, Re-Invention Tour and a cover for Unreleased Tracks to use on my iTunes.
  7. feehgarcia

    That's what "amostra invendável" means, they are right. Its a version that could not be sold in stores, giveaway-promo use only. About the gold stamp... It was made with a stamper. There's a texture to it, you can see it was added later, not printed.
  8. Hey guys! I was going trough my collection a few days ago and found something I didn't remember I had! A Promo-Only edition of the I'm Breathless album on Vinyl. Its a pretty standard Brazilian edition of the LP, but it comes with a stamp seal on the back cover, saying its "unmarketable". A similar stamp on the disc and it comes with a paper folder featuring the press release (in Portuguese) inside. Is this worth anything? Is it a rare copy? I'm selling some stuff to make an extra money, but I'm only giving this away If its worth selling. Tks!
  9. feehgarcia

    YAAAAAS Now that's a Tour Poster!!! <3
  10. feehgarcia

    meh... 4/10 not feeling it.
  11. feehgarcia

    this can't be real
  12. feehgarcia

    Now this was a surprise no one was expecting! Some friends said it was unofficial and would be soon removed... then she tweeted about it lol
  13. feehgarcia

    I LOVE those b-rolls <3 wish Janet had things like this leaked too :/