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  1. Please let this not be real. It was on DataLounge. Here it is:
  2. The SOD song is allegedly just a parody. She's not being serious about it, although it's Madonna and people will think she's serious.
  3. sorry for all the edits. I copied it from an upcoming review. But don't ask me how I obtained it.
  4. Madonna is getting ready to release a new EP featuring six new songs. The first single is the title track and features The Weeknd. Both will perform the song at the upcoming Super Bowl on Feb. 7 in Tampa, FL. “Your touch has me on fire/Your kiss makes me perspire/Will you dance with me on the golden floor?” the Queen of Pop whispers in a sexy voice that will remind fans of the same Madonna who released “Justify My Love” 30 years ago. In fact, the song sounds like something that Madonna and Michael Jackson could have recorded if they worked together back in 1991. Madonna’s voice sound
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