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  1. I mean, I really think Madonna and cinema will never work and that this movie will end up being a self pity propaganda but you guys are reading too much into a 2 min video worth of interaction to say anything about their behaviour working together. They are clearly very much aware it's being filming, they're not working.
  2. I am not being hostile at all, my friday is very much in order, thanks for asking.
  3. Not my fault that it isn't in 24/192 and if you want to know which artists just go and look for it yourself, I don't feel like I need to prove it to you. Go ahead and keep your rips, vinyls and cds and we will keep on wanting the catalog on stream and digital download. I give up on trying to make a point with somebody who thinks that a few european and north american vinyl sales are stronger than the number of people streaming a global artist in the whole world.
  4. Vinyl buyers? That's a very small percentage sample of all people that, you know, listen to music to assume anything. Also, the world is not just Madonna old gay fans, there's other people that may be into her music casually and end up discovering new things that they like. It's very simple, there's her catalog out of print for ages and there's how things are done today. If you don't think there's a need and a justifiable wanting for it to be done...
  5. Do you think people still have record playing? Streaming is how people consume music now, it is not just a convenience. Also, these cd singles are out of print forever. We have those songs because we are illegally sharing them otherwise if you didn't buy in the 80's and 90's and are not willing to buy second hand you have no access to them. And yes, digital download can have a better sounding quality over physical, I suggest you to read about lossless 24-bit/192khz hd audio. Not that is hard to understand but we get frustrated how thing are being done because it isn't somethin
  6. It's a great song but nothing extraordinary and not very representative of the record to be first single. Medellín worked just fine being that and opening a very diverse sounding album. Madonna could have come up with something as good as Vogue, LAP or Hung Up in 2019 and the results would still be the same.
  7. "WhY be HapPy wiTh a DVD WheN a VHS wAs relEaSed iN 1985?" "WhY ShoUld I CaRe aBouT CDs whEn I own CassetTes aNd VynIls?" Should I continue?
  8. What's reimagined about it? It sounds quite cheap IMHO.
  9. Any arrangement that's not a karaoke track 2 semitones down with the studio vocals louder than the live mic?
  10. Good song, TERRIBLE recording and an amazing performance.
  11. Something's Coming Over Me and anything from the 80's.
  12. An instagram post sharing an "amazing" art by Aldo Diaz that says: "Where did time go? and I am only starting!111!12! "
  13. It's not like this is going sell millions anyway...
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