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  1. I really like her hair color like this, refreshing after more than a decade of the same blonde. Wonder how much she'll change it for the tour. She lost a lot of weight. I hope she doesn't go too hard physically for this tour, though.
  2. I guess they can keep the compilations IF they don't want to, say, put I'll Remember on Bedtime Stories, Playground on Erotica and so on... They could even use GHV2 to house Beautiful Stranger, American Pie and Time Stood Still instead of Music. Immaculate and You Can Dance need to be treated like studio albums since the versions used on both are exclusive.
  3. I became a fan during all of this, it was rough. Never though about it but following such a messy era as the first popstar era gave me thick skin to keep following all the flop ladies that I discovered after. I remember that once she went on the road with Re-Invention things started to get lighter. It was really the foundation for what was to come the following year, for sure. Madonna never loses on the stage. (The Medellín incident was a fever dream, the Medellín incident was a fever dream...). The music still stands now though and I am sure that American Life will be given a new respect after she's gone.
  4. Not Kylie inventing cowgirls, boxing, Che Guevara, Patty Hearst and Disco. Sometimes I hate gays, I really do.
  5. Nah, Mirwais was born 23 October so he's a scorpio and she worked with him A LOT.
  6. Jesus, this forum will implode itself on the Tour openning night. Can't wait!!
  7. So... Rhino now is the one claiming that us figuring out what single they will put on streaming next, missing songs and in a half-assed way, is an "artistic rape" and a "form of terrorism"? Ok, 2014 flashback then...
  8. The turn rounds in here to justify the unjustifiable... I- (with her pixeled face to please the "non surgery¹111¹¹!!" crowd).
  9. When people are so grossed out by her appearance that they wish she retire, die, go away, "age gracefully" etc it is ageism and misogyny. Plain and simple. A lot of people don't like the way Zac Efron looks after his cosmetic surgeries, but they don't wish those things on him.
  10. NOT this DRAMA(!) just because Madonna at 64 does not look the way ya'll need her to look. Jesus Christ, it's unbelievable... If this ends up being how you feel then you guys are not understanding the point at all. Madonna is alive, working, healthy... How about being grateful for that instead of feeling ashamed of her ass for a change?
  11. It's just a rank... you are comparing, though.
  12. But she didn't look like 20 years ago in a floral dress ¹111¹¹¹11¹!!!!!!1!!!!! The tour is over, I blame Ricardo, where's Guy Oseary ²22@???? etc...
  13. She should go naked, except for wearing grills, to see if those who wishes she looked like 20 years ago would just combust with rage and finally give up and leave, honestly.
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