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  1. I don't think nobody is downgrading or not enjoying the amazing experience this show was. I myself am very pleased with the audio mix we got all things considered. I know and respect the reasoning behind making the backing track louder for broadcast and I'm sure everybody here does too. We are just discussing and comparing the live recording from fans, that's all. There's no need to be so defensive about it.
  2. The mix of her voice there was great judging by this video. She sounds great and the backing track is not overbaring.
  3. It really is, I'm not one to spend time on twitter or instagram but I have today and I got emotional several times reading people's comments and think pieces about the show. We as fans should cherish those moments as we know the chances of having it again are not great.
  4. FUUUUUCK The show is even better watching for the second time without the apprehension. This woman is a fucking super-human.
  5. This show is a triumph. Only a capital letter ARTIST could be able to reference 4 decades in a beautiful, poetic, new way, that doesn't seem like a cover tribute or something decadent. It's very rewarding to be a fan of the work of a person who, at her age, is still thirsty and passionate about her job, when she could be in Las Vegas singing Like a Virgin and Material Girl for twice the money and half the effort . THE BIGGEST STAR IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK FOREVER.
  7. She did Holiday as you can see here. I'm sure she won't cut Open Your Heart either, please. Mother & Father is a great song with a beautiful performance and we will have it on the Mexican filming of the Tour. Let's focus on today's party and celebration instead of being negative over a song or a corset. Please! We don't know how long it will be until the next show or anything really by Madonna, let's enjoy! https://www.instagram.com/stories/madonnatribe/3360317645065971017/
  8. I don't think that was her on stage ... It's the Fakedonna.
  9. LOL, NO. By 8pm, the time she appeared, there was no sign of sunlight.
  10. The 90s wig is a harsh look on her, she looks better with long, darker hair. But I understand the why she goes with the wig. Wish she changed for this show but I doubt it, she probably never use wigs on rehearsals.
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