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  1. Madonna should be played by different actors/actresses by eras, that's it. No one can pull off every persona.
  2. My choice would be Causing a Commotion, but since the "rework" of the old songs on the last three tours have been disastrous I rather not have to listen to it being played with a karaoke backing track with loud vocals from the 80's overpowering the whole thing... But anything other than Human Nature, Vogue, Like a Prayer, 1min Papa Don't Preach and Candy Shop would be welcomed.
  3. diegolcl

    It takes time to filter every frame, guys. Be patient!
  4. Swae Lee didn't film with Madonna for Crave but the video turned out ok, I'm just glad Madonna is in it and I hope her part is, mmm, decent LOL. If the Warner thing is true I'm sure this featuring will work as a test so I think it's possible that she'll end up getting a new top 10 in the UK and hopefully in the US too as it seems that it'll have decent promotion.
  5. diegolcl

    If she or her team is here , the reason is to make choices that are contrary to what we say. Just in case, here it is my message: WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP... etc
  6. diegolcl

    The thing is 90's Madonna was a bitch and had that whole in-your-face attitude but she was professional, Madonna of the last 10 (?) years is not. It's not ok to think you can enter the stage at any time you want just because you're "the queen" and have a "so what" attitude about it. And that's only one unpleasant thing. And don't come with injuries and "she's not young anymore" excuses, if you can't do a show that tear you down you then don't. One thing I see is that pre 2007 Madonna "out of costume" was a thing, everytime paparazzis caught her in a non-business thing she was just a woman with gym clothes, no make up, no attitude, a lot of times with messy hair, minding her life. Something changed for sure. About the plastic surgeries, I think is well know that Madonna had work done back to the late 90's/early 00's so is not like we want her with gray hair and dressed like our grandmother, she's just doesn't look good/healthy/in proportion to human standards anymore.
  7. diegolcl

    I think that the only time we were able to hear any live playing by Madonna that wasn't burried in the mix/backed with tracks was the noise fest of I Love NY/CT and ROL/S&S LOL. She's clearly not playing the piano live, all the bootlegs audios sounds the same, it's pre recorded. I don't know why she has that amount of people on stage (and this time in theather!) pretending to play stuff, no wonder Guy complains about budget.
  8. The least she could do now is to make a statement saying how she was misinformed, but she won't because she's probably furious and thinking that "I wAs CEnSOreD!!!111" Love the woman, but it's getting harder and harder not to get really turn off by this social media antics.
  9. I'm personally feel more frustrared than embarrased. There's always the question: Was she ever like this but the whole structure around her used to tame it or she's becoming more and more an "eccentric wealthy artist out of reality", something she seemed to have managed not to become for decades.
  10. But satanists do believe in God just as much as any christian believes in the Devil. What's your point? An atheist would see both as myths and that's hardly lack of respect and it hasn't been "pooped" or brought up here. It's just hard to believe that a Madonna fan would be off putting by religious imagery when 80% of her artiststry is based on that.
  11. diegolcl

    1. I wish Madonna would let go of the horrible mixing/"live" choices of the past 3 tours. 2. What kind of look would you like to see Madonna do in the next era? Something more lose and not so much like a (under explored) character as Madame X was. 3. If Madonna were to perform one of her videos for an upcoming tour in the closest way she could, which video would you want it to be? Not much into that idea. 4. My three favorite record producers for Madonna has been Mirwais, Shep Pettibone and Patrick Leonard. 5. True or False: Madonna will release a new album in the next two years. True
  12. Twitter? One day she's irrelevant desperately trying to get attention and another she's being cancelled... I mean-
  13. I don't know if even her deserves this as a punishment
  14. You know, it doesn't matter... people love to hate Madonna, even to the point of watching a 1991 Doc and put in context of today to try to bring her down. The way this person completely misses the point of EVERYTHING is very: "You only see what your eyes want to see..."