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  1. *sarcasm on* So you mean that Madonna is not a cold hearted monster for not keeping every friendship she ever had close to her? Shocking!!! How do we live with this? *sarcasm off*
  2. I don't think things would be much different. Maybe if the album was more sucessful she would have been bolder and chosen a less commercial song as the final single but at the end of the day I'm pretty sure we would still have Deeper and Deeper and Rain as singles. I never cared for Bye Bye Baby as single, such a silly song. It makes sense on the context of the album because it needs something lighter to balance it out but as a single? Up there with Dear Jessie as the worst choices up until the Interscope days for me. I don't care for the remixes either and the VMA performance is her most boring awards performance, and I like the performance on the tour but something was off that night.
  3. To be honest, for most of the general public, "Celebration", besides the literal meaning, might be more connected to Holiday than the 2009 compilation/song, so...
  4. Oh, I don't believe she would do these songs too, it was an exaggeration to make a point. I do believe she will use Candy Shop though, maybe not the whole song but a sample like "See my boot get down" on LAV from Rebel Heart Tour. At the end of the day, it will be the big hits, LAV, LAP, EY, Vogue, Isla, Holiday, Music, Papa... more or less like every tour minus Drowned World Tour but this time without the album tracks of the current album as there is none. That will give space to do some songs that are not her biggest hits per se but, Madonna being Madonna, she will chose a minor hit she likes rather than a bigger one she doesn't (Causing a Commotion, my thoughts and prayers).
  5. If there's a place in the setlist to go for a "left field" choice it is the oppening, people will eat up anything and the message of the song makes total sense to start a show with. And of course, very Madonna to go for Nothing Really Matters now. But yes, it is Celebration Tour not Greatest Hits Tour. Technically she could celebrate Candy Shop, Jimmy Jimmy and Autotune Baby.
  6. Ah! There it is the 40th anniversary edition 10xLP of the debut album right under David's cake!
  7. I know I'm going to sound bitter, but I don't mean to offend the people who make the podcast or those who agreed to be a part of it, but it's so frustrating how the chance is there because this is a project made by and for fans but it ends up being the same stuff we already know regurgitaded. Donna and Nikki have been saying the same thing forever and can't remember or know anything more than what we already know/guess. Anyway... Nice that it was to celebrate the 30th anniversary from an iconic tour.
  8. Music in recent years. Erotica is probably one of my most listened albums ever but nowadays I really have to be in the mood.
  9. Maybe you're right, at least within the fanbase more people would be pleased for sure, but I think it would take a miracle to a woman in her mid 60s to be played on radio. She could come up with a song as good and universal as LAP, Vogue or Hung Up now but it would take a huge ammount of goodwill from the radio stations and the general public interest to make it a hit. Madonna has been "cringe, old and desperate" to the general public for more than a decade now, they won't be checking out her music regardless of theme or genre and you can't make a hit out of fanbase only (that also seems to hate everything she does, as we know LOL).
  10. It felt like it was because after Celebration she just disappeared completely. This time we had TV interviews, she went to the VMAs... Also, like it or not a compilation, pocket shows and the remixes /featurings.
  11. The only Madonna album that would apply to that theme is her debut album, so I think you are going to be frustated by wanting something like that from Madonna of all artists... There are plenty of pop girls that are happy to stay locked in this "pure LOVE / DANCE" though.
  12. Frankly, I'm super tired of waiting for these upcoming (LOL sure..) special editions... It'll be nice if we get some new unreleased music sooner rather than later, but other than that, I wouldn't mind if we had to wait until she's no longer working on new projects /retired for good or (Goddess forbid) when she is no longer with us. There's a joke to be made with wainting/hesitating here but I'm tired...
  13. Ah!! So there's DWT ffs! She doesn't' hate it or regret it nor she thinks she looks older on the pic then!!
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