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  1. I found the photos and her overall style in the past decade (with a few exeptions) quite ugly personaly, but it's not the end of the world, is it? You guys get so fustrated and hurt just because she's not looking like you wish she did? Mmmmm that's very telling of what she means to you all. I been harsh to her appearence sometimes but I realize that it just doesn't amount to anything and is a loop complain since everytime she comes out it's the same response you guys give. I rather focus on the things I like about her since we still have her around and with fire in her eyes, doing stuff, being herself no matter what. There's plenty to complain about her, the recent use of fur, her crooked views about some things a là the bathtub incident, her lateness and lack of professionality and her "I am the queen, I do what I want" attitude on the last 3 tours... Yet some of you just complain about photoshop, her body and her face...
  2. Because there is no evidence whatsoever, therefor they are not. I could come here and say "Madonna is remaking the 3 lost Virgin Tour performances with holograms to include on the upcoming Bluray and argue that it is true just because one "can't be sure" she isn't. Please...
  3. We have literally shown you a bunch of factual restored videos of artists that did it and yet you can't accept that they could do it with Madonna's videos if they wanted and there's no factual source for the reason you keep giving for why they don't, it's just your guess. They are not working on anything, stop living in the world of "maybe they are.. we don't know". What's the point??? They are working of those lazy ass artificial HD upgrades that fans have been making and sharing for free with far better results. That's what we know and that's what we're getting. Before Celebration DVD people kept saying they would never release Crazy for You, Live to Tell, Who's That Girl videos on DVD because of "the movie rights". That's was the "reason" people gave for the lack of some videos on Immaculate DVD. You sound just like those people.
  4. Yes, it is not profitable probably but I'm sure they would not lose money doing it, at least for iconic videos, come on... Dead or Alive, a-ha, George Michael, ABBA, now Michael Jackson and others have made true HD/4K scans of their videos. Do you really think Madonna of all people would lose money by doing it? Why on earth would they shot a Madonna video from the 80's in a lower quality than a video from Dead or Alive for crying it out loud... This is from 1985:
  5. Why do fans always have excuses when it comes to Madonna? It's always "They were not shot on film", "The masters are lost", "They can't find the right remix", "They are saving this for the 200th anniversary". Please... Accept that they could make things far better, they just don't want to. There's no need to bring excuses based on nothing everytime something is underwhelming unless you have factual knowledge.
  6. Sometimes I think some Madonna's fans are out of touch with the real world... Reading this topic I am certain.
  7. "You Thrill Me" "Songs that could have been hits > the songs you listed" 1/10 for this fanfic.
  8. How can people tell somebody is happy or not by edited instagram stories and tiktok videos? Nobody here knows Madonna IRL, we only get to see what she wants us to see, stop using the "I'm a real fan, I'm concerned" card to vent your frustrations about someone else's look/choices/life. Madonna is not going to change her face back, or her ass, or her clothes just because some of us may not like it. If that makes her loose her valuable as an artist and as a human being maybe some of you should leave her alone and find another "role model popstar" to fullfield your frustations.
  9. You guys need to chill and stop taking everything soo seriously. This was meant to be funny, remember Madonna thinks she's a stand up artist who is really funny? This just isn't funny for over 30 gays, It's not that deep.
  10. They just did a song together, relax. Jesus...
  11. That title made me realise that although she had some questionable choices in the last decade she did not become that corny. Thank god! ALSO DON'T PLAY WITH US MADONNA FANS LIKE THAT, WE'RE MOSTLY OLD PEOPLE, MAYBE SOME OF US CAN'T TAKE IT!
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