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  1. diegolcl

    It would be interesting seeing her doing a crowd pleaser type of concert, something that she never did before (RIT came close, but the theme of the show in general was not). I Think it would be a clever idea seeing how well this worked for Kylie, but knowing Madonna I don't think she would be interested, but imagine the bliss of a setlist of just pop perfection moments!
  2. diegolcl

    You know, I never been into Madonna because of the vocals, let's face it... Although I think that she is a very good interpreter mostly in the studio (and perhaps 70% of the time live), she always conveys the message of the song, has a very colorful palette of styles even whithin her limitations, that's what I missing here. I was very hyped about the vocals this time because what she did with Mirwais on Music and American Life are some of my favorites vocal works in her entire catalog. Oh well, blame on expectations... For me, the problem with those songs beside the weird choice of vocal treatment and deliver is that there's no strong melody in neither the instrumentals nor the vocal line.
  3. Mirwais, Shep Pettibone and Patrick Leonard.