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  1. diegolcl

    How that's not true? She always did other things besides music, I was only pointing out things when it comes to her music career. Yes, she did promote Rebel Heart, 09 years after her last TV performance besides the Superbowl.
  2. diegolcl

    All of this! Madonna does not work well without pressure and a need to prove herself, that's why she's trapped in this martyr facade saying that she's being censored and so on. WB kept her more aware of the "outside world" and gave her the right fuel to thrive, it seems. Re-Invention/Confessions and Bedtime Stories/Something to Remember are good examples of this. Waiting 4 years to follow up Hard Candy, which as not promoted at all, with another faceless album without promotion outside the Superbowl did nothing to her favor either, between those albums a lot happened in pop culture and she lost touch with a whole generation like never before, she was always on the radar before reminding the world of her capabilities.
  3. Debi is classy and still sooooo beutiful, her eyes
  4. diegolcl

    Madonna changing the show with something that was not planned and rehearsed? What about her artistic integrity (that does not exist when it comes to cutting things...)?
  5. I know she has her vision, artistic integrity as she likes to repeat, but let's face it, the last time Madonna made a good an appearance in the eyes of the general public was the Superbowl 8 years ago and with a weak new song that got swolled by the big ones (and she hasn’t been on anything this big since 6 years before), since then it has been one bad performance after another: self involded revolutions, falling down, kissing Drake, the "look at me" tributes, the Women March fiasco, her putting 100 famous people via skype to generate views on a video that didn't need that at all, bringing Taylor Swift for a performance (?!), Eurovision... There's a generation that is only aware of those and doesn't know what Madonna is capable of, and her refuse to look back at her catalogue is only making it worse. This whole phone ban thing kept the tour to generate online buzz like all of her tours before, I bet that there is a lot o people that doesn't even know that she's touring. We all know that she is against the odds of having a hit single again, and she is not ever going to become a nostalgic act, but there's ways of balancing it out and there is people out there doing a great job at it. I'm fine with her not having a hit again but neglecting a stellar, one of a kind, the biggest pop carrer ever is criminal, and that coming from herself is terrible, I wish she had people backing her up and making her see this, rather than "yes queen!" people that seen to be surrounding her. (but I don't see that happening).
  6. Seriously? What they (she ?) are doing with her legacy is atrocious Don't they know that we're in an age where things are broadcast and instantly everywhere? Why this need to "fix" things that everyone has seen?
  7. diegolcl

    I'm sure that nobody here wants anything but good things for Madonna, I for one take her as my second mother and never would be able to put into words how much this woman means to me, but at the end of the day this is business, people are paying (a lot) for the ticket only, let alone travelling, hotels, transportation. It's very unprofessional to appear two hours late to your work or "call in sick" and then act like you are a kind of martyr for keep trying to do what you clearly can't (and shouldn't as told by doctors). And this coming from someone who wanted to do this tour to get closer, look into people's eyes puts an even uglier light on the whole situation.
  8. diegolcl

    Queen Madonna thinks she can do whatever to people and that she still sitting on the top of the world when clearly she's not there for more than 10 years... It's getting sad and it doesn't seem like she's gonna wake up just yet.
  9. diegolcl

    1. Like a prayer (What can be said? This is iconic. Very little things have the same importance as this in Modern Pop Culture). 2. Borderline (The one that aged the best from Mary Lambert Videos). 3. La Isla Bonita (The scenes with the candles are that good). 4. Material Girl (People are still referencing 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes' to this very day, being the first to do that is something that not anyone can have). 5. Like a Virgin (Love the way the video is edited, I think the pace is perfect in rhythm with the song and it grabs your attention even though is not really telling a story).
  10. diegolcl

    Amem to that! I don't want to listen to karaoke versions with loud vocals from the 80's underneath it ever again! (I looking at you, Rebel Heart Tour).
  11. diegolcl

    I love 'Baby Love' as much as I love 'Each Time You Break My Heart and 'Tell Me', and though I think they are far more enjoyable than 'Jimmy Jimmy' or 'Love Makes the World Go Round' they all sound so... faceless? anyone could sing those songs. They do have a Madonnaish sound but if you place them side by side with 'Open Your Heart', 'Papa Don't Preach' and 'La Isla Bonita' they become somewhat bland, at least 'Jimmy Jimmy' was trying the whole cute 1950's thing along with the tittle track.
  12. diegolcl

    I do feel she's become more pretentious but she have always been that, I think the whole thing is rooted in insecurity and lack of facing facts (she doesn't allow people into her life outside her staff they are probably ass kissers). Madonna always worked best under pressure, I think is safe to guess that she had more people saying no and telling her the real picture when she was under Warner and she always found balance between being "too out there" with more straight foward projects (LAP/Blond then going with a Collection of hits, Sex/Erotica then Bedtime/Something to Remember, AL then Confessions...). Since the contract with Live Nation she disappeared for 4 years to the public eye without anything other than Gyms, perfumes and so on, MDNA had none promotion outiside the Superbowl, then more 3 years away... They seen to lead her career thinking her name alone is enough but lack input when it comes to keep her catalogue alive, even on her youtube channel they took a long time to upload all of her videos and the channel still a mess to this day. If you compare any song from the 80's or 90's with similar success her views are vey low because of that. The same goes for other streaming plataforms. I don't think we need another compilation with promotion or anything like that, but I do think they should put out special editions of her catalog out with interesting stuff and create a buzz with that, I also think a lightweight performance in a big plataform or, better yet, a concert (Like Kylie did on Glastonbury for example) would do wonders... Do I think she'll do any of this? No, but whatever, at this point at least the music still interesting to me.
  13. The point of those collaborations she had since 2003 was to sell, so I don't see the point of doing more since the last ones did nothing on the charts. Having said that I would like a more organic, not so focus on trying to be hip, kind of collaborations, especially with women within her genre of music, tired of those urban crap...
  14. diegolcl

    Nothing is as bad as the mixed bag that was Rebel Heart Tour for me, but Madame X is anything close to spetacular either. ~runs~
  15. diegolcl

    Radio is not so important as is streaming right now and still, what I meant with songs like 'Hung Up' and 'Music' is not that those are fun pop songs, unfortunately a good current sounding song is not enough for her anymore after having more than two hands filled with fenomenal songs, I meant how those songs since the beginning were well recieved by the fans, the media and the general public and were right there with her previous big hits in terms of quality. I know there's no way to consciously craft another one of thoses, but I think is very clear now that a current sounding song with someone young and "hot-right-now" is not the way to go. It is hard and probably won't ever happen again, but she still the only one at her age and time of career that has a chance at doing it again because, like I said, for the good or bad, people still paying attention when she puts something out.