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  1. OMG the filter confusing the tongue with the bottom lip
  2. Great choices. Three great songs that are also great statement songs to her whole portfolio.
  3. You guys call any of us a hater or whatever when we say it like it is and reach like a mf to defend Madonna of anything and everything saying she's in charge and she's breaking the rules 'cause she's the queen OMG slay unapologetic mama weeerk whatever but the minute you guys don't like the overedited pics on insta the poor Ricardo Guy gets all the blame and is a horrible influence on this poor, naive, helpless woman. I mean, I-
  4. I miss her smile... (can she smile, still? No shade, really).
  5. I'm sorry but there's nothing groundbreaking in this. I'm totally fine with cosmetic surgery and I'm sure Madonna started doing things to her face back in the late 90's, her body her choice indeed. Also, i'm totally fine with woman of any age exploring their bodies, Grace Jones is 70+ and was topless on her last tour bursting with confidence and defiance. BUT when your face becomes paralyzed, your lip line distorted and your breasts and ass are out of human proportions that's borderline body dysmorphia, It is not groundbreaking to see a woman do that and scream "yaaaas queen". Madonna was a game changer, she was in control of herself and her narrative. It's sad that she took a different road to the women before her but end up in the same place after all...
  6. Totally! And that's quite shoking because Madonna build up a career that seemed to go way smarter than the likes of these "out of reality ageing stars" like Mae West, Crawford and Dietrich
  7. I'm going to say it before the positivity police arrives and I'll leave: Why does she have to try this hard? Everything looked terribly edited and filtered; might as well do it directly on animation next time... why bother shooting at Time Squares? She couldn't say one sentence without stumble and she literally couldn't walk with those heels... I'm not going to comment on her body because what I find even sadder is that you can't see a trace of confidence in her anymore.
  9. She was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal in 1986 and 1987 though. Once her work became more controversial that nominations on major categories stopped, but she did win a Grammy in 1992 for Best Music Video, Long Form and had 8 nominations before Ray of Light.
  10. diegolcl

    Janet Jackson

    I hope that this doc brings a well deserved resurgence of her work to the general public.
  11. It's not a question of M wanting it on the compilation or not, it's about licencing. They probably didn't want to pay for the M tracks or there's a contract that does not allow to feature M tracks anywhere, it's not like they're going to ask for her and she will personally say yes or no. I believe that there's a very strict contract that prevents Warner to use her music on these things, hence the lack of any kind of re-release of anything from her catalog other than the first 3 albums. In the long run I think it works for the best, we don't need her music on cheap movies, TV ads or "Flashback 80's" compilations all the time.
  12. They also did this short feature to promote on YT
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