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  1. heikeeduardo

    Count me in. When and who should I pay to?
  2. heikeeduardo

    Yeah, but I've never seen people criticizing Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen or any other male singer that is as old/older than Madonna....so again, they might suffer ageism, but not as nearly as Madonna....so eventually, this ends up being a gender thing....just my opinion
  3. I think she nailed it. Period.
  4. They announced thr show will start approx 22:50
  5. heikeeduardo

    Is this performance of Vogue on YouTube?
  6. But all of these have already leaked,no?
  7. heikeeduardo

    My thoughts exactly
  8. heikeeduardo

    I think it will be 19 too,but if they include bonus tracks, I think it'll be remixes, based on Hard Candy iTunes edition
  9. heikeeduardo

    I just find it odd that they haven't arrested no one so far.When GMYAL leaked,Jorge was arrested the next day.Now,this time,tons of material being leaked and yet they do nothing about it.At first I thought it was a publicity stunt too (at first it looked like it and it still does seem for some people), but given the amount of material it seems that the people just wanted to fuck up with Madonna. Little monsters,perhaps? I don't know. But it has gone out of control and as for exclusive material leaks....honestly I think it'll never stop.I mean,once you put something on the internet,it's out there forever. And I think that there still will be leaks....not new album leaks,but in general.