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  1. heikeeduardo

    Tha link isn't opening
  2. What are the things that you consider off puting?
  3. heikeeduardo

    Are there any physical releases of these with the different covers?
  4. heikeeduardo

    Hard Candy MDNA Rebel Heart Madame X
  5. heikeeduardo

    Somebody just bought it.
  6. heikeeduardo

    I think ot looks really good! Congrats!
  7. heikeeduardo

    Thanks! I looked on YT and found it!
  8. heikeeduardo

    If you recall which remix video is it, can you post it here please? I only know one remix video for BS, didn't know that there was more than one.
  9. heikeeduardo

    Apparently this other scene from BS is also doing the rounds...I saw this GIF once and I don't remember if this is from the remix video (not sure)....
  10. OMG. It's all hideous and awful
  11. heikeeduardo

    Check this topic, this has been previously discussed....nothing more than a bunch of crazy people with conspiracy theories against Madonna and other celebrities....
  12. heikeeduardo

    Count me in. When and who should I pay to?