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  1. Because there was a single pressing of this album if I'm not mistaken. And the price is expensive as fuck.
  2. There is something wrong with this story.....one of the pictures (the 3rd one) says it's from 16 December 2022
  3. Still, that doesn't justify. Please troll, GTFO. Thanks
  4. I mean....she has posted some unflattering photos like this one, but I do admire her for the courage though....shows hoy confident she is
  5. None of us knows what happens behind closed doors. So I don't think we should judge M for what she has done or not. Either way, hopefully Britney will come out of this stronger.
  6. I don't know why this subject is a taboo for some of you. I mean, we're all gonna die. Anyway, I don't think she'd do that. If I wanted her to make a posthumous album? No.
  7. Stop being dramatic. He is allowed to question that.
  8. That is so cool! Can you please share pictures with us?
  9. Are there any physical releases of these with the different covers?
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