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  1. We should make and print our own tourbook fanmade
  2. Great!!! Now leak the Like a Prayer video outtakes to celebrate!!!!
  3. I love the Brixton performance, I wish a studio version leaks one day, it's my favorite ever
  4. Soo we will be able to recreate the Burning Up and Angel performances from The Virgin Tour using a.i. and no sign from the real footage being released
  5. I don't understand how Madonna did make a feat with Dua Lipa, Ricky Martin and Anitta, and till now didn't one with Shakira and Kylie. I would love Shakira feat Britney too
  6. That Tag Police guy from Instagram got the b-rolls too, he share a couple of frames years ago too
  7. Can you give more details about the b-roll please? Duration? Scenes in others locations?
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