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  1. John Wayne

    Nothing. The tour is amazing at it is
  2. Title is self-explanatory Also, i would be grateful if any moderator put @kevon's topics of this subject matter in here, please
  3. To be honest, the gallery needs a massive update. 

    1. Fighter


      yes, unfortunately the software for it is not the best and also I don't wanna put too much strain on the server making the forum slower possibly...

  4. Now the other way Me: Some Girls, S.E.X.
  5. Not her best, but not her worst. It's a pretty ok track tbh
  6. Topic-related aside, The Scrapped Tour Set 1: 1. I Want You 2. Die Another Day 3. Beautiful Stranger 4. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore 5. Auto-Tune Baby / Bye Bye Baby Set 2: 1. Impressive Instant 2. S.E.X. 3. Hanky Panky 4. Hold Tight 5. White Heat Set 3: 1. Another Suitcase In Another Hall 2. This Used To Be My Playground 3. Best Friend 4. Inside Out 5. X-Static Process / Falling Free
  7. @Fighteror any mod, move this topic to News x Dicussion please
  8. John Wayne

    Just removing The Funny Song. That's it.
  9. John Wayne

    I mean, it's way better than Hard Candy
  10. John Wayne

    Happy new year everyone