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  1. John Wayne

    Holy Water Sooner or Later or He's a Man?
  2. John Wayne

    Deeper and Deeper Human Nature or Secret?
  3. John Wayne

    Masterpiece Forbidden Love (2006) or Forbidden Love (1994)?
  4. John Wayne

    Pray For Spanish Eyes La Isla Bonita (The Girlie Show Version) or La Isla Bonita (Rebel Heart Tour Version)?
  5. John Wayne

    Turn Up The Radio Bitch I'm Madonna (Sander Kleinenberg Remix) or Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito Remix)?
  6. John Wayne

    Ghosttown American Pie or American Life?
  7. John Wayne

    Ardiendo Time Stood Still or Till Death Do Us Part?
  8. John Wayne

    Each Time You Break My Heart Dress You Up or Gambler?
  9. John Wayne

    A advise: If someone here really want this perfume for some reason, and doesn't have any enough money to buy it, buy a replica of it. I have seen some of my friends that bought a Truth or Dare replica
  10. John Wayne

    Burning Up Love Express or Simon Says?
  11. I hope the Rain EP comes to streaming too.