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  1. John Wayne

    Sex: Male Country: Brazil 1. When did you become a madonna fan? Last year, when Madame X was leaked 2. Do you have all her albums in CD or Vinyl? If you don't, which ones? I almost own all of her studio albums in CD. Sadly i don't have any vinyl of her. 3. Do you listen M's music everyday of the weekend? Obivously. Duh. 4. Which decade of her carrer do you consider the most interesting or the one you like the most? The 90s/mid-2000. 5. Name your favourite album: Ray of Light 6. Name your favourite tour: The Confessions Tour 7. Favourite ballad: Time Stood Still 8. Favourite album cover: Rebel Heart 9. Order from more to less used the device through which you listen to her music: Computer CD Phone Vinyl 10. Do you think Madonna will make a new tour? When? If i would guess maybe 2022/2023. 11. Apart from Madonna, are you a fan of any other artist / band? Of course. I stan Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Marina, Mariah Carey, Lana del Rey, etc. 12. How do you want Madonna's next album to be? COADF 2.0
  2. John Wayne

    In my view, The Tag Police is legit. And wtf is the "I'm calling the police"?!
  3. John Wayne

    I'm not gonna post the videos of the explosion, because i know that some people can be very sensitive about this topic. But you can find it all over Twitter.
  4. John Wayne

    I don't think that she visits here, only her team in a mysterious account
  5. Beautiful Scars Borrowed Time Addicted Graffiti Heart
  6. John Wayne

    Soooooooooooooooooooo, any news?
  7. John Wayne

  8. John Wayne

    1. I wish Madonna and her managment team would respect more her catalogue and not be treated like shit. 2. What kind of look would you like to see Madonna do in the next era? Not too glamourized and not too ROL-sque. Just her being herself. 3. If Madonna were to perform one of her videos for an upcoming tour in the closest way she could, which video would you want it to be? Deeper and Deeper. 4. My three favorite record producers for Madonna has been William Orbit, Stuart Price & Shep P. 5. True or False: Madonna will release a new album in the next two years. False
  9. John Wayne

  10. John Wayne

    I really hope that the ROL b-roll leaks, because it would be so fun to edit the chroma-key scenes on Sony Vegas
  11. John Wayne

    I mean, if they changed the font on "Madonna", it would be really good for a promotional EP or something
  12. John Wayne

    How High Get Stupid or Get Up?