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  1. controversial choice ig, but Rebel Heart Masterpiece or Falling Free?
  2. to her concert ofc Borrowed Time (Avicii Version) or Addicted?
  3. Letterman lol Living for Love (BRIT Awards 2015) or (Grammy Awards 2015)?
  4. Give it 2 Me Physical Attraction or Paradise (Not for Me)?
  5. love both, but I have a more softer spot towards X-Static Nothing Fails or Act of Contrition?
  6. Let It Will Be 4 Minutes (fuck JT btw ) or Dance 2Night?
  7. both, but going with RoL today Nothing Really Matters or Up Down Suite?
  8. RIT Madame X documentary or secretprojectrevolution?
  9. Girlie Show Miles Away (S&S Tour) or Rebel Heart (RHT)?
  10. Don't Tell Me (today) Madame X Tour or Celebration Tour (so far)?
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