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  1. wonderboy

    SAME HERE! I FINALLY received my Like A Prayer shirt yesterday and its the wrong size, but I cant find the site to order a new one
  2. i'm in the US and just got verified for the paris show too, i have no idea what i'm doing, do i have to make a french ticketmaster account?
  3. wonderboy

    now they are saying its a new way for apple users to remix songs using the garage band app. the first song to introduce the new apple remix software will be madonna's CRAVE
  4. a few months ago she was posting insta pics with an apple, now shes hastagging apple music on 2 new posts today.... Whats she cookin up?!? anyone have the scoop?
  5. wonderboy

    they added a few new designs in the like a prayer anniversary section, loving them. too bad i'll never get them lol. also ordered 2 more shirts, but it wouldn't apply my 10% fan club discount, then my profile had a decade old email address in it that I've updated to my current one TWICE now. I emailed them to ask about my 10% and to update my profile, I got an email saying that they got my email & someone would get back to me within 72 hours. and then that was the end of it lol, seriously live nation has gone straight to shit. worst service ever
  6. wonderboy

    can someone post the full tour itinerary? (or at least whats been announced so far?) thanks! Trying to take my boyfriend on a vaca & see madonna in the same trip, just not sure where to go or which city to buy tickets in. wanted to try for lisbon, but its going to be cold there in January. was hoping for a warm tropical vaca with madonna lol HELP!
  7. wonderboy

    up to 24 emails now lol.
  8. wonderboy

    SAME!!!!! I have over 15 emails back & forth with different icon team members. they all tell me something different, but none of them actually help me.
  9. wonderboy

    you should add an 'other' option to the poll for people that should be LLM but were screwed out of it due to ICON/LiveNations gross mishandling of the fan club
  10. wonderboy

    wheres your full Medellin remix? thanks =)
  11. wonderboy

    its not I rise, its Crave, but everything else is accurate. I can provide more info but I dont wanna post spoilers for those that want to be surprised (or shocked, actually) when they see the video
  12. wonderboy

  13. wonderboy

  14. wonderboy

    Thats not Madonna at the beginning LOL. Its Emma Gonzalez, A survivor of the Parkland shooting. Its part of her speech against gun violence.
  15. wonderboy

    the song/video with the drag queens is Crave.