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  1. is it just me or is the new vocal WAY louder than the sampled vocals from the original? doesnt match up at all
  2. Can anyone share a download link to this 30th anniversary remaster? thanks~
  3. I havent had time to go back & read this thread, so apologies if this has been mentioned already, but aside from the over filled cheeks, I think something was medically wrong with her. You can hear her say somethin at the beginning that something 'is killing her' and it showed. Madonna doesnt do sloppy and that was sloppy. I just hope she's ok, somethings up. Didnt I read in here that they rehearsed 2 more songs too? wonder if they cut them from the show bcz she was in pain? Also switching gears, Who makes that black sparkly jacket? was that gucci too?
  4. I love that its Maluma's show and M hasnt even performed yet but she's the one trending worldwide on twitter. #DoingQueenThings
  5. I dont remember which magazine it was but I remember around Rebel Heart era, when Sean sued Lee Daniels, Madonna defended him & brought up the 1989 allegations, she denied everything, said he was verbal, but never physical with her & never tied her up or anything, but who knows
  6. My Chemical Romance just covered Like A Prayer at Coachella, anyone find any clips yet?

    1. professormouse


      U know there's an extended remix of Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights on YouTube ?
      Done from the master-tapes/stems/whatever's.
      I wish they hadn't.

  7. way too much cheese for me, HOWVER its nice seein M get some love, and these girl really nailed Frozen....


    1. Madame X

      Madame X

      What a missed opportunity for the Pitch Perfect films. 

    2. sidney78a


      Darren Criss Applause GIF

      I live for the applause applause applause

  9. Madonna will be part of a worldwide event for Ukraine April 9th. She will be among other celebrities who are participating. She will be performing a cover of Elton John's 'Your Song' (possibly duet with her son David) https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/stand-up-for-ukraine-explained-get-involved/
  10. if she's gonna give us ANOTHER remix of a remix it better make me wanna shake my money maker. I need a DANCE track. NOW.
  11. ELATED!!!! I come here every single day, you guys are a part of my morning routine. BEST NEWS EVER! thank you
  12. love his mash ups! he's got 3 new Donna Summer / M tracks on his site and his new live set will be on his insta tonight if anyone can capture it to share! https://shyboy.tv/madonnasummer
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