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  1. yeah, the above one is the one I used. heres the DL link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nNwneu23Jv72Sq3_sW4vs5kQJf5VZoEy/view?usp=drive_link just open it on your phone with garage band, its super easy to make
  2. I have it, i ripped it from the fan made celebration album
  3. is there a torrent thats 3gigs or less? tried sharemania but the site is down
  4. Love all the love #MADAMEX is gettin for its 5th BUT all I see is that mom hasnt given us new music IN FIVE YEARS if starving for new M was the equivalent of starving in real life I would be a stick body with a tiny lollipop head. I need new Madonna nourishment immediately

  5. Did you guys see this from her facebook story? I want that beach stencil! I wonder if it'll be available for sale or if it was a local artist thing?!? https://www.facebook.com/stories/177133697094758/UzpfSVNDOjgyMDY2NDUyMjI2ODUwOTY=/?view_single=1&source=shared_permalink&mibextid=W9rl1R

  6. I have the frozen demo with the extra verse but this is different, what in the gay heaven is this? https://www.facebook.com/share/r/MqSCbsvXbuyNU5Vd/?mibextid=WC7FNe

  7. IMDB just added a listing for the show, different director than Sasha, its Pedro Secchin, ALSO it says featuring Anitta! Are we getting a live performance of Faz Gostoso?!? I WOULD DIE.
  8. So the tour video Director Sasha Kasiuha has been professionally filming the shows & teased clips on Insta, but since the show in Rio is being broadcast, makes me wonder if we’re getting more than one official release? Will the Broadcast be a 'one off' TV special and we also get the official release that Sasha filmed? Is mamadonna feeding us two pro shot shows?!? If so I think this hasnt happened since we got the WTG japan show officially broadcast and then got the ciao italia show on home video. Hmmmmm makes you wonder...
  9. MerchBar isnt much better. I bought an album on there 9 months ago & it still hasnt shipped. The listing for it on the site says its in=stock and ships within days
    1. survivalartist


      I like when its on streaming, it was on Amazon Music for most of the time I used that program. 

    2. Anapausis


      Just another live bootleg by another European indie label making profit of the flawed EU copyright laws, relax!

  10. they aint gonna find her, but have fun lookin!
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