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  1. And in case anyone is wondering, the red #DisturbThePeace hoodie does NOT run true to size, it is very very small! The large doesn’t even fit me it’s a completely different material, cut, everything, different manufacturer than the #MX Chrome set ‬
  2. the quality is fabulous! just the colors are a little off which I guess is common
  3. I actually did, but the image was too big for the forum. Heres a link to my tweet about it & you can see the color difference. https://twitter.com/ChrisKnowsStuff/status/1448753586935144457?s=20 I got both in Large, the top is a little on the smaller side for a Large, but the shorts are a little loose. I have some H&M shorts that are Large & fit way tighter than these.
  4. I am LEGIT SHOCKED at how fast they got these out! Kudos team Madonna!!! Madame X is a postal worker ....now the bad news, the colors are not the same as the images online, very very orange & pink in person rather than the purple chrome pictured online. Still love it tho!
  5. makes it seem in-cohesive to me. Wish they woulda went with one or the other. especially considering she could have just done a voice over in the studio to match it all up. Madame X is lazy.
  6. sorry if this has been mentioned already (but um this thread is 300 pages lol) Why is the audio so different in the spoken parts?? Sometimes it sounds like soundboard & then it cuts to what sounds like an audience recording with an echo. Why didnt they just regulate it all to sound the same? sounds odd to me.
  7. So I have a friend in LA that went to the MX screening & while M wasnt there, she did a video message just for them, hope someone recorded it~ & then richard gomes introduced the film, apparently Symone (RPDR) & a few of the dancers from the tour were there & took questions after


  8. it was supposed to be the Apollo, but they just switched the venue to the Red Rooster in Harlem.
  9. I loved it! I love how much Jimmy loves her & she plays off that, i feel like it makes her more at ease to be herself. She was so relaxed and funny, this is the Madonna that I love, she gave no fucks at all, sliding across his desk, showing her ass, quick with the attitude without being obnoxious. just doin what she does best. She looked amazing, loved her hair & her outfit, love how she steered the ship so to speak, with one word she effortlessly commanded the entire studio audience into a like a virgin sing along, thats a flex without even trying, could dial back on the cheek fillers but whatever, she does what she wants & i admire her endlessly for that. this was a huge success imo. long live our queen
  10. Looks like M busted out the sticky & sweet wig which confirms this weeks surprise performance will be Candy Shop


  11. Hmmm, in case anyone else is interested, I found this link to a live stream for tonights Jimmy Fallon broadcast.
  12. speaking of TV Schedule.... Anyone in the US know how to watch Fallon live tonight if you dont have cable? Will it be streaming on Peacock right away? sometimes the apps get the content a day after the fact
  13. it was a rebel heart promo, you could win a phone call with M if you changed ur profile pic to the RHT cover with an app that put black cords wrapped around your face lol
  14. I'm just over MX, it's the era that wont die lol in the same time span in 85-87 she served LAV, TB & WTG. THREE era's. I'm so ready for something new.
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