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  1. I would love to see Julia "I don't know shit about fuck" Garner from Ozark!
  2. the full club nostalgia album leaked just FYI....
  3. wonderboy

    XANADU! https://youtu.be/f3nuh0Oul0U
  4. OKAY, now I need the new trailer lol
  5. HAHA I live in a rural area, I cant stream in my car, i need an mp3 so I can blast it
  6. theres more M than Dua HAHAHAHA
  7. Looking for an HQ downloadable video of the new wonder woman movie trailer, THANKS!
  8. wonderboy

    The movie soundtrack was put into production ready for its original June release. I'm sure physical copies are just sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting for the new release date. That being said, The sdtk had to be finalized way back in June, and Dua's manager didnt mention wanting to collab with M until the end of June, way too late to be included on the sdtk. The only was this is possible would be if its been done after the soundtrack was already finished and theyre using the delay time to produce a new 'deluxe' version with the bonus track. I'm thinking this is all just rumors that got spun out of control, I wouldn't get your hopes up lol
  9. wonderboy

    this thread seems to be more about discussing this rare gem and not sharing it, maybe it should be moved to the collectors section instead....
  10. wonderboy

    Wheres the download link please?
  11. So they arent sending me another? its just an erroneous email? So far the tracking number doesnt work, I'm hoping tomo it does....
  12. They sent me an email saying that my item has shipped & they included a tracking number.... I didnt order anything tho... very odd... This happen to anyone else today? #LifeIsAMystery