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  1. M teased an HQ video from her pride performance weeks ago & then it never came out
  2. okay, so in the US, is the red vinyl only at Walmart? The walmart website says its their exclusive edition, but none of the stores have it & its not available on their app or website. Where else is it available for the retail price? Thanks!~
  3. okay my friend who sent me the chart got it wrong, moved studios, shes not on Drew. she's taping fallon right now. he live chatted me. he said she looks amazing. same long hair, lots of necklaces, he's not a big fan, so its hard to get accurate info, he said shes doing some 'karaoke thing' I'll post more details as soon as he tells me.... sorry for the mix up. I'll let you guys know any info as I get it....
  4. monday the 8th is what i saw on the twitters .....
  5. oh damn, youre right. When I looked earlier I coulda sworn it was on her artist heading on spotify with her name as lead. Still tho, its 90% his song that she had nothing to do with still just added a few small bits from her. lol
  6. I love how she took his song that’s like 2 years old and released it as her song featuring him LOL they must’ve paid him a hell of a lot because I would be pissed HAHA Also, anyone know when were getting the video?!? The clip looks SPECTACULAR!
  7. trending in the US on twitter1212387530_ScreenShot2022-08-05at4_33_57PM.png.731e5ae820384628f4dd82c239f1edd9.png

  8. If you want receipts, do a search of my previous posts. most recently I posted the correct setlist for the wow pride show, I've posted a bunch of scoops that have all been 100% accurate over the years. I'm just sharing what I know. believe, dont believe, i dont care. lol.
  9. NVM. its def boot. they have a bunch of odd bootlegs listed which is odd since they usually only sell licensed stuff
  10. Hmmm. its on the Merchbar website but it looks like a bootleg to me...but their slogan is "Always Official" seems sketch.... thoughts? https://www.merchbar.com/pop/madonna/madonna-lp-under-the-covers-clear-vinyl
  11. Does anyone have the Sweden audio from the radio broadcast?
  12. did she? sounds the same as the original version to me
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