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  1. wonderboy

    LOL, i'm a BAB right now. besides I have bought all of her books, I've seen her live countless times, i've paid my dues. She just bought a $10.5 million 13,177-square-foot mansion with nine bedrooms and a dozen bathrooms in Bel-Air. She doesn't need my ten bucks.
  2. wonderboy

    yeah, it came out 2 days ago, I cant believe its not on any torrents yet
  3. The torrent site that I usually use doesnt have this yet, anyone have any good torrent sites they can check or share? thanks
  5. wonderboy

    so, i'm sure that I'm not the only outspoken madonna fan, if you guys are like me youve been sharing the God Control video all over social media, with that i'm getting a lot of comments from conservative 'friends' using the old "Guns don’t kill people, people kill people" argument.... What do you think is the best response to these people?
  6. wonderboy

    7pm est on Extra
  7. wonderboy

    so whats its value now?
  8. wonderboy

    any idea what this is worth to collectors? seem valuable since its so rare, cant even find a single photo online....
  9. wonderboy

    the hats.... Yes, they are cool, but really, these straq hats are $3 from china & you can get ribbon, needle & thread and make your own for under ten bucks, $450 is insane, designer or not.....
  10. Does anyone in this group remember seeing or have, the EVITA movie theater cardboard lobby standee/display??? It was roughly 5 feet tall by 6 feet wide and had three large panels with different images from the movie that stood on top of a long large Evita logo ledge
  11. wonderboy

    its very cool that they did a pop up shop....HOWEVER, they really should have waited to open this until after all the preorders were fulfilled. Seems like they held all the merch for this shop instead of prioritizing it to fans that bought this online months ago. Really a slap in the face to fans who pre ordered in April, still have not received our items, and they will not ship till June 27 or later...but here they all are for sale to anyone off the street who walks in, while we still wait.....
  12. wonderboy

    the flag by itself was $99
  13. wonderboy

    well, she just tagged "waiting for Anitta" and "NYC" so i'm thinking maybe they are performing Faz Gastoso together?!?!???
  14. wonderboy

    SAME HERE! I FINALLY received my Like A Prayer shirt yesterday and its the wrong size, but I cant find the site to order a new one
  15. i'm in the US and just got verified for the paris show too, i have no idea what i'm doing, do i have to make a french ticketmaster account?