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  1. He really is so incredibly cool & sweet. I met him randomly in LA and we chatted for a few minutes, I asked about the DSS song and his exact words were "Its so dreadful & will NEVER see the light of day, youre not missing anything, its god awful" He couldnt stresss enogh how bad it was LOL I also asked him about another Pre-Madonna collection & he hinted he had something up his sleeve but this was over a decade ago & clearly nothing came of that
  2. Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm my baby got a penis
  3. Sure, I'll play! I'm Christopher, I'm a single cat dad in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware USA
  4. Who else noticed that her 2 pink & blue looks were a nod to the colors of the Trans flag?
  5. YES https://madonna-infinity.net/forums/topic/29636-27-secs-of-no-fear-courage-resist-rescue-me-nothing-really-matters/
  6. the video she deleted is still live on her Twitter feed just FYI and shes VOGUING THE HOUSE DOWN
  7. If she just showed up & told NO ONE prior, 1/2 this bitching wouldnt be happening. As for not getting remix album etc she didn’t say we were getting any of that. Expectations are premeditated resentments.
  8. I dont think that was it, I bet there is more going on inside & it will be shown to everyone at midnight. i hope.
  9. so i’m guessing all the people chosen from facebook will be in a pit someone in times square & not invited into the actual party where she is
  10. I need to make plans and find someone to feed Murry his tender vittles while I'm gone
  11. its after 9PM, has anyone heard anything or been notified from the facebook contest? Is Madonna just gonna call me or what? How does this work?
  12. still 3 times the size of the stage at Stonewall
  13. I think we can debunk that myth seeing as Monte Pittman is a scorpio & she's worked with him forevah
  14. I'm all for a charity event BUT I'm praying were not getting a new charity single, last time she did that we got the aural abomination that was ‘Hey You’
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