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  1. Yes!!! I hope it's true. TAB was a huge hit circa 1994. My family listened to an Adult Contemporary radio station in the car, so I remembered hearing a lot as a kid.
  2. Have fun! Glad to see some people here attending in Seattle!
  3. I think what makes Madonna's dancing unique is she comes from a classically trained background, yet she also does all these sexual and artsy moves. I don't like to compare her and Tina either like it's a competition as their style is very different, yet both worked well for them. Madonna vs MJ might be a more fair comparison as his approach seems slightly more similar to hers than Tina does.
  4. I live in the suburbs of Seattle. I wonder if they'll be coverage of the tour on our local news this weekend
  5. I wonder why she sold so meh in Detroit despite it being sorta her hometown, though we all know she loves New York more than anywhere in Michigan. As a kid from the west coast who never left my timezone, all I knew about Michigan was Madonna's from there and they have a lot of lakes.
  6. Thanks for sharing! Santa Jerry seems like a really sweet guy, and I'm glad both him and the dancer are okay.
  7. Anyone in DC...in a voice like a kid on a road trip asking "are we there yet?", Is she on yet?
  8. Is she on yet...? I live on the west coast of the US, so it's a much smaller time difference from NYC than Europe, just three hours.
  9. Yeah, they actually didn't criticize anything about the content of the show, just the late start.
  10. Yeah...I sadly might not attend the tour in person as I'm pretty severely disabled, and it just isn't very practical for me to be in the big city in the middle of the night. I get that it's her show and her choice to do as she wants, but there are many legitimate reasons to criticize the late starts.
  11. Hmm, not exactly shocked that she's three hours late of course, but...
  12. Yeah, NRM is not my favorite song on its own, but it makes a lot of sense in context.
  13. Yeah, I do think some Madonna fans hating on Taylor just because she's breaking her records is pretty petty and toxic, and probably rooted in jealousy on some level, can see your point there...
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