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  1. Shocked to see Mariah Carey 25th anniversary releases!!! WHEN WILL MADONNA'S!!????
  2. The rescue me remixes were .....well........ Hmmmmmm unusual.,. Like bye-bye baby
  3. I choose spotlight..... Well fondly remember as a kid .... In Cassette!
  4. Has someone did a mashup of the final demo with fever lyrics? I want to hear what they heard back then to make them record fever and abandon this gem
  5. Ahhh ahem....ur referring to the music arrangement.... Yes the earlier work is superior..... But I wish I could hear the final demo with fever lyrics
  6. The first one lyric she's angry lashing out to The second lyric she's kinda accepting the situation that she's not what she used to be anymore The third one is .... Ahem.... Ughhhh
  7. The first appearance of the middle eastern influence then adapted to the final album track?
  8. She's must be trying to say two different things and can't make up which is which but the title itself doesn't appear in the early version I think?
  9. It's so unusual they can't decide how the song would sound like
  10. So she revisited the lyrics of love hurts on erotic after working on erotica for so long...? Ohhh
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