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  1. maybe she decided to scrap you thrill me bec it's such a departure melody wise ? not dark enough ?
  2. it's quite amusing she didn't forget the demo ... maybe one day she'll officially release it somehow....
  3. so did she made the right judgement on this on the final release ?
  4. I'm curious which chorus/ refrain do u prefer.... ughhhhhhh
  5. hers or kylie's which do you prefer..... on the radio ... kylie's is heavily promoted
  6. if you practice ashtanga yoga.... cyberagga is very much appreciated.
  7. I JUST don't get it why these two songs in sequence....
  8. other than that... who is she referencing with that look ?
  9. she should release a new version of erotica for a future ghits using the final demo lyrics
  10. This is a pleasant surprise..... Even Madonna Australia didn't catch this release .... Good thing I check this forum everyday!!!
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