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  1. Yesssss Spotify mobile has videos now BUT STILL NO FEVER EDIT ONE
  2. How should I rephrase this thread to make it positive I only phrased it that way bec of the reel I watched concerning WE ARE THE WORLD SNUB I always love her since I was a little kid in 1984...vaguely remember her music but we do have so many kareoke tapes of her... I always watch borderline and lucky star on a black and white tv
  3. Wow heated discussions..... I see..... That's how we are so passionate for our queen..... Every album they say she implements a certain style..... In Erotica seems she has gone the distant and dry approach. Justify my love she sounded so breathy and sensual.... I'm going banana's so very funny can't remember other songs similar to this style. I have read she could compose a song within an hour or so.... So she's a very good songwriter why hasn't she be recognized for being so.
  4. For me RAIN is beautiful........ That bad girl has so much soul....
  5. Wow so the voice lessons ruined her voice..... Interesting.......
  6. Wow I'm glad u mentioned the new order singer ......he was..... Well kinda..... Kylie and Britney well do they sang nasally?
  7. After watching a reel when she was snubbed from WE ARE THE WORLD bec they thought she couldn't sing.... Heartbroken I was, I thought Which songs make you think " ahhh Madonna CAN SING."
  8. can't find FEVER EDIT ONE VIDEO
  9. blasting the album on my way to work via bike...... with my tribit speaker
  10. how her music sound like in vinyl ? i could not comprehend..... i only listen to TAPE and CDs.... then...spotify replaced them all
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