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  1. Biopics should be towards the end of someones career not half way through it. How is she going to fit everything she has done into a 2 hr long film?
  2. Pedronna getting all the inside scoop now lol
  3. I think a Celebration part 2 "not 2nd leg" a whole new show would be a guaranteed success.
  4. When was this said. before or after this tour?
  5. She looks gorgeous and he looks like he just a got a big bonus.
  6. Yup, probably a montage. I hope they did a lot of filming on this first night of the fans and fan noise along with her vocals. Bad Girl is amazing in this video. She looks stunning and sounds amazing singing it.
  7. The first night in Mexico City. That crowd gave M all they had and I could see right away she was not going to leave anything left in the tank that night. And she didn't. One of her best nights vocally too IMO
  8. And what about all the other things she has said while being on this tour? How she was able to perform night after night the way she did still is hard for me to believe. I imagine at times she did get to feeling depressed and wore down but she managed to keep going and finish this tour strong. My guess is she wouldn't have been any happier if this tour had never happened.
  9. I did not say immediately and throughout this whole tour she looked like she was happy to me. She has always been bitchy nothing new there.
  10. I think this tour has helped her get into better shape and hope she can stay this fit for years to come. I want new music and another tour as soon as possible for her. I think touring is what makes her the happiest while keeping her in shape at the same time.
  11. The show tonight was amazing. I hope we get something like this out of the Mexico shows which could be even better than tonight.
  12. She was amazing. Sad this is the end of it but she made me proud to be a fan tonight.
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