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  1. No clue what is said in this clip but I can't wait for night one.
  2. Okies last one I need some sleep night all. Them big blue eyes omg
  3. Her vocals on this number are better than night 1. Still not as strong as some of the earlier shows
  4. She is so beautiful when she is smiling. She smiling so much she fell down. She moving great just spun out
  5. It could be she is looking forward to the end of this tour for a whole lot of reasons but I do not give much weight to one video of BG where her daughter is not smiling as much that they are pissed off.
  6. She sure looks to be having fun here. She's a bad bitch!!
  7. @stefo Of all three that she has done in this spot I think TAB is the prettiest one although she struggles some with it. I like all of them so I am good either way.
  8. If this has been posted sorry I didn't see it. Great crowd last night
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