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  1. As a Madonna loon, I'd totally buy it but another compilation feels pointless in 2019, since casual fans just make their own playlists and the record-buying public are still fixated on The Immaculate Collection and Celebration. I think if they really want to honor her back catalogue and make a quick buck, why just not 1. Release "Evita", "GHV2" and "Celebration" (Standard) on vinyl for the very first time. Does the longtime Madonna really needs another coloured copy of "Like A Virgin" at every Record Store Day?. 2. Upload the maxi singles / remixes on digital platforms. If Kylie Minogue's team can rip the CD singles to Spotify why not the best-selling female artist of all time? At least a digital album with her greatest remixes (You Can Dance 2?) would be a nice gesture to please the hardcore fans that own the physical releases.
  2. Karma

    The tour is supposedly inspired by "The Bad Girl" by Mario Vargas Llosa and the book chronicles the locations of Lima, Paris, London, Tokyo and Madrid, so I can forsee Madame X in these settings. As for the setlist, I'd like five acts based on the sound of the album: latin-disco-fado-trap-artpop. Act 1: Latin music Intro: Madame X manifesto with excerpts of Who's That Girl? 01. Medellín. 02. La Isla Bonita. 03. Faz Gostoso. 04. Batuka. Act II: House-disco 05. Vogue / I Don't Search I Find. 06. Rescue Me. 07. God Control. 08. Hung Up. Act III: Fado / Acoustic section 09. Like A Virgin. 10. Crazy. 11. *Audience Requested Song*. Act 3: Trap-urban Interlude: Extreme Occident. 12. Human Nature. 13. Future / Unapologetic Bitch. 14. Come Alive. 15. Crave. Act 4: Art pop Interlude: . 16. Dark Ballet. 17. Frozen. 18. I Rise. 19. Like A Prayer. Encore: 20. Bitch, I'm Madonna (Remix). 21. Music.
  3. I just heard "Everybody" on the radio, I can't believe it AHHH
  4. Karma

    Openers 1. Drowned World / Substitute For Love. 2. Like A Prayer. 3. Music. 4. Hung Up. 5. Medellín. 6. Material Girl. 7. Papa Don't Preach. 8. Erotica. 9. Survival. 10. He's A Man. 11. Living For Love. 12. Candy Shop. 13. Lucky Star. 14. American Life. 15. Girl Gone Wild. Closers 1. Take A Bow. 2. Vogue. 3. Secret Garden. 4. Mer Girl. 5. Rebel Heart. 6. Gone. 7. Act Of Contrition. 8. Easy Ride. 9. Like It Or Not. 10. Falling Free. 11. Everybody. 12. Voices. 13. I Rise. 14. Stay. 15. Love Makes The World Go Round.
  5. Karma

    It's not chronological but yeah, everything that is necessary it's here, from Island Magazine 1983 to Vogue Italia 2018. Quite expensive but totally worth it in my opinion, a visual celebration of Madonna history in 340 pages. You can check the content here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWiaUYImzuY
  6. Karma

    1. Medellín 2. Give Me All Your Luvin 3. Bitch I'm Madonna 4. Ghosttown 5. Turn Up The Radio 6. Girl Gone Wild 7. Living For Love
  7. Karma

    I would recommend this book ! https://www.amazon.com/Mlvc60-Madonnas-Amazing-Magazine-Covers/dp/0578403307
  8. Karma

    I must watch the "Medellin" music video before making a definitive ranking but as it stands 1. Like A Prayer. 2. Secret. 3. Like A Virgin. 4. Hung Up. 5. Frozen. 6. Live To Tell. 7. Music. 8. Everybody. 9. 4 Minutes. 10. Erotica. 11. Medellín. 12. American Life. 13. Living For Love. 14. Give Me All Your Luvin'. Fun fact, the album was originally titled Live To Tell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBo_OMOxRbo I highly recommend watching these videos, interesting stuff. Her record company thought Madonna's career would be over when she insisted on releasing a 5 minute ballad accompanied of a drastic image makeover as the album lead. A huge risk that fortunately paid off big time . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DMESfrMcw4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0mt9IBOOqI The inclusion of "Die Another Day" and "American Pie" makes sense from a business standpoint. They wanted to secure a hit and encourage global audiences to purchase the albums.
  9. Nope, it's this song. On-Topic: We need to STREAM the song tomorrow, babies!!!.
  10. Karma

    Count me in, babe!
  11. The legendary Queen Of Pop is expected to hit the stage at the annual competition in Tel Aviv, Israel next month (Saturday, May 18). She is said to be performing two songs during the show for 200 million viewers, one of her classic hits and a new song. What are your expectations for this soon-to-be historic performance? Any special guests or major surprises?. Discuss.
  12. What's the last Madonna song you heard on the radio? This past week, I recall listening to Secret, Like A Prayer and American Pie and You'll See (Spanish version). What are the most popular songs by the Queen Of Pop in your country?.
  13. Karma

    Ugh, I love your threads. The Second Coming was such a clever title, according to Encyclopedia Madonnica 20, Something To Remember was initially going to be called Sacred Ballads, so your "religious" concept makes sense. My ideal GHV2 tracklist includes singles edits in chronological order: 01. Erotica. 02. Deeper And Deeper. 03. Secret. 04. Take A Bow. 05. Bedtime Story. 06. Human Nature. 07. Verás. 08. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Mix). 09. Frozen. 10. Ray Of Light. 11. The Power Of Good-Bye. 11. Beautiful Stranger. 12. Music. 13. Don't Tell Me. 14. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Video Version). 15. American Pie. 16. Time Stood Still. 17. GHV2 Megamix. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with Madonna's greatest hits, I like how they didn't go overboard and only released four comprehensive compilations. My ultimate Warner wishful thinking is a properly mastered unreleased/b-side collection and maybe a sequel to You Can Dance. No effort required, just uploading her most popular remixes from Like A Prayer to Hard Candy to Spotify and voilá, You Can Dance II. Can't wait to download this !!!.
  14. Karma

    Love Makes The World Go Round Santa Baby Cry Baby Now I'm Following You Did You Do It? I'm So Stupid Hey You Incredible Spanish Lesson Turn Up The Radio B-Day Song I Fucked Up Illuminati Autotune Baby Champagne Rosé I'm on the fence about "In This Life". I reckon it's very important in the context of the conceptual album but gosh, it is boring.