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  1. Madonna just confirmed that Academy Award nominee Florence Pugh is 'on the list' to play her in the upcoming biopic. According to David Banda, the film is going to be "raw, gritty and very honest"
  2. - Madonna's musicianship is often underrated, even by her own fans. The general public is probably not aware that she started out in a rock band, that she can play some instruments, that she's a classically trained dancer or that she's a consummate songwriter since her first album. Also, she has come a looong way since the "Minnie Mouse on helium" days. Not a powerhouse vocalist but she can definitely carry a tune. - "Papa Don't Preach" is her best music video. No flashy budget, just great, effective storytelling. - Who's That Girl Tour is her performing peak. She didn't have the massive production but she totally carried the show with her live vocals, the live band, the energetic dancing and the killer setlist. - "Dear Jessie" and "Cherish" kill the vibe of the Like A Prayer album, therefore I can't consider it her very best. - Something To Remember should be considered an essential Madonna album. Whoever came up with the idea of a ballad compilation is a genius. - Evita is her biggest career triumph. She proved all her naysayers wrong once and for all and delivered a stellar performance, vocally and acting-wise, further cementing her legend status. She deserved an Oscar nomination / win. - Music deserves as much recognition as Ray Of Light. The cyber-cowgirl aesthetic, mixing classic Americana with futuristic electronica - just brilliant. - Mirwais is the best producer she has ever worked with. Music, American Life, Madame X >>> t.heir work together always turns out to be interesting and experimental. - I would've traded the Drowned World Tour for her to play the role of Velma Kelly in Chicago. - Swept Away is by the far the worst thing she has ever been in. Second is that humiliating "STAR" BMW commercial. Damn you, Guy Ritchie!. - Hard Candy was NOT a flop like some fans claim. All things considered, it did better than past albums released in a much healthier sales climate, such as American Life, Erotica or Bedtime Stories. Although I'm sure it would've sold more copies with a less jarring / amateur artwork. - Warner probably had way more influence on her European radio success than we are aware of. It's suspicious how the U.K dropped her after 30 years as soon as she signed with Interscope (#3 Celebration > #37 Give Me All Your Luvin) - Sticky & Sweet is one of the best tours ever, by any artist. None of the current pop stars (sans Beyoncé) could pull off such a high-energy show at age 50. Most 20 year olds would be gasping for air after the "Into The Groove" jump rope segment. - Biggest missed opportunity: Not submitting "Masterpiece" for Best Original Song at the Oscars. It was a surefire win since the only competition was a Muppets song. - "W.E" is a visually stunning film. - MDNA is a solid dance album and one her most personal records if you pay attention to some of its lyrics chronicling her divorce. - The Gaga "feud" backfired. M could've been positively introduced to a new generation of baby gays but instead, some Little Monsters hold a grudge against Madonna fans to this day and viceversa. - Madame X is better than many of her "classic" albums, such as Like A Virgin, which in my opinion, its only held to a higher regard for its commercial success and cultural importance.
  3. I consider "This Used To Be My Playground" a nostalgic, fitting end to the first chapter of Madonna's legendary career (1982-1992). This song was arguably the culmination of her Imperial Phase, a decade as an untouchable pop goddess that radio would eat up no matter what she released, whether it be a spoken-word poem about sex (#1 Justify My Love), a swing / jazz tune (#10 Hanky Hanky) or a 5-minute orchestral ballad (#1 Playground). Every song she recorded turned into gold and she could get away with controversy seamlessly up to that point - until Sex was released of course. Then it started Chapter 2 (1992-2002), a fascinating, experimental period where she was no longer immune to failure but ultimately cemented her status as a living legend. But back to your original question, yes "This Used To Be My Playground" was a smash Top 10 hit everywhere except New Zealand (#14). It's forgotten because Madonna never performed it and it's admittedly not very radio-friendly. A League Of Their Own will always be a bonafide classic, though!.
  4. Rolling Stone magazine convened a poll of more than 250 artists, musicians, and producers — from Angelique Kidjo to Zedd, Sam Smith to Megan Thee Stallion, M. Ward to Bill Ward — as well as figures from the music industry and leading critics and journalists. They each sent in a ranked list of their top 50 songs, and this is the result. The Queen Of Pop has three entries. Are you satisfied with these entries? 55. Madonna, 'Like a Prayer' 139. Madonna, 'Vogue' 161. Madonna, 'Into The Groove' Full list: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-songs-of-all-time-1224767/
  5. Well, she has certainly changed physically but in many ways, she is still the same. I don't look at her pre-2008 career with rose-colored glasses. As iconic and entertaining as it is, she was absolutely insufferable as a person in Truth Or Dare. Mean, rude and often insensitive. And we still loved her for it. She was a diva. Tongue-in-cheek. Bitch, she's Madonna. If that David Letterman interview happened today, I bet most fans would say she's going senile and losing the plot. Back then, she was a badass standing up for herself. Bitch, she's fucking Madonna. Today, she's being accussed of being obsessed with altering her appearance, desperately trying to remain hot, young and desirable. Again, not surprising coming from the same woman that exposed her body parts on Sex and whose biggest hit is an ode to beauty and glamour. The thing is, her narcissistic traits have always been present in her work and we usually loved her for it. I just think most fans have a problem with her latest incarnations because 1. She is much older now, hence her overt sexuality is deemed "inappropiate" and "embarrasing" 2. She is no longer the commercial force she used to be. The Guy Ritchie years are romanticized because the music was great and she was "aging gracefully" back then, as per society's standards. Well, maybe the divorce did affect her confidence. Or maybe maybe this is who she has been all along before the rise of social media. Who knows. I'm not trying to psychoanalyze Madonna. I just think it's disingenuous to label her latest behavior as "erratic" and comparing her to a literal pedophile when she has always been, eh, a little out there for most people. This was the perfect occasion to celebrate her outstanding longevity and instead, we got yet another thread about her ass. Oh well.
  6. I...did not expect so many negative reactions in this thread. I thought the opening sequence was brilliant. The nod to New York City, the classic "$35 dollars and a dream" story and watching all those iconic videos displayed at once in Times Square really put into context everything she has achieved in the past 40 years. It dawned on me that it will never be another megastar like Madonna and once again, it remind me of the sheer magnitude of her legacy. As for the actual appearance, I respect that she took the time out of her day to give MTV some credit. The cheering from the Gen Z crowd - that most definitely wasn't old enough to experience her peak - was almost like a victory lap. They might not know much about her career but they sure know she is a living legend. And there she is, four decades later, still dressed in typical Madonna fashion, only older and more experienced. She's no longer 'like a virgin' but a seasoned industry veteran. Not an ambitious 'lucky star' but an indisputable icon. It made me feel weirdly nostalgic and I'm so grateful to still have her around because the thought of a world without Madonna is sad. Having Cyndi in the same building only added up to the nostalgia, even when admittedly I wasn't old enough to experience the 80s. I expected most fans to recognize the cultural importance of this 40th career anniversary but instead, most comments go from off topic criticism (the quality of her music in the past 10 years) to personal attacks (divorce did a number on her, her lack of confidence, her plastic surgery) and plain offensive assumptions (she is a raging alcoholic or has a drug problem because of her Instagram posts). Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should all be sycophants "Yasss Queen"-ing at her every move move but you know what year is it? It's 2021. Madonna is not longer a chart-topping pop star but a legacy act. She’s one of the few lucky survivors from the MTV era. From now on, physically demanding tours will be more infrequent and her brand will mostly focus on celebrating her past achievements, with only occasional new music for her niche fanbase. I think holding her up to the same standards from 15-20 years ago is not only ridiculous but unfair. Our girl is older now. Of course she will have insecurities as an ageing sex symbol in the limelight but I don’t think she has changed that much on the inside, actually. She's still provocative and polarizing. She still refuses to be what society expects her to be. She's still passionate as ever about her newest projects. And I think that ageing on her own terms will be her last powerful statement. If you think about it, her outfit looks straight out of the Erotica era and her attention-getting ways are no different than the bratty 31 year old woman from Truth Or Dare. But I guess for some fans that behavior doesn’t look as appealing now that Madonna is 63. Too much for society being more open-minded and progressive.
  7. @WhitePanda First of all, congrats on your incredible work! I hope you know your creations are highly revered among the fanbase :). I would love to see your reimagining of Celebration (2009). I know some fans weren't too happy with that release but since it is Madonna's "ultimate hits collection" I think there's so much material there for you to create a truly amazing box set, worthy of the Queen Of Pop. Just think of the possibilities ...
  8. Wow, thanks for the reply! This is a very informative post. On one hand, I respect the idea that Madonna probably still sees herself as a current artist focused in the present who doesn’t need to constantly remind people about her prime (Alanis, Bonnie, Spice Girls, Cyndi, etc. had fairly short-lived commercial runs, so they pretty much have no choice) but on the other hand, I agree that is questionable that the catalogue of someone as wealthy and culturally significant as the Queen Of Pop isn't preserved in the highest quality possible. Maybe that will change with the upcoming biopic campaign, though. Despite the randomness of it all, I think the digital maxi singles and the video upscales are leading into her "legacy" era.
  9. From what I have heard, it's an expensive and difficult process, considering most of her videos were not originally shot on 35mm film but I think a more knowledgeable fan could explain the process better I think landmark music videos like "Vogue" and "Like A Prayer" deserve to be enjoyed in full 4k glory but I'll take a 1080p upscale if it's done tastefully (her team did a great job with "Papa Don't Preach" and "Cherish", credit where credit is due). That being said, "Bedtime Story", "Material Girl" and "Dress You Up" were exhibited in theaters back in the day, so the 35mm film reels DO exist somewhere and it can be done if they ever find them. https://www.avsforum.com/threads/35mm-music-videos-to-blu-ray-e-g-madonna.1450601/ And there's also the soundtrack singles ("Into The Groove", "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", "Crazy For You"). The original movies are already available on 1080p Blu-Ray, they just need to recreate the music videos.
  10. What's up with the morbid threads as of lately?
  11. This is such a tired trope to dismiss her actual musical talents. It really speaks volumes of our sexist society when "she's good at selling sex" and "good business woman" are the only back-handed compliments that some people (generally grown men) are willing to give her. Yes, the woman is a sex symbol and clearly loves the attention but I don't think Madonna has ever been the stereotypical bimbo who caters to the male gaze and has nothing of importance to say. Her sexuality has often been agressive, confrontational and political. She was actually very brave for challenging gender norms and pushing the boundaries in our hypocritical society, especially during the puritanical 80s and 90s. You simply don't become one of the best-selling, highest-grossing and most-acclaimed musicians of all time because of your looks. In that case, Samantha Fox would be the one inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Like, is it really that hard to believe that Madonna sold 350 million records because people *gasp* actually like her music?. Please excuse the rant but this media narrative is unfair and frankly disrespectful.
  12. Apart from radio play and collecting purposes, edits are useful for compilation albums. An audio CD is designed to hold up to 80 minutes of music and for example, if Madonna's Celebration replaced the album versions with shorter single edits, you could probably fit 2-4 more tracks (Holiday, Like A Prayer, Material Girl, La Isla Bonita, Papa Don't Preach, Burning Up, Who's That Girl, Frozen, Take A Bow, Live To Tell, Beautiful Stranger, Hollywood, Die Another Day). And GHV2 is an interesting case because they used single edits but there was still enough space for 13 minutes of music (at least 3 more hits).
  13. When I think of "Madonna", this photo comes to mind Feminist. Powerful. Fierce. Athletic. Fashionable. Iconic. The epitome of Blond Ambition at her peak. I actually think it would work very well as a movie poster for the upcoming biopic!. I must add I am surprised no one posted that popular "Vogue" photo! It's quintessential Madonna.
  14. One that got popular: Like A Virgin Fan favorite: Confessions On A Dance Floor Experimental: Madame X Cult classic: Erotica Best album of all time: Ray Of Light Meh: Hard Candy
  15. Madonna is a global icon with an incredibly diverse fanbase, so I thought it would be interesting to know which of her songs are the most popular around the world. Some interesting facts: In Japan, "Miles Away" became the best-selling digital single of 2008 after being featured in the Fuji Television japanese drama, Change. The song won three trophies at the 23rd Japan Gold Disc Awards. In Russia, "Masterpiece" peaked at #1 and became the 6th most successful song of 2012 with 409k radio plays (1.3M overall). "Give It 2 Me" comes second with 816k plays in total. In Philippines, "Crazy For You" is arguably her biggest classic. Several Filipino acts have recorded remakes, including Sponge Cola in 2004, Michael Cruz in 2005 and MYMP in 2006. In Brazil, "Spanish Eyes" was her 15th most played song during the 2007-2012, according to ECAD. That means more spins than "Papa Don't Preach" (#16), "Vogue" (#17) or "Into The Groove" (#22). So which Madonna songs do you hear more frequently in your country ?
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