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  1. Happy anniversary, Queen. What an amazing career !.
  2. Unfortunately, there's no truth to this rumour. Mediamass is a satirical website known for fake news. https://en.mediamass.net/people/madonna/new-album.html
  3. It's out there! Hopefully we will get more pictures soon
  4. I know streaming isn't the be-all and end-all but it's a pretty good indicator of what is popular right now, so I combined her streams (Youtube + Spotify) and it goes something like this. -Signature song (800M+): La Isla Bonita. -Mega classics (200M+): Hung Up, Material Girl, Like A Prayer, Like A Virgin, Vogue, Frozen, Papa Don't Preach, 4 Minutes, Holiday. -Classics (80M+): Into The Groove, Crazy For You, Live To Tell, Sorry, True Blue, Open Your Heart, Music, Borderline, The Power Of Good-Bye, Express Yourself, Give It 2 Me, Celebration. -Underrated (40M+): Ray Of Light, Take A Bow, Don't Cry For Me Argentina, Lucky Star, Don't Tell Me, Jump, Dress You Up, Justify My Love, American Pie, Die Another Day, Secret.
  5. According to this website, they are reissuing the mega rare "Erotica" Picture Disc for the 30th anniversary. What do we think?. Release Date: 2022.10.21. Barcode: 0603497837618 https://mgrecords.hu/node/264156
  6. "Erotica" Picture Disc in the works? Release Date: 2022.10.21. Barcode: 0603497837618 https://mgrecords.hu/node/264156
  7. Slightly off-topic but I'm also intrigued by that compilation! Seems very comprehensive, I wouldn't mind a Madonna version.
  8. Japan is "low" because that's the chart from August 15 to August 21. #40 with only 3 days of sales is actually impressive. We'll see how it holds up next Tuesday but both versions are in the Top 10 best-sellers of the week in CDJapan .
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