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  1. Great news! So many casual fans have been waiting for this to complete their collection. Hopefully "Hard Candy" and "Celebration" are next.
  2. From ATRL: "Description of the song: The song is really nice, has a beat that reminds a bit of pharrells/neptunes early 00's (and also a bit of Janet's island life lol). Madonna's vocals are a bit weird, her voices seems way too low/deep, but as a whole is a pretty good offering. summery, maybe the closest that the weeknd has been to a pop/mainstream sound in a while".
  3. The Weeknd f/ Madonna & Playboi Carti - "Popular" (3:35) New single dropping on June 2nd from THE IDOL soundtrack Vol 1. Abel Tesfaye on Twitter: "The Idol Vol. 1 ALBUM PRE-ORDER this Friday! + new Single with @playboicarti / @Madonna : https://t.co/7NToxfKdhc https://t.co/IeJZVfiTfn" / Twitter Snippet: https://twitter.com/Kurrco/status/1660893199542497281?t=l3j_XvBuDV4_WwxO47L7Rw&s=19
  4. The MLVC mailing list archive is available online https://web.archive.org/web/20050306231958/http://mlvc.org/digests/ It's fascinating to read how fans reacted to Bedtime Stories, Evita and Ray Of Light back then.
  5. Words from a reliable insider from ATRL (BlackoutZone). - very.. vulgar - it's a new song - Short, aggressive, confident spoken-word dance track with dramatic strings and a drop. It's so bad...But I kinda can't get it out of my head.
  6. Pics from the inside of the gatefold
  7. "The Immaculate Collection" is now available in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music
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