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  1. No but seriously, I wish for Madonna and her family to be safe at home in these trying times. Maybe start writing songs for the next project while she recovers from her knee injury.
  2. “Something’s Coming Over Me” was later re-titled “Secret” and “I Will Always Have You” was later re-titled “Inside of Me” ,do you think there's drastic differences from the early demos? Anyhow, hopefully we'll hear those 80s unreleased demos someday.
  3. Karma

    THIS IS AMAZING, omg. Thank you for preserving her legacy, let me subscribe.
  4. Thank you so much! Amazing results. Can you please post the "Secret" video ?
  5. Karma

    I like every song on LAP except "Dear Jessie" and "Oh Father", although I respect their inclusion in the context of the album. That musical transition from childlike innocence to overcoming family trauma is brilliant. I'd say it's her most autobiographical record, she addresses her catholic upbringing (Like A Prayer, Pray For Spanish Eyes, Act Of Contrition), relationship goals (Express Yourself, Love Song, Cherish), family (Promise To Try, Keep It Together) and the male authoritative figures in her life (Til Death Do Us Part, Oh Father). Again, "Dear Jessie" sticks out like a sore thumb but it works as a lightweight psychedelic lullaby among the heavier songs. Like A Prayer is not my fave 80s album, maybe it just hasn't clicked with me yet but I reckon it's culturally important and arguably the most prolific period of Madonna's career ("Like A Prayer" Pepsi controversy, most expensive video ever "Express Yourself", "Vogue", Dick Tracy, Blond Ambition Tour, The Immaculate Collection, Truth Or Dare - back to back epicness!).
  6. In 2000, Madonna's "Music" was released as a limited edition hardback hessian book pack, with a burnished copper title plate and an integral 24-page colour booklet for the American retail market (does not include the track "American Pie"). The CD was released with four different colour variations: black (the rarest), beige , grey & rose. If you own this rare release, which colour is your favorite? Is it worth the price trying to collect all four - any recomendations ?.
  7. Karma

    Beautiful Stranger is the textbook definition of pop perfection. She was just effortlessly cool during this era!
  8. Express Yourself (Remix) Burning Up Like A Virgin Like A Prayer Holiday
  9. Rain Secret Vogue Take A Bow Justify My Love Her most artistic period, for sure.
  10. Karma

    Ray Of Light is one of the best albums by any artist. It's her masterpiece. Like A Prayer has two of her greatest songs but I happen to enjoy the dance remixes on The Immaculate Collection better (heresy, I know!). Confessions is a great cohesive project but Like A Virgin and True Blue are definitely more iconic.
  11. Karma

    Spy Magazine (1992) You can find almost every magazine cover on Matthew Rettenmund's MLVC60 book, expensive but oh so worth it.
  12. Karma

    Madame X would be up there if it wasn't for this unexcusable mess on the 2 CD edition. I'd say these are some of the best
  13. Song: Like A Virgin Video: Material Girl
  14. Eh, I think she performed that song in character, from the perspective of Breathless Mahoney. Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the movie but Breathless flirts with Dick Tracy unashamedly throughout the movie. She lies down on the desk seductively and tries to kiss him, but he doesn’t kiss her back because he's a gentleman and loves his fiancé Tess ("I hear you still say, love yourself"). Dick never took advantage of her like the rest and I think that made Breathless fall in love with him ("I let people buy my love and I never got to sing my songs for you"). In the final scene of the movie, Breathless is dying and asks Tracy is he loved her, he responds by kissing her ("we weren't meant to be, at least not in this lifetime"). She was a villain but at the end of the day, she just wanted to be loved.