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  1. I never understood the criticism. She's not a classically-trained vocal powerhouse but I don't think you need vocal acrobatics to deliver a great recording, especially in popular music. Madonna's voice is feminine, sexy, energetic and full of personality - a match made in pop heaven. Not to mention she had perfect diction (before the grills). Also, she's an incredibly versatile performer. Just listen to "Material Girl", "Papa Don't Preach", "Justify My Love" and "Don't Cry For Me Argentina". They are all so radically different from one another musically and thematically, that it's crazy to think they're from the same artist but Madonna sells those songs with such conviction that you believe in the characters she's portraying. Now imagine a technically superior singer like Patti LuPone trying to pull off "Erotica" or "Like A Virgin" convincingly...Madonna's chameleon-like ability to successfully adapt her voice to almost any music genre proves that in fact, she does have the range, lol.
  2. Not to go off topic but when it comes to these major film studios, I think popular acclaim ($$$) is more important than critical acclaim. I would love for her to win an Oscar but I'm keeping my expectations realistic. The Freddie Mercury biopic received mixed reviews (60/100) but the audience loved it and the film grossed one billion dollars, so I imagine that filling those theatre seats will be the top priority for Universal. As for Madonna's directorial skills, I initially had my reservations but this is her autobiography after all, she knows the subject of the film better than any man ever could, so I think the outcome will be very interesting, to say the least. She has an incredible catalog of hits and that's something even her detractors can agree with, all she needs to do is to pick an experienced actress and let the music speak for itself.
  3. That Youtube commenter is NOT a teenager, lol. Anyways, I didn't mean to sound triggered. My original post was a rethorical question. I think many people are blissfully unaware of Madonna's legacy simply because they are not exposed to it. I don't buy that this is just a generational thing. I was born during the Ray Of Light era and didn't get to experience most of her career until the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show sparked my interest. That being said, I was very well aware of her legendary status way before getting into her music, just like I knew about Michael Jackson, Elvis or The Beatles. She's the Queen Of Pop, for God's sake, not some obscure underground artist. So it does feel odd reading these comments of people not knowing who she is or what she has done. Maybe it's her fault, her team's fault or simply an American thing but her legacy deserves better. I do hope that the biopic will reintroduce Madonna to a new generation, as it did wonders for Queen and Elton John.
  4. Not to bring more negativity into this thread but I still can't process this comment by one of his fans Is this generation really THAT ignorant about Madonna's career / achievements? My God. I guess the upside is that he implied that Madonna looks 13 years younger, lol. Anyways, the instrumental is a blatant ripoff of "Into The Groove". They deserve proper credit.
  5. Are we psychoanalyzing an Instagram account now? Lol. She's just playing the social media game. Instagram is full of influencers flaunting their wealthy lifestyle and promoting unrealistic beauty standards, but that's exactly why it's so popular. Most people don't want "real", they want an inside scoop into the glamorous lives of the rich and famous. It's all an illusion. And of course she wants attention, she's a pop(ular) star. I mean, she has said so herself recently during the 50 Cent debacle. Anyone implying that she must have some type of problem because she posts filtered photos is misguided. Nobody posts unflattering photos of themselves on the Internet, no matter how confident they might be, and she's not forced to tone down her sexuality just because she's 63. Her Instagram stats have been improving since she hired a professional photographer to curate her page, and personally, I find it more visually appealing than the bad-lighting selfies she used to post during the Rebel Heart era. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. You can't please everyone.
  6. It has to be said...There's problematic undertones to some fans being vehemently repulsed by the idea of Madonna working with rappers. I have seen these type of comments not only on forums but on her Facebook page as well. The Swae Lee criticism is particularly ironic because "Crave" is one of the poppiest songs from Madame X but I guess some people assume that a black collaborator = a "rap" song. The truth is that Madonna has never made a hip-hop record but she has always been heavily influenced by black artists and their sound, from Madonna and Like A Virgin to Bedtime Stories and Hard Candy. Obviously you don't have to applaud everything she does but you would think that Madonna fans should be a little more open-minded by now, no? She used to be celebrated for her reinventions and versatility but as of lately, I have seen more and more fans that want her to remain stagnant, to the point of going back to her past (white) producers. And while I would totally be on board with another "Hung Up" or "Like A Prayer" sized hit, the Facebook comments implying that rap music is apparently beneath her do rub me the wrong way and they could be construed as racial microagressions. Anyway, on a brighter note, 2022 is shaping up to be a good year for Madonna fans. 40th career anniversary, new music, new biopic and the long-awaited reissues. Fingers crossed for more good things to come.
  7. Keep streaming the "Frozen" remix! It keeps rising on Spotify + it would've been Top 30 on Itunes without the Christmas songs
  8. She's both, as she herself has implied in 1989. “I consider it a challenge to make a commercial that has some sort of artistic value. I like the challenge of merging art and commerce". And there's also that famous Like A Prayer quote by Rolling Stone magazine "As for her image, well, you may see her navel on the inner sleeve, but what you hear once you get inside the package is as close to art as pop music gets". Madonna has built a career out of experimentation and taking risks but she is also as mainstream and popular as it gets ("Queen Of Pop"). Her shows are full of artistic references but they're also accessible enough to connect with the masses. This is not a recent occurrence. She has always managed to mix art and commerce, just take a look at her Warhol-inspired True Blue album cover or her classic music videos.
  9. I just want to mention two (minor) mistakes that are particularly frustrating to me because they were totally preventable. 1. The Oscar that got away. Yes, she has two Best Original Song winners in her catalog ("Sooner Or Later", "You Must Love Me") but I still can't fathom how she was denied a co-writing credit. And when she finally had a surefire win in the bag ("Masterpiece") - in a year with virtually no competition - her team fucked it up again by making it ineligible (the song wasn't used either in the body of the film or as the “first music cue” in the closing credits). A missed opportunity. 2. The Top 10 hits that got away. From a chart perspective, Warner missed out on at least 3 additional Top 10 hits in the United States ("Into The Groove", "Beautiful Stranger" and "American Pie").They should've been released commercially. The fact the "Angel" 12" vinyl and the "Austin Powers" soundtrack sold extremely well it's a clear indicator that people were eager to own those songs.
  10. You need an account to view the thread but here's the full comment Impossible Princess - There is a bit of a thing between VMP and Kylie's team. VMP has rights to all of Sony / BMG legacy material on request and this is where IP lives (Hence why we saw them do TLC and JLO vinyl releases). Kylie's team wants to issue this (Mastered) on their label. Fever Vinyl's are still coming but due to a error on the website they allowed 1000 more copies then what they had. This issue has been resolved however delivery times are missing due to XMAS. George Michael Family members are the issue with development with these releases. Talks are improving. There is a lot of unreleased material to get through here. Madonna Reissue campaign to begin very early 2022. There is an unreleased album being teased between American Life and Confessions which could see a release. Abba And Adele Vinyls Stock is running very low of these. Order now or wait till next year. Taylor Swift 2 New Re-Recorded Albums coming in 2022. My guess is 1989 and reputation.
  11. Well, I hope he is reliable! He also posted about upcoming vinyl pressings by Kylie, ABBA and George Michael.
  12. Take it with a grain of salt but this was posted by an "insider" on the ATRL forum >Reissue campaign to begin very early 2022. There is an unreleased album being teased between American Life and Confessions which could see a release. >The Madonna reissue project is huge! The announcement was big and then nothing however it will be worth the wait! Madonna fans are gonna be broke!
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