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  1. I just wanna say that I love the way that you stan Madame X, that album is a masterpiece and you SHOULD say it, yasss@Shoful!
  2. From an objective standpoint, I'd pick 1. Madonna - The album that established her as primarily as a dance-pop artist, the most representative music genre throughout her career (Confessions On A Dance Floor, Hard Candy, MDNA, Like A Virgin, True Blue). 2. Like A Prayer - Her first conceptual album, when she officially became an "adult" artist and proved her abbility to tackle political and social themes through her work (Erotica, Bedtime Stories, American Life, Rebel Heart, Madame X). 3. Ray Of Light - The album that opened the doors for radical cutting-edge sonic experime
  3. Not to dimiss Elton's amazing achievements but let's keep in mind he had less Spotify listeners than Madonna before "Rocketman". His streaming numbers increased exponentially after that movie and the Diamonds compilation is his first platinum-certified album in the U.S since the 2000's. This is why the upcoming Madonna biopic is such a big deal, it has the potential to redefine her legacy for decades to come - let's hope for the best outcome. On-topic, this is an U.S based list, so I'm not really surprised Madonna is not higher. It is what it is but she hasn't had significant support
  4. Everything about "Papa Don't Preach" is iconic in the true sense of the word but I have a soft spot for "Live To Tell", she looks like an ethereal movie star channeling the vulnerability of Monroe and it was such a risky visual reinvention after the mammoth success of Like A Virgin.
  5. Yes! Let's hope the HD remasters and the digital maxi singles are a sign of good things to come leading up to the biopic! Baby steps but this is how you preserve a legacy.
  6. Yikes, this thread took a disgusting turn. The discussion isn't even about the music anymore, it's basically an excuse to psychoanalyze Madonna's behavior and shame her for her current looks, bad choices on romantic partners or even for her parenting skills. This forum used to be a great alternative to the toxicity of other websites, it's a shame really. I think we all want Madonna to be as happy and successful as possible but some of these comments are just way out of line, she is not our fucking friend. On-topic: I am extremely excited for the biopic era and I hope it turns out to be a
  7. Not 100% sure if this channel is legit but it appears Warner Music Latina (Mexico) uploaded an official 4k remaster of "4 Minutes". Should we request more Madonna videos in the comments section? https://twitter.com/warnermusiclat
  8. - Scoring global hits into her 50s like "4 Minutes", "Give It 2 Me", "Celebration", "Girl Gone Wild" and "GMAYL". - The record-breaking Sticky & Sweet Tour. - The artistic MDNA Tour. - Rocco drama aside, you could tell she was really enjoying herself during the Rebel Heart Tour, especially during the acoustic section with the surpise songs. - The Superbowl Halftime Show, the most watched in history at the time. - "Bitch I'm Madonna" smashing on YouTube 33 years into her career, - The extensive Rebel Heart promo tour + gorgeous magazine covers. - Nearly 40
  9. @chaseturtlebasically everything apart from GHV2 (the picture disc is a bootleg) and the Evita soundtrack had an official vinyl release. The 2009 Celebration 4 LP set is by far the rarest and the most expensive of the bunch, followed by 2012 MDNA and 2008 Hard Candy. You can find the rest for a decent price on Ebay, Discogs or Amazon.
  10. The Queen of Pop is directing, producing and co-writing the movie about her rise to fame, so I thought it'd be fun to speculate about the title of the upcoming biopic Would you like an iconic reference that encompasses Madonna's career like Bohemian Rhapsody or Rocketman? Vote for your ideal Madonna movie title down below and if you want to be extra creative, please share your poster ideas or casting choices
  11. Click your username @dead or alive> Account settings > Password > Confirm New Password
  12. I love this positive thread ! The Interscope have been rough for Madonna fans but when we look at the bright side of things, she did great for a veteran artist over 50. 2010's Madonna recap: - 4M albums sold (pure sales). - $560 million touring gross. - 10 #1s on the Billboard Dance Club Chart. - 2016 Billboard Woman Of The Year. - Top 10 in YouGov's Most Admired Women List. - Super Bowl Halftime Show performance set a record with 114 million viewers (higher than the viewership of the game itself). - MDNA (2012) was the twelfth best-selling album of 2012
  13. Miley is a fantastic, versatile singer but her country twang would be a challenge, her accent is too distinguishable. She can pull it off if she really studies her character like Madonna did for Evita, otherwise Margot Robbie seems like the safer choice.
  14. @Lucky90210wow, do you have a download link of your project in HQ? Amazing photos.
  15. This is so exciting! I remember being overwhelmed when I started to dig into her mammoth discography but she's truly the greatest. I'd say you should listen to them chronologically, - The best way to enjoy "Hard Candy" is watching the high-energy Sticky & Sweet Tour. Still the highest-grossing female tour of all time and a blast from beggining to end. - "MDNA" is the polarizing EDM record full of bops (think Gaga's ARTPOP). - "Rebel Heart" is a mixed bag with a modern Top 40 pop sound and a lot of references to her past work. - "Madame X" is an experimental multicultura
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