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  1. This reissue of Thriller worried me a bit, maybe it was naive of me but I took it for granted that since Warner/Rhino were in charge of the Super Deluxe Editions of Prince, they would follow the same pattern and level of quality with Madonna but look the differences between Thriller 40 and Purple Rain Tour Live (both released by Sony/Epic Records)... Obviously the artists (or their Estates) will make decisions on releases but for some reason I thought the Super Deluxe Editions of Prince were very much the work of Warner/Rhino. Maybe it's just MJ Estate doing as little work as possible to fulfill the distribution contract with Sony and saving the Super Deluxe Editions and the biopic to negotiate with another label or with Sony again, idk.
  2. I was looking for some legacy artists/bands and made a list of monthly listeners, there may be some missing but I think almost all of them are here, they are the acts with the most total streams according to chartmasters and several of them are in the weekly global spotify lists. The list is pre-1995 and not pre-2000 because it doesn't seem fair to me to compare Eminem (#13) to Paul McCartney or Britney Spears (#111) to Donna Summer just because they released an album 3 or 2 years before it ended the 20th century, I may be wrong but I personally consider them artists of the 21st century and I think they should be compared with artists of this century or post-1995 artists. Spotify Monthly Listeners (feb 21, 2022): #16 Elton John (51M) #46 Queen (36,2M) #91 Michael Jackson (27,8M) #108 The Beatles (25,3M) #110 Snoop Dogg (25,3M) #148 Fleetwood Mac (22,1M) #149 AC/DC (22,1M) #171 Whitney Houston (20,4M) #178 Nirvana (20,2M) #179 Guns N Roses (20,1M) #190 The Rolling Stones (19,3M) #192 Madonna (19,2M) #193 Bon Jovi (19,2M) #203 2Pac (18,8M) #228 Metallica (17,6M) #229 ABBA (17,5M) #233 U2 (17,3M) #243 The Notorious B.I.G. (16,8M) #245 Bee Gees (16,7M) #251 Phill Collins (16,4M) #263 Aerosmith (16,1M) #264 David Bowie (16,1M) #269 Stevie Wonder (15,9M) #279 Led Zeppelin (15,6M) #284 Creedence (15,1M) #306 Radiohead (14,5M) #328 Pink Floyd (14M) #337 Bob Marley & The Wailers (12,7M) #338 George Michael (13,7M) #261 Mariah Carey (16,1M) #351 Celine Dion (13,4M) #354 Bruce Springteen (13,3M) #370 Elvis Presley (12,8M) #476 Frank Sinatra (10,9) #489 Cyndi Lauper (10,7M) I also checked Janet and Prince profiles but everything indicates that they are not in the top 500.
  3. I understand what you're saying but even taking into account the global pandemic and the Oscar nominations... I can't see these numbers as anything other than flop: King Richard Budget: 50M Box Office: 33.4M Respect Budget: 55M Box Office: 31.8M Spencer Budget: 18M Box Office: 19.9M I know that Madonna is not a big-grossing movie star and expectations are low but those numbers are disastrous, if her box office is going to be something like that, I prefer the biopic to remain in an eternal "soon" phase...
  4. This year biopics of Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston and the Bee Gees are supposed to be released. I wouldn't be surprised if Madonna keeps an eye on how they work to decide if she does a movie or a series. The biopics of Aretha Franklin, Lady Diana and King Richard were flops, if the biopics coming out this year go the same way, it'll be time to do a series unless she want to wait and see if MJ can revive interest in the genre. In the event that she wants to wait and the MJ's biopic turns out to be a success, it wouldn't seem like a bad idea to try to replicate what happened with Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, Elton's biopic would have done much worse if it hadn't been released after Bohemian Rhapsody, taking advantage of all the hype that the film created around the biopics. Obviously no one knows how MJ's biopic will work out, it can be a big success or a big flop, he's very controversial.
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