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  1. I enjoyed that little interview. And am 100% on board for Rejects/Cutting Room Floor. It would be so fucking cool if the Pride show was something outdoors and free, but won't hold my breath. Imagine if she had shown up to back to back Pride's during the 80's- early 00's....Officer! We were robbed!
  2. Thawed Hoes Dub available exclusively with limited edition MX Ice Tray. Japan only release. 5 copies.
  3. I will never understand how he hasn't been asked to at least do official remixes for her. I've listened to his mix of IDSIF more than anything else from the MX era. His "Erotica" mix is incredible too.
  4. "Bobby Brown got arrested for fuckin' on stage!" "Hope he's there when I get there..."
  5. I would have paid top dollar to hear Esther read from the Torah and tell us the ways in which we would burn for eternity if we didn't stop gossiping. Now, not so much.
  6. Leave it to Madonna to complete the Artpop app. Reverse warholian 4d shade.
  7. I always wondered why there were 2 different mixes! I too hated the first one lol. It just sounded empty and unfinished. Loved the Hands in The Air Mix. Though the Vission mix was a MONSTER here in NYC. I always assumed they were hand picked by Madonna or her A&R because of how huge they were at that time. The first time I actually heard of Thunderpuss was picking up a CD maxi single at Tower Records for a cover of "Live To Tell" by ~Blonde Ambition~. Back when little dance labels were doing dance covers of pop songs and the names of the artists were always a play on the original artists' names. Everyone always points to their mix of Whitney's "It's Not Right But It's Okay" as the mix that put them on the map, and they are right. It was humongous. BUT, there wouldn't have been that mix if Hosh Guerelli hadn't heard their mix of Billy Myer's "Kiss The Rain" and commisioned them to remix Whitney. That was their real first big hit. Those 90's /early 00's remixes not getting any royalties is...whew.... I hope he does more of these. I loved their GHV2 megamixes and the "Vogue" mix Barry did around Rebel Heart era. Thunderpuss was a moment in time. Whether you liked them or not, they worked with EVERYBODY and their sound is still instantly recognizable.
  8. Never heard that Headcleanr mix of Miles Away til today. It's ~miles better than that awful Aaron LaCrate B More Mix that somehow got Track 1 on the maxi single. "Love Profusion" was my favorite of their mixes. I've always loved when she mixes in a little rock into the dance stuff.
  9. I'm not sure exactly what you mean would be cute. Her support of Dave Chapelle or if she were to say she agreed with any of JK Rowling's points? Some people in the ballroom community have always felt that she was a culture vulture. Other prominent fixtures of the scene feel differently, including the two Xtravaganzas she worked closely with, Jose & Luis, and Willi Ninja, Junior LaBeija among others. I think both camps make valid points.
  10. I've had my issues with M Dolla lately, but this is one where she has my full support. The far right and far left have both dragged her forever and she will never win them over. Fuck em. I wouldn't be surprised if people start labeling her a Terf too. Let her defend one thing JK Rowling said and watch the witch hunt start. There are some things Dave has said that I disagree with and some things I agree with. But the older I get the more I don't fully agree with anyone on anything. Even Madonna. Not a fan of censorship. Or ideologies that if you disagree on one thing you are labeled "phobic" or a bigot or should be permanently silenced and receive death threats. The US Supreme Court is about to send all of us back to the dark ages. People are going to wish they lightened up, had a little bit of a sense of humor, and stuck together more. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Causing a Commotion Get Together (James Holden Mix) or Power of Goodbye (Luke Slater Mix)?
  12. A collection of new remixes of her back catalog is something I've wanted for about 20 years now. Stuart came close with everything he did to the classics during the Confessions era. I really wanted it in 2003. Imagine Peter (ripπŸ’”) and Victor taking on 80's and early 90's classics...ugh! Would still be very exciting today with the right people involved. But we'd probably end up with "Finally Enough Drugs: 50 #1's (mixed by Sickkick)" But I'm not complaining at all! With the leaks of all the acapellas and stems over the years, the fans have made some incredible new mixes and mashups of the classics.
  13. Agreed. Was never a fan of most of Tracy's mixes. I DO really like her Chill Out mix of WIFLFAG. And her Hung Up mix isn't bad. Have never been a huge fan of Offer either, but I love his mix of God Control. It's nice seeing Junior be a part of this. She could have gone for alternate mixes because of their history, but acknowledging him here is pretty cool. Vission's unreleased mix of "Music" is my favorite of the official mixes. That breakdown! His Die Another Day mix is fantastic too. Come to think of it, everything he worked on still sounds good. I miss Peter. Always knocked it out of the park. If I could hear anyone revise her entire catalog it would have been him. I would have loved to hear Calderone's take on "Nothing Really Matters".
  14. Same tbh. But if people throwing money at it makes for more interesting releases in the future then I'm all for it. I do think having this as a vinyl set is pretty cool. A continuous mix a la Guyom's 3 hour mixes would have been awesome.
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