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  1. The Chapter 2 mixes are so underrated. I really wish there were a proper Calderone Dub for "Frozen".
  2. CVS is always featuring "I'll Remember" and "True Blue". Top 40 radio here is the same 8 songs on a loop all day. I miss the old KTU days here in NYC when you could hear classic and new Madonna during the day and then the hottest new remix she'd released. After 10pm on the weekend clubhouse. God, take me back.
  3. Dark Ballet is great. Creepy for sure but more just sad for me. And I think she looks really beautiful in it. I would love to see her play a witch, monster, siren. Tons of makeup effects. I think she could totally pull it off. Like how Anjelica Huston transforms in The Witches. It's weird to think she was going to work with Wes Craven on the furthest thing from a horror movie. I wish he had put her in a horror movie. A Madonna cameo in A Nightmare on Elm Street film would have killed me.
  4. That Halloween photo is soooooo good. I'm still hope that she does a horror movie one day. Like an actual horror movie...
  5. "Get Together" is one of her finest moments ever. And it deserved a video that reflected that. Total missed opportunity in that respect. Still a tremendous song with a total non event for a video, no one in the general public remembers. I have always said if "Get Together" and "Jump" had videos that were cohesive with "Hung Up" and "Sorry", they would have been much bigger. Confessions could have been turned into an incredible movie musical. Hopefully someone does it one day.
  6. Since we're talking Miley, I love this.
  7. I think I would have loved this album with different production. These 2 mixes were my favorite things to come from the era. I really wish she'd work with Monsieur Adi or have him do official remixes. LOVE the verses of "Looking For Mercy". So gorgeous... Love "Funana". Wish she said "We need Michael" and I'm convinced this would have been a hit single with the right video. Love "Ciao Bella". Could have seen this mashed up with "Bedtime Story" for the tour. Also like "Crazy". I like "God Control" and I think Offer Nissim's mix is his best ever for her. I really w
  8. Imagine Whitney doing a Madonna cover while in her prime. Whew.
  9. This is why I wanted "Illuminati" as a single with a Jonas Akerlund video. Should have went all the way with it and had world leaders pussy popping on a handstand while she transformed into a lizard queen and doing shots of adrenochrome and making it rain chemtrails at the club. Missed opportunity.
  10. "The Beast Within"/ "Vogue" / "Bedtime Story" on the Reinvention Tour are among the top M moments of the last 20 years for me. Nothing from MX era comes close. For me.
  11. The best Madonna video. The details in her make up and hair. Incredible. For years I thought her pigtails were a super high collar with a tight bob.
  12. Don't Stop is a cute little song on that album. I don't get the hate but it tickles me 😆 It would have easily translated to dance/house remixes at the time. Would have made a good club/ promo single. But I do like "Your Honesty" better. Its so interesting how final album tracks are considered the "original" but what we get may have been remixed and reproduced several times. I know she hated it but if we could retroactively get demo leaks for all her older albums, I'd die.
  13. For some reason I can't find any of the Tonedeaf remixes online except his remix of "I Deserve It", which wasn't a mash up.
  14. 😂 I hear you. But it would basically be the Madame X tour but with a greatest hits set list, shows starting on time, and fans not traveling half way around the world to be canceled on a few hours before showtime. So at least a step in the right direction. But I'm also a weirdo who would be more excited about her sitting down for a few hours to talk about her back catalog than another concert.
  15. A Madonna theater residency on or off Broadway in NYC would be so cool. She could be close to home. Work on things. Change things. Have it be an evolving thing. Tell stories. Do jokes. Do a dance number if she feels like it. Sit down and sing with Donna and Niki. Have random special guests. The perfect combo of where she is now as an artist and going back to where it all started in a way. In a post Covid NYC it would be the hottest ticket in town (and the world). Would make things easier for her and her fans too. Although I'm sure there is coin to be made around the world. Just my 2
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