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  1. She looks fantastic! Very happy for those of you who enjoy the song and are excited for a Weeknd album....
  2. I've never cared for the Grammy's. Taylor is whatever for me. But M fans, of all people, ranting and raving about how much they don't like "mean girls"...
  3. The wonky singalongs to these gorgeous songs that have been ignored for 84 years drive me up the wall. Keep them at home with Demi's dog. But I love you anyway, Madonna. Quote your eyebrows.
  4. I just saw the Marie speech. Wasn't ready at all.
  5. I love Niki and the way she's kept this fandom pressed for 84 years.
  6. This tour made me revisit Reinvention as a whole (Beast Within/ Vogue/ Bedtime Story are some of my top M moments ever). Since it was considered her first "Greatest Hits" tour by many. I'm curious if anyone else has gone back to that one and how they view it now. I think it's aged very well (with a few exceptions of course) and is such an interesting watch/companion to this tour exactly 20 years apart.
  7. Lets be real. She could take a dump on stage while miming Luke Slater's mix of POG at 2:45am and leave immediately after and there would still be people here saying "It's a known fact you need a week's vacation, a raincoat, and extra toilet paper to see the queen, losers!".
  8. I've seen several fans diy this idea over the years. I'm sure they will continue to do so and the usual macadamias will snatch these up.
  9. Paula storming the girls in '24. Gag. Madame X is a bridesmaid. I cannot wait to hear the mashups and tomfoolery the fandoms come up with in the next few hours. Edit: It works great over Dua's "Hallucinate", which means it will work really well with "I'm Addicted" (MDNA). One of you cigs get on that and throw a little "Impressive Instant" and some AI M vocals so I can pop my puss into the weekend.
  10. This tour is fantastic AND I'm ready for it to be over. Because I'm more genuinely excited about her new music after seeing this tour than I've been in a while. On to the next great thing. Time ain't going by so slowly...
  11. This versionnnnnnnaaah!!!!! A Felix Da Housecat/ Mount Sims produced AL would have ended me.
  12. True, I love it as is. But that also would have made for an insane twist and awesome visual😊
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