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  1. I'm into the hardcore fans who have been remixing her work for years playing with AI. I've always wanted to hear her (and Whitney) doing the vocals for Kleerup (self titled, especially "3AM", "Until We Bleed", Forever), Grum "Turn It Up" using her 80's vocals, "Insomnia" by Faithless using her speaking voice. The entire Lil' Kim songbook....I would jump out a window. Get to work, please❤️🙏
  2. For me, what happened behind the scenes since 2008 could be its own mini series, if told truthfully..... but she's never giving us that movie. And you think they ain't milking that brush with death before the Celebration Tour in this movie? Where she gets to heaven, chats with her Mom and James Baldwin and they convince her to come back because we need her? And then there's the music. We're gonna need Thunderpuss Jock Jam megamixes to make everyone happy. I can't wait for the mess.
  3. It's always been the 2 hour (even 3 hour) time limit on a film that just doesn't work for a story like hers. Too much cramming. Too much left out. I'd still like to be an extra and can't wait to go see it on opening night and complain about every detail.
  4. Whew! 7 pages late but you girls are killing me! Absolutely not having it at all🤣 For the 100th time. Write a 12,000 page autobiography for us Macadamias. Put out a new record at the time time. She and everyone else can then make all the terrible movies, mini series, musicals etc based on it that I will devour and read to filth with glee. But we want her life in her own words and new music. And let's keep it real. Lifetime doing "Life With My Sister Madonna" is all we really need.
  5. It's weird because that was the last few years of great dance radio here in the states(before it became just Ryan Seacrest playing the same 6 songs), big megaclubs still open etc. And certain dance tracks and even remixes would blow up (ROL, Believe, I'm Blue, It's Not Right But It's OK, You're Still the One, even My Heart Will Go On!). But it still felt sort of niche, kinda underground, and most importantly G A Y. Hip hop, R&B and Pop were the It Girls. Which at the time, and I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here but, it was a very different world a decade before Stefani and pre school drag pageants became the norm...
  6. It should have been the 3rd single in the US and finished off with POG. The video is one of my all time favorites from her but it was oddly, pretty much a non event that came and went. I also remember it being a bit devisive with fans because they wanted another track, usually Skin or Sky Fits Heaven. It's in great company with Bad Girl, Bedtime Story, and Get Together.
  7. A Batman film with her as Harley Quinn and Howard Stern as The Scarecrow. Absurd, sure. But I wish she had done shit like that in the 90's.
  8. The Biggleworth remix should have been released. That was official but unreleased right? Was that done by William Orbit? It sounds like an alternate Orbit mix. While the Calderone mix was perfect, it would have been awesome if BS got the maxi single treatment the "Music" singles did. It's so weird seeing it mentioned in the same year as "Baby One More Time" or "When You Believe"....like....it has really been TWENTY FIVE years?....whew.... P.S. for the girls who remember Limewire/ Audiogalaxy and the original Future Lovers. I salute you, Mary.
  9. The Calderone mix was a monster in NYC. Her haircut, color, and eyes in the video... Austin Powers really was that bitch. Collabs with M, Britney and Beyonce?!
  10. I tried. But I skip this and "Like It Or Not".
  11. I once had a dream she did a free show in Central Park and she showed up on time.
  12. Gang Bang I'm Addicted Love Spent Falling Free Turn Up the Radio (I know some of you will gag at this one. But quite a few people I know who are critical of her work actually loved that song at the time. Go figure.) Without those first 2 singles, plus a few tweaks, different promo/concept push, this album wouldn't get as much slack. There is a good dance pop album there with some head scratching filler. What that filler is depends on who you ask.
  13. Someone posted a photo or thread of the supposed inspiration behind the stage/light setup for Nothing Really Matters. It was like an old painting/ religious reference that was pretty great if true. Made a lot of sense. Can't find it now.
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