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  1. Pootz333

    The first half and second half of the 90's feel like different decades. To think we went from Vogue to Ray of Light in the span of 10 years is wild. As much as people point to 80's Madonna as their favorite, which I understand, 90's M was just....wow.
  2. Imagine the 12" promo club pack of remixes we would have got for the Soundtrack..
  3. That's a brilliant idea. So I'm sure it'll never happen.
  4. Pootz333

    Roisin Murphy "Movie Star" Kelis "Brave" Annie "Invisible" Johnny O "Fantasy Girl" Garbage "#1 Crush" or "Push It" Faithless "Insomnia"
  5. Truly underrated? Probably "Get Together". Should have been a much bigger hit. A great video would have helped. And when they were released "American Life" (song/album) "Bedtime Story" (one of her finest moments ever) "I Want You" "The Look of Love" "Fever" "One More Chance" gets a lot of shit but she sounds great and like she believes and feels everything she's singing. "You Must Love Me" (yes it won an Oscar but it wasn't exactly huge. Not an easy song to sing and she sounds amazing)
  6. Pootz333

    I never believe anybody in these. What rock do these people live under?
  7. Pootz333

    Hey You (#1 forever) The singles from Madame X minus God Control (I said what I said) B Day Song Sex Girl Gone Wild Heartbeat (a very cute song that I would have liked if she didn't sound like a cat being strangled). 4 Minutes Did You Do It? History (a waste of a great instrumental) Stay (only because "Don't You Know"(demo) is EEEEVERYTHING) Freedom Why's It So Hard ( Love the message and lyrics. Could never get into this song) Revolver And that cover of "Imagine"...christ...
  8. Pootz333

    She and Klein have made some beautiful imagery the past few years for projects that leave me completely baffled. This and the Hard Candy gyms....I...I... I love you anyway, Madonna.
  9. Lets just count our blessings and be grateful before we get "Hey You" (feat. Huncho) on the next tour.
  10. I've been a lifelong M stan. And also worked with the Haus of Gaga around this time. I didn't hear the similarities until the mashup that came a few hours later from DJ Tripp. IMO, the "BTW" album always sounded like LG doing a "Greatest Hits" album of 80's/90's tracks. Whitney. Pat Benatar. The Cure. Billy Idol. New Order. KMFDM. La Bouche. Etc. They are all there. I still think if her response had been "Of course, it's inspired by Madonna and all the greats I grew up listening to..." instead of calling the comparison "retarded" and reaching for her Marilyn Momroe lighter....that might have helped. In a perfect world, they would have collaborated when they did SNL. There was a ton of overlap in the M/LG fanbases prior to the feud. For me, LG was doing a lot of things I wanted from M. This might be dramatic, but I believe this feud did the most damage to M and turned off a lot of young potential fans. If I was LG, I would forever feel like the baddest bitch. My idol, the greatest living pop star, on tour, shading me every night? And then I show up to her party with my Oscar?!?! Mary.....
  11. Pootz333

    "I'm Breathless", while not my favorite, becomes more and more interesting as the years go on. I can't really compare it to any other M release. If anything, I think it deserved a better film to go with it! Love the visuals of DT, legendary cast, but that's it for me. I think M's ballad version of DCFMA is the best version of that song. The way she starts off so delicate and how it builds. Everyone else just seems like they are yelling out of the gate when they sing it. And "Eva's Final Broadcast"...whew. And I know it's not on the album, but the fact that she would give us one of her most camp masterpieces in the middle of being "serious actress" with those Miami mixes...a legend. They both were projects where it seems like she was so inspired and really pushed herself.
  12. Pootz333

    When I was a kid, I mainly listened to the singles and remixes. So this song has stayed fresh in a weird way. Considering where she was during this time in her career, it probably would have been another hit single. It feels like the most "rock" we got from her in the 80's on official releases. Also one of Rupaul's favorite M songs.
  13. Pootz333

    Glad to see Janet mentioned. IMO it became synonymous with Janet. And that influenced Xtina and Beyonce.
  14. Pootz333

    For sure. I just like to balance my extreme love for her with some light hearted shenanigans. Like how the BA dancers said she wore fake pearls and had plastic surgery. I enjoy clocking her for silly things.
  15. Pootz333

    My thoughts exactly lol Was even going to bring up the $35/ Times Square story. Not complaining. I love when she carries on with the mythology.