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  1. This is kinda what I wanted her to do so badly in the late 90's/ early 00's. Release official versions of the monster bootlegs happening with her older classics. The Stuntmasterz' "Music Sounds Better On Holiday", "Like A Prayer"/"House of God" for example. I don't mind this mix or the vocal tweak. It kinda just sounds like that cool robotic vocal stem. Not bad. Side note, I can't listen to the album version of Sorry without feeling like it's missing those extra bits from the demo. Love them.
  2. I don't need anyone to buy into it. We have different opinions and that's ok.
  3. Of course. My point is if she is involved in any capacity it becomes something different. For example, a real Whitney Houston biopic without the approval of Clive Davis and her family that told the whole true story, warts and all, with an actress that looked like Whitney would have been a smash. Most people don't want to see a whitewashed biopic.
  4. A Madonna biopic with Madonna at the helm is the only way we will get a biopic of her that is favorable toward her. Anyone else does it and we're getting the good, the bad, and the ugly. Which, honestly, I'd prefer but I know will piss off many of her fans. I feel like she will find some way to do it because it's the only way she will be painted in a more positive light.
  5. This this this. I've been saying MC30 is the blueprint.
  6. It would be great if she selected her favorite fan remixes of her classics for some sort of Greatest Hits/Spotify playlist. Put a twist on it. Some of the stuff from Dubtronic, Marco Sartori, Dens 54, Monsieur Adi, etc. over the last few years has kept me fed.
  7. Turn it into an autobiography right now and take my money, Louise. Do a tour of your favorite podcasts. Put out your house album as a companion piece. That's a perfect era to follow up the tour. Let them make movies and mini series based on it in the future.
  8. The conspiracy theorists are gonna love this one. The Power of Goodbye is a very interesting choice. I just realized it's been 25 years since the infamous "Do you wanna go highEREREERrrr?!". Iconic.
  9. I can't with people here acting like pulling a fast one on ticket buyers who think they are going to a Greatest Hits show is a good idea. We're already hoping she's not 3 hours late. 6 or 7 new songs is not what people bought tickets to this show for. That may be fine for some of us here, but not this time. I think its a great idea to use the tour to promote something new if she has an album of fun house tracks/ some Sickkick stuff. A reverse Warholian expedition that could work with all the good will coming her way lately. If one of those songs is a banger that becomes a genuine hit, then absolutely throw it on the tour. If it's just another Celebration compilation with an edit of the same mix I've had for 30 years, I'm good. But hooray for anyone who wants it.
  10. I think its bullshit that the Oscar's don't award the performer of Best Song if they didn't write it. Yes, the writer should win but so should the performer. And I'm not just saying this as a Madonna stan. Celine Dion should have an Oscar for "My Heart Will Go On". Who else on earth could have made that song what it was but her? M should have two Best Song Oscars on her mantle (AND nominations for several others!). With that said, she did not deserve a Best Actress Oscar for Evita. A nomination would have been awesome. But, no. Also, the rainbow is so vast these days and always has been. There's always been gay men who worshipped M. But there has always been gay men who loathe her. Same with Gaga, Britney, Beyonce, etc. The community is not a monolith.
  11. I remember thinking it was extreme when she was shown in Britney's For The Record documentary. But it was probably fresh and she was also incredibly thin at the time which made it more obvious. Of course now, 15 years later, we look back and think she just looks fresh and rejuvenated. Why they chose that R&R Hall of Fame/ Hard Candy era hair hat that aged the hell out of her to go with the fresh face was baffling.
  12. It's John Galliano for Maison Margiela. The collections have a lot of deconstruction and found objects like seashells, doll parts, little army men type figures on the coat she's wearing in the pic with the man and the hooves. She's always done the religious references but I wonder if she's fucking with the conspiracy theorists a bit too and some of their ideas about her in the last few years. Like a modern "Kabbalists Do It Better" moment. I've wanted her to toy with that in an "Illuminati" video, but this works for me. But they will definitely use these images to fuel those ideas further....
  13. These are INCREDIBLE. B brought out the Galliano/Margiela for the Queen. I'm assuming that's what her dress is on top since her coat and everyone else's looks are.
  14. They're gonna be coming for you, Barbara....
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