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  1. Everyone hates Guy O, but without him, "Black Madonna" may have actually happened. She would have never truly recovered from it, but...it would have been more interesting/ controversial than anything she's done since.
  2. Once again, the fan fiction is 100 times more exciting than what we got. I just miss the days when a great look or appearance came with a great song. Feela like a lot of missed opportunities for a while now. I miss when she really knew how to capitalize on a moment to show us amazing art. I love the styling. I think she looks great actually. She can do what she wants. But where do you go from here? I wish she would write a book before the biopic. As fascinated as everyone is with her come up in the 80's, the last decade is what I want to know every detail about. Like, how did we get here? It's fascinating.
  3. I would be completely shocked if she performed the VMA's. Not setting myself up for disappointment this time. I think the most we'd get is a commercial promoting it during the broadcast or her presenting an award. It's really crazy to think that the last major VMA performance we got from her is nearly 20 years ago. Not counting the great performance of "Hung Up" at the EMA'S, and those speeches... Though not as crazy as her getting her Video Vanguard during the True Blue era. The amount of incredible videos she put out in the years after that, she could have been given that award 2 more times. The VMA's have always been for a younger audience but the last decade has been completely focused on tweens. The last time I can remember them acknowledging an older artist was when Johnny Cash's "Hurt" was nominated for Video of the Year. Most people agreed it was the best and it still lost.
  4. This movie was one of the smartest choices M ever made. Maybe even more than Evita. I know people of all different ages who adore this movie. And even if they don't particularly care for M, they love her character and LOVE TUTBMP. Everyone cast in it is perfect and it still holds up after all this time. And Debra Winger doesn't have shit on Geena Davis. Even Geena's flops are legendary. The Long Kiss Goodnight is everything.
  5. The Lady Gaga feud turned off the younger generation (especially lgbt) more than any of the trend chasing and social media antics. A duet around the time of their SNL skit would have been perfect. I like a few songs from it, but Madame X (album and tour) is wildly overrated by her fans. The biopic needs to have major young stars attached or the general public isn't going to care the way her stans think they will. Aside from the Superbowl, 4 Minutes, Confessions, and the Britney kiss, she hasn't been on the American GP's radar for 2 decades now unless it's completely negative press. That is a lonnngggg time... I'm aware of how unpopular these opinions are to people here, but that's what this thread called for. A wise woman, who I still adore, once said "Handle it".
  6. Speaking of "Do you wanna go highiyahiiirrrrRRR?!" How about that Nikki Finn accent during the beginning of the ROL performance on Oprah? I love that.
  7. I always say this album makes sense as the follow up to "Music". It would have been a surprise at that point and not sounded dated or desperate. She could have collabed with amazing girls like Gwen, Kelis, Nelly F, Lil Kim etc. if she wanted cool features. I've always found Justin corny. Even at his peak. I'm not a huge fan of the music videos for Confessions but the HC were the first time I watched an M video once and never replayed. THAT definitely caught me off guard.
  8. Since we're on this topic, here is something that has always baffled me.... Warner notoriously wanted "Amazing" as a single over "Impressive Instant". They also apparently were responsible for scrapping M's plans to work with The Pet Shop Boys, in order to work with producers to create an album that sounded 5 years late. This is the same Warner that heard the "American Life" album and had no issues with it??? They didn't have a problem with the first single choice? That video? That one of their most successful artists, during one of the greatest comebacks and runs in pop history, was putting out a record full of songs that were guaranteed not to be played on American radio??? Even without the war themed video and photoshoot, even a track like "Nothing Fails" wouldn't have made a dent at radio. It was a weird time in the US music scene. I've always loved AL. But it's always confused the hell out of me that Warner tried to go a super commercial route many times, except for the AL era.
  9. Sweet. Kinda off topic: I wanted her to do something like this to the power gays who threw Kathy Griffin under the bus too.
  10. I saw a recent Reddit thread the other day about Truth or Dare. Thousands of comments calling her a sociopath. The general reaction recently to the Pride event, anywhere outside of this forum really...scathing. It seems like the only thing that would get a HUGE general public interest in the biopic is if it has many young stars that are hot right now starring in it/ cameos. I love her, am looking forward to it and will be thrilled to be proven wrong.
  11. I'm sure someone will be posting an essay any minute now about what ungrateful turds you all are, you know, for being honest.
  12. Not sure what forum this goes in as I've never started a topic here. Haven't seen it posted yet. But I just noticed they uploaded this 3 days ago. I wish they would release it in full. She looks amazing. One of my favorite interviews in years.
  13. One that got popular: Like A Prayer Fan favorite: Confessions On A Dance Floor Experimental: Music Cult classic: Erotica Best album of all time: Ray Of Light Meh: Madame X
  14. I hit the back button by mistake and did a double take when I saw this was on Page 1. Wow.
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