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  1. Day 35.... I hope they sample The Outhere Brothers "I Wanna (F*ck You In The @ss)".
  2. I knew all of the Blonde Ambition choreography when I was 6.
  3. Imagine not being a Madonna fan til 2015.... Almost 30 pages...
  4. 26 pages.... This is gonna make Boom Pride look a like a day at the beach around here when it drops isn't it?
  5. Remember when Drake did this and then we got that thrilling live collab? Can't wait.
  6. After reading this thread, I hope she brings out Janet and Kylie to perform Vogue You Much.
  7. For me, this was her at her most honest. Please remember the title of this thread before you break out the swords, Mary.
  8. She should have collaborated with Don Johnson.
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