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  1. I remind myself that Erotica to ROL was 6 years. AL to HC was 5 years. So she'll probably be a nun by 70. Tastefully voguing for intimate exclusive shows at the convent, of course.
  2. I'm not going to lie, after that era was when my eyebrows really started to go up. And not just about her. The entire world seemed to go upside down since then. But as far as she goes, I kind of get it though. I think she worked her ass off on RH. They should have let her do her double album concept. And as much as I love the leaks, she didn't. No matter what single/video she released, a different segment of the fanbase was annoyed about something. The fall at the Brits on top of it... It's enough to make most of us snap. And it's a shame cuz that era is full of classic M AND new M. I think the more time passes, it will be given more credit. Fantastic interviews that era too.
  3. I'm genuinely not trying to start with anyone in here. But for the people who keep saying "it's just one song", "it's just a few silly remixes"....for a lot of people it is not just that. They are talking about the switch that was flipped a couple of years ago and everything that's happened since. For some, it's since 2008. For others, 2012. For A LOT it's 2016- now. It's not just this video or one thing in particular.
  4. I haven't been set on fire by anything since then either really. But its still interesting that the moments we each see as "decent" are still wildy different.That song always makes me think of "Fly Above" by Kandi from RHOA. And calling it a Pride anthem before the community decided it was a Pride anthem was....interesting.
  5. Someone mentioned that kids going crazy for Madonna today would have been like kids in the 80's going crazy for Peggy Lee. I was not prepared for that comparison at all.
  6. That's really cool. I remember him from sitting outside of Tower Records in line for her American Life peformance/ signing. She should show up and do "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" as a bitch track.
  7. I don't see it for most of the Madame X album or the era. Hooray for the many people who do though! But I don't blame her for not doing another "Ghosttown". She did it. It was great. And the GP still paid her dust. We're at the point where she kinda can't win with most people either way. So as much as I don't connect to it, I can respect her doing what she wants. P.S. Ghosttown had some some the best remixes in ages. The Paul Andrews and RedTop versions are so creative.
  8. Are we really going to act like we don't know why her eyes look different?
  9. But really. I will never get over the video treatments Jump and Get Together got. Criminal.
  10. I was only 5 but I know a good toot when I see one. He also sneezes after he does it😏 It was also the first time America saw a bunch of gay people since the Village People so a little toot wasn't the big deal of the night I guess.
  11. Well we are a little hypocritical with the drug taking. No one complained when Carlton did a toot live on the VMA's in '90. But she was also in Marie Antoinette drag serving you the greatest performance of all time to one of best songs ever so....
  12. I never thought she was high on Letterman but always thought she looked and acted stoned as fuck during LAV at the VMA's🤣
  13. Yep. I feel the same about the Guy Ritchie years. Which is why I always preffered a series. But am I gonna get the total unfiltered truth about all of that with her at the helm? No.
  14. The thing is for a long time she made it seem like she made those statements, said what needed to be said, and moved on to other unexplored territory. She never wanted to repeat herself. Even when she kissed Britney, Oprah asked if it was a statement and M replied that no, she already made those statements 10 years ago. If the statement now is all about an older woman doing it, I get it. If it's just her having fun, cool. I understand the parallels to Erotica. There are definitely some valid points there. And I hate to sound morbid. I'm not 64, but maybe she feels like "Fuck it. How long do I have left?". I can respect that. I'll probably get shit for this but the real thing that separated the M/Gaga comparisons for me, was that M never pretended to give a fuck what any of her fans thought. Except maybe after American Life when she said "Alright, let's break out the weenie rolls and give the cigs what they want". I also think we're in for a 180 in a few years in typical M fashion but I'm no psychic.
  15. Wow. And they still have posts up on their social media saying there is no guarantee she will be there but it will be announced by 6pm the day of the event... Not a good look. You either have her booked or you don't. And you say that before you make an announcement or take people's money. There have been a million Madonna nights over the years here in NYC but they never tried to pull a fast one on their patrons.
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