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  1. It's always sounded like an unfinished demo for me. The beats sound a little cheap? I love the Monsieur Adi remix though, which I can't find on YouTube anymore. I definitely would have taken it over GMAYL at the Superbowl though. That performance, for me, begins and ends with "Vogue". It's goes from her looking like the queen of the god damn universe to drunk soccer mom at the wedding reception real quick. Any set list she would have had between '90 and '08 would have been flawless, start to finish.
  2. "Get Together" deserved the most amazing video ever. Its one of the biggest crimes in her career for me. The remixes are great though.
  3. Not just Barbra's vault. Barbra's vault in the actual whole town she has in her basement where she cloned her dog. What a legend.
  4. Peter's mix of "I'm Addicted" Stuart Price's mix of "X-Static Process" DWT Soundboard of "You'll See" Anything from Bedtime Stories sessions. Remixes of "Time Stood Still" that were rumored to be commissioned and scrapped at the time. Any and all remixes from '83- '05 that were rejected and never leaked. Video/ Soundboard of her ROL Roxy performance. Full video or her American Life Tower Records performance.
  5. D&G's looks for her and Whitney were so beautiful.
  6. Madame X. But I wish the entire Evita soundtrack was remixed for clubs like DCFMA and Buenos Aires just to watch everyone's heads explode about it for 25 years.
  7. Ok maybe not her best best lol but a solid dance pop / divorce record. I agree about Rebel Heart, too. If you take all the demos, officially released stuff, the music videos, promo and tour, we were pretty spoiled. I enjoyed both albums far more than Madame X.
  8. Get Together. Absolutely. But for good reason. That lazy music video is a travesty.
  9. MDNA. If you cut just a few songs and picked different singles with top notch music videos, it would be considered among her best.
  10. Blaming any and all criticism on ageism.
  11. I know J Woww is somewhere in New Jersey getting her entire life. If the baby pumpkin's IG is anything to go by, I'm sure she's thrilled a reference to one of her Mom's hits is used for the title of the article 😏 I personally think she's much more striking and stands out from the pack when she isn't so painted. She is stunning in paparazzi shots. If M ever goes on Drag Race I want Lola as the other judge.
  12. Pootz333

    ARTPOP Movement

    *shrugs and prepares to die* Not her best but still more creative and exciting than anything M did in the last 15 years.
  13. I love how polarizing it is. Even moreso than American Life at this point. I'll always wonder about the M/ Pet Shop Boys album that could have been, BUT... This album had great remixes. I LOVED Oakenfold's mix of GITM. Stuart's mix of "Miles Away" is so underrated. If he or other dance producers produced or remixed all these same tracks, people would rate it among her best. Last time we got remixes from Peter too :( I always say this would have been the perfect follow up to the "Music" album. The timing of the sound would have been perfect and the US truly would have eaten it up. Th
  14. Semior year of high school. I slept outside Tower Records overnight to get a wristband. Then you had to come back like 12 hours later or something and wait...another day... holding your spot on line to get in. I was in the second row. She looked absolutely beautiful. Tiny!!! I had a blqck jacket qith red stripes on the sleeve. She touched my hand during "Hollywood". I loved the album from start to finish. So seeing any of those songs that close up live was amazing. X-static Process!!!! WHEW!! The setup for the signing of records was horrendous. Basically if you were in the front of
  15. ...she had pics of civil rights icons wrapped in wires to promote Rebel Heart. It's possible to love M and still call out the foolery. Check any popular black message board and see what is commonly said about M and her antics. The critics here are kind.
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