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    I love music, but basically 90% of it is purely Madonna and Katy Perry! Also big fan of Sebastian Stan, MCU movies and videogames (Nintendo mostly) ^_^
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  1. Imagine getting to the 25th anniversary of ROL and Bedtime Stories is the surprise release instead, I'd be hella mad ngl
  2. This is a new level of horrible EDIT: ok no I listened again and now I like the production but hate the vocals
  3. Oh I thought she teased a new one
  4. Oh i thought from some comment here that she posted a snippet or sum in the stories lol, anyways that's interesting 👀
  5. She posted a new snippet????
  6. We know she was making new music last year and she even shared a snippet of a new original song with Sickick (I wanna hear the whole song so badly!) so this might happen, the thing is how she will drop that, if standalone releases or a ep / album. Hopefully it's a album or EP but anyways it would be great to drop in the middle of the tour to boost the hype and buzz from the public
  7. Wasn't 150 streams = 1 sale with most streaming platforms?
  8. Tbh I would expect new music before the tour, just to create even more buzz around it. We know she worked with Sickick and DJ Honey Moon on some songs last year after all. Looking forward to that dance song she teased 👀
  9. It makes sense, doesn't sound like a stretch, and her being absent since before the tour announcement makes it even more plausible and suspicious honestly sooo 👀 when is the show taking place?
  10. Nothing new at this point this has been a thing since the 80s
  11. Nah, she looked great in those years. And her surgery was not "over the top", she actually looked natural enough and pretty much like a good looking woman her age would look like.
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