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    I love music, but basically 90% of it is purely Madonna and Katy Perry! Also big fan of Sebastian Stan, MCU movies and videogames (Nintendo mostly) ^_^
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  1. Another mention of it? OK maybe NRM is really in the setlist lol
  2. Hearing there's (allegedly) not much from COADF is a shame but Hung Up is an obvious MUST and there's no doubt about it. Sad for Sorry and Get Together but that would be reasonable
  3. I hope she knows some people grew up with Bitch I'm Madonna / Giving all ur luvin as well
  4. OMG PLEASE LET NRM BE IN THE SETLIST THAT WOULD BE A DREAM, MAYBE EVEN A GEISHA SECTION, THE TRIBUTE PERFORMANCE WE DIDN'T GET FOR DWT!!! And not some of you saying the NRM live at the Grammys 1999 was bad... The lack of taste...
  5. Only two of these are part of an album tho
  6. Went to elementary school with him, such a cool guy. Still remember how he got expelled once for turning all water into wine at lunch, he was crazy man
  7. Can't believe this was not included in FEL...
  8. Celebration Deluxe is honestly a perfect example of 'Best Of Madonna'. Apart from a few choices in the tracklist, it's honestly perfect for my taste. FEL and GHV2 are also exquisite imo
  9. The fact 2019 was almost 5 years ago... Still feels like 2 years away at best, idk.
  10. "but she looks older! 1!1!" idgaf the iconic cold ass stare punk rock Madge is top tier Madonna Imo, one of the coolest looks of hers in existence, argue with the wall you guys
  11. 1. Autographed Swept Away poster 2. The piece of concrete she walked on in Lecce (the district said I don't have permission to extract it from the ground, but what can I do, I'm a collectionist xD) 3. Her COADF leotard (I've stolen it from her archive) 4. The Frozen wig (I've stolen that as well) 5. Her credit card number (might have stolen, might have not)
  12. The way you outsmarted all the vynils dinosaurs 💅🏻✨
  13. Hard choice, approximately it would be: Hung Up 💜 Ray of Light ☀ Get Together 🌇 Give it 2 me 🥊 Frozen ❄ Honestly, if it was a top 20 choice, Music, ROL and COADF alone would definitely rule my personal chart lol
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