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  1. Please please God let her drop an album before the end of the year after she's done touring, i cant wait anymore
  2. The scream i let out...IMG_20240222_230406.jpg.e7323ff338f7aa64543c7b96168fecff.jpg


    1. A. A. Aardvark
    2. EgoRod


      i thought it was one of those AI portraits of her

    3. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      Jocelyn Wildenstein tribute act ?

  3. YouTube died 5 years ago, artists make no profits from it and views dont even help the popularity of their songs anymore.
  4. I hope its a good music video and mostly, i Hope She serves a lot of cunt as a diva in fur and jewels while surrounded by the paparazzi in the street omg
  5. Ok but American Pie being always totally neglected by her and lowkey keeping up with the streams of a huge Classic like MUSIC really shows the song is THAT bitch. Underrated.
  6. Btw what comes from ATRL ends up being real 95% of the times so you all can get used to that xx
  7. This site is full of hypocritical boomers ffs, once we might get a collab of M with an actual ICONIC pop peers she respects and paved the way to, you guys act snobbish as hell and disrespect the other artist as theyre not as relevant / cant sing/ are not good. She would also benefit A LOT as Katy's daily numbers are there times Madonna's (but yeah let's only talk about success when she doesnt bomb )... It's also not like M's past two years have been worth of being called art or hit, but hey, after the awful flops with Nicki, Nas, Maluma, Tokisha, Sickick, the meme guy from TikTok, Katy Perry apparently isnt better, sure But fine, you all are right. Hopefully Madonna ditches down pop peers and as a woman with sophisticated taste in music, will find another homeless tiktoker to collab with, so she can sing a fart reverbered version of Like a Prayer while sniffing coke in a new music video (plus that +300K debut on Spotify) 😍
  8. Frozen would be great if It wasnt for the overly autotuned chorus tbh. But its better than Rain tbh
  9. I disappeared from here for a bit and didnt know there are setlist changes. Now that i know the trap ass Frozen replaced Rain, i wish i stayed the fuck off from here for even longer. You really cant trust her ew.
  10. I hate a good part of the lyrics ("I'll split your banana (...) vulgar is beautiful sexy and gorgeous"? Ok hunny, sure). It's wasted potential. I don't even hate Vulgar, it's fun to listen to sometimes (I might look it up tomorrow for the first time after months lol), it's just not it. Fun ok, but cringey and incomplete.
  11. There's no way an actual expanded edition of one of her most legendary albums actually exists and was ready to be dropped 4 years ago and just got canceled last minute. Maybe that's when their reissue plan started and makes sense they announced it two years later but still wild to think. We could have had a deluxe LAP Boxset already. Omg.
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