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  1. ??? Where is she going? To Mars? Lol. It's a remix and a side project, just like Frozen On Fire. That's not foreshadowing the next album or whatever comes next. She might drop a Latin pop song and come out next day with a house album like she said in the Q&A lol, she never makes clear where she is going. And honestly 90% of the comments are not worried about that rather they just don't like the video (and that's fine) but keep bitching about her being dead as an artist, a total clown and how they are ashamed as fans tho. So yeah, they can definitely move on and not worry about M15 being trap Latin pop lol.
  2. Genuinely wonder how people who hate the video still talk about it non stop instead of just moving on, seriously, if you are so outraged at this orrible video just... Move on? Who the fuck cares? I found it ugly as well and I don't care about it 🤷‍♂️ it really tells a lot about this twisted fan behavior
  3. Why everyone hates this video is a mistery to me, I find it actually good and the visuals are so on point... Whatever '-'
  4. The video leaves me with indifference but honestly the remix itself is good. I've been streaming it for days and surely a messy video won't stop me from enjoying the song alone :D
  5. Not Facetune acting quirky when in reality Madonna uses FaceApp #floppedhard 💅🏻
  6. I didn't like the remix video at all, I found it bad and that's it. No mental breakdown needed. But you all coming back to repeat that again and again and again, dear Jesus... If you hate it this much and you keep talking about it and how degrading it is to her career and bla bla bla you will only feel worse, get a break guys 💀
  7. Ikr? 👀 That's Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee in the biography/series 'Pam&Tommy' ^^
  8. Honestly looking at their work on her recent stuff, saying her team is made of amateurs is not a big stretch 💀 tnh fans are so dedicated that they can be a better direction for them 90% of the times rather than an actual creative team
  9. Mhalik writing this song from his POV is so heartbreaking 💔 he grew up so much as an artist 😔
  10. Definitely not on that level xD Tysm! ♥ I don't have much creativity for this stuff but thinking of her revisiting this look and performance in a complete act makes me totally dreaming and inspired for her future work ^u^
  11. Idk. To me, his "taking slow" means they're not in a great moment as a couple and they're breaking up already lol
  12. The only real crime of this video is being uninspired af, basic like any reggaeton music video (also the drug reference, I didn't notice it tbh but if everyone says there is one I'm annoyed by that!)
  13. Reading your opinions here I was SCARED to watch it thinking I would die of cringe and vulgarity, I watched and it's actually ok/meh in terms of that, I didn't like it and, like Frozen Remixes, probably wouldn't re-watch it but it was passable basically. It was basic, usual, standard reggaeton video and that's it, definitely not the career ending shit you guys made it seem, that's so much Jeez, this fanbase is so dramatic LMAO
  14. Hopefully take it slow = already breaking up lol. I can't believe someone smart and with a healthy lifestyle like her dates crack addicted idiots like this.
  15. Now that's someone I'd like to see her (working oc lol) with! An hottie and also actually talented! 😍
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