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  1. It's one of my favorite songs ever, I'm happy to know it was a smash in Italy as well! I wish she could give this song the attention it deserves, I'm sure it will be in a definitive hits compilation sooner or later
  2. Also I've never heard it here in Italy, until two days ago when my friend told she heard it on the radio (and they played a remix of it)!
  3. Perfect, now I'm hyped for an album that might not even exist yet Seriously tho, whatever these are M15 related or not, I feel like 2022 has a new album in store for us already... I just feel like it might be coming soon without us expecting anything at all 🤞🏻
  4. Idk much about shit like weed, alcohol and drugs, but I always hear that weed isn't dangerous and actually really helps with physical pain? In fact I don't remember her smoking weed before her leg broke while touring tbh
  5. Yeah but repeating the lyrics a few times the night before wouldn't hurt her big fat ass lolololol If I could study more chapters before exams at the very last minute, bitch can surely repeat the chorus of one of her 12 USA #1 hits
  6. I wish we had a "bigger" trailer too tbh! But at this point it wouldn't make a big difference, I'd prefer to focus all my hopes for it being a different project 🤞🏻
  7. Imagine if we don't get news about these projects for months and all of sudden M15 drops and all those visuals end up being album cover + offical photoshoot and music videos! A gay can dream
  8. It might be, why not? Even tho I can't really see a trailer/promo for the tour in a similar format of the VMAs intro, I think the tour will basically have the same teaser trailer and nothing more. I think she's either recording a few interviews or doing something we can't even tell exactly right now (future projects like new music or not, whatever)
  9. Honestly I can't think of anything I'd either expect or want from her to do! Now that she seems to be back at exploring new sounds and felling truly inspired and feeling her new record like she was for MX, I'll take anything! Surprise me bitch!
  10. Someone already suggested it might be a Blond Ambition reshooting session
  11. It's actually one of her biggest hits in terms of sales and charts positions. It's just not as popular now. God knows why she keeps acting like this song doesn't exist in her discography.
  12. Yeah, idk why but at first look it reminded me of WTG more lol (also that erotica photoshoot!)
  13. Getting vibes from Who's that girl but also Erotica! I don't even think it's MX related, I wish it was for a new mv!
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if we had a new album right before the biopic. Imagine her being everywhere, with a new era, her discography remastered and promoted and the movie, a dream!
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