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    I love music, but basically 90% of it is purely Madonna and Katy Perry! Also big fan of Sebastian Stan, MCU movies and videogames (Nintendo mostly) ^_^
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  1. I know, but I would love for it to also be actually a song of hers and not just a trick for credited streams and sales, I would have a new song to stream at least
  2. I'm hoping the one with The Weeknd is a full ass collab and not "just a sample" as some people have been saying all day. If it's a full song... Well, she's automatically getting a lot of streams
  3. The way my interest in this went from 10 to 0 so quickly. All this noise for a 4 words sample. Nah, fuck it.
  4. We should get the song tomorrow, by logic: What would have been the point in debuting it at Sam's show if they hadn't had the plan to drop it the next Friday? I know nothing makes sense in the Madonnaverse but cmon lol
  5. You mfs talked so much about a 7 seconds snippet yesterday that this song was my absolute first thought this morning at 7 am like "ugghh the Sam x Madonna vulgarity anthem, is it out yet?"
  6. Bitch don't give my hype, I'm already extremely delusional by myself when it comes to rumors theories EDIT: nevermind i deluded myself again, I believe Madonna feat The Weeknd produced by Max Martin is coming soon idc 😍
  7. Ok but what if... Madonna and Abel, produced by Max Martin... What a serve that would be. A granted hit.
  8. They mentioned "expansive deluxe editions" being slowly curated by Madonna herself (or something along those lines) in the reissue statement, there's no way we won't get anything new.
  9. Reading this pretentious (and ignorant, but let's not) rant, you'd expect this man to be some legendary actor who revolutioned the movie industry forever. But then... Yikes.
  10. Even Hard Candy got a better anniversary acknowledgement and celebration than Ray of Light (and it still sucks tho), I'm HOWLING
  12. ⚠ WARNING TO THE WHOLE MADONNAINFINITY FORUM: That word is so overused it's now forbidden, a slur, call it the t word. Whoever utilize it from now will be accused of Trulyphilia. Do the right thing, don't use the t word 🛑
  13. 80s music? I hope it's a different approach from her 80s catalog and it will sound more mature and dark Idk how to explain but her 80s productions and synths are very light and juvenile, I'd rather have a more mature, dark sound Like, this type of 80s sound is what I refer to:
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