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  1. Idk im not expecting any kind of boost for some reason.
  2. I'll definitely be watching the movie with my friends someday in the next weeks, so please if someone of you does the same before and there's really a whole scene in the movie featuring the song, remember to put a spoiler when posting 🙈🙊
  3. Ready for a new shit brown vynil of and album you already own in 143 formats? 💪🔥🔥🔥💥💥
  4. It was added to the This Is Madonna playlist (instead of any possible classic of hers💀)
  5. I really want to believe the reissues will start with LAV this year. Just saying but next year it will be 20 years of CONFESSIONS.
  6. If it's really gonna take this long for this movie to be made and edited, then i hope it's worth It. I want CGI like a Marvel movie and a lot of exageration, literally a fanfiction. Fuck the accurate biography, i wanna see Madonna taking off like Superman saying "the gays need me" when going to the studio to record COADF.
  7. The idea of M seating through a Marvel movie to lowkey direct it would have never passed through my mind but here we are, omg
  8. I was kidding lol. But idk fr cause Spotify for me was like a mythological thing and couldnt even think of getting an account back then (shotout to my dear old friend YouTubeMP3converter)
  9. Ate. Id rather see this or a overused pic rather than one from her latest album from 5 years ago, It makes it look like she hasn't dropped anything since then
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