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  1. If I were to describe her beauty in one word, it would be "fantastic" .
  2. ChatGPT is basically a virtual assistant and it can answer almost everything you ask. Of course it still needs a lot of improvement in terms of accuracy and everything. I myself use it quite often when I need to write a short code or some simple text or even sometimes scientific research related questions. I believe soon there will be a latest version of ChatGPT with better output. It is useful tool but I see many highschool students are abusing it for writing their homework and assignments etc. Lol
  3. I really liked what you wrote. You seem like a rational, intelligent and well-informed person.
  4. I am sure she's very well aware of it. Sometimes our life experiences leave us with so much bitterness that we don't want to go through it again. I agree with what you said and this is the same question I ask myself too ( in some ways I can relate to Madonna, We both had somehow similar experience although she's much older and wiser than me). At the end of the day, it is her choice how she lives her life.
  5. I don't think she wants a stable relationship after her divorce.
  6. As long as it doesn't involve Ricardo Gomes as an art director or whatever
  7. I personally love these simple lyrics with a deeper meaning. All my dreams they fade away I'll never be the same
  8. I guess he's her trainer . May be we'll get more info on this from Daily Mail
  9. After arguing with american karens (sorry but its true) yesterday all day long, I listened to Ray of Light album with my eyes closed before going to bed. Oh it felt so good, like a warm hug. I suggest you guys to stay away from social media. Some of us are also masochists just like Madonna .
  10. Every project she did is interesting. My least favorite is Hard Candy except songs like Miles way and Voices
  11. OMG. Guys the first photo. The side pose. When I first saw it I forgot for a moment that I am looking at Madonna's photo. My mom's side profile is exactly like hers. I thought it was my mom . She looks gorgeous
  12. She needs to fire Ricardo. She's in this "Ricardo worst photo editing for social media comfort zone". I am not saying he is the reason for all the hate she gets but still ...
  13. Her outfit was perfect and I loved the Dita look. Love her to death. The only thing that bothers me is the energy in that place. I wonder if its the audience that sucked or the times have changed. Or her low self-confidence !!!
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