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  1. Like it or not Express yourself or Deeper and deeper
  2. Today's Mother and Father performance will be special. Her mom died on Dec 1 🥺
  3. Rocco last night https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0APpIbtY1u/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  4. Celebration Celebration Celebration and Celebration
  5. My friend isn't even a Madonna fan like us, but before we went to see her show, I told her that, you know, she's 65. She won't be moving around much or singing. She might be out of breath sometimes. And my friend said it doesn't matter to her, even if she lip-syncs the whole show. She is a legend. She almost died a few months ago, so you're lucky that you're seeing your fav live. It might be her last big tour. So, I don't get these constant complaints about her voice on this forum. poor woman had put so much effort into the concept of the show or other things. I am also a fan of Lana Del Rey and love her a lot. I am an active member of lanaboards/reddit and I swear to god if her fans criticize her voice or moan about using heavy backing tracks that much. We just eat whatever she gives us. We already know she's not a strong vocalist. She doesn't even sing full songs and points her mic to the crowd. But still, we go and see her shows. I personally noticed it often here on this forum that Madonna fans criticize her so negatively all the time. Sometimes it's just too much.
  6. I saw Madonna for the first time in Stockholm and she sounded absolutely fine to me. I have been her fan since Confessions era. I was singing along and jumping all the time. I took my bestie to see her show who is a casual fan of Madonna, she said she sounded great live and she was singing live. My bestie was more impressed by her ability to dance and sing for 2 hours at age 65. She even bought her merch. Do I want to see celebration tour again? Hell yeah!
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