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  1. It will be a real crowd pleaser. Everybody comes to Hollywood.
  2. I hope you’re right on this one. If there’s one song I want as close to the original as possible it’s Hung Up. I think most fans would agree too. She’s done the song different ways for years now so hopefully she will return to the greatness of the original track for The Celebration Tour.
  3. This gave me chills! This is exactly what I was imagining for the tour with Like A Prayer just after it on the setlist and possibly Living For Live before it. A whole ethereal vibe for this act. I think a little editing is needed to bring out more of M’s vocals, but the choir really breathes new life into Ray Of Light! Love it. 💛
  4. Just wanna put this out there… we are all Rebel Hearts. ♥️ We have more to be happy about than any other fan base on so many levels. Their faves could never! Each day closer to opening night, I am getting more excited. I’m very faithful the show will go on and M will reign once more. 👑 ✨⭐️✨JOIN THE PARTY. IT’S A CELEBRATION. ✨⭐️✨
  5. It will all be worth it in the end tho. This is gonna be an amazing show.
  6. Right. She did chair work on The Confessions Tour too, but that was for Like It Or Not. I wouldn’t assume too much just because we see a chair.
  7. I was supposed to be going to see Madonna tonight! #timegoesbysoslowly 😭😭😭😭
  8. OMG this was amazing! I don’t want it for the tour as I want something closer to the album version with the choir and put it somewhere near Like A Prayer on the setlist, but I REALLY want to hear this in the club! 🪩
  9. She’s pushing through and looking gorgeous! ♥️
  10. Survival is one of my all time favorite non-single tracks! Amazing is as well. Nice choice. We will never hear it live, but nice choice. 👍🏻
  11. Great input! I tried to balance my personal wishlist with what she could realistically do to please as many people as possible. I think there’s a decent chance we do hear Borderline. Anyways, I just created a new thread if you wanna chat there. Realized this may not be the best place for this topic since it’s not really official rehearsals talk. If anyone has thoughts on this setlist or their own ideas for the tour, please head to the thread Wishlists & Setlists. 💃🏼🪩
  12. ✨❤️🪩💛💃🏼💛🪩❤️✨
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