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  1. I don't understand why they just dubbed the album version onto it. If they'd have given it some thought, they could've dubbed the HQ Koko audio over it because its the same performance I actually love the one shot thing - It gives a feel like I'm stood in the crowd watching her. Although the prick holding up the camera as the first chorus starts is annoying.
  2. societysboy

    Am I the only one who sees that the majority of them are out of sync by about a quarter of a second? They look amazing no doubt, well done, but I can't really watch them without being distracted by the sync issue.
  3. societysboy

    Look at the size difference of her knees on that 2nd photo...
  4. societysboy

    Cancel before the UK dates
  5. societysboy

    Cancel the tour, draw a line under the Madame X era, disappear for a year, come back with a Greatest Hits arena tour. Damage control.
  6. societysboy

    I paid £125 a ticket for Manchester lower tier, block on the side closest to the stage. I'm pretty sure floor tickets were £175.
  7. societysboy

    They never want the title of the Bond films to leak, so they used Cant You See My Mind as a fake title.
  9. My car broke down I'm empty
  10. I can't believe, in 2016, nobody recorded the tv airing of something we've been waiting a year for

  11. societysboy

    When i scroll down the page it moves extremely slow, always has done, on multiple computers
  12. societysboy

    Is any of this going to improve the scroll lag on the forum?
  13. 'I never followed the rules. Don't expect me to start now' - Madonna, 2015

  14. A ban threat for asking a question? A bit strong, no? Let's be real, ALL the files posted on here would be considered illegal sharing in the eyes of Madonna, her label and the police. I just find it odd that exceptions are made for certain files to give the impression of legality of others. You think Madonna would let it go if you said 'oh but its a fade edit version that cuts the last 10 seconds off, so surely that means we can share it all we like'?