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  1. You were being facetious just because you'd not heard of an artist Madonna has chosen to work with. Maybe you should take a leaf out of Madonna's book and broaden your horizons artistically.
  2. Sevdaliza is fucking brilliant and Madonna would do well to take a leaf out of her book. She hired the director of the Dark Ballet video after seeing the below two videos he'd done for Sevdaliza. Madonna doing anything at all with her is thrilling.
  3. Free? Are you on smack? I paid £500 to see this, I expect the full show that everyone else at every other date gets. I expect her to be late. I don’t expect to come away feeling shortchanged.
  4. She came on much later than last night, knowing full well that the curfew was 30 mins earlier. The lateness tonight cost her £400,000 in fines. The lights coming on at the end of Rain was so jarring and it did not feel like an ending.
  5. The show tonight finished at Rain… if you have UK Sunday night tickets, good luck
  6. Well that’s worrying… En route to London now, wish me luck!
  7. Looking at the pictures inside the O2, it seems the seats for my show don’t actually exist. I have row M seats in block A3 on the floor, but the block only goes to row k. Has anyone had a similar thing happen?
  8. Even in those LQ clips you can tell she's miming (I don't say this a s a negative...)
  9. Decided to start a little project for myself this month because, well, she deserves it. I was thinking I would do one post a day on my twitter/Instagram accounts using #MadonnaAppreciationMonth but I know I’ll likely end up doing more. Feel free to join me
  10. It is clear that Guy only posted about this on instagram because he knew the Page Six story was about to come out. The fact that he worded it as a 'bacterial infection' in order to minimise it, and then 5 minutes later the Page Six story was so much worse worries me.
  11. Guy has also changed his instagram profile picture from the NFT monkey thing to the Madonna album cover. I've got such horrible vibes about this.
  12. Ordered mine from Dig also. Not received. They seem to take forever to send anything out.
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