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  1. OH MY AGELESS GODDESS!! Madonna INSANELY looking beautiful in those photos!!!!!! by the way who is that UNQUESTIONABLY handsome young man? They looks like REALLY cute YOUNG couple! LOVE IT!
  2. Thank EXCEEDINGLY you so much sharing this thoughtful and warm message with us!!!! Our AGELESS GODDESS Madonna need this kind of POSITIVE support and Madonna fans need this kind of POSITIVE spirit and MOST IMPORTANTLY Madonna fan forum need this kind of POSITIVE LOVE!!! Thank you!
  3. YOU are BULLING me. And Did you ever heard about "Google translator"? Yes that "GOOGLE TRANSLATOR" helped me to wrote that 5 paragraph essay. I'm ABSOLUTELY and EXCEEDINGLY sorry for you have such a twisted mind. I SINCERELY hope you realize that everything in the world is not as crooked as your twisted mind. P.S. I will no longer talk to a person with a twisted mind like you. Next time, look at the wall and speak. not to me.
  4. Thank you! I know right? Madonna EXCEEDINGLY looking fierce and beautiful with that ABSOLUTELY beautiful red hair!!!!! And I COMPLETELY agree with you!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! She ABSOLUTELY should keep that TERRIFICALLY beautiful red hair on new tour!!!
  5. If Madonna fans can't use "truly" and "Tremendously" in the Madonna fan forum Then can Madonna fans use the word "Absolutely" or "Really" ? Please Tell me which English words Madonna fans can't use in the Madonna fan forum. To be honest, this is Absolutely ridiculous. Banning some English words from the Madonna fan forum just because of some twisted minds.
  6. I wrote this a few days ago in the "Learning a New Language?" post in the Member Zone section. Because of a few people like you, I'd like to share that writing here as well. Read this And STOP Bullying me!!! PLEASE!!! I'm begging you STOP BULLYING ME!!! I am trying to learn English these days. As you all know, it's TRULY hard to learn another language as you get older. But it's TRULY happy to learn a new language and share your love for Madonna with people from other countries, especially Madonna's true fans like me. However, learning English anew does not mean that there are only good things happened to you. Since English is not my first language, there are only a limited number of English words that I can use, but it is TRULY hard and TRULY sad for English-speaking racists to continue to bully me by saying insulting things about me. Did I say something insulting to anyone? Answer is No I didn't. Did I say anything disparaging to anyone? Answer is No I didn't. But these Racists keep constantly laugh at me and insult me and bully me just because I could use limited English words. As if the Nazis insulted and massacred Jews just because they were Jews. Just like the homophobia insulting gay people just because they were gay. it make me TRULY sad. All I TRULY did was express my love for Madonna passionately. Madonna has been saying and sing through her songs for the past 40 years to share love, not hate. But it's TRULY TRULY sad to have to see these some racists full of hate, not love, on Our Goddess of love Madonna's fan forum. But what's TRULY TRULY fortunate thing is that there are only a handful of such racist haters, and the majority of Madonna fans sing love, so I gain strength and try to express my passionate love for Madonna today and spread love rather than hate to the world. @Jackie @RUADJAI
  7. Look at Madonna's ABSOLUTELY beautiful face!!! SEE? Photo without the tremendously malicious manipulation of misogynists is tremendously and absolutely natural and beautiful!!! I ABSOLUTELY love her beautiful red hair!!! it's so ICONIC!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY love this photo!!! FABULOUS!! JUST FABULOUS!!!! People ABSOLUTELY believe that if someone says that this photo taken at 1990s Ray of light era!!!!
  8. OH MY AGELESS GODDESS!! This is what we TREMENDOUSLY talking about!!! Realistic photo with no malicious intent from misogynists! Look at Madonna's TREMENDOUSLY Beautiful face!! Her beautiful red hair is TREMENDOUSLY already level of ICONIC!!!!! In my personal opinion, Julia' face seems more like Lori Petty than Madonna, but it's clear she's a TREMENDOUSLY beautiful young actress. I ABSOLUTELY love theses TREMENDOUSLY beautiful photo! They're ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY fabulous!! I TREMENDOUSLY love it!!!
  9. This is the reason I TREMENDOUSLY hate misogyny media and paparazzi. They manipulated the picture to make Madonna look old with TREMENDOUSLY malicious intent. But this time, the TREMENDOUSLY manipulation went too far, making even that young actress sitting next to Madonna look like a grandmother. Madonna TREMENDOUSLY should ban all cameras from her new tour. Only her team has to control taking pictures and videos. Just like Madame X tour.
  10. I TRULY think so too. The baby is literally her son Rocco. And the song is TRULY about love him.
  11. I TRULY thank you to share this TRULY precious photo!! Yes that's one of possibility. Or they TRULY could have met at a party simply and TRULY to Just celebrate his birthday.
  12. Thank you! I Know right? I was TRULY and STUDLY happy to know this not too long ago!!
  13. I TRULY and STUDLY appreciate you sharing this rare information with us! TRULY Thank you so much!!
  14. I'm TRULY glad and TRULY happy that you knew this already!!!!
  15. Did you guys TRULY know that the actor Danny Aiello who appeared as Madonna's dad in the papa don't preach music video made this song and even made the music video? Papa wants the best for you.. This is a TRULY and STUDLY delightful discovery to me!!!!! I TRULY hope that you guys too~
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