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  1. I have paramount + and I've been waiting the last three days and nothing, is not there!
  2. She did like nothing, such as Lady GaGa, who is speking pretty often nowadays about the injustice that britnet lived. Why do they kept so quiet this 13 years? Now they are "celebrating" her freedom, c'mon! Madonna just used Britney and that's it.
  3. It's official, was published on her YouTube channel
  4. To say "old" is ageism? OMG, what if call her tantrum young woman? is that ageism too? How defensive is ppl nowadays.
  5. What about Bitch I'm Loca - ItsMiggs Remix?
  6. Actually IDGAF if you believe that I am a fan or not, you opened a thread, so opinions will come.
  7. I'm left with the fact that I will still have an opinion and will write them everytime I want, it's a free country.
  8. Do it. I wont stop writing only cuz you don't like my opinion.
  9. Believe it or not I'm a massive Madonna fan, I spent money on her blah blah blah and would say something that she said, "love the art not the person",or something like that, and that's what Madonna has become to me, just art, I love her music but the person that she has become, I'll pass.
  10. This has nothing to do with being a woman, is for everyone, I'd love to see many of you acting that way when you're 63, in real life. Anyway, I guess that each and one of us loves a different angle from her and is an endless discussion.
  11. I guess that what drives people crazy is not that she is 63, is that she's acting 14 when she is 63 lol. But yeah, I guess that some people here are like super blinded and this wont lead anywhere. And this parody gives a good explanation LOL.
  12. When some one don't give a fuck what other people says they just simply don't react to it, it's like I'm gay, and I'm gay because people hate it lol. I don't even care about homophobic people, is just who I am . Sorry she is just tantrum so...
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