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  1. Ordered the Blond Ambition goodies, I just really hope small fits me, it costs a lot to ship to Mexico ☹️😭
  2. April 20 - Mexico City, MX - Palacio De Los Deportes April 21 - Mexico City, MX - Palacio De Los Deportes April 23 - Mexico City, MX - Palacio De Los Deportes April 24 - Mexico City, MX - Palacio De Los Deportes You can send me a message to instagram guys!
  3. I barely liste this album, will play it today. But cheap? I dont think so...
  4. I do think IGTTAS and CT were the best live productions ever! S&S was awful, bad dubbed, weird mixes such as Borderline with heavy edited vocals that make her sound like a teenager with that weird out of tune “Lala” ending part. MDNA with the excessive crowd sound and her voice out of tune, Madame X is the worst one, with her long boring speeches, jokes that ever land and pretty much boring arrangements by Kevin Antunes 🙄
  5. Also available in her website https://shop.madonna.com/
  6. I’d love to hear sidewalk talk Madonnas version. I mean you Can clearly hear her voice on the actual track but is not the same, and along with the three more unreleased studio versions of Ain’t No Big Deal produced each by Mark Kamins, Stephen Bray and John "Jellybean" Benitez. Writer's Block would be definitely interesting to hear too!
  7. So, you guys think we’d have a super ultra monster deluxe edition for this album including unreleased tracks?
  8. I guess is deeper, inherent to humans, unconsciously (or not) we love to be part of a "tribe", each and one of the human beings on this earth loves something, and naturally, they (we) think their thing is the best.
  9. she's #9 on uk official charts
  10. Vulgar is my fave from the new songs, sadly its numbers on YouTube and Spotify are… low, I’m shocked :(
  11. Im high now and i can tell you guys I’m so fucking engoiying vulgar, is pretty… vulgar, lol, a trip 👌🏽
  12. The song overal sounds like the intro of a very popular Mexican Drag Show called "La Mas Draga"
  13. So now 3 producers shared and commented on Madonna X Sam Smith post: Ryan Tedder, Illya Salmanzadeh & Curkuit Hitmakers actually
  14. their instagram profiles
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