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  1. Max Martin is a HIT maker, period.
  2. I guess it’s a pretty hot story, I share it with her 😈
  3. I will never understand the hype for Peter R. I ever found his remixes quite good.
  4. Damn, she looked lost, hard crowd.
  5. It’s part of her persona guys, she is pretty arrogant, so she doesn’t give a fuck if fans are waiting, she is the Queen and she knows that we will wait for her. With that said be prepared for Latedonna or Cancellodonna 💅🏼
  6. Like Michael's Xscape, that would be awesome
  7. Yup, this came to my mind, she was recording something with Sickick so I assume there is something else in works that we actually don't know.
  8. Thank God. She directing this would have been a disaster like WE and the awful editing of the past tours.
  9. she won't survive many shows per city, in Madame X she was strugguling, she is 64, sooner 65, OC she will offer less dates than in previous tours. I read comments on many facebook sites (billboard, even madonna's official site), people really hate her, mustly cuz this new instagram persona, it will be ambitios to book many dates , people really seem disconnected from her nowadays. Anyways, I'll go if she books 1 date here on Mexico lol
  10. It's kinda cute that you guys keep thinking that iTunes is something nowadays, streaming guys, let's stream that song.
  11. I don't give a fu-u-u-u I don't give a fu-u-u-u I don't give a fu-u-u-u I don't give a fu-u-u-u
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