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  1. She has been really respectul before, she's just been honest.
  2. Sadly, one of the most objective opinions about this performance. She's a vocal couch.
  3. What an asshole, how he dares to talk about a woman like this. Second of all, she doesn't need the money. I wish he'd have the balls to tell that bullshit to her face.
  4. I have the same feeling. Crave reaction was lukewarm to cold. I mean is a great tune but, I totally see Future as a summer hit, all that horns and beat are everything. And of course, is gonna be performed in Eurovision.
  5. "Soltera" writing and production credits.
  6. vesalii

    The efforts has paid off 😂 She's becoming popular all over streaming platforms. For example, Spotify, before the Madame X era she was in the #300 world wide. No she's #175 and she only has released 1 official single. Crave video is about to be released. Nor Cher, Cindy Louper or Kylie Minogue has a place on Spotify. Britney and Christina are pretty close to Madonna but she reminds on top all over them.
  7. I like it, but I prefer "Future". The very end of "Soltera" reminds me of that Madonna from the "I'm Breathless" era, that voice, very cheeky and fun.
  8. vesalii

    Quavo Is so unnecessary. In general, a great track, my fave till now. I was wrong, different from Unapologetic Bitch.
  9. I remember he was about to release a new album with updated Madonna tracks and he did a "sponsor" thing in order to finish his album but suddenly he disappeared from Instagram. I would like to know if someone gave him money and what happened?.
  10. She's not even in the charts. She only has 319, 356 monthly listeners.
  11. Madonna has the 180 place in Spotify, Britney is 193, Christina Aguilera 181. Elton is 133. Cher and Kylie they don't ever figure out.
  12. Can't wait for the video.
  13. I'm sorry you guys but, Madonna is doin' a really smart move with this song, it has the "nowadays" sound, just listen Khalid's tracks. Pretty similar and guess what, Khalid is the number one WW in spotify so...
  14. I doubt the song will succeed on charts. Not impressed, next.