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  1. vesalii

    Last 8 years
  2. A collaboration with J Balvin is in works?... That would be awesome 😎!
  3. vesalii

    And they're right
  4. vesalii

    Are you living in a small town? Are you an hermit? Or just old enough to really not care about actual music. She has 2 number ones, with "Physical" and "Dont Start Now" in one year. Six grammy nominations. The fifth most streamed album on spotify this year. Not to mention that the album was co-produced by STUART PRICE (Confessions on a Dance Floor), Koz (MDNA), Jason Evigan ("Ghosttown", "I Rise", "Crazy") and Bhasker ("Come Alive", "Looking for Mercy", "Back that up the Beat")
  5. vesalii

    and dont forget "fuzzy dream"
  6. vesalii

    I'm wondering if she'd include why she has done that big ass and that puffy face. The actress looks pretty accurate to me.
  7. And I never said it was because of Kylie Minogue...
  8. Kylie, DUA LIPA, Miley Cyrus, Lady GaGa, The Weeknd...
  10. Love the art, hate the artist!, Honestly Madonna has disappeared from the charts and Dr. Luke is back again with good HITS, the ones that she desperately needs.
  11. Dr. Luke as Tyson Trax Max Martín Oscar Görres
  12. We definitelly NEED a disco album, is a trend now and she used to be good in disco/dance so, Dr Luke as Tyson Trax who produced "Say So" by Doja Cat, "Clarity" and "TURN OFF THE LIGHT" by Kim Petras , Max Martin, Oscar Görres and Ilya Salmanzadeh. All by the executive production of Stuart Price.
  13. vesalii

    She should move on into new music, disco is a trend now, and she used to be pretty good on that. Let's foget about Madame X Desaster Tour
  14. Madonna is not necessary in this video, at this point I don’t expect nothing from her, I’m always disappointed. Dua looks flawless as always 😍
  15. The remix is no being well recieved on twitter....