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  1. It's so interesting you brought this up. While there is no denying her lateness, this was exactly my impression on Saturday in NYC. The area outside of the arena itself was super crowded and veery lively and fun. I hadn't been to a big M concert since 2009 and it was a soccer stadium, but I remember going to get drinks before the show and thinking if the additional arena/artist revenue could explain a bit of her lateness. I think it 's a bit of a chicken/egg situation I think. Regardless of her being late, the concert was waaaay better than what I expected, detailed and layered, as she said during the concert, emotional and overall very brilliant. I am someone who has distanced himself from M for the last decade or so. But I have to say, the show brought me to tears multiple times, it has a beautiful "spark" I thought was gone from her music. 💜
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