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  1. Omg like if he had a “health scare” and came back like
  2. If you kids don’t cut that shit out, I’m turning this car around and no one is getting ice cream. Either worship or heckle Perry’s latest forgettable song.
  3. The moon with no light of my own in Messiah and I’m A Sinner Do you believe in love at first sight? It’s an illusion. I don’t care. You say you wanna stay the night but you’ll leave me tomorrow. I don’t care.
  4. People upset at the quality of Katy Perry projects... in 2024
  5. In case anyone wants more Kevin Jz Prodigy tribute to Madonna, I hear a few clever tiny samples too. This is also on Spotify.
  6. I about had a coronary thinking this was a photo shoot either in Queens or at Kween in Astoria, Queens
  7. I've always wondered - did Orbit do the production on Black Coffee Version 2 as well? Confirmed Orbit production on Discogs, sorry I don't have any All Saints CDs to reference but this version is lovely..
  8. SO AGREE - I would lose my shit if I had to hunt for different versions of Express Yourself on these rando compilations on Spotify.
  9. Kylie's streaming on Spotify selection is very bizarre, in my opinion. Take arguably her most popular song "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". There is a Single listed with 2 remixes available, but in search there are remixes by Greg Kurstin, Nick Faber, one titled "Remix", an Extended Mix, Deluxe's Dirty Dub (on Fever), Extended Instrumental, String Version. Total mess.
  10. UGH could you imagine if she was in Ruthless People as Danny DeVito's wife lol
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