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  1. I've mentioned before how the elevator at work is a big Madonna fan, promoting Gambler's release and The Celebration Tour. This week it is promoting a Jogging Playlist with two songs suggested, one of which is "the hyper-pop of Madonna's Ray Of Light"
  2. I didn’t even know about the Queen Estere appearance 👀 now I’m even more hyped for this event also my fave DJ Derrick Carter. Will be camera ready, prepared to flash.
  3. If you say so, I remember I had to go onto my Serato DJ program and take screen shots of the sound waves to show/prove the difference to folks on here that said it was not.
  4. I think it’s “neat” they are filling in blanks like Paper Faces remix of Let It Will Be. I also noticed on GHV2 Deeper & Deeper is now labeled 7’’ Edit I remember when that was a Hot Topic here if it was or was not album version.
  5. I have my fingers, toes and other things crossed regarding Ladyland for at least a cameo. On Saturday when all her friends are there.
  6. I got an alert that my Rio tee is in transit.
  7. The other day on Twitter I asked Joe Henry if he knew Guilty By Association was not available on streaming but he did not reply. Sad face.
  8. Emily if you're on my frequency love please do I'm Going To Tell You A Secret with I Love New York (Demo Version) next.
  9. Hey you guys am I crazy or is Let It Will Be Paper Faces Mix finally available on Spotify in USA?? Did I miss the parade for this one? I try to stay on top of this shit for my Madonna Dance Mastermix Playlist - I'm also seeing the full Jacques Lu Cont & Junior Sanchez remixes of Jump that were not on my list previously with smaller playcounts (40,000)
  10. My friend Juan Campos-Mendez says you guys are being so silly.
  11. As a silly American and huge fan of the soundtrack, it always reminded me of Lucy doing a Ricky song. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.
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