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  1. I'm dieing to hear the Like a Prayer demo tape put on sale a pair of years ago, wich also contained Angels with dirty faces: does anyone know what happened to that sale and especially to those recordings? 

    1. deathproof


      Patrick Leonard leaked it?

    2. stefo


      Not all of them

  2. As always many outtakes are better than the released pics
  3. Ray of Light Erotica Like a Prayer Bedtime Stories Madame X Rebel Heart True Blue Music American Life Madonna Like a virgin Confessions on a Dancefloor MDNA Hard Candy
  4. Yeah the track has such potential and this arrangement really valorizes it It's a pity she went so far with the official version, because imo it doesn'r work as it could. I would have prefered if she did not include the robotic Tchaikovsky singing, it slakens the tension for me, I find it boring and not that effective; the spoken part is good, but I once again miss a reprise of the chorus or, anyway, a more vivid recall of the main theme before the ending piano, wich is beautiful (I made my own version anyway, so I listen to that when I want) There are two more edits from the same account, one is the Crazy vid already shared and then we have this edit of "Sodade"
  5. Yeah such a vocal mess Anyway I'm obsessed by this version of Dark Ballet, I think that if she would have released this jazzy sung version of the Joan of Arc words, this song could have been perfect, among her best ones. I'm so in love, my hopes are all for a demo recording and a future leak of it (even if at this point hoping to hear demos and unreleased seems almost impossible).
  6. I don't know if you already shared this, but it's good and yes!! We finally have a proper full version of the Dark Ballet performance I was waiting for. I'd like so much to have an edit like this of the full thing, the arrangements of Dark Ballet, Sodade and La Isla Bonita were beautiful and the idea of taking Like a Prayer on the street was cool and unexpected (even if I have to admit that her vocals in Crazy and La Isla are both tough esperiences )
  7. Mm, interesting what about that "I live/Care"? Do you think we have the title of an advanced stage track outtake or witch song do you think it is? I miss this kind of excitement, this movie project scares me about the perspective of new recordings (wich would also be the time to start working on, since it's more than THREE YEARS now ).
  8. It was T R I N I T YYYYYYYY !!!! "The most stupid thing I've ever read"???? The good thing about this, wich is for me the good thing of all this last part of her career (with the excellent music production), is her authenticity, humility and awareness. Still, The Matrix refusal can't be forgiven (and she knows it) ... but do you imagine M in the Matrix look, the flying fightings, the possible soundtrack theme and the huuuge credit she would have earned for that after Evita
  9. I want a complete good audio of the whole thing so badly guys, I'm dieing to listen to the flow of the new arrangements and the slowed down, not filtered version of Dark Ballet, dieing!!
  10. Ok she was not vocally good, undeniable, but THIS is a musical direction! THIS is a live sound, the proper instruments unsamble to add value to her catalogue and THIS is the guy who should rework her music for the next events (the pianist I mean)! Loved the energy and the sound of it ... just the pity of her voice, wich is still there, listening to the Dark Ballet centre part and Sodade (wich sounded both awesome), it's just definitely not trained anymore.
  11. The arrangements sounded so good! I want to hear them in full, let's hope somebody in the room recorded it and the street mob was so unique I didn't like the vocals in the Crazy vid though, at all
  12. Where are you following guys? Is there a link?
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