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  1. stefo

  2. stefo

    Gorgeous Madame X pic and with A league of their own costar Lori Petty (offset Polaroid shot)
  3. All right guys, it's december, time to express wishes for Christmas. Now, we all were expecting a full Madame X world tour immersive digital experience, but the phone banning policy stoped this to happen, disappointing some (if not many) of us. So I was thinking that a pair of old unreleased tracks (especially from the Bedtime Stories session) would really be a good gift to help us waiting for theΒ late 2020-21 Dvd release (if she's really still interested in doing it). And I really don't wanna think of the wait we have in front of us for a new proper album, since she's going to direct a movie after the tour. My prayer is: be generous guys, share some joy with the other fandom dudes on this Christmas month. Let's enjoy these holidays together!!!

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    2. poserdemadonna


      My only wish is for Madonna to come to Brazil

    3. Andymad


      πŸ‘πŸ»ExpressπŸ‘πŸ»YourselfπŸ‘πŸ»Vocals! Come on baby. Pretty please.

    4. emanon


      Madame X demos...all!

  4. stefo

    Apparently another nice pic from the VIP book
  5. No, I'm not a magazine collector honestly. I'll check in the next few days for you anyway @Enrico
  6. stefo

    Now, if true, this new VIP Madame X coffee table book looks funny and really well done ...
  7. stefo

    Interesting clip from the Rescue Me interlude ...
  8. stefo

    Some other clips, Come Alive, Batuka, Papa don't Preach and Crave (the Batuka ones are amazing!!!) and a clip from the Frozen backdrop
  9. stefo

    OFF TOPIC, just to share a shameful news: only one Grammy Nomination for Madonna: Best Remix for I Rise (Tracy Young). Seriously?!
  10. stefo

    This is THE man I would dream her to work with for a future theatre show (if he could ever accept her proposal), the uncomparable Dimitris Papaioannou. I attended two of his shows and I remember them among the best theatre experiences of my entire life, in wich I studied and performed as actor for some years and constantly went to see spectacles. If you have a few minutes watch some fragments of his profound and inspirational work.
  11. stefo

    Another Crave clip
  12. stefo

    Madonna is a superstar in a small room at the Wiltern - Los Angeles Times
  13. These infos were shared by an insider who repetetely proved to be reliable in my early days on this forum during the 2014 massive leakage. I don't know more than that unfortunately.
  14. Madame X era is not complete yet apparently @EnricoThe same thing happened with the Nakane featuring and there are rumours a compilation is coming next year, maybe in the autumn (I think she is planning to stop for a long time because of the movie she's going to direct). Someone said she has still a few tracks ready for that, the track you are guessing about can be part of that project