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  1. I'm afraid you're right Enrico, it's gotta be something like this, about her story (almost sure) or not. Unfortunately all these projects lack every kind of interest for me, they're so clearly aimed to get some money from old stars back catalogues that I hardly find anything really creative or inspiring in them. Maybe just Mama Mia had some originality, but it was one of the firsts of their kind. She should just WRITE A BOOK, a real book for once, about her life (and selling it with a reasoned collection of songs, not just hits but the most honest ones , like Promise to try, Till death do us part, In this life, Drowned world, Joan of Arc and a few new tracks, at most). I'm sure there would be much more people curious to read a book than to go to the movies to watch her story filmed for an aspiring blockbuster, not in this moment of her career. She's got to find a way to be back to a real level of audience appreciation before trying something like this imo. Extra happy about her being back to Warner and highly longing to see how they'll manage her next real musical project, I was always sure that Rebel Heart and Madame X would have been much more refined and succesful with the right, critic management to guide her, so that's the real news for me at the moment
  2. stefo

    The source seemed reliable but I have no way to confirm anyting, anyway it was about tracks wich were not meant to be released during the Madame X era.
  3. stefo

    So no possibilities she's just shooting something to be released in the autumn? Someone who proved to be well informed during the Madame X promotion revealed that there were a very few tracks left unreleased from the studio session, among wich three were ready for a compilation about the Live Nation years to be released after the closing of the Madame X era (by the way, where is the announced Nakhane collab wich I'm still dieing for? ). Of course I also feel like dreaming and giving myself false hopes, and yet isn't it possible that something nice is still in store before the expected 4 years break wich will follow the dvd/br release?
  4. Still waiting for the "Between the bars" studio demo ... it's years, by the way. Isn't it really yet arrived its time to be shared? 

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    2. lap


      I also love her Secret Project performance version. Also, I would love If I had a hammer version from RH tour DVD. 

    3. stefo


      yes, absolutely that's the other one I'm waiting to be leaked, and yes, the 2013 piano version is the best one imo too :thumbsup:

    4. fernando2


      Yes please 

  5. Ok I have to admit I am really ashamed she did this, really. I can't believe how much she is getting unrecognizable. The problem is that if she shows such a complete lack of awareness in a basic as important matter like this one, also her commitment in good causes ends up being less and less relevant, it's her own voice to be discredited. I was so proud when last month I saw her in the streets of London walking with her crutches for the Black lives matter cause, and yet if she's not able to share the relevance of such essential informations and sources, well ... we do have a prob guys. I'm so disappointed by this
  6. The track is nice, a little scared for the remix thing, anyway it's absolutely good news today
  7. stefo

    New 1993 outtake ... and some nice set pics from Dick Tracy and Evita
  8. I'm dieing to know if there are Madame X unreleased tracks. Please whoever knows anything just a few hints, especially if there's any fado oriented material left to discover. 

    1. Enrico


      We should try to contact João Ventura (pianist) to find out what happened to the song that he wrote for the album, and maybe Dino D'Santiago...

    2. emanon


      @EnricoForget about Dino Santiago, he wont even take a picture with you. Stardom went over his head after being friends with Madonna. I wonder if she is still being his friend or will be in a few years. Actually he is no longer needed by her. About stardom, people from Madonna's team were  very cool and down do earth in Lisbon...because I went to my hotel to pick up something to eat I missed a photo with Monte Pitman...But Dino was "pretensious cool" by denying to take a pic. I'm portuguese, he seemed to be a good influence on her work, and a very important part. But this Madonna thing just went over his head. Music reality show made up "star", is what he is.

      his attitude was so...that he kinda ruined the duet with her at the show for me. We really didnt know if he was gonna sing that night,  I really wanted it, after watching his pretensious attitude...I like people that are down to earth, he isnt...ate least he stoped being it after Madonna...

  9. stefo

    OFF TOPIC, sorry Is there anybody who can tell us if this is just the usual fake news of the long and boring interludes between M releases or is there any truth about it? Thanx a lot guys
  10. Does anybody know if we'll ever have the chance to watch a full Girlie Show proshot unreleased concert as it happend with the New Jersey Blond Ambition show and could still happen with the Florence show from the Who's That Girl Tour? Is there any full recording left to discover?

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    2. club78boy


      It was a TV special that broadcast Express Yourself and Fever in full and then b-roll of Deeper And Deeper, Vogue and Rain.  

    3. Enrico


      Oh... so basically 1/4 of the show. Thanks for the info @club78boy

      Do you know if any other full proshot exists?

    4. club78boy


      this user has uploaded it in three parts: 


  11. stefo

    Sorry, didn't see it
  12. stefo

    OFF TOPIC Now, this is really something ... and laughing out loud to all the snobbish rockish purists I met in life who didn't have critic sense Bob Dylan Says Pop Music 'Means Nothing' to Him, But Madonna Is 'Good'! His words: “Pop entertainment means nothing to me. Nothing. You know, Madonna’s good. Madonna’s good, she’s talented, she puts all kind of stuff together, she’s learned her thing…but it’s the kind of thing which takes years and years out of your life to be able to do. You’ve got to sacrifice a whole lot to do that. Sacrifice. If you want to make it big, you’ve got to sacrifice a whole lot. It’s all the same, it’s all the same.”


    1. Enrico


      Have you seen this @stefo? I don't think so!


  14. stefo

    1999 Max Factor campaign outtake these Vogue video outtakes and a Secret video shooting set pic