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    More in depth recap - I happened to see orchestra tickets on TM at 6:30pm last night and after a short debate with my hubby we snatched them up I recommend to not look at any Madonna news a week before you see the show. Clean slate - open mind We arrived at 9:45 and settled in with a glass of wine By the time I finished my first glass the quartet had started to warm up the crowd ...seats were pretty empty up until that point so people are adjusting to the late starts Quartet was fun ...amazing what four people can do They played maybe 30 minutes to 45 minutes Followed by first announcement saying the show would begin soon ... purchased a second and final glass of red wine Then the second announcement from Madonna God Control & Dark Ballet - my husband turned to me in surprised and said “she’s singing!” ...wasn’t as apparent sitting in the mezzanine on 9/28 because we were farther away ..see more of the spectacle at the mezzanine vantage point The performance really came through last night (are the revolutionary glitterati costumes a cheeky nod to Hamilton?) Human Nature - was worried about this one with the knee but M powered through ...great energy from the audience M got snappy when an audience member tried to steal Estere’s line. MAMA bear Express Yourself - Started off by Mercy - fun and on point Self - reflection monologue Followed by vogue even better I don’t search I find - great of my favorite songs from the album. But now I have new favorites after seeing performances Selfie - $6900 In cash!! M didn’t have time to count it. Hopefully it was all there. First complaint about the AC came here was fierce ..the complaint and the AC...was cold I think it finally went off later after a few more complaints from M. I wonder if the crew scrambles when they hear these directions from Stage? Papa Don’t Preach - preach! American Life - wow wow wow I’m from the Midwest - my grandfather was a veteran of WWII and my dad is a veteran of Vietnam War - my family is super patriotic - lots of big flags growing up ..I never necessarily fully appreciated that When the dancers put their hands on their hearts with the flag backdrop on the screens - And then Madonna amplifies it with a very resounding chorus of FUCK IT Batuka - didn’t want it to end M does a hide and seek / call and repeat entrance which is fun Also loved watching M watch their magic Then there was another little moment of M talking and introduced Gaspar and then belted one out ..just her voice and Gaspar on strings Killers who are partying - slow burn on the album but M took center stage and SANG it Crazy - love it on the album - on the fence for its staging Fado club / la isla / sodade - M sounds amazing Commanding from atop the piano with a guitar Made a joke about needing “decades” of sleep ...and no better place for a power nap than on top of a Steinway She seemed very relaxed and comfortable- I was up for a nap too Then Medellin started with a slow cha cha burn Worked up to complete frenzy as M descended into the audience and literally got in our faces. Ive never been to Medellin but I could imagine being caught up in a festive crowd with M She made it out to our row (H) - wish people wouldn’t grab so much at her - it would be amazing to just sing a song face to face with Madonna Then she sat down with Lily - M had to get the crowd around them in order - SIT DOWN Lily was a bit shy - M loves her scorpios Extreme Occident - my new favorite song. Again a raw and powerful performance Crowd sat and took it in ...noticed M’s legs a couple times ..she uses her entire body ...and gets like 7,000 flights in here Rescue Me - crowd was really into it - very OA Fitting as we were about to be transported to another dimension Then FROZEN. Period. Come Alive - the new like a prayer M gave another little monologue here about freedom and you could hear the emotion in her voice - says she never cries but ... she got me Future - hate the burning dystopian world graphics but love M sitting at the piano and singing. A little vocoder here It needs a tik tok “Yeap/ Nope” remake Crave - like the song but the remix is not my fave Gagged on full showgirls jazz hands VERSACE Like a Prayer Loved the tweak with the video in the background M sounded great - really into it for the millionth time And when the back up singer did her solo - She was beyond incredible and M watches her in complete awe - like everyone in the theater Curtain down LOUD crowd response. I Rise Call to arms and amazing exit until next time Madame X Just got out of tonight’s (10/10) show ..bought tickets at the last minute ...also saw the 9/21 show. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see it again because I wasn’t blown away the first time. Maybe it was the fact that we were in the orchestra this time (and didn’t drink the awful vodka - glass of red wine is the way to go for MX) but the show tonight was AH MAH ZING! Madonna was fully present and on fire. What knee injury? Super polished and lots of little tweaks from the earlier show. No stool to fall off ...thank G Little recap of what I remember ... Opening bid for the selfie was 3500$. Followed by a wtf bid of $1000. But ultimately went for SIXTY-NINE hundred dollars ($6900) ..M couldn’t resist that number ...lucky bidder Jim ..she thanked him and said the money would go to children in Malawi (thank goodness no talk of her overhead this time) - sidebar Andy Cohen is clearly a cheapskate M sat next to a young 20something named Lily in the audience - a Scorpio ..her brother was sitting somewhere else in the area and had given her that seat. Best brother ever. My favorite number is Frozen (both shows) so many generations of women on stage in spirit ... Madonna as a mother and Madonna’s remembrance of her own mother ..channeled through the mother of Madame X - Martha Graham. For all the people who are fans of M without major choreo this is for you ... I don’t want to say too much but it’s beyond words anyway - I want to watch the performance 7,000 times Is it a groundbreaking show? Maybe not in the way of Blonde Ambition - but the ambition is still there I can’t believe there is only one show left in NYC!!
  3. stefo

    All my respect in this moment, she gave us all, always in these 37 years. I just hope she's going to overcome it succesfully and not taking this knee problem with her during the whole tour And I really pray for them to record one of the next shows as soon as it's possible. We need to have a trace of this gorgeous and intimate experience!
  4. stefo

    She needs a recovery period ... brief three days stop (let's hope this won't become a problem for her, we're just at the beginning of a very long tour)
  5. For the rare pics lovers: have a look at the Madonna Rare thread guys, four gorgeous True Blue cover session outtakes have leaked

  6. stefo

    Just leaked True Blue session outtakes (if real) and a pic from the set of La Isla Bonita video
  7. stefo

    FINALLY SOME PROPER PICS, where we can actually see her expression and feelin'
  8. stefo

    According to what you're writing, it seems there's not much space for any adjustment or extension of the setlist, what do you think? Should we stop hoping for any future change?
  9. stefo

    Sorry, but they are really messing up this time ... and in theory it's the most famous popstar in the world we're talking about. There are people who can't change the dates of their shows, this is not serious ... she's playing with fire, as we use to say in Italy. This, as the daily three hours delay to go on stage, is unacceptable.
  10. stefo

    (Partially) OFF TOPIC: a new edit of the Pride live peformance, the best one imo
  11. stefo

    OKOKOK, great news coming people: I just asked to an undoutably reliable source about the rumour spreading around according wich she should not be recording this tour and here is his marvelous answer I'm so happy to share with you all!!! "I’ve heard it’s going to be recorded. We were actually talking about it today. That’s all I can say. Also tour book is awesome!!! Coming soon!"
  12. stefo

    She had people around for 35 years, she really had it all. I think she just wants to see her theatres full at this point of her career, that's it.
  13. stefo

    If this is real, we really have to find a way ourselves. She should really think of her fans desires too about this! We don't need a super effected and edited work, wich could take months to be perfected, I'm sure the majority of us would be absolutely fine with a normal live stream of the last night or a simple recording as the ones we've got from her 90s tour and still enjoying. I mean, she takes a camera with her to document her travels and birthdays, she will surely record the show, just doesn't want to make the effort to share it with us? Really?! We can launch a petition to ask her to release the show in any way she desires and DEFINITELY ACTIVATE OURSELVES. It's her tour and her work for sure, at the same time we follow her since years, many of us have been loyal even when her work was not 100% worthy, a little more consideration and generosity in these kind of choices is something I expect at this point. She knows how we're asking for some old songs to be performed and doesn't care since years, and it's ok, she doesn't want to spoil the intimate experience with the use of mobiles inside theatres, and it's ok, she wants to downsize, wearing very questionable costume (the God Control one really looks a primary school year-end show), and it's ok, but if this is true her attitude in our reguards is really starting to disappoint me ... really. What about all the people who love her and could not attend the show, cause she's not traveling as usual and the prices are so damn high? How unfair this would be for them, how indifferent?
  14. stefo

    Just listened to the audio from the 24th of September, it was the second time I heard the show and it's great. Still, the first set is absolutely too cahotic for me, she talks too much without saying things interesting enough. And a pair of two old gems are still missing tbh.
  15. Still the same feeling tbh, the best and most enjoyable M album since Confessions. The only real grower for me has been Crazy this time. For the rest, the tracks I hated are still boring when I happen to listen to them (Medellin, Bitch I'm Loca, Looking for mercy, Funana, Back that up), the songs I found interesting and enjoyable still are the same (God Control, Future, Ciao Bella), the songs I'm mad for are often in rotation in my playlist (Dark Ballet, Batuka, Killers, Crave, Come alive, Extreme Occident, I don't search I find, I rise). Thinking about the old material, I still listen to Rebel Heart, Ray of Light, Bedtime Stories, Erotica, Like a prayer, Madonna, rarely back to Confessions, American life and Music, never, and I mean never, to Hard Candy, MDNA, True Blue, Like a virgin.