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  1. Papa don't Preach Rebel Heart or Secret?
  2. I always appreciated your dedication and disposability to animate the forum activities, now I want to send you all my support, as I'm having the same tough problem. Wish you luck man
  3. Sorry, not this time unfortunately, I neither heard the album
  4. Maybe it is late, but don't feel bad: BULLY COLLECTORS SHOULD, NOT YOU
  5. This would be the most amazing thing IN YEARS as a Madonna looong time fan: Goodtime, Bring it, Tongue Tied, Something's coming over and I will always have you are the tracks many of us crave the most (and I think at this point do deserve to finally listen to), with To love you (a ballad M tried to rework THREE TIMES in the early '90s - 90, 90 again for TIC, 94 - but never saw the light of the day on an album). Whoever will do this, it's gonna be an act of love for all the fans waiting for Christmas with some more excitment, even if this year, unfortunately, it's gonna be the saddest of all my Christmases.
  6. I did the same unfortunately, it's six months now and I never regreted it yet.
  7. Yeah first half of 1994, short dark hair, my absolute favourite look thank you
  8. Yeah, you know, I'm sure that for different reasons everyone of us has different feelings and preferences, maybe especially about the live experiences. For me the Girlie Show is the best because I think she was able to brilliantly combine a kind of warmth, authenticity (something I would say about WTG and maybe part of RH) to such a sophisticated project, fully inspired by theatre and circus (MX was a missed opportunity about that). I think of the intro for example or tracks like Why's it so Hard, I'm going banans/La Isla Bonita, Rain, Like a Virgin, Justify My Love. She also made very brave and effective choices (10, 11 minutes long tracks, like Holiday or Everybody, the Indian coreo and arrangement of a house song like Vogue, the Unrat waltz version of Like a Virgin or The Rain Dance are excellent examples). The sceneries and the theatrics were all essential, elegant and dark and the D&G costumes were certainly less iconic than Gaultier's, but so beautiful for me (I mean, the whole 70s patchwork wardrobe, the Victorian dresses and the maritime tshirt with the frak trousers). Musically she litterally reinvented the sound of the album, an amazing work (especially with Erotica, Fever, Rain and Why's it so hard), she went back to a more live, rough sound (BA was closer to the kind of sound she choose from the DWT on imo), she cited and perfectly integrated a loooot of material I love (from Marvin Gaye, to the Temptations, from Sly and the Family Stone to Marlene) and gave a lot of well deserved space to NIcky and Donna vocally. I adore BA, but I think it's colder and the incredible level of the first number, the whole second act and the finale is not always mantained during the show, (there are some weak numbers for me, like Now I'm following you, Material girl, Cherish, Causing a commotion, even Into the groove is not that much). The only track I find boring from the Girlie Show is In this life, and yet it's got a strong message. As I told in the beginning, I think it's just a matter of preferences. Said that, BA is absolutely amazing and surely her most iconic tour
  9. Her best era, a huge mediatic phenomenon (I don't remember anything else like this), such a brave and significant statement, one of her most inspired and experimental records (house, soul, hip hop, raggae, disco and jazz all so cohesively blended: my absolute favourite), with ROL her most interesting visuals and looks and, MOST OF ALL, HER BEST TOUR EVER.
  10. Oh c'me on, Spotlight, Can't stop? I mean, really? It sounds impossible ... even for her! Well, of course the idea of her performing live Where life begins, This used to be my playground, Oh father and Back in Business would be awesome ... I would suggest to add I want you, Rain and the Has to be piano demo (such a gem) at this point I don't know if it is more funny the idea that each time something is in the works we spend days discussing impropable rumours or the idea that she is really intentioned to destroy her credibility till the last remains. It's good to be BACK IN THE BUSINESS anyway guys, something is gonna happen for sure and I missed this mess soooo much now!
  11. Yeah I see, well such a pity not having been part of that thanks for your answer anyway
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