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  1. Yeah absolutely, I want it all For my experience the live concert is always a different feeling, I attended M concerts in 2001, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2016 and she cancelled both of my nights in 2020, but it never felt the same. The live experience is not about the setlist or the arrangements, this is all about the debut night for me, that's why it's so special. These things are the structure of the show, the show can just happen live
  2. We beg of you guys: RECORD AT LEAST THE AUDIO, this debut night is going to be a historical event!! Really happy especially for all the people of this forum who will attend in particular the first concert of this tour, have the best night!
  3. The most penalized it's definitely the gorgeous Bedtime Stories Absolutely, also considered the kind of album it was (an 11 song, very homogeneous concept, neither that interesting imo) and the fact that she sang other tracks like Hollywood (the album version) and Xtatic Process many times during the promo months . The only HUGE regret about the live rendition of that record still is Love Profusion, that I always thought would have been great on stage with guitar and the tapis rouland effect, like in the video, especially the rock mix (it's amazing!!).
  4. and she is right Ok, finally some fun guys, it's seemed ages! I'm all about taking this two weeks ride to the debut night with the usual enthusiasm (who knows if she is really gonna make another huge stadims/arenas wold tour). Apparently the songs we could be sure of at this point are HOLIDAY (confirmed by Bob) LIKE A VIRGIN (seen typed on paper in an IG post, apparently with the Billie Jean Jacko tribute) CRAZY FOR YOU (heard on Instagram from the rehearsals) VOGUE (confirmed by Bob) NOTHING REALLY MATTERS (in a ballad form, confirmed yesterday by DM) HUNG UP (partially maybe, as NOM announces today not much material will be included in the setlist from COADF) BITCH I'M MADONNA (seen typed on paper in an IG post, but I wouldn't be disappointed if it was just an early stage mistake ) The songs I think will hardly remain unperformed are MATERIAL GIRL INTO THE GROOVE PAPA DON'T PREACH LA ISLA BONITA LIKE A PRAYER EXPRESS YOURSELF FROZEN RAY OF LIGHT MUSIC Prayers for RAIN to happen! Prayers for RAIN to happen!!!
  5. I'm in doubt between Blond Ambition and Drowned World ... maybe Drowned world anyway, the darkness and the image of the stage exemplifies the feeling very well. The main point about the titles for me is that the 90s materials shows (Blond Ambition, Girlie Show and Drowned world) really represented the mood of the mise en scene. But the years from 1989 to 2001 are her most creative, inspired and experimental so this is reflected in everything she did, from the videos to the live shows as well. Everything seemed to be cohesive (as MDNA and Rebel heart do not) and genuine (as Hard candy does not). The other shows just refer to the albums anyway, except the ReInvention tour wich still is one of the most underrated imo (there still was very high quality there).
  6. My prays now are for the next hint to be I FEEL IT IT'S COMING
  7. A clue, just that, but they're obviously referring to the tour setlist. They've been the first to change the cover and profile images with the red graphic, two or three days before the announcement of the tour in January. They clearly have insiders and I think in the next weeks they will let us know a few more details about what's coming. Maybe in accord with her team too.
  8. Yaaaasss!! This is from Drowned Madonna guys and it sounds soooo good!
  9. Not going to spoil anything here, BUT on Drownedmadonna they just shared a HUUUUGE GOOD NEWS in terms of setlist: yay!!!
  10. Wow! Cherkaoui and Jalet sound very artistry oriented, sounds excellent! Great news to increase the expectations at a few days more than two weeks from the debut night
  11. One thing I really think is important about the tour are the names of the artistic director and the coreographer. Do we have any info or clue? Yesterday I watched it again and one of the things Madame X missed the most were the coreos imo. It's not about her reduced ability to dance, Future at the Eurovision, Dark Ballet at the Met gala and many things from the 2022 Pride event were good and well executed. And it was a pity because they had some clever ideas for the tour, like the Vogue spy lookalikes, the I don't search I find hunt, where she disappears through the moving stage parts, the Frozen interaction with Lola on the screen or the coulorfull moroccon desert veils, but it all seemed left at a very starting point, not explored and realized as she used to. The ones I completely found good were Human Nature, Batuka, Medellin (I hate the song though) and Extreme Occident (Dark Ballet and Vogue the main disappointments).
  12. I completely feel this, all the 1562 days, not having appreciated anything she released since then. And I still think that, with all the flaws we know, her last two records were the best since 2005.
  13. This is interesting, thank you. Iconic-Hold Tight (with the big drums we saw in the video from the workshop)-Frozen-Like a Prayer: WHAT A SET! And it actually makes sense a full Sex/Religion section considering the left out video backdrop.
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