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  1. Yeaaah congrats to everyone guys, this is the worst rate we ever made!! I mean, Nobody's perfect 12th and IMPRESSIVE INSTANT 5TH: we could not do better than this Pity just for the first position of Music, wich is unfortunately quite easy to share. We still have six other rates though
  2. Of course, of course ... every possible shit BUT NO NEW SONGS

    PLEASE GUYS, share some old demo or unreleased track, be generous! Believe me, nobody will go to jail for this

  4. Well maybe the promotion is also influenced by the reception of the early material: ROL, COADF, LAP, TB, EROTICA, LAV, MUSIC, all these albums had excellent and long promotions also because the tv and radio audiences wanted her, asked for her and got fun dancing her stuff on the dancefloors. Of corse, in this as in many other aspects, Erotica/Sex was a case of its own she was the media sensation of the moment, everybody talked and wanted to hear about her to be shocked and criticize, even if the album had a moderately cold reception. AL, MDNA, HC, BS, RH were not succesful and maybe this also made it harder and less convenient to invest more time, money and media exposure promoting them. Imo, to be honest, the only good ones among them were Bedtime Stories, wich paid for the Erotica scandal, and PARTIALLY Rebel Heart, the most unlucky record in the history of music (I mean, the leaks, the Brits Awards falling, the plastic surgery critics,, the radio ban). MADAME X ... well, that's the case of a complete mess, made of carelessness, lack of awareness and selfindulgence (and how I still love sooo many intentions and ideas of that fucking record, just a few steps of selfcritique to be contained and possibly brilliant). But, as I already said in the Maluma concert topic, that's who she is today and it's all another story: you can't parallell this with Madonna the icon of the 80s, 90s and 00s
  5. May I say that just ONE new track, or at least a proper rework of an old classic (and I don't mean the Frozen mixes), would have been much appreciated?
  6. Ok, this one was tough, such a great album, super difficult to rate, BUT To Have and Not To Hold, Swim and Skin are too low for me guys.
  7. Absolutely, but for me the problem is not the fact that of course she can't perform with that energy anymore, popping and singing as she did with "Beautiful stranger" 21 years ago, for me she can't perform at all. She could put on solid shows dedicating her attention to music, voice, sound and an imagery able to exalt her 64yo persona, wich is something different than feeling or looking old, nothing to do with that. Wanting to look trendy and young and free and energetic as a kid shows right the opposite of her. She doesn't seem aware of what she is doing anymore and it's painful.
  8. Wow just watched it and guys, honestly, I'll for ever be a fan, at the same time I'm really afraid this is it for her. She really seems not to be aware of the effect she gets onstage anymore, her limits, her real look, she neither seems taking care of anything of it, not the voice, not the coreo (she doesn't remember the steps, doesn't rehearse or excercize a little and honestly at her age this way you can't move), not the image (and it's not about ageing). It's just like all another person, not M. Is it an evolution? Maybe, absolutely, but it's got nothing to do with art and talent. I mean, how did we get to this?
  9. Wow guys the ambitions of this thing are so low ...
  10. Well I'm still more nervous for us honestly Anyway I was thinking how the tv shows broadcasts were much more impactful in order to give an event such a huuuge aura a live stream can hardly have, is it just me?
  11. ok then ... now my fears have officially overcome the excitement
  12. Nonononono, sorry: it must be Florence Pugh, she's got that look in the eye, that all the others lack. It's as important as the dancing and acting skills imo (and Pugh is such an intense actress, i LOVED her in Lady Macbeth). The thing about Julia Gardner is that I don't see her eyes resolute and expressive in the same kind of way M's do.
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