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  1. The good point is that the very few seconds of the show she opened the video with show a pretty decent editing, very smooth and "theatrical" (read expressive and authentic) at the same time
  2. This is gonna be tragic for me ... this means many of us will never have the chance to enjoy the full show as it was conceived
  3. Wow amazing quality, piyu we don't have the rest. If I correctly remember, in Rio she quoted "Love to love you baby" during Deeper and deeper and it was veeery good
  4. Oh well, this is not funny guys, not at all! If it's really a doc about the "behind the scenes of her life", I'll be honestly disappointed. She's always on Instagram, commenting politics, sharing rehearsals and the creative process while working, sharing memories and shreds of her home life: I'm not that interested in her private life anymore Really hope those papers are just badly informed, deducing the news from the internet rumours!!!
  5. You're right, this is an intersting argument man and, by the way, since I downloaded yor version I trashed the two original files: thanx a lot for your work!
  6. It depends on the songs selected imo (Human Nature, Batuka, Killers, Crazy, Sodade, Extreme Occident, Frozen, Come Alive, Future: I need to see all of these performances). I can't deny I'd really suffer the fact of not having the chance to see the entire show. I had a ticket for one of the Lisbon shows and around a hour before the "curtain call" she cancelled. I'm a huge Madame X album fan ... finger corssed for a full show release here.
  7. If it's a real documentary, I have to admit I'm gonna be very disappointed
  8. For what you heard, is there any chance we'll get anything new musically between today and the biopic release? Don't mean to insist with details of any kind, I swear, just you seem well informed about her agenda, so my basic question is: do we really have two more years without any kind of music release in front of us?
  9. In the meanwhile, anyway, we do need some old unreleased track leak. Seriously, one or two old demos people, c'me on: it's not 2015 and nobody will put you in jail, neither her business will be damaged in any way. It's just a matter of generosity, please!!
  10. Just our imagination, once again, running away with us... right? No Halftime Show, no Weekend feauturing, no EP hint anywhere ... wow, what an incredible bore the next two years will gonna be if she really planned anything until the biopic release. Such a pity, the EP seemed perfect in timing and format to mantain contact with her fanbase in the between.
  11. RAY OF LIGHT - her maturity manifesto EROTICA - her experimental gem LIKE A PRAYER - her pop masterpiece (going on I would add Bedtime Stories and - forgetting about 4, 5 tracks on the 18 tracklist - Madame X)
  12. Agree ... and yet we know she's not gonna do that
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