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  1. stefo

    Sorry, I'm not an Icon member and I'd like to buy two tickets for the January Lisbon shows tomorrow. Will anyone tell me wich hour and link the tickets will be available for the general public please?
  2. I don't think the promotion is over at all. I do see her making at least one more big tv appearence and magazine cover in June, closer to the actual album release. There's still the NY Pride, if confirmed, at the end of the next month and quite probably a third single and video around the same period. And we still know nothing about the project she shot all that material for, so ... we could still be very surprised imo! The launch of the album will certainly have another big rush in June
  3. Now, this could be just a coincidence, but Emmanuel Adjei two days ago shared this Joan of Arc pic on his Instagram account
  4. wow ... this would have been the perfect cover imo, absolutely stunning!
  5. OMG, but this is HUGE!!! Still 24 days then, right? ... just 2 ... 4 ...
  6. She's simply got to take singing training again, a daily bases routine, like every pro singer, guys. This is not a matter of age or talent, she never sounded so bad really, nevere that much. And exactly one year ago her voice in Like a Prayer at the Met was angelical. This is exactly the voice of a person who doesn't work her voice anymore, as the vocal couch says in the vid (I'm not a pro but I studied music and sing and that's my opinion)
  7. This performance tells me something veeeery clearly: I'm gonna die for the tone and the theatrics of the Madame X Tour. Not considering the possiblity that smaller venues will give her about the selection and changes in the setlist ... this is gonna an be amazing summer and autumn!!
  8. I was looking at the tracklist and it seems, for now, that after Medellin, there is an entire political sequence: Dark Ballet (we heard the spoken intro and we know it's inspired by Joan of Arc) God Controll (about the gun possession risks, including the chilfren choir) Future (about the climate changes) Batuka (we read some political reference in the lyrics reported in the Vogue UK issue) Killers who are partying (the supposed drag queen controversial video soundtrack) Then there are some existensialistic tracks like Extreme Occident (wich we heard some lyrics of), I Rise and maybe, just inspired by the title, also Looking for Mercy. Crave is the most romantic apparently. This is so interesting and the themes seem to be really political, unlike the majority of the American Life tracks, despite the gorgeous cover. The only thing I still don't get is if this album is really part of a more complex project, especially visually ... anyway, I'm afraid these three weeks are gonna be so long
  9. So, I'm disappointed by the performance, and yet when I read this official Eurovision statement I recognize my girl and madly love her!!
  10. I see, thank you. Unfortunately you have to be a fan and have heard the new album to get it. Anyway, there were many problems in this performance. I think she is still one of the best in the whole fucking pop world, but she doesn't make effective choises as she used to imo
  11. Yeah I read it, but she didn't perform the song here. I mean, I'm a fan and I didn't get anny message from the use of the iconography in this case, what could the general audience think?
  12. I really can't see the point of using the Joan of Arc reference for this, honestly why? I just didn't follow the thing of her dressed like that without any kind of coherent evolution about the iconography. I liked the ballet sample and the statement she made in that part, at the same time the final image, where there were palestinian and israeli flags on the back of the last dancers coming up the satircase, theatrically should have been stronger. Hearing her singing Like a Prayer so badly was really sad, while Future, it was the first time I heard the song (I'm one of those who are waiting for the full thing to be released), seems a very nice track, with an interesting woodwinds arrangement, but really ripetitive and anticlimatic for this kind of event. I liked it very much myself as a song, as I liked the coreo, just not so suitable for a live event where you have 10 minutes to be impactful. Quavo is useless, you are right, absolutely needless. I didn't see the holograms and really can't get why spending so much money to get this.
  13. Hope two old ones and one from the new album ... do you know anything you can share about this?
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    Same length?
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    What to do to confirm my partecipation? Is there any button to click ... I'm in anyway, absolutely in