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  1. I like the Asaf Goren stuff I'm finding on the internet, it seems urban with strong middle eastern influences.
  2. I don't know, I remember having seen her in the studio quite often in the last months ... I'm still positive about a good EP or collection with two or three new tracks (and maybe a pair more, available with some kind of deluxe format). She's gonna release something before the tour, may or more probably june, I'm 100% sure about this. And in June we're gonna have the collabs with Christine and the Queens (wich Drowned Madonna hinted could also be used to promo the album release as a single, earlier than June).
  3. Ciao Bella Express yourself or Deeper and deeper
  4. Gorgeous outtake from the Italian Vogue 2019 shoot
  5. FINALLY A REAL GOOD NEWS!! She is serious. Tokisha who? C'me on ...
  6. Voted guys, we can't miss this at the dawn of her first catalogue based show
  7. Gorgeous pics from the forthcoming photo session "1984" by njg studio: SHE WAS AMAZING, THAT WAS M!!!
  8. What? ... Like a Prayer Skin or Impressive Instant?
  9. It's amazing how nobody seems to give a shit about her in this show Not one single word on her presence on the stage, almost feels like the old excentric aunty passing by EDIT: she just left the stage and it was exactly as it seemed: the old excentric aunty passing by
  10. Absolutely. He's talented, excellent performer, decent pop songs (As it was, Watermelon sugar, Lights up) and I don't often think this about young artists (bad, cause it makes me feel so old ) Also Lizzo was great though, loved her performance
  11. ahah sorry for this thounsand thanks massages, I simply don't know what happened
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