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  1. Didn't a photographer post a video of her on a set a few weeks ago with her boyfriend? Can't it be connected with some new promo? For what I remember, the insider who told about a small collection of songs after the main release of Madame X, talked about uptempo music, much more contemporary than the base of the Madame X material, that's why the release of these tracks should be postponed.
  2. stefo

    Sorry guys, forgive my ignorance, but doesn't mixtape also mean a collection of outtakes or early versions of tracks that she didn't end up including in official releases? Don't rappers use this to share unrefined music with their fans? She used the same hashtag when she was working on Madame X in 2018 and there were voices of three, four tracks already considered for a "special afterword project" when the album came out. Now, of course those hashtags "jk" and "wishfullthinking" make me contain my enthusiasm, but maybe it's just a matter of time: not next week, but something is in the works. Or they were really just sexy, flawless, pink hair?
  3. stefo

    Wow! I almost forgot about this release, then I saw this awesome clip on her Instagram and now I'm all at once super excited and longing to have it!!! It looks really promising and I'm dieing to finally see the show as I was one of the poor fans whose only concert was canceled a few hours before the start. Hope this is gonna be the right time people: release the show!
  4. stefo

    '80s brunette outtakes
  5. stefo

  6. Ok now that I know that she's not just writing but also directing her autobiographical movie, wich will take at least two years to see the light of the day (I honestly don't think it will be in theatres before 2023), I NEED SOMEONE TO BE  GENEROUS AND SIMPATHETIC AND SHARE SOME UNRELEASED MUSIC!!! Cause we won't get anything real before 2024 at least! And no, one new song for the movie is not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about having a new proper album (Madame X was so fucking good) Pease HEEEELP!!!

    1. emanon


      totally agree with you. I'm afraid that the tour dvd gets forgotten along the way, now that she is involved with the movie...Honestly not excited about it.

  7. Wow, I'd love so much to hear her version of this swingy gem, seems perfect for her (it reminds me of More in a way)
  8. stefo

    Like a Virgin outtake ERRATA CORRIGE: sorry people, my mistake, this is photoedited apparently
  9. stefo

    Gorgeous unknown pic from the set of A League of Their Own ... love it
  10. Well, her voice and carisma really rise up every single thing she touches people, it's a good featuring. Now, yes, the remix quality is (of course) quite lower than the original version but I'm sure someone will be able to give us a good rendition with the original instrumental Good midsummer gift imo, waiting for the Madame X Tour autumn premiere ... and hopefully some awaited old unreleased tracks leak too
  11. stefo

    I'm afraid you're right Enrico, it's gotta be something like this, about her story (almost sure) or not. Unfortunately all these projects lack every kind of interest for me, they're so clearly aimed to get some money from old stars back catalogues that I hardly find anything really creative or inspiring in them. Maybe just Mama Mia had some originality, but it was one of the firsts of their kind. She should just WRITE A BOOK, a real book for once, about her life (and selling it with a reasoned collection of songs, not just hits but the most honest ones , like Promise to try, Till death do us part, In this life, Drowned world, Joan of Arc and a few new tracks, at most). I'm sure there would be much more people curious to read a book than to go to the movies to watch her story filmed for an aspiring blockbuster, not in this moment of her career. She's got to find a way to be back to a real level of audience appreciation before trying something like this imo. Extra happy about her being back to Warner and highly longing to see how they'll manage her next real musical project, I was always sure that Rebel Heart and Madame X would have been much more refined and succesful with the right, critic management to guide her, so that's the real news for me at the moment
  12. stefo

    The source seemed reliable but I have no way to confirm anyting, anyway it was about tracks wich were not meant to be released during the Madame X era.
  13. stefo

    So no possibilities she's just shooting something to be released in the autumn? Someone who proved to be well informed during the Madame X promotion revealed that there were a very few tracks left unreleased from the studio session, among wich three were ready for a compilation about the Live Nation years to be released after the closing of the Madame X era (by the way, where is the announced Nakhane collab wich I'm still dieing for? ). Of course I also feel like dreaming and giving myself false hopes, and yet isn't it possible that something nice is still in store before the expected 4 years break wich will follow the dvd/br release?
  14. Still waiting for the "Between the bars" studio demo ... it's years, by the way. Isn't it really yet arrived its time to be shared? 

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    2. lap


      I also love her Secret Project performance version. Also, I would love If I had a hammer version from RH tour DVD. 

    3. stefo


      yes, absolutely that's the other one I'm waiting to be leaked, and yes, the 2013 piano version is the best one imo too :thumbsup:

    4. fernando2


      Yes please