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  1. stefo

    Said that, I'm sure we still gonna have good surprises about the set list. I'm sure this list is missing at least three or four major hits, especially from the 80s (I bet on a Like a Virgin fado rendition, wich she already used in the Madame X doc, and Live to tell, missing from almost 15 years), and it will be flexible in some points, as in the third set of the RHT: she is going to sing old gems from city to city (my prayers are all for Secret and Rain with the Batukadeiras chorus). Anyway the voice ensemble this time is amazing, not just the big choir, but also the new backing vocals (how long this wait has been?!) and the orchestrations from the rehearsals sound so smooth and musical (The Human Nature and Future posted vids are incredible) that it does seem like a dream to me!!!
  2. stefo

    Come Alive should be confirmed. She mentioned it in an interview for the Batuka video premiere, where she talked about the important presence the Batukadeiras are gonna have in her next show, alluding to some tracks titles, among wich she named the song.
  3. stefo

    SO HAPPY TO BE BACK... it's going to be an amazing year, the new tour, the new rumoured collection ready to come and she's so brilliantly back to form. Come on, we couldn't let this place die Just thousands of thanx to @Fighter@Enricoand everyone who made it possible.
  4. I love this place ... I DO love this place! 

  5. stefo

    I think we're gonna get it guys, they filmed it
  6. stefo

    the whole thing, not pro at all, but for whoever couldn't get the live stream and the FULL SINGLE PERFORMANCES IN THE BEST QUALITY (at least for the moment) Vogue: American Life: Speech + God Control:
  7. stefo

    She's dancing her ass off, loving it! Her live performancres are really exciting this era, this deserves to be professionally shot and uploaded on youtube
  8. stefo also him ...
  9. stefo

    Apparently the stage is getting ready for her performance... maybe it's in ten, 15 minutes time Confirmed by different sources, the satircase is for her
  10. stefo

    We're just half an hour away!!! Hope someone will stream or record this in any possible way ... let's hope we're going to find a periscope live stream.
  11. stefo

    Hot dom videos of me and my boyfriend, with an extreme 45 people orgy as a bonus here!!! Send a good rip thanx
  12. Please really, help help help us to watch it ... here are some pics from the doc (taken from Fb) ( ... isn't this last one with the saxophone AMAZING?)