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  1. I don't love the album but, if I should imagine wich songs could not exist, I would not renounce to these six I'm addicted Gang bang Beautiful killer I'm a sinner Love spent (acoustic) Masterpiece (preferibly with the orchestral arrangement of the first demo)
  2. I don't know if she will go on till she phisically can honestly. It can be, she said so multiple times actually, but I'm not sure. About the bacterial infections, I meant it about what it could have represented in terms of conscience, priorities and emotions for her. Age is a point but, I agree with you, I don't think she could retire because of her age specifically right now. Said that, she is 65 and she could do it really any time, we have to consider this. If I'd like her to go on till she has the strenght to do it, it depends on what she does. I love her and will always be grateful, but after MDNA I was quite close to let it go. The interest was so low after two such disappointing records, I neither was that excited when she announced she was back in studio on Insta, then the RH leak happened and most of those tracks ... I couldn't believe it When I listened to Avicii's dance RH and WAOM, I was SURE she was finally gonna have a new hit, but the ageing thing and promo choices, not always on point, didn't let it happen. The tour was excellent and I found Madame X an interesting project, with MANY GREAT tracks (even if, also there, bad promo choices and some serious self indulgence didn't help it imo). Now she is back to her Warner home and I can't help but thinking good stuff is going to come: this tour was the necessary step to put things back into perspective and I can't see it as the end of it. That's why I honestly wouldn't be ready to say goodbye now
  3. Let's just put it like this, it would be very surprising. The announce would come with the official Celebration Tour album/video release if so? A kind of live greatest hits wich could be completed by one or two last pure M tracks, like the Max Martin one? Well for me it would be so little like her not saying goodbye properly. Wouldn't it feel like a kind of random way to stop it iyo? It was all about the biopic for one year and a half, then the Finally enough love compilation, some strange collabs and all at once, after such a hit tour ... ok, that's it, goodbye everybody? I undersatnd that what happened last june could change every other feeling and plan but, even so, I think she still has one last record to give. As I said, even if she should decide to retire, I imagine a proper goodbye in music and live performances. This tour was huge but we can't know how good a future project could be Still waiting for #M15 in 2025 Found this Rio pic wich is lovely by the way, I'm gonna add it to the 150 pics folder
  4. I don't know the name of that choir but Insta suggested me the same clip from their acoount something like 7, 10 days ago. I think she just shared that cause they were brillinatly singing music.
  5. I'm fascinated each time I read the success TAB got in the US, here we really didn't care much. Is it true that Hung Up was not that succesful in the US while here in EU it was massive?
  6. we really have everything at this point ... we just need the BS demo session apparently
  7. Yeah Love Profusion, I love that song so much, it's one of the best from AL. At this point, after NRM, BG, BS and Rain being performed in a tour recently, Love Profusion, The Power of goodbye and Rescue me are the only singles I'm dieing her to include in a show with a new turn for Secret and Papa don't preach if possible
  8. Wow her last Insta post is so profound and real. I'm an adopted child, I lost my mother one year ago and I could feel so many things of what she wrote. It seriously moved me to tears: thank you M
  9. SO in love with the outfit of these candid pics: last 90s and early 2000s are M's best in terms of beauty imo, she looked radiant
  10. Oh well I can imagine the age of some of you, cause guys, if you were part of the game when IB or WTG or EVITA came out, you surely would have listened to them. And much more than once. Those soundtracks were connected to huge projects and media exposition for her and the tracks were all over. Radio stations pass even not her singles songs sometimes. About The next best thing, I think it was one of the best compilations of 1999. That was my most clubby moment, so fond of that album, I lived in London and I listened to it a lot ... great stuff indeed: Beth Orton, Groove Armada, Mandalay
  11. Well guys, I think she knows that a new album or at least a bunch of REAL new songs (not feauturings or remixes) is important at this point, for us and for her market in general, and I think she can be quite more motivated than the recent years to be back in studio, after the huge success she is having. The bigger in a very long time. Also I can't help but thinking how things changed again since Warner took her back under their giude. Do you remember what our hopes were? That she could have her credibility back. Well, first target reached. So I think, after a good break, they will go on supporting her for the best. The idea of a deep cut setlist is amazing, but honestly very hard to happen. At least not with such huge shows. It could be more something like Tears of a clown from Melbourne. But I think she could start varying a little more the old singles to include in her future tour: NRM, BG, BS were well recieved, sang and appreciated this year. NRM have been described as one of her "old classics" by journalists in Italy, when she performed in MIlan and now reporting from Rio and it never was a real hit commercially What I mean is that going back to some old songs give those tracks AND ALBUMS new life and space. NRM is an even more significant track in her repertoire after the Celebration Tour imo. So why not going with The power of goodbye, Causing a commotion, Secret or, obviously, RESCUE ME next time!!!
  12. When the tour started in october I noticed that too, it's the only huge success wich have litterally not a single track performed live, even if from that era she sang Into the groove and Crazy for you and she managed to quote three tracks anyway (Material girl, Like a Virgin and Angel). LAV was largely tributed for the 30th anniversary in the Rebel Heart Tour with 4 out of 9 tracks performed thoigh: Material girl, Like a virgin, Love don't live here anymore and Dress you up.
  13. Consider me a kind ofexpat then EDIT: Love these pics
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