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  1. I liked this pic from the last night show in Vegas
  2. Lucky star I'd rather be your lover or Keep it together
  3. Yeah, I watch and rewatch these Take a bow vids from every concert, desperately trying to find a way to make them feel organic to this section, but - sorry, I NEED to repeat it again as I'm working too hard to make me like it - it's completely out of place. The cape and the wind thing looks ridiculous here, it just doesn't feet, the track after ROL sounds so boring and old fashioned, the opposite of the Rain album arrangment, definitely not uplifting, much more a downer ,and her performance is ... weak, to be supportive. It's just so sad she's doing this I can't believe it My last hope is that she will record the Mexico shows getting back to Rain. I'm gonna talk to my therapist about it anyway, I need to be prepared, I need to make a work of acceptance
  4. QUICK OFF TOPIC: I found this video hilarious I thought someone here could appreciate it
  5. The power of goodby, as I wrote in a previous post, would also fit the mood of the section imo: it's uplifting, as it's a song of acceptance like Rain, not too musically slow and perfect for the wind effect, what Take a Bow really is not. I think it would be amazing! Still Rain deserves and needs to be professionally recorded
  6. I don't agree about Frozen, I'll keep Rain instead, I would just use Frozen as a video interlude after that, BUT the idea for the last two songs you are proposing to close the show - and that's the reason why I'm commenting your post - is amazing and I agree: this would really make the show PERFECT! Especially considering that Music was ready, rehearsed and part of the show till June apparently Said that, I was looking at some pics and it's so interesting the connection between her original eras and the way she is reproposing her work today
  7. I don't know if it's true, but M could be one of the guests of the next Met Gala But mostly I wanted to share this excellent editing of one of the peaks of the show
  8. For me with these Take a Bow performances the show has a second dramatic downer Let me just share this, I'm so pissed she's going on performing this track in such a bad way. I mean, both Rain and Frozen were much better, why M?
  9. QUICK OFF TOPIC about the natural gorgeousness of the early 90s
  10. In Italy the strange thing is that news wich don't usually talk about showbusiness are talking about this accident, for the rest they are kind and PROFESSIONAL in the way they report it. The point is, when it comes to gossip and trash it's surely a news to share and talk about, but in the news it's really really odd imo
  11. EDITED - sorry I'm not sure, I saw the news posted by DrownedMadonna and checked finding it on X
  12. It's a great interview, full of curious and funny details, infos and stories, but most of all the stature of this man shines in his humility: chapeau Mr Paterson.
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