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  1. In Italy there's Chicago on TV, I can't help thinking that this was such a missed opportunity for M, she would have been P E R F E C T for the role of Velma and the songs are sooo good. It's one of the best musicals ever written imo, sophisticated, outrageous, tongue 'n cheek: what's more M than this?

  2. Excited about the trailer, seems very good!! VERY MUCH DISAPPOINTED ABOUT THE DOCUMENTARY FORMAT: there is a chance we will never have the opportunity to appreciate the full experience and I really hate the idea, sorry.
  3. Another huge problem in case it's going to be a doc is that some tracks could easily be cut, she did it in both of her previous tour docs. Furthermore I don't really feel the need of watching what happenes to her private life at this point of her career, it's just not that interesting anymore, she often preaches and shows her life on Instagram, she is ready to shoot her biopic movie: this was the time to give us her music and performing art. Still waiting for a confirmation (and we really need an insider at this point imo), but I'm starting to be disappointed by the news
  4. Wow ... sorry but this is depressing. Will we have the chance to watch the full concert then? (I can't help but asking myself if that's really of any interest to follow the story of her injury). Anyway I like the colours of the teaser and she looks reeeeally good in it! And as always when she comes back it still is exciting What scares me was the exclusion of samples from some of my most awaited tracks (Come Alive, Extreme Occident, Killers), even if the absence of Medellin and I Rise (wich I doubt she wouldn't include in the release) makes me think that she can have included all the tracks, maybe cutting them or just cutting off her interludes with the audience (in case, very well done Queen!) Finger crossed then and let's celebrate her continous care and dedication to her music (excitement that of course will definitely fade if she really thinks to sell another boring autoreferencial doc instead of the full show )
  5. Wow, let's hope so ... I'm dieing to see the show, her best album since 2005 and it's more than two years since it went out My only doubt is: what about this? It says that the doc "will feature behind-the-scenes clips of Madonna in action during the album’s tour in 2019 and 2020. In addition, there will be an intimate look at the battles she had with her hip and knee injuries ..." Whoever knows something please give us our trust in the future back https://www.drownedmadonna.com/2021/07/15/madonnas-madame-x-tour-streaming-on-mtv-for-the-rest-of-the-world/?fbclid=IwAR2KTH1wPwDLs7SaSEuNHxTeDPSkgioNDJKYVPjXpXC5HvbEqk8z0j0cjew
  6. Oh .. well this really breaks my heart. She does need a real writer now, she needs to provide structured and solid pop songs, arranged with a modern touch, but not more than that. If she could release a classic M track a la Like a Prayer, Frozen, La Isla Bonita she could still have a chance to be respected and maybe even chart again as she'd deserve. She could have got it if she releaesd Rebel Heart, especially the Avicii demo, as a lead single in 2015. Anyway I think that another trend following album would be a huge mistake, especially if she wants to release the new work with the biopic. Madame X almost got her back to the old good attitude: concept, experimentation, atmosphere. The lyrics were not at her usual level (the subjects were interesting though) and some tracks went out too cahotic imo (even if the musical themes were good, I think of Dark Ballet or God Controll for example), but the journy around the roots of gobal rithm and music was beautiful and some tracks were real pop masterpieces (Batuka, Killers, Come Alive, Crave, I don't search I find). If she releases a bitchy-trendy work again now, it will really be a definitive let down for me: Pat team here guys, #patteam, it's been such a long time!!
  7. A facebook page I think ... maybe Madonna Revolution
  8. Same feeling ... let's just hope Netfilx people were wrong about the required adjustments
  9. Che dispiacere, un dispiacere vero. La Carrà era un simbolo di leggerezza, forse addirittura di ingenuità, come ingenua e leggera era la sua Tv di paillettes e coreografie, e al contempo di modernità e autonomia, dalla scelta di non sposarsi, in una società molto diversa dalla nostra, a quella di sfidare il comune senso del pudore (nei continui ammiccamenti delle sue canzoni, il tuca tuca, il celebre ombelico), alla vicinanza e al sostegno costanti verso la comunità omosessuale. E c'è ancora gente che traccia una linea di valore tra cultura alta e cultura popolare ... grazie Raffa, grazie di tutto
  10. Sorry they were just linked from a website
  11. This section of the last shoot (wich is the only thing of this Pride homage that I honestly feel has an artistic value) reminds me a lot of the Dita character/era ... and I love it
  12. Of course, it was a way to honour the pride week, a way to say "I'm here with you guys, ket's keep on fighting", nothing to do with her musical career or release. It was a homage, that's what it was meant to be and that's what it is. The point imo is how much we are all desperately hungry for new stuff
  13. 44 pages of our time in just three days ... just saying And it's not her, it's us
  14. I really really need new music honestly. At the idea she's starting to work to this - I'm afraid - quite long autobiographical movie project and only after that will start working on a new album, I really get disheartened. It could take something like three more years Of course we could have a little help by the traders who have the old unreleased tracks wich are still unleaked, but I stopped to be optimistic about that.
  15. I suppose the videos will show her in the polaroid looks ...huge boobs on Times Square
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