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  1. Are we really not sharing any gift in the M community during such a tough moment to alleviate the bore and the stress? Please guys, one ot two old unreleased, please, spread some love :heart:

    Of course the tone of my post is ment just for the luckiest of us ... all my respect to whoever had a loss in these weeks.

    1. chaseturtle


      I agree!!  It's nice to log on here and hope to see something new, then when it actually happens is unreal!!! Come on people!

  2. Any generous sharing in these dark days of fear and loneliness? :kiss2:

  3. stefo

    I can see the streaming or releasing happening after next summer ... late september, early october
  4. stefo

    Lovely Who's That Girl Tour era pic ... and this cute one
  5. stefo

    This should really be shared in full at this point! Once again guys, c'me on some generosity!! They won't take anyone to court for this, trust me: this is not the entire demo session of a forthcoming official relaease
  6. stefo

    Some rare 2010 Interview shoot lq outtakes and two gorgeous pics from the set of Evita ù
  7. stefo

    Isn't there any recording of her Can't help falling in love performance in any previous concert? Let me know please, I'm dieing to hear a full version of that song
  8. stefo

    Period mate! And I absolutely agree with @Enricoabout the lost opportunity in terms of musical possibilities this record and theatre experience is representing for some of us. The only tracks I use to listen from the show are Human Nature (excellent arrangement, my ideal kind of music), Batuka (thrilling energy) and Welcome to my fado club/Sodade (the real gift from this show musically imo). Said that, I'm waiting, dieing to be honest, to finally see the show in dvd-bluray formats,, having unfortunately lost my chance in Lisbon, due to a last minutes cancellation.
  9. stefo

    Fuck tonight show's cancelled! It was my only concert for this tour ... my friend is cursing her
  10. stefo

    Ok just arrived in Lisbon ... finally! How gorgeous this place is, so romantic and warm. I'm going to attend the 19th show with a dear friend of mine. Is there anybody here in town and especially going to the 19th performance?
  11. stefo

    No track additions or changes then?
  12. stefo

    Let me just say that I hope she's gonna add or change one song in the tracklist. Specifically RAIN ... just saying
  13. No gifts for Christmas then? I'm not saying the coveted BS demos of I will always have you or Something's coming over, but at least the studio versions of some covers as If I had a hammer or Between the bars. C'me on guys let's start the new year with some M love spreading.

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    2. rescueme


      I have this but it's pretty LQ

    3. The Ghost

      The Ghost

      thanks but i don't think this it .

    4. theREALmgo


      On 12/31/2019 at 4:10 AM, rescueme said:

      I have this but it's pretty LQ

      This is definitely just a stem mix using the unused vocals that leaked. The real Something's Coming Over Me doesn't sound much Secret, according to the report we got.

  14. stefo

    46 minutes first league video synthesis
  15. Unfortantelly )'m afraid it's gonna be one of the shittiest Chrstmases of my life. And yet one or two old unreleased would really give me something to smile about for a few ... think about that :crying:

    Merry Christams and much love, people of this gorgeous community!!:rose:

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    2. blondebombshell


      stefo hoping your christmas is a good one :kiss:

    3. somethingscomingover


      Sending some joy your way and know that we are here for you! Merry Christmas! :heart:

    4. Synchrone