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  1. I’m still here m.....f...... Guess nobody reported me.💁
  2. At least we can finally all agree children shouldn’t be exposed to grown men’s assholes. That’s a good common ground.
  3. Drag Queens need to twerk for kindergartners to feel validated. That’s all. Siiiiiiiick!
  4. What’s the left’s obsession with children. Very perverse.
  5. It’s not specifically a Madonna issue. It’s the culture. Breaking boundaries and fighting the establishment is all well and good till one day you find no structures are left and you’re exposed to anything. Children are the most vulnerable in such a society. They’re offered no protection.
  6. Haven’t seen all the clips fully cause of their poor quality, but I suspect Hung up on Tokischa, Bad Girl, Bitch I’m Madonna, Erotica and Mother and Father would be my faves (from what I have seen)
  7. @Honey Little You were right about her opening with Nothing Really Matters. I’m impressed. Hope your predictions of a new album come true as well.
  8. I have a few criticisms of which one I’ll share. The dancer who exposes his a..h... -if the intention was to inspire pity then he has mine. From the clips I’ve seen I think it’s a wonderful show. Bravo Madonna. Please stop writing essays about her ass.
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