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  1. Come on in to my store, I've got candy galore
  2. So take a chance tonight, chance tonight Let's prove ourselves to the world
  3. Somehow I'll get through it and you won't even realize
  4. If you fuck with Sam tonight, you’re fucking with me, alright? ( so it rhymes after all)
  5. Mden


    What if Madonna had already worked with Abel on an album + others and they’re now just creating hype for it?
  6. Mden


    Say she’s ridiculous She’ll just go harder Mad and meticulous Are Sam and Madonna
  7. Vulgar is beautiful Filthy and gorgeous Vulgar will make you dance Don’t need a chorus
  8. Reason she leaked Vulgar a week earlier. You’ll hate it on first listen. You’ll ignore it the next few days. Get curious and get back to it on Tuesday. On Wednesday you’ll kind of like it. Thursday you’re hooked. And on the 9th you’re a helpless Vulgarian streaming like crazy.
  9. Voted Vulgar. I love Vulgar . I 🙏 the video is just as good.
  10. I hope the video is just as ridiculous, unhinged, thrilling and fun. 😁
  11. Mden


    I love the song but those lyrics. How did she agree to do this? Perhaps she’s portraying the female character in his movie/ show ‘Idol’. If not it’s a misogynistic/tired view of her. She claps back with her verse, but still the theme lyrically is annoying . The song does sound good. But I don’t agree it’s her best collaboration. The MX collaborations are far superior. Anyways, maybe I’m reading too much into it.
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