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  1. Dark Ballet Vogue or Deeper and Deeper
  2. Waiting Like a Virgin or Like a Prayer
  3. Falling Free Candy Shop or Human Nature
  4. I used to loatheeeeee this remix lol I think it’s fun for a remix for 1987, but I wish we would have got a 12” version of the original 1985 version. They both have such a different sound to them.
  5. You Can Dance didn’t leave my Walkman in the fall/winter of 1994. I was obsessed!
  6. Hopefully this song will find a spot on the Celebration Tour set list
  7. Exactly. Just ignore the negativity. Most of us are excited about the new tracks, wether it’s because the songs are good or it will bring a new audience to stream Madonna. Love the story about your charge nurse and thank you for what you do!
  8. Spotlight. Should've been a single worldwide with a studio video!
  9. Anything that gains Madonna new fans and new streams is definitely something that we should be appreciating and welcoming. How anyone could find fault with what’s going on would be surprising since all of the attention from Sam and Abel should gain her own material more streams.
  10. Exactly. The female vocal on Popular could be anyone and it would be having the same streaming #’s.
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