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  1. DontTemptMe26

    Preordered! :-)
  2. DontTemptMe26

    This is just too much of a tease. Tag Police have been sharing snap clips on Instagram.
  3. DontTemptMe26

  4. DontTemptMe26

    Are there ever tickets for these events? I would love to be in attendance somehow. This is phenomenal.
  5. DontTemptMe26

    Does anyone think she might be a part of the lineup to be announced?
  6. Thank you for this post. I would love to download and keep my first era as updated as I can with this organized post. A link would be much appreciated :-)

  7. Check post on bottom of this page. I have YCD available.
  8. I stopped back in to my local Record Store this morning. They had 2 copy of YCD. If anyone wants it, let me know. Price was 29.99
  9. I wonder how much these are going to cost in the United States at the actual record stores. I will be getting in line at 7 a.m. this Saturday just to be safe.
  10. DontTemptMe26

    I hope dime a dozen isnt an issue
  11. DontTemptMe26

    I will be staying away from torrents
  12. DontTemptMe26

  13. DontTemptMe26

    In the email it also stated the file that I was downloading. It was a file I had downloaded in the past month.