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  1. I’m still waiting for his material girl remix from I’m going to tell you a secret
  2. I did the same, I spent more money than I should have and selected cities that wouldn’t have been my option because of panic and Belgium stress. I think all my USA nights are vip packages, don’t know what they encompass to… I’m not worrying until closer to the date.
  3. By this time in two weeks we will be experiencing The Celebration Tour opening night
  4. Great work! How do you think the bridges will work, will they be there all the time? Or come down? Or retractable? Will they have handrails? They seem a little thin to walk confidently on them imho
  5. stevemic you just might be a billionaire like me and a couple of thousand dollars/pounds/euros is nothing to notice on your balance or we simply forget (jiggles), you’ll be fine babe, we the lucky ones, always are… No, seriously as others have mentioned you better check that because most certainly you’ll be left without a ticket, companies never loose don’t forget that mantra 🕉️
  6. I truly hope some comes up with a completely new thread:ideas: “what's your favorite tour jacket merchandise?” “what’s the occasion you would wear each one of them?” Is the price they are charging the right amount yes, no, why? So many ideas for the OT crowd don’t forget to give me credit for the ideas.
  7. 20 years already? Feels like yesterday this anniversary makes me nostalgic in different kind of way
  8. Let’s start a thread “what’s your favorite Madonna tour name?” 🫠🫠🫠🫠
  9. The name is great, not the most creative but as others have mentioned, very Madonna very mass market appeal. The red jacket on the contrary is horrible.
  10. Thanks 🙏🏼 I thought I was becoming crazy. I looked for it all Madame XT era, I love it still though but not spending anymore until the tour… (hopefully).
  11. Not the jacket, but the saint madonna t that wasn’t available all the Madame x tour run
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