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  1. Whats up San Antonio, oooops sorry El Paso!? I mean Austin TX!!!
  2. No it’s not logical at all unless he filmed the (new) video for “something”
  3. We have tons of local artists and international ones that keep touring in their 70s and 80s What’s with the fans especially the fans that keep saying “is this her last tour?” When she has been adamant about not retiring… it is puzzling 🧐
  4. Or her and Sidekick’s interpretation of what a country remix album should be… and some Mirwais for banjo beats
  5. Second night, I was there and it was such a shocking sad statement that took us by surprise
  6. Dear I’m ABSOLUTELY AND TOTALLY on the we are getting an album 🔜 I ache for new music My beating the death horse gif was for the ones who constantly post the same exact thing about not getting anything new, almost verbatim. I’m like we hear you the first time… I wish for an album now!!! Let’s bring the party
  7. I would guess that since they did the itau spot or before that they have already planned all the shots for the live broadcast, I would like to have two different versions one more of a live concert and another with all that’s happening at the same time a curated experience
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