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  1. Bat-Fan

    She knows she is enjoying this
  2. Bat-Fan

    Barcelona is a total mess, the camera angles suck. You cant even see the choreo in the first chorus of Vogue. Nice has the best camera work of all 3. I wish we had a decent LD rip of the Nice show that doesnt look all gray and faded.
  3. Bat-Fan

    I would rather say Yokohama is forced than Nice, but all 3 are great.
  4. Bat-Fan

    Audio is terrible
  5. Bat-Fan

    Lets bump it up
  6. Bat-Fan

    Maybe she can do part Stadium, part Arenas like MDNA tour and BAT
  7. Bat-Fan

    Stadium tour would be great but I doubt she can still sell stadiums, minus South America and Asia.
  8. Bat-Fan

    He is the copy/pase guy from all 3 main Madonna forums.
  9. Bat-Fan

    I agree. 😃
  10. Bat-Fan

    Why no hints or rumours about the tour?
  11. Bat-Fan

    So I decided to do a topic about it, before we go further, do have actually know if there is going to be a new tour or not? Still no announcement.
  12. Bat-Fan

    Please more people vote... 😍
  13. Bat-Fan

    Music and American Life
  14. Bat-Fan

    I find it is possible to play American Life again and again without getting tired of it, it has such staying power. COADF is so much fun and catchy but I play it alot less.
  15. Bat-Fan

    American Life