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  1. Borderline Angel Papa Don't Preach Express Yourself Bad Girl Secret The Power Of Good-Bye I Deserve It Hollywood Get Together Miles Away Love Spent Heartbreak City Crave
  2. you forgot about the "Rainbow Tour" Summer 97???!!!
  3. it's the same that will aired tonight?
  4. Special - Madonna: Story of Her Songs Music/Documentary Aired Sunday February 28 - Reelz, 8p ET
  5. I like it but the background is too dark.
  6. Dreams are wishes of happiness, In your sleep you have no worries, You express yourself sincerely If you have faith, who knows, maybe someday Fate will smile on you. Just you dream and firmly hope, Forget about the present And your dream will come true.
  7. This is my favorite madonna's compilation. I love this era. The track-list is perfect but missing only the look of love. I want you orchestral version was perfect for b-side of you'll see.
  8. Best Release is November 2020: DVD / BR / CD2
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