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  1. Frozen Beautiful Stranger or Die Another Day?
  2. Lucky Star (WTGT) I Love New York (Mixed Version) or I Love New York (Unmixed Version) ?
  3. Italians Radios were broadcasting Don't Stop istead of Bedtime Story.
  4. mmm It's hard! For the very first time in this game my choice is: BOTH! Hung Up Video or Sorry Video?
  5. Till Death Do Us Part Super Pop or Fighting Spirit?
  6. @Anapausisfull scans of G Magazine, thanks in advance!
  7. Gone Hung Up (Radio Version Vocal Ending) or Hung Up (Radio Version Instrumental Ending) ?
  8. Hung Up Fever Video Dancer's Bulge or Vogue in Rio Dancer's Bulge?
  9. No no! This kind of party never ends! Diego Barros Docet!
  10. Interesting video but I was wondering the meaning of the choreography.
  11. Someone has an informations for Bob's coreography during I don't search I find interlude?
  12. Express Yourself video Hollywood Round Sticker or Rectangular Sticker ?
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