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  1. Bad news! Another useless collaboration! Before one month at star the tour!
  2. Guys It's right? Hung Up (Archi Gram Remix)07:08 (Abba sample) Hung Up (Archi Gram Remix Dub)05:47 (Abba sample) https://www.discogs.com/it/release/6109742-Madonna-Hung-Up-Archi-Gram-Remix -------------- Hung Up (Archi Gram Remix Vocal with Fade)06:59 Hung Up (Archi Gram Remix Instrumental with Fade)06:58 https://www.discogs.com/it/release/23324981-Madonna-Hung-Up-Archigram-Remix -------------------- Hung Up (Archi Gram Remix Vocal No Fade)07:05* Hung Up (Archi Gram Remix Instrumental No Fade)07:03 bertrand link ---------------- * same version https://myspace.com/archigram/music/song/madonna-hungup-archigram-remix-26522362-26323547
  3. Nice track list! available only Vinyl or Digital too? Madonna – American Life Mixshow Mix 01 - American Life (Peter Rauhofer's American Anthem New Edit)* 02 - Hollywood (Deepsky's Home Sweet Home Vocal Edit) 03 - Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario House Vocal Mix) 04 - Nobody Knows Me (Peter Rauhofer's Private Life Edit)* 05 - Nothing Fails (Peter Rauhofer's Classic House New Edit)* 06 - Mother And Father (Peter Rauhofer's Re-Invention Edit)* 07 - Die Another Day (Thunderpuss Club Edit)* 08 - Easy Ride (Tracy Young's Easy Edit)* *Previously Unreleased
  4. R.I.P. How old was he? Was first brother?
  5. I don't like much this photoshoot but this issue is AMAZING!
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