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  1. Anyone have any tips on downloading this? It looks like you can do it with Apple Music, but you have to sync your library with them first. There's no way in hell I'm synching my iTunes library with Apple. I've heard such horror stories over the years of people losing all their files and shit like that. I have an app that downloads lossless files from Qobuz, but TICIDA (The Immaculate Collection in Dolby Atmos) is not on there.
  2. I used the stems from this forum to make an extended version of "Holiday": https://mega.nz/file/86oznZrK#tjSbevwdDvn4BbHd1rkPzlZl-3QHYnMWAPUnQkqdnjA
  3. She reunited with Stuart Price and Jose XTravaganza. Miracles happen.
  4. In I'm Going To Tell You a Secret she said that every time she sings a ballad, everyone in the audience goes to buy a hot dog. And she had this to say about performing "I'll Remember" and/or "This Used To Be My Playground" in the Madame X Tour:
  5. Bitch got ballads. A lot of my favorite M songs are ballads. But she's said many times that she feels like she loses the crowd when she does a ballad. so I doubt we'll hear many :(
  6. This is just record company greed and exploitation of fans. Record companies can no longer sell $20 CDs that feature 1 hit song, like in the 90's, so they keep reprinting vinyl albums in different colors.
  7. The labels on the Truth or Dare boxes suggest its different versions of the film’s soundtrack (or the film itself) as it went through different phases of audio mixing. One mentions foley another mentions dubbing. Some are mono, some are stereo. They’re in 4-track format, whatever they is, and the Dolby logo is on all of them. Usually with concert films, the audio mixing is done by the artist’s team, not the filmmaker’s team, right? I know Queen did the sound mixes for all their concert movies.
  8. Wait, what? The 7" version of Holiday on Finally Enough Love isn't the original 7" edit?
  9. I don't know what kind of fuckery is going on at Qobuz, but it says that "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" is her latest release. Get your shit together, Qobuz!
  10. I've also speculated that there's a Q-sound mix of "Causing a Commotion". It was included on Blond Ambition, Truth or Dare and the Holiday Collection. So clearly it was on somebody's mind in 1990/91.
  11. He is touring as guitarist in Ministry at the same time as the Celebration Tour. I think he’s not with Madonna anymore.
  12. Yeah the new albums aren't coming as often, so they have to stretch out each era for as long as possible.
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