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  1. OMG, you took the words right out of my mouth. The only musical act I like more than Madonna is Queen and I was so, so, so livid about Bohemian Rhapsody. Roger and Brian came out looking squeaky clean, but John and Freddie - the members who weren't involved in the making of the movie - were ridiculized. One can't be objective about oneself!
  2. We already have a movie like this anyway: 'Madonna: Innocence Lost'.
  3. Yeah, I'm not really jazzed about listening to these remixes, but I think they'll sound just fine when performed live by her.
  4. Why is that funny? The entertainment industry is an actual industry with thousands of actual people working in it here in LA.
  5. I think the video for "Borderline" was made slightly before the video for "Lucky Star". But "Lucky Star" was released as a single before "Borderline" internationally, and "Borderline" was released as a single before "Lucky Star" in the US. Confusing enough?
  6. Yeah she had to have paid, even without giving credit. There were other parties involved besides Lady (I call her by her first name), and they would want compensation.
  7. But the Soulpower remixes got released and also used in the video, which itself was released on multiple DVDs.
  8. Did Susan get them in the divorce? A copyright is an asset, right? And assets are split in a divorce. Or did he register a LLC in his wife’s name for tax reasons? I once worked for a small business that was technically owned by the CEO’s wife so he could claim tax credits for a woman-owned business.
  9. She almost certainly had that throat surgery that Adele and Justin Timberlake also had. There’s no other explanation for the drastic change in her vocal timbre from the American Life promo tour to the Re-invention Tour. Not even auto tune can do that. But since then she sounds pretty good, even live. See her “Borderline” performance on The Tonight Show in 2016.
  10. I feel the same way. It feels like a record company creation. Generally, I don’t really like live drums in Madonna songs.
  11. No, I mean that the use the word "remaster" synonymously with "re-release" because they don't know what it really means and the industry uses it so much.
  12. I feel like people who don't know music well would throw around the word "remaster" incorrectly.
  13. Do we have any predictions for the 25th anniversary of Ray of Light next year? It was a commercial and critical success, one of her favorites, and finally won her a Grammy. I'm sure there will be a 360g translucent picture disc quadruple vinyl with only 1-2 songs per side, selling for $99.99 (this is a knock on the record industry, not Madonna). But other than that, do we have any ideas?
  14. Yeah, I noticed that as I started to look closer too. But "You Can Dance" and "Angel" looked fantastic. Also, it's a little disingenuous for them to present those covers as Smog creations. Jeri Heiden did them when she worked for Warner Bros. and Smog wasn't even founded until 1995. But I guess that's not any of my business.
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