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  1. Yes, I also remember seeing it. I forget when I saw the other one, though, but was very surprised by it.
  2. So I know there are several different mixes of this song, all of which sound very similar (AC mix, Rock mix, remix, and single remix). I also know that the single remix was eventually put on the Heart of Stone album, making the original album version hard to find. Well I just bought the Geffen Records compilation If I Could Turn Back Time: Cher's Greatest Hits and I need help determining which mix is on it. Is it the original album version? Does anyone know? Does anyone know how to tell all these mixes apart? It seems like the differences in the mixes are just adjustments in instrument levels,
  3. Here's Ruby talking about the Madonna interview to a convention of insurance salespeople:
  4. Yes, I agree. But I don’t necessarily think that’s something record companies take into account when making release decisions. I mean, “Into The Groove” wasn’t even a single in America after all, so we know their decision making process is a little whacky.
  5. https://www.rollingstone.com/pro/news/red-hot-chili-peppers-catalog-merck-mercuriadis-hipgnosis-1164617/amp/ The Red Hot Chili Peppers are the latest high profile artists to sell their song catalog. They’re managed by Guy Oseary. Do we think Madonna may try this too?
  6. I always thought that remix of "Think Of Me" was fake. Was it actually real? And how do we know that? But yeah, "Physical Attraction" was such a random choice for that album. Was it chosen because of it's tempo, or something? I don't know what it's tempo is, or what the tempo of the other songs are, but I could imagine an 80's album mixed together would take tempo into account.
  7. Does the Celebration DVD have the same mix as The Immaculate Collection DVD? I have both of them, but they're inaccessible to me right now because my whole collection is in storage in my hometown.
  8. I'm a damned idiot - I was listening to the wrong file!!!!! The Japanese 40CD collection I downloaded DOES have the album edit. Egg on my face :(
  9. I was not aware of the 3:58 edit of "Everybody". I thought that the 4:57 was the 7" version and that the LP version was the 6:01 extended version. And regarding "Like a Prayer", the 7" Version With Fade that I have in my library is from an upload of the Japanese 40CD set in this forum, and it is DEFINITELY a fade of the 7" Version. You can clearly hear the additional strings and Prince guitar solos starting at about 4:51 in the song. So that means someone must have made it themselves before uploading here...
  10. I don't know, we may want to collectively re-examine that. It sounds like the 5:10 7" Version With Fade from the Japanese CD Singles Collection has the same strings and guitar solos around 4:50-5:10 that are on the 7" Version, but not on the album version. What does everyone else think?
  11. Yeah, the edit of "Everybody" on Celebration was made new for Celebration. The original single version was 4:57 (well the American one was at least) and the Celebration version is 4:11. It's a good edit, but it's still jarring for me to listen to personally because I've listened to the 4:57 version about 8 trillion times before Celebration came out.
  12. @New_BoyThis is interesting. Do you think that this is the same as the 7" Version With Fade that I've seen mentioned? Or is it different from that?
  13. It’s probably just going to be a Spotify playlist or something.
  14. To be hung up on someone/something means that you have an obsession or preoccupation with it, but you don't want to. You're stuck and you realize it and you'd like to move on but you can't. So the lyrics complain about her lover's behavior, but admit she can't move on. And also, to hang up the phone means to end a phone call, so that's why there are references to telephones in the song too.
  15. Alert: Debbie Downer post coming in 3...2...1.... Just a reminder that it took TEN YEARS for the Queen biopic to come to fruition as the surviving members of the band quibbled over how the script depicted them. What we ended up with was a Disney channel movie that made Brian May and Roger Taylor look like saints, and threw their dead/retired friends under the bus. I have a feeling Madonna might want to take the the time necessary to make sure she ends up with a script that shows her in a way she likes. One that properly revises history to fit her current mood. But maybe
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