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  1. Let's see... Everybody (7" instrumental) Lucky Star (7" version) This is debatable - does the audio of The Immaculate Collection laserdisc count? It's CD-quality digital audio. Angel (extended dance mix edit) Gambler (extended dance mix) Gambler (instrumental remix) Like a Prayer (instra dub) Like a Prayer (bass dub) Like a Prayer (dub beats) Fever (edit two) Bye Bye Baby (Tallahassee Pop) I'll Remember (Guerilla Groove mix) I'll Remember (Orbit alternative remix) Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Hot Mix Radio Edit) That's where I got bored. I'm assuming some remixes of "Secret", "Bedtime Story", "What It Feels Like For a Girl", "Music" and other newer songs.
  2. Touche! That's absolutely right. Well then, why the hell as the original single remix of "Borderline" been lost to history!?!? I need answers!
  3. RE: the 40 CD Singles Collection - I don't think they have access to the Japanese masters or else we may have gotten the ACTUAL single remix of "Boderline" instead of another imposter.
  4. Exactly. I love the song and listen to it regularly, but it's just filler. The Dr. Suess-like rhyming would not have gone over well with a general audience in 1994/95. Especially from a huge artist like Madonna from which big things were expected. Had there been a Bedtime Stories Tour, I bet it would have been a great part of the show.
  5. I had no idea "Take a Bow" wasn't an international hit. That was another one MTV was fully obsessed with. It was such a big deal here in the US.
  6. This. There was a HUGE shift in the 90's. Everything got serious and everybody was grumpy and judgmental. Songs like "Don't Stop" and "Survival" with their corny lyrics would have been absolute flops here in the US. "Human Nature" didn't chart highly because it wasn't played much on the radio, but it was played ALL THE TIME on MTV, which doesn't effect it's chart position. I never realized it wasn't a hit until years later.
  7. Definitely not her singing. The credits don't mention a performer at all. It just says "written by Reggie Lucas".
  8. Yeah but she said that almost 30 years after it's release. That doesn't necessarily indicate how she felt back in the day. She also said she'd puke if she ever had to sing "Material Girl" again and that she'd never do a greatest hits tour.
  9. Loudon. Not Landon or London. The character was Loudon. And you call yourselves Madonna fans...
  10. I replied to the wrong comment. I’ve had two manhattans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I compared it to the rip from the Japanese CD single box and it’s BARELY louder than it. Didn’t compare it to the album version though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. You can rip it from the Celebration DVD. DVD audio is higher quality than CD audio anyway (48 kHz vs. 44.1 kHz), if that makes you feel any better.
  13. What you’re describing is a remix not a remaster. Mastering is done after the mixing is complete. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I feel like they HAVE to release "Into The Groove" on it's own. It's such a classic, not just a Madonna classic. And it was released as it's own single in several countries, so it's not like they'd really be revising history or anything.
  15. Not quite. Strangely, "La Isla Bonita" is the only one of the pre-1989 singles that wasn't remastered. Neither was You Can Dance Single Edits, but that one's classified as an album. Plenty of other un-remastered albums out there.
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