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  1. I think this article was written by AI or something. A lot of it doesn't make sense. It says: "Under this contract, Madonna was paid an advance of $5,000 and a royalty rate of 15 percent. This meant that for every album sold, Madonna would receive 15 cents." So does that mean there is only $1 profit from every album sold? Or that's the assumption? I don't follow. Then it goes on to say: "It was revealed that Rihana had purchased the rights to all of her albums.You can find the album Beyblade on both Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. Because of the arrangement, the master recordings of some of Bey’s songs appear on her albums. Furthermore, the singer signed a global recording contract with Sony Music Entertainment, the company that owns Columbia Records, in January 2020." Wait, now we're suddenly talking about Rihanna and/or Beyonce and some album called Beyblade? Then later: "The album Becoming Blackened Recordings is the ultimate in independence, according to Metallica guitarist Lardrup Ulrich. The rapper’s manager, Kei Henderson, revealed that 21 Savage owns his master’s degree." Becoming Blackened Recordings? Lardrup? Master's degree?
  2. I believe Miss Madonna may have gotten a new or better publicist. Here’s yet ANOTHER recent media piece praising her, and it’s very interesting. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2023/11/madonna-hung-up-video-age-sexuality/675441/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. All the recordings I've heard so far are audience recordings, so the quality's not great. But, from what I can discern, the key changes when it switches from "Billie Jean" to "Like a Virgin". And on the album version, it's VERY clear that Madonna's vocals were pitched WAY up using some archaic 80's technique. She sounds like she's on helium and music journalists compared her to Minnie Mouse. (Just go listen to the stems we have. That's NOT what Madonna's voice really sounds like.) So what I'm hypothesizing is that he vocal was pitched back down to how she actually sang the song, to get it closer to Michael's key. Just a hypothesis, I'm not music expert. Just contributing to the conversation. If you disagree, don't come at me and turn this into a whole drama where you insult my mother and call in a bomb threat to my work.
  4. OMG, I was JUST looking for a black shirt with white polka dots on it! I want to wear one to the show.
  5. And you know, to be fair, these are criticisms that any of us may have voiced privately to our friends in person back then. But these days, everyone has a megaphone, which itself gives more weight to everything everyone says. And everyone says everything now, all the time. It's a bigger societal issue that goes far beyond Madonna fandom. Sorry to rant. I'm sleepy and cranky because someone decided to test the earthquake warning system at 3:00 am here in California.
  6. I often question if the people in this forum are actually Madonna fans. Then I remember the reason they criticize her so much is because they don't like themselves. Then I get sad because a lot of us gay men are like that. Then I usually will get a snack. (That last part's pretty unrelated, I guess.)
  7. I think so. I see professionally recorded clips from Glastonbury all the time. I don't know if they record and upload all acts though.
  8. The beer bottles say "Celebration" on the label instead of "Budweiser". I bet they're filled with water though.
  9. Changing the subject from music to costumes. It looks to me like all the costumes are going to be black and white, which I think is a cool idea. Then again, maybe we haven't seen any of the real costumes yet. But still, it's a very David Rose idea and I'm, as the kids say, "here for it, kwane, slay".
  10. Pretty sure the stalker came after the song was already made.
  11. Oh she's definitely doing "Hung Up On T". And "Frozen on Fire", "Material GWORL", "Back That Up To The Beat", "Popular" and "Vulgar". You know she likes to do the recent stuff. And "La Isla Bonita".
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