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  1. That she was going to do a 6 day 151 mile run/marathon in 2009 https://www.celebitchy.com/67948/madonna_to_run_151_mile_6_day_race/
  2. I’ve dreamt of being her boy toy a lot. And all that comes along with that. But then reality/the weekly grind always smacks me down 😄
  3. Hilarious as well to me Murray has her own IMDb page as an actor https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2907637/?ref_=tt_mv_desc I still hope she’s alive
  4. It’s a very cute movie and the soundtrack is catchy is hell. It’s kind of funny seeing Madonna as Niki buying guns in that film. Being today she seems vehemently opposed to them.
  5. Per Wikipedia the single was released May 19, 1999. I liked the song then and now. Holds up just as well/is as fresh. One of my favorite non studio album singles of hers. Supposedly the song was about Andrew Byrd but I recall in a Rosie interview she said it was about someone trying to find love from a different generation or something like that. It’s definitely though one of her songs I have the fondest memories of. I was still pretty young in high school then. The internet was around but I never really used it. It was a total surprise seeing this video premiere out of the blue I think on VH1 back then. I loved Austin Powers as well. I still recall seeing the movie the weekend it came out with my then best friend. The Larry King interview that year was my last remembrance of her before this. I saw she went blonde again. Sometimes I wonder if the social media age kills suspense like that? Yeah she sort of cemented her status as a goddess to me with the video. Mike Myers was a lucky guy 😁
  6. I tended to always want to be more dressed up in her love. lol
  7. Causing a Commotion The SNL skit she did with Gaga or Streisand and Mike Myers?
  8. Getting loved to death by Rebecca Carlson. That sure looks like a hell of a way to go out as well when I get even older, grumpier, and start having health issues
  9. Like Madonna's image my position on this can very well be different even a month from now. But I'm feeling the Lucky Star, Borderline, Like A Virgin era videos at the moment. The rawness of it all.
  10. She wears that Yankees necklace a lot. Wonder if she’s an actual fan
  11. On M Nation this question was asked there recently as well. I agree with the takes that she could very well be a billionaire but it seems on the vapid side to flaunt wealth. Once the game is over the queen and pawn go back in the same box
  12. Was a nice post. It shouldn’t be taken for granted if your mom is still alive. Growing up as kids that was like the ultimate insult to a kid…. talking about somebody’s mom. I never saw Madonna as a nostalgic person at all but she seems to be a little more now.
  13. For me it’s some of her soundtrack albums. Evita I never listened to. The Next Best Thing as well. Though I’m not sure how many songs of hers are on that one. Im Breathless I’ve only listened too once.
  14. Look of Love American Life (song) or Lucky Star?
  15. Get some rest. Let her do absolutely nothing for once. I abhor what MTV has turned into for close to the past 20 years. But some kind of 40th anniversary for the Like A Virgin performance at the VMA's I think has the potential to be interesting.
  16. I'd love for her to show up with that sign I'm Tired Leave Me Alone. That'd be so her
  17. love it. She's always embraced stuffed animals
  18. Surprised nobody said Like A Virgin yet. And well that what be an appropriate title for someone just get started on something. Lol Her first album was good too but that sounded a little more raw. I say start with the album that really made her famous.
  19. That she does. She will always have ageless & timeless sex appeal to me.
  20. I have the 2001 Interview Magazine Madonna was on. She had that same Britney Spears shirt on her daughter does in the article.
  21. I thought the bacterial infection actually got her a lot of publicity otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten.
  22. I've always defiantly saw Madonna more as a bad girl or goes at her own drum versus say a mean girl. I don't see her either as someone who would enjoy torturing someone at work or making them want to cry like that article eluded. But I can believe though that they didn't really get along and he was intimidated by her.
  23. Ray of Light. Only pretty slightly though. That was a tough one Leon in Like A Prayer or Christopher Walken in Bad Girl?
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