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  1. Since Bedtime Stories she wrote songs with people that did not end up being the producers of the final mix. She's doing with the script what she did with her music.
  2. Face masks are required at JFK (and all USA airports) until sept. 13th as indicated on the TSA website linked below. I think some people in the USA not only don't realize we, poor european paesants, have vaccine widely available too (i'm having my second shot next week) but they don't even know the policy in their own country. https://www.tsa.gov/news/press/releases/2021/04/30/tsa-extends-face-mask-requirement-airports-and-throughout
  3. Why isn't she wearing a mask at JFK ? How did she manage to get in without it ???
  4. Her grand parents, Sylvio/Tony's parents were migrants from Pacentro, Italy when they were in their late teens. They settled around Pittsburg in Pennsylvania. They were very unhappy. Madonna's grandfather was an alcoholic and so were many of her uncles. On her mother side they were from french Canada, Elsie was born in Michigan but her parents were fromCanada while her mother came from Chatam-Kent in Ontario, her father came from Sherbrooke in Quebec. The Fortin were more upbeat even though all the boys became alcoholics too hence why Madonna once said she comes from a long lineage of al
  5. From Bobby Woods FB page, Carla Lockheart used to work at Propaganda Films
  6. I remember Bray saying in n interview that they learnt about song structure from a book they found at the Music Building and how you can create a signature sound. For instance most Pharrell tracks (except Give It To me for Madonna) in his catalogue start with the repeat of the first note 3 times.
  7. It works superbly on some tracks it litterally kills others (like True blue). It's something you can also hear on some Breakfast Club tracks Bray co-wrote on their albumin 1987.
  8. Besides Into The Groove his productions skills are very meh compared to the far superior single mixes made by Shep Pettibone (not the remixes, the single mixes) and what i hate about those middle 8 on some of these songs is that they repeated them making the song over long and dragging. Repeating it on Causing a commotion works but not on True Blue which highlights the main problem with the Bray co-written songs : they all have the same structure so they kind of sound like a formula.
  9. I like it. I'm so surprised by his voice ! He almost sounds like Tom Waits.
  10. I don't like them either. Shame we don't have a video cuz usually she looks better on videos. Anyone knows who made the painting ?
  11. It all gonna depend on what her children (including her boyfriend and her nannies) are listening to at the moment.
  12. He annoys me with his apps and how he always uses Madonna to promote them. He does not care about music, only money and since there's no money to be made from music anymore....
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