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  1. You really are full of yourself, aren't you ? Maybe you should take a few seats down. I don't know where you work and what you do for a living but imagine someone coming to you, working in a complete different field reading you based on bullshit....that's exactly what you are doing here. Are you 12 ? Bitter and jealous and wanting buzz ? From what and for what ? A Madonna forum ? Are you for real ? Social media has gone to everybody's heads, you think you all know better than professionals. Really, bitter and jealous ? Of what exactly ? Playpause and i we don't need forums and social media to exist. Check your ego guys. I can't believe this bs. You do realize that people from the international media and working in the music industry are reading these forums ? And we have Barnaby the barista explaining our jobs to us. Playpause said $10 is not the average price for these podcast, especially non professional ones. But they are free to charge whatever they want and people are free to chose to pay that BUT it is way above the average price. You all got your panties into a twist because you are friends or something, i don't care. It is still harging way too much but you are free to like being abused. I've known Playpause from somewhere else completly unrelated to Madonna and forums, for a long time, it took us time to figure out we were on this forum together and i can testify he works in that field and knows about promo. It's not his pastime and he did not learn from the internet forums so really, y'all take a few seats back. Social media and being in your tiny little circles in forums give you the wrong impression of self importance. No one is jealous or bitter of podcasters or people on forums or social media. Only people who feel they exist because of these platforms think that way and coming from where we come from i can't stress out enough how ridiculous your reactions are. The only reason this forum has not been shut down on reasons of repeated copyright infringements is because record companies are aware files are being shared because they have people checking on them to decide if it is serious or not, so yes you'll get real people from real jobs in A&R and the media here and everywhere. We don't live and operate in a different world. We don't talk out of our asses either, that's what pissed me off with your reactions here. It's ok to not share the same opinion, it's ok to charge people money for your work, it's ok to not care about, it's ok to care about it but what is not ok is to look down on people who just told you they know because it is their work that you know better because, well, it's you. Don't act suprised if "insiders" do not share anything anymore because your reactions are always the same. There's no fuss about the podcast, it's their podcast, they do whatever the f they want to do wth it, they can even charge $100 or $1000 , there always will be people for that BUT no, it's not the average price. That's it. Are we free to say it or what ? And frankly, if i were in his shoes in his shoes, from coming here and dealing with Madonna fans, i would have charged $10 000. No wonder Madonna and her children can't stand them. And another thing, the reason why Madonna cockblocked Niki, Luca etc...from her life is precisely because they kept and keep doing these interviews. From what i know (and not out of my ass) from another experience she considers this to be abusive and profiting from her. Correct me if i'm wrong but from what i understood, participants were donating their share to charity, so i guess they (hmmm NIKI) asked to be paid. In that case it has nothng to do with the podcaster. I may have understand wrong but it wouldn't be the first time (hmmm Maripol). So i'm taking a few seats back myself here, because it's not that bad and we don't need this negative energy . It's ok to defend your friend because you know where he comes from, that's what i do too here because i know regarding Playpause. For instance, Matt you are not my friend but i'd defend you if someone come here and tell you he knows better than you about Madonna collector items because we may not be friend but you know your shit and i trust you on this. Al this because of Niki.
  2. @deathproofI can testify he is, indeed, a pro in the field and he used to work at Universal too. People can be scammed if they want to, there's no law against it, it's their choice but people are also free to call out something especially when they know what they are talking about. It reminds me being insulted on another Madonna forum because i said Debbie Harry and Chris Stein are well known cunts to journalists in interviews (which made me leave that forum) because it's my field. And that Madonna podcast is also very problematic for other reasons and most of the time it delivers less than its promises. Most of the time they digress from the subject. It's my point of view, you all have yours, they have theirs, deal with it. I don't care if he's a well known member of the Madonna community and you all know each other. It's way too much for what it is but people are free to ask the money they want for their work and people are free to spend their money on what they want while others are free to pass on the offer. It's called capitalism and it's killing us all. I just don't understand the agressive tone and witch hunt against @PlayPause, if you don't like what he says you are ALSO free to ignore his 10 cents.
  3. since this post has been brought back to my memory by being liked twice in the last hours, i take this opportunity to further explain why i sometimes get mad at trolls and comparison between female popstars. ALL female pop stars bring something, they are not in competition but they add up. Of coure i have my favourites, Madonna being the most pop of them, but all are interesting and if they are not to you, they bring joy to many. The toxic fan culture online (and even before that, the Janet VS Madonna, Mariah Vs Madonna....they at times encouraged too to be honest) is a real disease. I like Kylie, i like some of gaga but whnever an obvious fan of them comes here to troll i just want to trash them just to show them how it feels but i would never, ever go to their forums to do that, i respect myself too much for that. But t goes deeper and further than the female popstars thing, pitting women against each others has always been a way to help them from collaborating and take power. Our society managed to control women by making other women control women. And yes, Gaga and Swift used this culture in a very negative way to gain power and visibility and make people do their deeds like high school prom queens and they played victims afterwards when it came back to bite their asses. They never verbally said what was on their minds, Madonna or even Cher did, that i respect even if it is pointless, it's just acting like an evil puppet master in hiding that i cant respect and forget. But it worked for them and it worked because this is how our western culture is at. That's what it values, cheers and rewards. It's time to stop playing this game but most people enjoy that, now they have their real villains to cheer in Elon Musk or Trump, they too come from that culture. Regarding female popstrs i don't understand why one would limit himself to just one, i take them all, past, present and future, in various degrees but i can get joy from each one of them because i never got my joy from the toxic culture of competition and i want it all. Why want just some ?
  4. She financed the Express yourself video with the Pepsi money (according to de Mann at the time). I think she was more upset that Pepsi pulled out as the sponsor of the Blond Ambition tour which made her looking for someone else to finance it ( a deal with Nike and Reebok also fell through). According to Christopher Ciccone she made no money from the Blond Ambition tour with all the touring expenses she had to pay. And Coke has a better taste anyway, she's right.
  5. Saw it in a theater, liked it, tried to watch it on tv, cut it half way through. First i never understood why would someone make a musical about peronism with all the people that have been killed and disappeared under the reign of Peron. It is so cringe. I don't understand the lyrics to Don't Cry for Me Argentina either, they make no sense within the movie. As if she had been in exile and returned. It's kind of a misogynistic take on women of power too. Always blaming women who used their charms to go up the social ladder when no one blames the usually ugly rich old farts who use their money and power to get women they would never get otherwise. And i don't like Andrew Lloyd Weber and Broadway musicals (with very few exceptions). I also hate what it did to her voice. She was good in it, especially the death bed scene, not lip synched (which should have been the same for the whole movie imo) although they could have gone without the brown contact lenses, they are so glassy she looks dead.
  6. Would Paper (which is out of business) write "on september" ?
  7. I can return your comment in your face. You're the one taking all this seriously here being sanctimonious. I sincerly regret having been nice to you previously. I leave it at that now. From now on we'll ignore each other.
  8. I get what you are saying. Some things in the Leonard productions can sound "cheap" today because he had this thing about using the latest technology available with keyboards but this technology ages very fast. On True blue and on Express yourself for example, i just can't stand the synth brass on tracks like Open Your Heart and Love Makes the World Go Round. On EY they only double the real brass section but it was ver unnecessary.
  9. I just wish Madonna would have recorded her versions of the two other tracks Sondheim wrote for Dick Tracy : Live alone i like it and Back In business (so much superior to her penned Back in business especially the live slowed down version by Liza) and of all the songs Andy Paley wrote for Dick Tracy, Bananas is the absolute worst, looking glass sea or Blue Nights are way better and i wish she got Mamma Mia by les Negresses vertes (as it was written for Madonna for that soundtrack but she got it too late and it ended on the european version of the OST) on time so she could have recorded and put it on the album instead of Bananas.
  10. Yes they'd rather come here to shit on Madonna than facing the fact she's close to far right "philosopher" Michel Onfray and that Jean-Louis Murat with whom she duetted made vicious lsbophobic comments in the press before he died and that he was also a fan of that far right "philosopher". One thing they don't talk about is reissues of her past albums because it's not happening, i made several "remaster" of various artists albums and they all worked beautifully, i tried Mylene's and it was worst than the original ones because it's already compressed to death and the voice is so pushed upfront and mixed into the music that there's absolutely no space left, there's a lot of white noise.
  11. Probably one of the rarest Madonna magaine ever, from Japan in 1983 with exclusives pics of her appartment then.
  12. I thought that was an Endora doll from Bewitched
  13. We almost had a remake of that iconic trip in Argentina (a pap pic that Madonna herself mentionned in her Evita Diaries in VF)
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