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  1. You know, it's ok to be (and act like) a fan on a fan forum.
  2. Problem is Madonna fans are not in tune with youth culture because they are not young anymore and she's going after it like she's always gone after the zeigeist. That's the reason why Madame X is still fresh 3 years later. I'm glad she's not into making an effing disco album like they all do. She already did. 17 years ago. And i clearly remember fans hating it because they thought she was cheapenig herself after the more non commerial American Life. They hated that she used an Abba sample, they hated she wore a leotard at 47. Now they all have catch up with it. The only worry i have is not the artists she collaborates with because there's always the Madonna touch in the struture of what she does, my worry is her voice. By trying to filter it to sound young (the same way she filters her face, incidentally) she sounds cold dead and robotic, even grating (she's been doing it since 4 Minutes, at first i thought it was Demo Castellon but it's obviously something she wants since she's doing it even worst with Lauren D'Elia....that's why i don't blame Ricardo Gomes for his face edits either, he does what he's told to do and that's why he's by her side and not someone else) that's where i disconnect from her.
  3. I hear "now it's Material Girl's to be turned into several annoying short versions by rappers after it went viral 6 months ago"
  4. Is Ricardo making his own version of She Hulk starring Britney Spears ? WTF is going on ?
  5. Britney is one of us, she's as thrilled to have Madonna there as we would be. Wishing her the best.
  6. No problem, i wish you get it. I wonder if they still have the 7inch masters though especially the ones that never had a digital release before like OYH.
  7. I think she looks great here https://s8.gifyu.com/images/ezgif.com-gif-maker338a6cbac5e97ff4.gif
  8. We ? Honey i'm european too and this was my 7inch, i remember being so disappointed with it, i never played it. I could not care less about not having it digital but hopefully for you it's gonna be on the True Blue newly remastered edition . In my memory what Barbiero and Thomson did to the track made it lifeless. I'm not fond of their remixes (Who's That Girl sounds slower and they ripped off Falco, Over and Over is a headache). They were sound engineers and not DJ's so their remixes were not very dancefloor oriented but more technical.
  9. All i remember from the 7 inch remix of Open Your heart is that it sucked. It sounds like those fanmade remixes from the early 90's with Linndrum claps added over the album version.
  10. I can't believe the online vitriolic campaign against Madonna because David chose to wear a dress.
  11. She's giving itws via Zoom this week to international press for the release of FEL. (I am aware of one today at least)
  12. 50 cent is trash. A grown man able to engage in a public spat on Instagram with his own son really is an asshole.... 63 is Madonna's age but it is also 50's IQ. https://www.distractify.com/p/why-does-50-cent-hate-his-son
  13. Madonna fans are getting old, grey or bald, fat and wrinkly and are too poor or lazy to keep in shape. They cannot relate to her anymore because they look older than her.
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