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  1. I've never said it was conscious. I just watch the reactions, mine and of others and wonder why. But you can also just enjoy the music, it's a great remix.
  2. I love how Madonna keeps exposing how conservative people truly are and especially people who think they are not. Here comes the essay, run for your life ! I remember an argument i had here with a member about Papa Don't Preach, i've never liked how she chose to keep the baby in the song, someone here made me see another point of view, like she cornered the moral majority about admitting kids were having sex. Of course i disagreed and argued but it stayed in the back of my mind and i totally see it now. I don't know about you but she makes me feel uncomfortable and i'm what most would call an annoying woke leftist. And i wondered why it not only made me feel uncomfortable but angry too. I understand that it is because she's pushing me out of my comfort zone. I love her so i defend her but do i like what she's been doing lately ? Instantly, no but i always (well most of the time) grow to enjoy her last input when every has settled down or, more likely, when i finally keep up with her. That video is like she's going out of her way to not please anyone. Like she's going in the opposite direction of what is expected of her. I'm not sure it is what she would be doing if the reactions were positive, just like with Erotica or Justify My Love she keeps winking and laughing, in this one she at times seems to be wondering what she's doing there, it's a joke. She made herself look like the clown from Tears Of A Clown. The lack of eyebrows does not suit her, i did not even like it 30 years ago. The grillz etc...she's not trying to look pretty, like she makes herself looks scary, monster like...and yet in pure Madonna style (meaning being confusing) she overphotoshops herself to look "pretty". She wants to be challenging and she is. In the end it's not what she does that is interesting but th reaction to it. Mine first, because it makes me ask myself why i have these reactions and what is she triggering in me. I then realize that has much as when i was a little boy and a teenager she pushes "over the borderline" and forces to grow, to be accepting. The reactions from people, even die hard fans is even more interesting. She's not killing anyone, she's not making trumpist statements, she's, on the contrary, being very open and inclusive and it seems like people don't like that and even people who are themselves unconventional. Gays mostly. I see the body shaming, the misogyny, the conservatism etc...i see it everyday in them and not just regarding Madonna. I love she's finally antagonizing them. Well not all of them but that damn "Ikea" fringe of the community. It's ok for a man to do drag, not for a woman. I got it a while ago. Women must either be perfect goddesses or ugly sexless friends. She made herself scary ugly looking and oversexed. She's 64, she shoulf be wearing a princess dress, beautiful and not revealing, and sing ballads about love or a disco song while dresses sexy but not sexual, "classy" like they say, because that's what makes people comfortable, they don't like to be challenged because they don't want to realize their own hypocrisy, while they are asking to be accepted the way they are, they still refuse to accept others the same way too. I've realized we all want the world and others to stay in their lane and the world to be the way we want it to be, meaning like us. This last impersonation of Madonna makes me think of Divine. She's pushing the limits of taste and if she's not convincing anyone, because she's so extreme, she's at least exposing how intolerant we are, especially people who like to think they are progressive. I don't care she makes the moral majority and proud conservatives mad or mocking her. It's a given and they probably don't care anymore. Nope, what's interesting lately is how she'exposing progressive people,because she's Madonna, for whatever reasons, what they are willing to accept from someone else or want others to accept from them, they violently refuse it from her, even her fans. And that's what i like about art. For me it was never about how pretty it is but the reaction i have to it and the reaction of others. She shakes our molecules. That's how all matters evolve wether it's conscious or unconscious. It's a reaction.
  3. That was posted on the right side of the forum and it's still there :
  4. transphobia, body shaming....wow. And no moderation ? I fell in love with Madonna in 1985, she was called a slut and trashy. The MTV Awards, the way she dressed, what she was saying "even Jesus wants to be in my underwear" when a crucifix fell from her neck on her lap during an interview. First quote i heard from her in the playground, a girl saying she was trash because her mm said she was trash. People were screaming and as a 8 y/o i absolutely loved her for being so outragious and pissing off people. Friends of my mother told her against letting me seeing her live for the WTG tour but she let me. In fact my mom loved her for being so bold and funny. i don't know when you all became fans, You'll See ? Ray Of Light ? Evita ? She's not Adele, she's not Celine Dion. You have the wrong popstar and she's reminding you who she really is. You're bothered by what she does ? Good, you deserve to bothered. But the transphobia here, from gays....who OWE every single right they have to trans women, prostitutes and lesbians...you're ignorant. I'm gay, i know my story, i know what i owe to Marsha P. Johnson and others. Without them you would still be in the closet you want trans people to stay in. And people saying she should go to the gym, at 64, well you not only should but definitely must go to a library and try to be less stupid and vapid. A lot of curse words are crossing my mind right now but this place is already filled with so much ignorance and stupidity. I won't go down to your level. I applaud Madonna. Again. Thank you for being you and telling others that it's ok to be themself too.
  5. I agree with you, the only thing that bothers me in this video is that she does not play the part well. At times she does not own it at all and it's a shame because i like it but it kills her intention (being sex positive) making it something else less flattering (being provocative for the sake of it).
  6. Hahaha. I love it and i love that this is pissing off so many people. And it's just a bonus it's some of her fans. THIS is the Madonna i fell for. I absolutely love this remix, the video does not bother me, she looks a bit awkward in it but the whole concept is not different from parties i've been to. It reminds of that friend of my sister whom screamed at the tv screen when she saw the Erotica video. In fact some comments made here are quite literally stuff she said then. And i absolutely love the fact that she's pissing off transphobes.
  7. He looks like Christopher had a kid with Guy. When i read his interview it's the same feeling i had when reading Lola's, they talk like their mother. It's almost like they are quoting her.
  8. Sorry but i knew of Orbit and Mirwais before Madonna. For Mirwais because i'm french and Chercher Le Garçon is a classic french pop song from his 80's band Taxi Girl (though i prefer Juste Une Balle Perdue) and Orbit was a prominent name in the late 80's during the Acid House movement with beatomatic. But she made them worldwide famous, that's for sure. Imagine for each reissue we get a new song recorded with the producers of the album....
  9. Rodgers demanded to be the sole producer and asked (and got) 1 million $ for it. Mo Ostin said ok and that the money was gonna be taken from Madonna's cut. Seymour Stein vetoed it otherwise she would have ended broke. Mo Ostin (head of Warner Music in the 80's and 90's) passed a month ago. Madonna said nothing, a lot of people from Warner said nothing because he was an asshole. After Prince died he tried to pass himself as his friend and biggest supporter when he's the one whom made his life miserable at Warner.
  10. I really like it, it's very cool...of course people in their 40's wouldn't know and will comment like their grand parents commented on Madonna. The video is shot at Harperly Hall, Madonna's former apt.
  11. I did not like Material Gworrl but i like this one. She's trolling her fans "Quiero culo nuevo" hahaha
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