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  1. Stuart Price was 16 years ago. Stuart did the same remixes for everybody (Hung up, what you're waiting for....). Stop referencing people from 20 years ago whom havn't mixed in a club since then. It's probably just re-edits of the original remixes being dusted off, Honey Dijon does that. To put them all in sequence you must remaster them to have the sound flow. It's a way to have her classics be back in club playlists in the coming months, in good quality. That's where it all started, that's where she's starting this reconquest as well.
  2. We only have opinions here nothing we say is true or wrong.
  3. Are they making "single edits" of her remixes or something like Honey Dijon & Sabastian Manuel (her usual associate) did with Erotica, a remix-reedit of the remix ?
  4. Tsss, it is not political. She poses with Kanye because it makes her look even more like a Kardashian (which seems to be her utlimate goal nowadays).
  5. In all honesty the last video fo hers i really enjoyed was Hollywood. The first video she did i was not impressed with and liked was Die Another Day (and i love love love that song). The whole confessions era looks cheap (yes Hung Up is iconic but only for the pink leotard scenes). 4 Minutes is, i don't know, sterile. GiveIt2Me is a photoshoot just like Turn Up The Radio. The fan Celebration video is superior to the Madonna only one imo. Gimme All Your Lovin' is fun though with its cartoonest take on Madonna (the song though). Same for Girl Gone Wild, another photoshoot, a beautiful one though but still just like a magazine portfolio come to life (and that song too, the one i hate the most in her catalog). I still don't understand the Living For Love video. Why so dark for an uplifting song ? I loved the references to Francis Bacon but truly it would have fitted Devil Pray best. Ghosttown is quite embarrassing. She's beautiful in it but the video is sadly filled with too many clichés it could have been perfect without the kid and the dance scene is its saving grace. Bitch I'M Madonna is super fun and it really made the song better. Medellin is pretty but it's too much and not enough at the same time. The storyline if there is one is very messy. Batuka & Dark Ballet are good. She looks pretty in Crave but she's dressed like Edina Moonsoon and looks demented when she's dancing out of synch. Oh, i forgot the toilet bowl freshner commercial that was the Love Profusion video. So the videos were a bit better in quality on Interscope but they are not memorable either.
  6. So if someone does not agree with you it's "fuck fuck fuck" all the way ? You're the only Prince specialist here and probably on earth too. Seriously, get a grip. I put you on ignore since i don't expect to learn anything from you with that condescending and self important attitude. And i don't need your Youtube selection. Thank you. Especially to share tracks everybody knows. Try Xanax. Seriously dude.And what do you mean by "on a Madonna forum" ? Is it below you to be here ?
  7. Yep, her version of Swim is about the death of her brother Jonathan (just like Prince's The Love We Make). She even said she did not care about not being credited on it. It did not bother her father too since he was the president of the Grammys the year Madonna won all her grammies for Ray of Light so if there was fraud they would not have let her get away with it so far.
  8. It is not what Susannah, Wendy, Lisa, Mayte, Sheila E. and many many others said about him in interviews since his death. Prince built walls according to them. Look it up on youtube, there are even podcasts too. Prince did not make tons of interviews in the 90's. When he was Tora Tora he wouldn't even talk to the interviewer and had Mayte and his bandmates repeat what he whispered to them to the interviewer. He sounded obnoxious and arrogant. Rambing over and over that he was a slave...hmmm...And on top of that after a decade releasing the most important albums in history of music he released the most putrid stuff ever put on record. Love Song is way better than the whole Emancipation self indulgent and boring 3 cd set and sounds like a classic next to rave unto the joy fantastic. He made more interviews to promote Emancipation that's true but to avail and he resented having done the whole promo thing he was always against doing for such poor result. Apart from The Love We Make it is one of his most disposable album. And Prince surrounded himself with very sexist pigs which drove away a lot of female friends from his circle. He really isolated himself in Minnesota because of Larry Graham (Drake's uncle) whom put him in that terrible Jeovah witness cult. In his last months he contacted a lot of his pat friends and girlfriends, they all said that, like he wanted to reconnect with the world. Mayte said that even before their son died the way they lived together was complicated (read her book) and unusual. He reconnected with susan Moonsie et Brenda Bennett. I'm pretty sure that idea about touring together with Madonna was real, i doubted until Madonna herself taked about it while promoting Hard Candy as in letting the cat out of the box to force him to. Guy O was also in contact with him a lot for business. I know Prince fans on Prince.org don't understand why Madonna did not helphim when he wrote that letter to her on his website to help him in his war against Warner because they don't know that Warner sued Madonna because they wanted Maverick (not to shut it down but to own it fully) and she had to contersue them. https://www.nytimes.com/2004/06/15/business/madonna-settles-music-dispute-by-selling-her-stake-to-warner.html But i just want someone to ask Madonna what they talked about and her impressions about that night https://www.thecurrent.org/feature/2015/10/09/prince-serenades-madonna-at-late-night-paisley-park-gig
  9. I those tapes that rabbi recorded Michael Jackson he said about Madonna that she was jealous of him, he aso said that she wanted to bring him to the House of Xtravaganza (he did not say the name but described it as a club with men dressed like women) and he did not want to because that was disgusting to him. But we don't know how these things work. She was in and out with George Michael after he went completly wasted to one her parties in London then they were friendly again. Prince was a very private person, even Wendy & Lisa and Susannah Melvoin even more, were the closest to him and yet he had that wall between them. EvenMayte said in her book that it was hard for her how he could shut down and cut people off. There are very, very few pics of him with Kim Basinger. He was always in Minnesota and paparazzis don't go to Minnesota. And Prince, just like Michael and Madonna, was very competitive. I think Madonna lamented in an interview how hard it was to build a relationship with them. If they did not isolated themselves the way they did they probably would not have died the way they did. It's really sad that these two legends (i love Prince as much as i love Madonna, i don't like the Jacksons except for Latoya maybe because they all lack sincerity) died alone and just too soon.
  10. Madonna was a huge Michael Jackson fan when she started. In al her early interviews she cites him as he biggest infuence at the time. Michael was very competitive, even with his own sister. Guy O. said they were in talks for Madonna to appear on stage as a guest during Michael's stay at the O2. At the end of his life Michael was very very disturbed. I can't remember whom he told to at the time that he dated Madonna so he should call her for a special demand that person had. Frankly i'm more curious of her relation she Prince and i wish someone would ask her about that last concert he gave for her at Paisley Park 4 months before he died.
  11. His paintings look like patchworks of the paintings he grew up watching at his mother's houses. He's brave trying to make it in the art world as it is even more unwelcoming, harsh and unforgiving than the entertainment industry.
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