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  1. not le monde diplo but les inrocks and others but i'm ok being called a random forum member, it'd what we all are here after all...except i interviewed Jane Brinton once, Shep's manager then and she said he was full of shit and to this day he still won't go back to music because Madonna did not want to make bedtime stories with him, he thought, quote , that Erotica was gonna be his Thriller that will make him the new in demand super producer. It did not and wanted his revenge with Madonna's following album but she changed her mind and he lost it. The Erotica diaries can't be trusted for one reason : he totally dismisses Tony Shimkin's role in the production of the album just like he wanted to fuck him up with the credits ( he sued him for Vogue in retaliation when Shimkin ended up managing the Salsoul catalogue at blue note) and Madonna sided with Shimkin on this, which he resented. He's still very bitter about Madonna and dismissive. Plus Brinton told me that a lot of his remixes were done by his sound engineers and she even did some herself (not the biggest names). So yes he's as shady as some random forum members.
  2. Does she even have a recording contract ? If i remember well she recorded MDNA first and we had news about the recording/distribution contract like a month or two before its release when we all thought it was already part of the 360 deal. So who knows ? But Guy O. and Madonna made an official announcement she was making a new record before going into the studio for mdna....she rarely/never not spills the beans when she's working on something wether it's a record, a performance etc....
  3. She had already licensed lap for a movie, Harmony Korine's Gunmo...she did it for a dollar because she loved his previous work on the movie Kids
  4. Petty bone. Don't trust anything he says...like he molded the True Blue remix around MJ's the way you make me feel released a full year later.... and on and on.... What i wonder about Love Hurts is if it was done at the same time as Queen's English since it matches chronologicaly. Vasquez was Pettibone right hand on CaC and LaP remixes then Tony Shimkin took over him as Petty bone Do-it-all man. Shimkin left Shep after the release of Erotica and joined Vasquez as his right hand man...
  5. She moved out of the country when W was pwesident (she even refered to her London days as Bush years) she moved to Portugal when trump was pwesident. Only if she's really making the biopic she'll stay but i was wondering about this... maybe Italy ? Even though it's far right too ? France ? I don't see her living here permanently, she would get crazy with our attitude on a daily basis. Brazil ? Spain ? England again ? Montreal ? Spain ? Frankly i don't see her stay if Bozo is reelected because she'll also be a target.
  6. For every tv show she did in France since 1991, she vetoed having him as a guest and even being questionned about him. Even when she promoted Ray of Light she did a show produced by Daniel Moyne, a gay guy she was hanging out with around the Hernandez time (there's even a pic where she's kissing at the beach in Marseille) he wanted to reunite them for the show and she threatened to cancel if they did that. So every media in France are warned, no Hernandez. So it's a safe bet he won't be in the biopic.
  7. Because that was De Mann's strategy, one he validated with Michael Jackson, rarity made a superstar. They were everywhere without being out there. As for Like a Prayer, she was shooting Dick Tracy as the album was being released, she even had to fight Warren to be allowed to make the Express Yourself video because he did not want her to spoil her new look and image designed by the movie's stylist Milena Canonero and Peter Savic which was more glamourous, Hollywood slick than she ever did (they finally managed to pluck her bushy eyebrows which were a big part of her looks before that and her hair was a more classic Hollywood blond bob which was also new for her (and she stole that man suits she wears on the factory stairs in the DT costume dept.). She really started maaking more interviews especially in Europe for ToD and Erotica which were exclusive events, until then she did one or two interviews for an outlet and the chosen tv station sold the rights to other tv stations around the world. For True Blue/WTG there was only the Jane Pauley one and Carson and Meldrum for Lap.
  8. Trick could be The Game since she says "Call it a trick" in it. I remember at one point it was rumoured Trick was the track she did with Air and supposed to be the japanese bonus track. Then Air said they did not work together however they sent her the track Alpha Beta Gaga, it was later revealed by Mirwais himself that he was the one who told her not to work with them as he was sure she would not like how they work in the studio. I remember that AOL exclusive premiere, the first track they streamed was Love Profusion, i was living in NYC, Queen's exactly, at the time and i kept listening to it. I kept checking Madonnarama daily as well.
  9. Other registered tracks from french copyright society, Sacem database Maniaque and Confiance are not Madonna tracks, they are parody songs by french comedians using Madonna tracks
  10. L'Air du temps once Madonna mentionned in an interview that was her mother's perfume
  11. As a human being i understand why she wants her comfort zone, especially at her age but as an artist she needs her team to get her out of it and explore new territories. They have been stuck in the early 90's for too long, time to move on.
  12. There is stuff we don't even know about and more achieved versions of what leaked already in LQ
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