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  1. While filming Evita in Argentina she met and befriended a lot of Eva Peron friends and she felt that the movie she was filming was not doing her justice. Since the script was set in stone because it's a musical, no change could be made. She felt trapped, she had this argentinian socialite friend who also lived in London, she made the connections between Madonna and these persons. She did her best but since she had accumulated A LOT of informations on Evita, she felt bad she couldn't do more, she kept telling her argentinians friends she wanted to make a movie about her after EVITA. She thought ALW & Parler were misogynistic. It's a wonder she never said it publicly well after promoting the movie, smeone should definitely ask her now Madonna met her idol Marlon Brando in 1991 when she paid for a week long masterclass with Brando that Tony Ward attended, after a few days Brando told her Ward was a tool and Tony never came back. (Tony also borrowed my elder sister's car for a short trip to the store he had met her boss brother while in rehab in Miami...and they returnd her car two days later. Don't talk to her about him even 30 years later^^) The very first big celebrity Madonna met was Al Pacino while she was still at University of Michigan, she went to New York with her roomate Whitley whose father was a good friend of Pacino, they went to the Russian Tea Room (where Madonna would work a few years later) and she was all over him. I wonder if they talked about it while makin Dick Tracy. (from Whitley Setrakian book) Madonna made several trips to New Yorl while at UoM, at least 4, before the big definitive one. In 1981 Madonna dated David Johansen, the former New York Dolls singer, after she opened for him. They went to an MTV party together. Jon Gordon (Suzanne Vega's producer) produced her Gotham demo and was also the musicl director of her live shows. He got a huge crush on her. It ended when on stage she butt headed him and he butt headed her back, she fell to the floor and he was out. After Camille, Madonna had another agent, Peter Casperson whom she met at the Music Building via...Regina, the Baby Love singer. Record companies did not ant her demo "bray" demo tape because they thought it was too disco for 1981, according to Casperson who was "let go" by Stein when she signed her contract. When Kamins tried to get her signed, he was an A&R at Island Records, Chris Blackwell, the label boss did not want to sign because she was his girlfriend and because when he met her she had a rough night and he thought she smelt bad. Madonna went platinum blonde the first time after a dare with Martin Burgoyne and because they saw that girl at Danceteria with peroxyded hair and they thought she was cool (the girl may have been the great late Edwige Belmore <3). Martin got his hair burnt and almost orange but Madonna looked fabulous. A week after she met Sean Penn on the set of Material Girl and while she was still officially dating Jellybean (though it seems that ended that january after the American Music awards) Madonna had a fling with 18 y/0 surfer pro Kaipo Guerrero whom she met during that first Herb Ritts shoot in Hawaii in 85, he went to Japan with her afterwards.
  2. "Hou Mamma Mia" by Les Negresses Vertes second album was written for and sent to Madonna in 1990 but she had no time to record it so she slapped their demo on the european version of Dick Tracy's soundtrack because she really liked it even though it was not related to DT nor it blended well with the rest of the soundtrack (penned Andy Paley mostly but Madonna was the executive producer with Seymour Stein of the "various artists" OST). At the time they talked about it to french tv station M6. They finally released it themselves in 1993. She was made aware of the Negresses Vertes by Jean-Paul Gaultier and their 1989 international crossover hit "Zobi La Mouche" remixed by...William Orbit, she then asked them for a track. She also slapped Ofra Haza's Herida De Miel on that european version because she discovered her then via Vincent Paterson while rehearsing for the Blond Ambition tour, her music inspired Like A Virgin on that show.
  3. It reminds me of Moscoman's Rerotica (but i like Rerotica better)
  4. Good luck with that. From experience it works once but not twice (people don't renew).
  5. I was 100% sure this was never going to happen. It was just Madonna trying to kill any other attempts that was in talks by someone else. It's even more impossible to fit ALL her life in a movie than all her hits in one show. And not just because her life was full but every era is a movie or two in itself. Just her family background, childhood, teenage years are a movie because it happened in the 60's and 70's when the world was changing and it's a typical american life. New York is another one or three movies etc.... She should write a book instead.
  6. While trying to find that interview in which Orbit says he worked on Be Careful as a solo version for his EP, i found another one i think is pretty cheeky....So among al the atrocities Weinstein did, apparently we can blame MDNA on him as well according to Orbit in The Telegraph : "Madonna flew Orbit out to her studio in New York while she worked on W.E., the album’s complementary film, which came executively produced by Harvey Weinstein. “He had a terrible energy; dark and oppressive and adversarial,” Orbit says. “Madonna can hold her own with anybody, but she was on foreign turf. she’d come in every day after a screening with him and I think it informed her mood during the album making, I think it affected it. It was quite stressful.” No singles ever emerged from the album; Orbit’s work was treated as an afterthought. “I have mixed feelings about that record,” he says. Meanwhile, his work with Blur never saw the light of day." Ok, i found the right interview and it comes with a bonus reveal at the end, it's from Musicradar last june : Did you ask Madonna to appear? "No, both of us are doing our thing. She's firmly attached to a project which is going well and I'm firmly attached to this, so we didn't, but I wouldn't rule it out in the future. “I did unearth a track called Cuidado Con Mi Corazon, a track she and I did for Ricky Martin. I'd done a reworking of it just with some of her Spanish vocals. We did think about putting that on the record, but with albums it is often what you leave off, you know? I did discover a lot of unreleased material I did with her and maybe it will see the light of day one day."
  7. nope, on Honey Dijon official website there's an interview promoting her new album and she specifically says they worked on new material together. IMO we're gonna have a new greatest hits with 2 or 3 new songs. I can't see her promoting the Celebration compilation from 2009. My wish would be a greatest hits album with the original single versions. Or maybe they'll repackage previous compilations into a boxset. I don't see a whole new album. But either a new album or a compilation would push back remastered albums :/ And Madonna is not one to sit on an album for a whole year. (By the way do you remember while promoting his EP The Painter, Orbit said he worked on a Madonna track ? Turns out it's Be Careful as a solo version, he revealed it in another interview but decided to drop it from the EP) Anyway, something's coming over, our baby's got a secret...
  8. me too :/ How i miss allaboutmadonna, they had all this stuff available.
  9. I don't think it's ok to start late, i've never experienced it with Madonna ( last i saw her was Sticky and Sweet 2nd leg at Bercy after seeing all previous tours and others and she cancelled on me for Madame X) but i would have been mad if she did. And it's already difficult when you're in your own town when this happens but when you're visiting just for her and don't know the place it could be scary. On top of it all I'm pretty sure she's someone who does not like to wait and people to be late when she has an appointment with them.
  10. Are we not talking about Gaga expressing her love for Madonna (even calling her M like people close to her) on Tik Tok under her thank you video ?
  11. Prince made me wait 3 hours at Bercy (now Accor Arena) in 1993, they even let us go outside and back in. Turns out he was in the recording studio. Since i was still a teenager and i had school the next day and was not allowed outside after midnight (though my mom told me i could have stayed), i had to leave early and saw only 40 minutes of the show. Was my first concert by myself. Santigold made me wait 2 hours as well once (apparently the tour bus broke) and managed to lipsynch the whole thing (whereas her previous concert was one of my favourite ever). Peaches made me wait an hour and a half, oh and there's this french singer whom not only managed to be late but was totally drunk, even beyond that, trashed, on stage. And that's only the ones that come to my mind.
  12. well, it does not mean they colaborated, the way she's dressed is not her usual studio attire hahahah
  13. This is a campaign to reclaim her crown (or to say that it is still very much on her head) so i like to believe she'll be a total pro.
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