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  1. I love how she seems like a tough cookie. I remember when i fell in love with Madonna, i did not know if she was a nice person or a bad person and that's what i really liked about her compared to the fakery of all the other popstars.
  2. Roland Barthes


    To put her in her place ? She does not need my approval. It's just my opinion, we only have opinions here. I've been following Björk since the last Sugarcubes album right before her solo career. I've seen her 3 times live, i still got all her records from the 90's. I was a huge fan but things started to get boring (for me) around the release of that horrid movie "Dancer in the dark". The overpromo for Vespertine (at least here in France) was also too much. The last thing she did i truly enjoyed was Triumph of a heart and its video. She, IN MY OPINION, regarding what I enjoyed about her, lost it around that time during her marriage to Matthew Barney. I'm sorry if my opinion is not the same as yours but neither are the truth in the end. It's all subjective. I used to love Bjork because she was unpretentious and now she's the opposite of that IMO. It does not suck to be her, she's an artist doing what she loves doing the exact way she wants to do it. I just, personally, don't connect to it anymore. It's weird when you've such a fan. It's almost like love when you see an ex and things are different. She's still a unique artist. I have the same feeling with PJ Harvey. The artist i saw live the most. I stopped liking her albums with Let England Shake, she also started singing differently with this annoying high pitch and she too started being pretentious. There seems to be a pattern with all the female artists i love the most (including the one this forum is dedicated to which i think suffers from the same fate).
  3. Roland Barthes


    It's terrible , Hyperbalald, Bachelorette etc..sound the same in this concert because of this (and she does that too on record, the last one being annoying for this)
  4. Roland Barthes


    During the pandemic i went back to listen to all her albums and Maxi singles from the 90's and i remembered why i fell so hard for her, i had almost gave up Madonna at this point. She was so good, fun and exciting. Now she's just so boring, repetitive, predictable and a caricature of herself. Why she keeps singing this way by detaching all the syllabes on every song like she just learnt how to read ? They all sounded the same on that concert. Give her some vodka and bring fun and inventive Bjork back. She died as an artist when she started believing her own bullshit about being an artist.
  5. I want an update on her readings etc... Rolling Stone is now basically a compilation of blogs written by bloggers. There are no journalists left at Rolling Stone, it's really sad :/ For me, her best itw is the one she gave to Aperture in december of 1999.
  6. She reminds me of Faye Dunaway and a tiny bit of Jocelyne wildenstein here. Both NOT at the height of their plastic surgey nightmare but on their way to it. The one with Maluma's back is the best one because it's the one she looks like herself the most on. IMO. Even the videos look touched up. Except for the hair, the styling reminds me of the Hard Candy era especially the Tom Munro shoots (where the hell has he been ? For a second he looked like her new go to photographer/director and then he vanished out of thin hair. I demand all the gossips). The interview is a real let down. Maluma seems like a very nice guy though. I guess i must be one of these fans who want Madonna to give an in depth interview about specific songs and albums and her art with some new tidbits about other artists she met and worked with and a list of books to read, films to watch and albums to listen to. And of course that's just in our heads and will never happen so we will be miserable forever hahaha.
  7. Ugly gays in their 40's. If they were fuckable they'd be fucking instead of spending their time on someone they don' t like. At their age it's rather sad. I can excuse Gaga fans because some are still in their twenties and can grow up but these ones (and the Madonna fans going on other popstar's forums to do the same) are a lost cause. Trash. If Kylie was that interesting they'd spend their time following her, their presence here is revelatory, it's a testimony of how boring she is to them so they need another source of entertainment. I wanted to share a Kylie Exclusive in the media section here but i won't now. I don't want them to have it.
  8. I don't think you'll find a better resolution than the one on QOBUZ below since it's supposed to be looking cheap like this (it's a tv screen photographed with an instamatic)
  9. I watched it again and now i love it. The use of autotune is less irritating when watching the whole thing from beginning to end instead of track by track. Human Nature really is the stand out track and staging for me. The cinematography is beyond gorgeous.
  10. They are horrible. They butchered a lot of tracks but the one that suffered the most is Experiment IV. I hope Madonna won't use the same team to remaster her stuff...
  11. This won't help her body dysmorphic disorder....
  12. I'm not mad she cancelled on me anymore. I really loved the Madame X album even though the autotune really messes up many tracks, it's still a good concept and solid album. On the other hand i felt totally cold watching that film. Maybe it will grow on me later, maybe i'll adore it in a few years, maybe i'm not in tune with Madonna anymore at the moment. It's not bad, it just left me cold and maybe the problem is me.
  13. She seems to be happy and really wants to perform again and to enjoy being close to people, it looks more like a meet and greet than a real concert. We may not have seen the last of the theater tours.... I'm totally clueless about what her next musical direction will be but the fire in her is still there (maybe more than in the last few years).
  14. So they removed Emma Gonzalez from I Rise (except for an echo of the final BS). It's better this way, it was so badly incorporated. Too much autotune for my taste. If it sounded like this live i'm glad she cancelled on me. The bootlegs i got had less prominent autotune but it must be from not being a soundboard source. In my opinion, for my taste, she ruined the whole Madame X experience on the album and on tour with that fucking autotune. But some like it and it's how she wants it to be so be it. I just don't enjoy it at all myself. I just wish to hear her voice again one day.
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