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  1. Oh, thanks, i was wondering after i made my comment. I stopped paying attention after the first one hahaha. Will fans buy these reeditions ?
  2. In your link i discovered that she has not let go of the English Rose books and 4 new ones are coming hahaha
  3. But are you straight or gay ? Because you cited two big women but no man and no gay man. Some people did not like Boy Geoge because they considered him too feminine and too fat (!!!) As for the aesthetic i find what Sam Smith do absolutely ugly just like i found ugly every Gaga tour and performances, they look the same to me. Cheap, like a high school musical sponsored by Desigual. Same with Katy Perry but sponsored by Party City and some kind of Toy r Us type of stores. But i also adore John Waters and Divine, the original queen of Sleaze (before the NYP gave that title to Madonna) Sam Smith are not on that level yet, still too pop, too polished, i don't expect him to shit on stage like Pete Burns but somehow i hope, down the line, he will sorry, THEY will.
  4. Yeah but still some stink more than others. Sam Smith is figuring out something, we have the same in France with Bilal Hassani (who was our Eurovision candidate when Madonna paticipated in that shit show) whom is not only non binary but also of arab descent. I don't like what they do, both. I'm not a fan but both are visciously attacked by the right wingers and i feel i should support them, not their art but what they stand for. I'm glad Madonna is doing it NOW because it is now that they (sam smith) need it. I remember gays not feeling at ease with the dancers in Truth or Dare and thought they were too cliché, now they are singing another tune. In that case i don't care about the artisty, i care about the message of support when someone is being attacked. She did the same with Miley after the VMA's when other popstars, the press and the public were ripping her to shreds.
  5. The worst thing in this community is people like you having these kind of "thoughts". Chemsex is the worst thing that happened to this community in years, homophobic republican gays are another, the lack of generational support, transphobic lesbians and gays, homophobic trans, biphobia, agism, racism, fatphobia, Kylie & Sitges fans, the toxic judgemental mentality championned by Ru Paul Drag Race passed as being fierce....but not Sam Smith and i hate his music since day one, but since that video of him walking in Washington Sq and that woman yelling at him that he was gonna burn in hell and should be dead, shaming him, i became their supporter because that's what we're supposed to do when we pretend to be a community. Edit : and yes i misgender but not on purpose, it's hard for me to grasp that concept but i'm willing to learn and if i don't understand, it's my business, it's just a matter of respecting people's pleas in the end. I've seen and continue to see so much horrible things happening to people like us, i don't want to beat down one of our own, especially since there are parts of the world where people like us are being executed for being who and what they are. (the Kylie and Sitges fans is just a joke to keep our sense of humour and not overdramatize)
  6. I puposedly said negative things in these artist's threads to bait them and it worked perfectly. You can map each favourite from each regularly negative commenter here. Regarding the Sam Smith collab, the negativity comes from right wingers in this forum, homophobes and self hating gays because Smith are not a top muscle bear.
  7. Because most of them are not Madonna fans, they are fans of other female popstars and lurk here because they just casually like Madonna and want to check what we say about their favourite artist so wheneve something new is announced, like clockwork they denigrate it as soon as they can to rain on our party. Afte a while you really read though them, especially when you visit the music thread and see what they say about their real favouite artist there. Suddenly you understand why they are so negative here while being so positive in the Janet, Kylie, Gaga and other threads. And these are adults, well, supposed adults.
  8. I'm so happy just because it's gonna piss off the homophobes and fat shamers in this forum.
  9. She's gonna bury the part of her hip she had replaced.
  10. This means she's gonna be on stage with beyonce too ? (since it's supposed to be this week as well, on the 26th)
  11. What about she wrote the song for the tv show but she's not the one singing it ? Could be for Lily Rose Depp. Just speculation.
  12. The weeknd posted a pic from the Like A Prayer video on Twitter from the Cannes film festival. I noticed a few weeks back that Madonna had followed Lily Rose Depp on social media. First i thought Depp/Paradis 's daughter auditionned to play her in the biopic but now i'm wondering if Madonna is involved in The Idol. We know she has been close to Jeremy O. Harris, one of The Idol and Euphoria showrunner. Maybe she's making a cameo or that Max Martin track was written for the show.
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