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  1. WHY IS QUEERTY ALWAYS SO AFTER MADONNA ? Shouldn't they focus on being a good lgbt media instead of low cost ATRL page ? All their articles are pure shit. As for Ru Paul i don't have time for transphobes. I used to like him in 93 before i heard the stories so when i see him giving his silly facebook memes words of wisdom about loving each other, it makes me laugh. Except for Michelle Visage and celebrities who don't work with him, you won't hear nice things about Ru Paul...the latest is how he turned down giving money to the Pyramid Club project, a documentary about the Pyramid Club where modern drag was born made by actual people from that scene. I've been told it may be because he does not want people to know that he did not create drag and don't want to aknowledge Lady Bunny and others. The same person, who was a regular in the 80's, told me that Martin was a regular and he even had a drag character, Martin was friendly with everybody, everybody loved him, ecxcept Ru who tried to push a friendship with him because he wanted to gel close to Madonna as this was 1985/86, when she exploded. That same person also told me that in fact Ru and Madonna were the same ambitious, nasty, interested, calculating bitches except Madonna was more fierce and astute. A lot of people from that scene tried to force a friendship on Madonna's then friends to get close to her. When they did not get what they wanted, they trashed her in the rags. Same happened to Keith & Jean-Michel... Well that's another scorpio for you..i wonder if Visage will adress this in her BBC show. I'm a journalist and i have worked extensively on the NY downtown scene from the early 80's, i have interviewed a lot of people from that era for a book the editor finally thought it would not interest people (it was 20 yo ago), i'm adding this to source my info as it's not something i made up.
  2. same, i saw it up close and from the nosebleeds, two different experiences and both as much enjoyable. And when i watch the videos i see all the hidden easter eggs. How they will manage to get all that on one screen ? It's something i ask myself for all her shows anyway. I just hope she won't go crazy with editing. I have rewatched Madame X and it's seizure inducing (and compared to today you can clearly see her pain on her face, she has this bitter and hard expression in and retrospect it's painful to watch for that reason too)
  3. Things are simply different seen live and on screen. On every tour i've seen since wtg all the things i loved live were never the things i enjoyed on screen. I have this guy i'm friendly with who did the review of the Celebration tour for the most famous right wing french newspaper (and oldest) and i mocked him because his review was meh, he thought she was was repeting herself too much and the religious viduals were done to death now so i sent him a text mocking him, asking him which part in retrospective he does not understand, it's a best of show, of course there would be religioys visuals ! i finished him by saying "She understood the remember assignment and you didn't" he replied "I hate you". Well now that bitch posted on social media that he's dying to see the show again. After his meh review of it will be archived forever. I've always refused to review profesionally anything Madonna does because my first impression of it is always different a few days and weeks later especially her live shows. I did ot once though for Confession and i remember not liking Music Inferno which i think was too much and it's my favourite part on the dvd now. I loved the Ziggy/rock part live and i skip it on the dvd (except Let it will be which was even.more powerful live). So yes, seeing a tour live is different from watching it on screen especially fan recordings. That said not anyone can afford a ticket, it's a recession, pretty bad in France, so concerts are a privilege for most people, even for the most dedicated fans.
  4. I don't think she's talking about deceased peers but rather people deemed stars at a time whose career has fizzled out. As for the self confidence, when it's Beyonce doing it, everybody applause. She's not flaunting her awards and achievements while playing fake modesty, shyness and being nice like some others do. She owns this shit since day one, it's the same bravado that stroke nerves with some people at the beginning of her career. She won't be defined by anyone and let others limit her. In a world where we're daily being told that we are nothing if younre this or that, where we are being limited constantly, her fuck off, i'm my own person attitude is something we should all adopt. Because self confidence is feared as it removes power people can have over you from their hands to yours. That's real power and that's what she's being telling us for 40 years.
  5. We only see comments about M but they all get them. As soon as they express an opinion they have enemies, thar's why the most beloved ones don't express anything. Beyonce gets all the racists, and that's a lot of people, in a way no other black entertainer has, especially a female one. Her daughter is constantly reffered to as ugly. But she has the media in hervpocket especially online ones. Swift is starting to get some nasty comments too since trump supporters think she's against him and since she has been overexposed too. They won't get nasty ageist comments because Madonna got them for them. When Madonna was dressing sexy at Beyonce's age, and she wasn't dressing like a bordello whore like B in her last promo shots, people had a field day saying it was not age appropriate for a mother. Everybidy is praising JLo's not there vlothes as well. So yes she's paving the way in a way Debbie Harry or Cher did not, as they still dress sexy but they are not sexual. Even when Madonna does not dress sexy she's still sexual and that's what got her ennemies in the beginning, and followers too because she was young but some of these followers have issues with age and sex and they need to be challenged.
  6. or Klein. I don't like the commercial but i dislike constant trolling more. It's still less embarrassing than that HIStory commercialnor travelling with your awards from the 90's.
  7. Of course it does not "sit well" with you miss thing. Aren't you tired of pretending to be a Madonna fan to troll her forums ? We know you are a Jackson fan, can't you just enjoy their work on their dedicated forums ? It's embarrassing.
  8. When Madonna and Michael were touring a country in the 80's and the 90's, the whole country stopped. It's not fan fantasy, it's well documented. And Madonna is still a big event with huge media coverage. Not all concerts get mentionned in national news on the day of the show and after. Even Beyonce is not at that level and Swift will be finally mentionned this year while being totally ignored previously and not because she had a hit but because she became a media phenomenon.in the USA and people are curious why. When she's dead all these millenials who tried to destroy her when they got into media outlets will try to rewrite her achievements, just like the Beyonce and Janet trolls are doing here. You know who you are since after months of downgrading her work here, pissing on our parades whenever there's something new, trying to pass as fans you just couldn't help creaming your pants in your true idol thread here. Madonna may have a target on her back from mentally challenged people but their dedication to destroy her only shows the lenght of her impact.
  9. this record is stupid, it's not about attendance but revenue, meaning it's gonna be erased in the future not because more people have attended a tour but because tickets are getting more and more expansive. Don't bother with online comments, i used to moderate an official media online, those people are totally crazy and sometimes it's bot farms. You have to remember Madonna has been on Trumptards kill bill since the White House comment and on the russian bots list since St Petersburg in 2012 and they retargeted her again after she stood by Ukraine. And there are crazy no life stans of other singers tracking her online like some on this very forum. She's not the only one though. Being a Madonna fan is not for the faint of heart. And we'll compare other singers backing track when they are 65 and have lost half of their hearing due to touring.
  10. It's ok, don't worry I wonder if they wanted to reciprocate Holiday's single release hahahah even though that one did not get a video (because MTV did not play "disco" videos) Maybe that's because they wanted to have time pass between the song and the tv show so they wouldn't be associated since The Idol flopped and was on all the worst of the year lists.
  11. You quoted the wrong person, i've never said that. I believe at least she has recorded some stuff with Honey Dijon because Honey Dijon mentionned it while promoting her last album.
  12. It's not just the singing. It really sounds like she's singing over the instrumental from the single release. If it was not Madonna i would have been more vicious in my critic because it's effing cheap for a costly seat. She should have stuck to Rain, if it ain't broke don't fix it
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