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  1. Hi! I was at the arena last night, just by the entrance to the floor area and I can guarantee the show started late due to issue with the O2 itself, not M. Around 8:30 there were still many, MANY people coming down to the floor area (it seems there was only one way in - from door 103), most people had drinks from the bar in plastic cups (even wine bottles) and to get to the floor one had to put all liquids in a paper cup. There was ONE person alone giving out the paper cups, and this delayed the entrance of thousands of people. At around 9 people from the production itself came around asking the security guy (at this point joined by another person handing out the cups, but that soon ran out of cups and couldn't find any) and I cleared heard: We're all ready - we are waiting for you!!!! - to which a security supervisor kept saying they can't start until the stairs/entrance area is clear due to security reasons. M's team was coming and going, running around looking nervous. 10min after the last few people got into the floor area, the show started. Partially this is the fans fault - the show was supposed to start at 8:30, and at 8:30 half of the arena was queuing for drinks at the bar. And of course the O2 itself, it was a sh*t show having 1 person alone handing out thousands of paper cups. Now you could only see this if you were right near it, the rest of the arena kept shouting and complaining she was late unaware this had nothing to do with M and tbh not sure why they don't hand out paper ones at the bars 🤦‍♂️
  2. Can’t believe this is my 1st post here 🫣😂
  3. 1 Golden Circle ticket for the sold out Lisbon show for sale at face value: https://www.twickets.live/block/151526447106278,1?utm_campaign=sharelisting&utm_source=share&utm_medium=email
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